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I am so excited to intro

duce this week's spotlight 

duo. They have created a 
women empow-ered small business collective 
where everyone can support one 
another called, The Traveled Path Collaborative. 
The two geniuses behind this incredible 
group are Annette Pizzo-McGill 
and Gigi Hutchinson. Not only do these 
women host this group to support women 
in their business dreams, but they themselves 
each own a small business here in 
Sierra Madre, Rockin’ Rollers and Nettie 

Annette is a yogi & yoga teacher and also 
owns Nettie Creations which is the sweetest 
(pun completely intended, I like to 
think I’m funny) home bakery that does 
everything from cake pops and cookies to 
diaper cakes. Over the last year I have had 
the absolute pleasure to work with her at 
most of the events that I plan and I can tell 
you that not only are her products adora-ble and 
amazing but when she is the one to arrange the 
actual dessert table it is always drop dead gorgeous! 
She is an unbelievably hard worker and a 
joy to work with. Her chocolate cov-ered oreos 
are my favorite and not just because I’m a chubby 
girl, they're just that good! One of the things 
that is so impressive about her is that she is the 
sugar queen but doesn't eat sugar her-self. She 
lives a very healthy lifestyle which goes hand in 
hand with running a health and well-ness business 
where she teaches yoga. She has been a yoga 
teacher for many years hosting both adult and 
kid classes. Both Annette and Gigi have a passion 
for healthy living which is one of the reasons 
that led them to create The Traveled Path. 

Gigi owns Rockin’ Rollers, a fantastic salon right 
on Montecito! One of my favorite things is to 
go by when her husband is performing (he’s a 
musician who sings and plays guitar) outside 
the salon. You can get your hair done and get 
a free concert all at once! Gigi is a very talented 
hair stylist but it doesn't stop there. She not only 
wants to help people look their best but to also 
feel their best, “I am a fan of beauty and wellness 
products & lifestyle, as well as all things creative 
and transformative.” - Gigi. She is a special needs 
mom and credits that to partly why she loves to 
empower others and help them on whatever 
journey they may be on. Whether it's by helping 
them at her salon or through another group of 
hers “Favorite Picks” where she offers “recommendations, 
and shares about people, places and 

 The reason for The Traveled Path Collaborative 
is to help women feel supported. Gi-gi and 
Annette explained it best when they said, “Our 
goal is for women to feel uplifted, inspired, motivated, 
and excited.” There is no charge to join 
this group, they host it purely to help their fellow 
woman. They have created this amazing community 
where people can feel comfortable leaning 
on one another and asking for advice in a 
judgment free space. Every week they highlight 
a woman in their ‘Featured Female’ series. Each 
highlighted woman is asked the same questions 
and what I love about it is by every-one 
answering the same things it really showcases 
how unique each person is, as all the answers 
are different. “As a female entrepreneur, I am 
very aligned with the strug-gles and joys of this 
endeavor and it is my desire to spotlight other 
women who work hard to bring their creative 
passions to life!”.- Gigi They started this group 


By Meghan Malooly 

Annette Pizzo-McGill and Gigi Hutchinson: Supporting 
Women One Day at a Time 

during Coro-na because they felt an urge to do 
something positive and bring some light into an 
otherwise pretty dark couple of years. 

 I met both of these women randomly about 
a year ago and the more I get to know them the 
more impressed I become. They have both done 
so much in their lives and have dedicated themselves 
to helping others through customer service 
and this com-munity group. I have no idea 
how they find the time to do it all! On top of 
everything they both have families and friends 
and lives outside of their businesses and groups. 
It’s truly amazing to see that you really can have 
it all! I urge everyone to take a page from their 
book and follow your passion, whatever it might 
be (well maybe not me, if I followed my passion 
of loving all things zombies, things could take a 
turn!) but definite-ly everyone else! Thank you 
ladies for supplying us with not only all of the 
sugar and hair care that we need but also for 
creating somewhere where people can be there 
for one another without fear of being mocked or 
ridiculed. Social media can be a great thing but 
sometimes I have seen some pretty rough reactions 
to people's posts and I know that fear has 
stopped others from posting, but they do their 
best to make sure that doesn't happen so we can 
all feel safe and supported! I can’t wait to see how 
The Traveled Path is going to grow and what the 
future will bring, because with everyone I know 
about both of them, this is just the beginning! 

