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and her baby boy, POUNCER 

age and normal looking Middle-Easterner, not 

TRACY! Mama has a beautiful 

[Nyerges is an educator, and author 

sticking out at all. Remember how the Roman 

swath of black fur going diago

of such books as “Extreme Simplici

guards had to ask for others to identify Jesus. He 

nally across her head and face 

ty,” and “Self-Sufficient Home.” His 

was of an average appearance for that day and lo-

that reminds one of her name-

book “Squatter in Los Angeles” is 

cation, and blended into the crowd. 

sake, Veronica Lake, the famous 

available on Kindle. You can learn 
more about his classes and activi

vintage Hollywood actress. She’s 

Though politely referred to as “rabbi,” his ideas 

barely a year old, with big yellow 

ties at www.SchoolofSelf-Reliance. 

about life, family, death, and relationships did 


green eyes and a cute pink nose. 

not always mesh well with the religious elite, who 

She took wonderful care of her babies, and now Pouncer Tracy, named after the famous vintage actor, 

viewed Jesus as well-intended, but nevertheless a 

Jesus! You say just that name and everyone knows 

Spencer Tracy, is the only one not spoken for. He is a sweet little laidback fellow, never pushy at milk 

trouble-maker to the establishment. 

who you mean. What a man he was! What a life 

time and cuddles with his siblings. We will give these sweethearts a Hollywood ending - a pampered 
he must have lived! He is known and literally 

life as an adored house cat given all the luxuries a kitty can have. Both will be ready to leave the nest 


worshipped by at least a third of all humanity, 

in a few weeks, after spay/neuter, vaccines, etc. Call foster mom Gabbi at (626) 808-8557 for more 

It is worth noting that the Persian Kings (the so-

and around whom our current world system of 

information. See more pictures at 

called 3 kings) who sought out the infant Jesus 

reckoning time revolves. Amazing! And perhaps 

were engaged in very much the same search that 

the even more amazing is that there is still so 

the Tibetan priests employed when seeking the 

much debate about who he was, what he did, how 

embodiment of the next Dali Lama. The Bible 

he lived, and what he believed. Hundreds of dif-

Pet of the Week

speak of the young Jesus talking to the Rabbis in 

fering Christian sects are stark testament to the 

the Temple, sharing his youthful wisdom with the 

fact that though Jesus might have had “one mes

Eight-year-old Marge is a total sweetheart! She’s friendly 

elders to the surprise of his parents. Then there 

sage,” that message has been widely interpreted 

with people of all ages and loves to snuggle. She enjoys being 

is no Biblical record of what he did as a teenager, 

over the centuries. 

the center of attention and will let you know she wants to be 
in the Bible until his appearance on the scene at 

and during his 20s. We don’t hear from his again 

pet by leaning into you and giving you lots of kisses. Marge 

Let’s work through some of the most basic facts. 

about age 30 or so, where he reportedly trans-

walks great on a leash and gets along with other dogs. She 
formed water into wine at a wedding feast, and 

As an historical person, he can be placed in a spe

has a cuddly personality that would be a great fit for a warm 

cific time and location. All historians concede 

was depicted as a healer, prophet, and fisher of 

that they do not know the birthday of Jesus, but it 

and loving family! 


is widely acknowledged that the birth date is not 
December 25. Most scholars suggest that Jesus 

 The adoption fee for dogs is $150. All dog adoptions include 

His religious observations would have been the 

was born in either April or September, in 4 B.C. 

spay or neuter, microchip, and age-appropriate vaccines. 

regular observations for Jews of the day, and en-

or 6 B.C. of our current reckoning. Some place 

 New adopters will receive a complimentary health-and

tirely different from the observations of most 

his birth as early as 10 B.C. in our current reckon-

wellness exam from VCA Animal Hospitals, as well as a 

Christian sects today. (The reasons for this are 

ing of time. 

goody bag filled with information about how to care for your 
the history of the Church.) 

well-known and found in any encyclopedia on 


“Jesus” was not his name! Really? Then why do 
we call him that? “Jesus” is the English rendering 

Growing up as a Catholic, I studied Jesus, and of

View photos of adoptable pets and schedule an adoption appointment at pasadenahumane. 

of Yeshua. Did he have a full name? Yes, of course, 

ten wondered, what did it really mean to “be like 

and it was not “Jesus Christ,” either, which is a 

org. Adoptions are by appointment only, and new adoption appointments are available 

Jesus”? There was so much about this person that 

title, meaning Jesus the Christ, or Jesus the An-

every Sunday and Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. 

was beyond my ability to research. For example, 

nointed. Historians say that the actual name was 

what Holy Days would Jesus have observed? Was 

Yeshua ben Josephus, that is, Jesus son of Joseph. 

Pets may not be available for adoption and cannot be held for potential adopters by phone 

he an Essene? Was he a Nazarene? What did 

Another version says it is Yeshua ben Pandirah, 

calls or email. 

these groups believe and practice? Did he really 

Jesus son of the Panther. In Indian literature, he 

have any Buddhist influence? Who were his clos

is referred to as Yuz Asaf, and when mentioned 

est followers, the apostles? What did he actually 

in the Koran, he is Isa (or Issa). Dilletante “his-

teach his close followers, beyond what is known 

torians” have suggested that “Jesus” didn’t actu

from his various public talks? Were his miracles 

ally exist because they were unable to find “Jesus 

and public healings actual events, or were they 

Christ” in other contemporary historical records. 

symbolic stories? These and other questions have 
always swirled around this man called Jesus. 

Ethnically, culturally, and religiously, he was Jew-

As a student of the real and historical Jesus, here 

ish. But occasionally, a writer will suggest that Je

are just a few of the many books I have found to 

sus was actually black, with such evidence as the 

be useful. 

preponderance of the “Black Madonnas” found 
throughout Europe. The only Biblical evidence 

Garner Ted Armstrong of the Worldwide Church 

on this are the two lineages of Jesus provided, 

of God in Pasadena, wrote a book about the “Real 

which, unlike any other person whose lineage is 

Jesus,” and Jesus was described as a hard-work

recorded in the Bible, include women. Look them 

ing, athletic, health-food eating powerful man, a 

up yourself. 

sort of health advocate Gypsy Boots of the past 
who also spoke about the Kingdom within. 

The key genealogies of Jesus listed are Luke 3: 
23-31, and Matthew 1:1-17. In these lineages, 

Holger Kersten in his “Jesus Lived in India” book 

we are told of at least four of the women in Jesus’ 

presents a very different Jesus, the very one who 

genealogical line. These are Rehab, Ruth, Tamar, 

is depicted on the Shroud of Turin, and one who 

and Bathsheba. Rehab (also spelled Rahab) was 

was actually recorded as traveling to India, and 

a Canaanite. Tamar was probably a Canaanite. 


who studied from the Buddhists. 

Bethsheba, often referred to as a Hittite, was 


more likely Japhethic, that is, not a descendant of 

According to Harold Percival in his “Thinking 

Ham. (However, this is not clear). Ruth was in 

John Wilkes Booth (1838-1865) was notable on several accounts. He was a successful and 

and Destiny” book, Jesus succeeded in re-uniting 

the line of Ham. Now, who was Ham? Who were 

wealthy actor, and member 

his Doer and Thinker and Knower, his internal 

the Canaanites and Hittites? 