Social Media Links:

Instagram @nettie.creations 



Does some you know go above and beyond to help the community? Is there in your opinion 
a Sierra Madre Super Hero? 
The Volunteer Sierra Madre 4th of July Committee looking for extortionary Sierra 
Madreans as the next Sierra Madre 4th of July Grand Marshal. The Parade will be held as 
always the morning of July 4th. 
Parade Grand Marshal Nominees should embody the spirit of Sierra Madre, be an active 
volunteer in any of the local nonprofit organizations, schools or overall community and 
in some way contributed to the betterment of Sierra Madre. Nominees may be an individual 
or volunteers or an organization. 
Nominations must be submitted in writing by Friday, April 29th and should be sent to 
the 4th of July Committee, PO Box 1073 Sierra Madre CA 91025 or emailed to Nominations should be no more than 1 page but at 
least a paragraph explaining why the honor should be given including contributions to 
the Sierra Madre community. 

Previous Grand Marshals have included 2021, The Buccaneer Lounge, 2020-SM Thrives, 
2019-Bud Switzer, 2018 Steve Heydorff, 2017 Derek Podrebarac, 2016 Pete Siberell and 
Hometown Hero Kris Lowe, 2015 Clem and Nina Bartolai, 2014 Pat & DeAlcorn & 
Hometown Heroes Sierra Madre Search and Rescue, 2013 VFW Post 3208 & Hometown 
Hero Mama Pete; 2012 Nel and Bob Soltz (Wistaria Vine owners); 2011 Gayle Bluemel 
& Hometown Hero John Shear; 2010 Lew Wantanabe; 2009 Midge Morash; 2008 Sierra 
Madre Fire Department; 2007 Ward Family (E. Waldo Ward & Sons); 2006 Judy Webb 
Martin & Toni Buckner & Hometown Hero Barbara Wamboldt; 2005 Police Chief Wayne 
Bailey; 2004 Doug Berkshire; 2003 John Grijalva; 2002 Bob Quamstrom; 2001 Ty Gaffney; 
2000 Dr. Bill White; and 1999 Jim & Barbara Heasley. 

This All-American friends and family event is made possible through the wonderful contribution 
of donors and sponsors. If you’d like to help please visit http://www.sierramadrefourthofjuly.
com/ or follow us on Facebook 

This Week’s Highlights: 

The Meadows 
......NEW: PEOPLE 


by Deanne Davis 

“We do not inherit the earth from 
our ancestors, we borrow it from our 
Native American Proverb 

“He that plants trees loves others 
beside himself.” Thomas Fuller 
“The earth has music for those who 
listen.” William Shakespeare“The earth does not belong to 
us; we belong to the earth.” Chief 
“Those who contemplate the 
beauty of the earth find reserves of 
strength that will endure

 as long as life lasts.” Rachel Carson 

Last Thursday was the 51st annual 
Earth Day. I came across a statement by photographer, 
Joel Sartore, founder of the National Geographic 
Photo Ark Project. He is determined to 
document every animal species in zoos and wildlife 
sanctuaries. As of now, he has photographed 
11,341! “The goal with each shot is to have another 
chance to get the public to care about what happens 
to nature because what happens to everything 
else is what is going to happen to people, too.” Joel 
Sartore’s advice to all of us resonated with me as I 
take delight every day with what is going on in my 
backyard where bees and hummingbirds feast on 
the nectar from cactus blossoms, golden bells and 
orange and lemon blossoms. This week’s picture is 
of cactus blossoms where, if you look closely, you 
will see one or two bees. Here’s what he said: 

“You can’t go wrong by planting native plants. 
Plant milkweed to help save the monarch butterfly 
and nectar-bearing plants to bring back bees. 
That’s something we can do right now. By putting 
more native plants in your landscaping you are 
creating a space that is appropriate.” 

We spoke of bees a few weeks ago and here are a 
few more fun facts about those amazing little guys:

• A bee produces a teaspoon of honey in its 
• To produce a kilogram of honey, bees fly 
the equivalent of three times around the world 
in air miles. 
• Bees really don’t want to sting you because 
they die.
• There are more than 20,000 different species 
of bees, found on every continent except 
• The greatest contribution of bees and 
other pollinators is the pollination of nearly 
three quarters of the plants that produce 90% 
of the world’s food. A third of the world’s food 
production depends on bees. Think of it this 
way: every third spoonful of food depends on 
I am imagining Noah as he is putting the finishing 
touches on the Ark, this enormous boat the likes 
of which no one has ever seen or imagined before. 
Noah is sweating in the sun, hammering in the last 
few nails, bringing aboard bales of hay and everything 
it’s going to take to provide gourmet feasts 
for two of every kind of bird, beast and bug. His 
neighbors are sitting in the shade on their porches 
with pitchers of margaritas and bowls of chips and 
guacamole laughing at him. 

“Look at that guy! Rain? He keeps talking about 
rain and floods and doom and gloom.” 