of a celebrated show busi

trinity, which put him in touch with his divinity, 
which made him, effectively, a God. Though Per

ness family (son of Junius 

According to Genesis 9:19, all mankind de-

Brutus Booth and brother 

cival’s terminology is unfamiliar to most Chris

scended from Noah’s three sons: Shem, Ham, 

tians, he is less concerned about the historical 

to Edwin and Junius Jr.). 
details of Jesus and more concerned about what 

and Japheth. Ham’s descendants became the 

One critic called him “the 

black people who settled in Africa, and parts 

Jesus did, and became, that made him a focal 

of the Arabian peninsula. His sons were Cush, 

handsomest man in Amer-

point of most societies on earth over the last 2000 

whose descendants settled in Ethiopia, Mizraim, 

ica.” Walt Whitman called 


whose descendants settled in Egypt, Put, whose 

him a genius. But this 

descendants settled in Libya, and Canaan, whose 

Booth would ultimately be-

Regardless of your religious background or be-

descendants settled in Palestine. The descendants 

come known as the assas

lief, you are likely to be richly rewarded by delv

of Cush were the main populace of the Cushite 

sin of President Abraham 

ing deeply into the nuances of the details of who 

Empire, which extended from western Libya to 


this Jesus was. When everyone’s mind is upon 

Ethiopia and Nubia, all of present day Egypt, and 

Jesus and the Mysteries during the Easter season, 

the Arabian peninsula into the mountains of Tur-

In An Evening with 

I have found great value in viewing the “Jesus of 

key. They spoke several languages and had skin 

John Wilkes Booth, you’ll 

Nazareth” series, and I even in such depictions 

pigmentation ranging from dark black to medi

get to meet the man and 

as “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Unlike so many who 

um brown. 

learn what he thought and 
emerging who was not dogmatic, but one who 

purport to follow in his path, I find a real Jesus 

what motivated him: his 

It takes a bit of study to ascertain who these peo

knew that only when we recognize each other’s 

rivalry with his more-celehumanity 
do we rise up into our own divinities. 

ple were – and there were other possible African 

brated brother Edwin (who 
when we are speaking of Cushites, Canaanites, 

women in Jesus’ lineage as well – but, in general, 

was a Unionist); John’s love 

 According to Holger Kersten, “Jesus did not 

descendants of Ham, etc., we are speaking of Af

for the South, and his hated of Lincoln. You’ll hear of the initial failed plot to kidnap Lincoln, 

supply theories to be ground in the mills of aca

ricans. It is entirely possible that this wasn’t a big 

and of the subsequent plans to not only kill Lincoln but also other political and military 

demia, about his path and message – he just lived 

deal when the scriptures were written since Jesus’ 

figures as well. You’ll see what happened when Booth begins his flight from retribution after 

his teachings! Tolerance, unprejudiced accep

racial background was common knowledge. 

his bloody deed and observe the final outcome for Booth when his pursuers find him. 

tance of others, giving and sharing, the capacity 
to take upon oneself the burdens of others, in 

So, although Jesus had some African ancestry, his 

Stephen Spiegel portrays Booth. His previous stage credits include The Cause My 

other words, unlimited love in action and service 

physical appearance was such that he fit right in 

Soul (a prequel to Othello), The Journals of Osborne P. Anderson, Blood in the Cat’s Neck, 

for one’s fellow human beings – this is the path 

with the Jews of that era, based on several pas-

Down in Front, and God help us. Recent film credits include Obsessed, Mountain Man, Out 

which Jesus showed to salvation.” 

sages that indicate that Jesus not only looked like 

of the Blue. You may have seen him in one of his 20 national commercials. He trained at 

every one else of the day, but was also very aver-

The Chef Knows By Peter Dills 
American Conservatory Theatre. He is a member of the Fierce Backbone Theatre Company. 

Lloyd J. Schwartz is director and co-writer. A man of all media, he wrote for the TV 
series Love, American Style; Alice; The Munsters Today; The A Team, The Love Boat, Baywatch 
and more. As an ABC network executive, he supervised production on Happy Days, 
Laverne and Shirley, What’s Happening and Three’s Company. With his father, TV legend 


Sherwood Schwartz, he co-created Harper Valley P.T.A. Lloyd also produced numerous 
iterations of the Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island franchises (created by Sherwood) for 

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat 
a path to your door.” Ralph Waldo Emerson said, 

feature films, television and stage. With his wife Barbara, Lloyd created the long-running 
his meaning very clear. To invent the next great 

Storybook Theatre at Theatre West. He has also had 34 produced plays. 
thing, you have to have a better idea. That’s easy 
enough to say but does it apply to the world of 

Clinton Case is the co-writer. Case thoroughly researched the life and career of 

Booth, gaining access to area of Ford’s Theatre in Washington not open to the public, as well 
as literally following Booth’s footsteps in the boardinghouses and swamps where he trod. 

Maybe I’m late to this dance - daughter dearest 
and I went to the Five Guys Restaurant on South 

Case was an actor and stand-up comedian. He died in February, 2018. 
Lake in Pasadena. I will say right off the bat it’s a welcome addition to Pasadena. You know outside of 
San Francisco we have more restaurants per capita then any other city in the good ol’ US of A. Five 

This show played in 2017 at the Hollywood Fringe Festival and won the Producers’ 
Guys was started in the Washington DC area some 25 years ago. Founder Jerry Murrell’s mother said 

Award. The play also received a nomination for best solo show. 
if you can give a good haircut or make a good burger you can always make money in America. 

“Stephen Spiegel is a sexy, smart actor, engaging and commanding.”---Tony Frankel, 

The word here is fresh - fresh baked buns, fresh meat and, my favorite, freshly cut French fries made 

Stage & Cinema 

in peanut oil. If you go to my TIK Tok page you can see my in-store review. When you walk in you’ll 
be greeted by bags of potatoes and signs on the wall of founders’ pictures and many copies of reviews 

“Stephen Spiegel’s performance of Booth…Captures both the charm and the mad-

by various national publications. My favorite part is you can see the fresh cut French fries. As I have 

ness of the man with magnificent aplomb to easily carry away a gold medal.”---Ernest Kear

stated many times here K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid). Ordering your burger is pretty much like at 
a fast food restaurant - done your way - you tell them what you want on your burger and the cashier 

ney, The Tvolution 
types it in, not much room for error here. 
An Evening with John Wilkes Booth is as close as you’ll come to getting “up close and 
The menu is simple - burgers, hot dogs, shakes, fries, and toppings. Two Burgers and large fries were 

personal” to this significant historical figure. 
almost $30 – I felt that was pretty steep, considering you can get two burgers and fries at In N Out for 
half that (if you don’t count the long lines there). 

An Evening with John Wilkes Booth. A show. Written by Lloyd J. Schwartz and Clinton 
Case. Directed by Lloyd J. Schwartz. Produced for Sierra Madre Playhouse by Gary 

My takeaway: I like Five Guys, especially the fries, though on my next visit I’ll ask them to take it 

Lamb. Starring Stephen Spiegel. At Sierra Madre Playhouse, 87 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra 

easy on the seasoning. When there were just a few Five Guys Restaurants in the area, the chatter was 

Madre, CA 91024. Saturday, April 23, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. Sunday, April 24 at 2:30 p.m. Admis

“have you been to Five Guys yet?” Now, I think the specialness and novelty have worn off - “who 

sion: $40. Seniors (65+) $35. Youth (21 and under) $25. Reservations: (626) 355-4318 or go 

hasn’t been to Five Guys?” They are pretty much everywhere. Go ahead and google Five Guys and 
I’m sure there will be one near you. Should In N Out be worried? No, I don’t think so. While we try 

to build a better mousetrap there are plenty of great burgers out there. Heck, I make a pretty good 
one in my backyard! 

Suitable for general audiences. Covid-19 safety protocols will be observed. As of this writing, 
it means that audience members must be masked and will be asked to show proof of vaccina-
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tion (vax card or digital record). 

Tune into my radio Show this Sunday at 3 PM right after the Angel game KLAA AM 830 

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