By Justin Matthews 

“Guy’s really a bummer, dude!” 

The time is near, tiny clouds are 
forming in the sky but Noah’s 
neighbors don’t notice at all. 
What they do notice is there 
seem to be more bees buzzing 
around than usual. The bees take 
a look at the people, smell the 
margaritas and move on quickly. 
Nothing there to eat. 

Noah notices them, too, and has 
a brief consultation with The 
Lord as to how to bring the bees 
onboard. He notices there seems 
to be a tree branch that is hanging 
heavy with something that 

is attracting the bees. Slipping his hammer back 
into his tool belt, Noah follows the bees, who seem 
to be inviting him to come see what they are doing. 
Taking a moment to stretch his aching back 
and sip a little water, Noah steps off the Ark and 
follows the bees, noticing as he goes that they are 
flying in and out of the fragrant flowers along the 
pathway to the tree. The air is fragrant and Noah 
appreciates a moment away from his labor. 

A bee larger than all the others flies to Noah and 
perches on his hand. She seems to nestle there, 
knowing she is safe. God opens Noah’s ears and 
he can hear what she is asking, entreating. “Please, 
Noah, bring us all. Bring our family.” She lifts her 
heavy body off his hand and leads him forward. As 
Noah walks toward her home, more bees begin to 
cluster around the queen and link to each other’s 
bodies, hanging onto their legs and arms to create 
a form that keeps the family together. 

“Yes!” God says. “Bring them all and they will give 
you honey to make your bread and comfort at the 
end of the day to sweeten your tea.” 

Noah sees that the branch can easily be broken 
off and he gently does exactly that. With the bees 
dancing happily around him, he takes the hive 
back to the Ark. Nailing a crosspiece across two 
beams, he secures the hive and goes back to work. 
“We will need these when we reach land,” he says, 
and thanks God for providing bees which will 
bring new life in a new land. 

“My bees cover one thousand miles of land that I 
do not own in their foraging flights,
flying from flower to flower for which I pay no 
stealing nectar but pollinating plants in return.” 
Sue Hubbell 

If you’re looking at seed packets at Home Depot, 
why not bring home some sunflowers, dahlias, 
rosemary, zinnias. They look fabulous, smell wonderful 
and bees like them. 

My book page: Deanne Davis 
Where you’ll find “Sunrises and Sunflowers 
Speak Hope”
And “A Tablespoon of Love, A Tablespoon of 
Both of these books are stuffed with hope and a 
good recipe or two.
The Emma Gainsworth Kindle novelettes are 
there, too,
Along with other goodies like “Noah and The 

Ten years ago, LAWRENCE JACKSON felt as 
though he had “landed in Mayberry”. Since 2012, he has 
been romanced by the city that he proudly calls home. 

Lawrence walks a lot. 

Lawrence walks in the morning, he walks in the evenings, 
and sometimes, you may catch him without his dogs 
walking at midday. Lawrence is a walker, and when asked 
if someone knows Lawrence the response is always the 
same, “oh yeah, the man who walks with his dogs”. 

I would imagine it is impossible to spend a full day in 
Sierra Madre without seeing Lawrence walk by at some 
point, motioning a generous waive or offering a thoughtful 
greeting to a neighbor. 

I jumped at the opportunity to sit and learn more about Lawrence because I knew I would get to ask thequestion that I have been curious about for years, “Lawrence, why do you walk so much!?” I must admit 
that I had my own assumptions about what his answer would be to that question, and his answer rendered 
me more cynical than I realized. I figured that Lawrence was walking to “clear his head”
“to stay fit” or perhaps even to avoid something. 

His answer surprised me, and it might surprise you too. “Growing up on the southside of Chicago you 
went where you had to go and you knew which areas you had to stay away from. Walking where I grew 
up could be a very stressful thing. Here in Sierra Madre, the weather is always wonderful, the people 
are so friendly, and I get to walk my dogs twice a day. It makes me feel good to walk, and to see people. 
Walking is a way to enjoy the freedom I have here.” 

Lawrence has intentionally de-cluttered the stress from his life, and has created a lifestyle where he getsto be happy on his terms. 

For Lawrence, walking is not an exercise in escapism or avoidance, but rather, walking is a declaration ofgratitude for the life that he lives and the opportunities that are available to him. Being from a place 
where walking for enjoyment was unheard of, here, Lawrence takes full advantage of being able to connect 
with nature as well as his greatest love - people. 

With each step and warm smile, Lawrence reminds us to ask ourselves the question we so often neglect:
“What does happiness expressed look like in my life?” 

Maybe the answer to that question is closer than we thought, perhaps just one walk away 
















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