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Mountain View News Saturday, August 27, 2022 

Labor Day 
Closures & 

County Sheriff’s Air Rescue 
Saves Hiker and his Dog

Pasadena residents and 
businesses are reminded 
that City Hall and many 
City services will be 
closed on Monday, Sept. 
5, in observance of Labor 
Day. Specific closures 
and exceptions are noted 

 Trash and recycling 
services will be postponed 
by one day. Monday pickup 
will occur on Tuesday; 
Tuesday pickup on 
Wednesday; Wednesday 
pickup on Thursday; 
Thursday pickup on 
Friday; and Friday pickup 
on Saturday. There will be 
no bulky item pickups on 
Saturday or Monday.

 The Citizen Service 
Center will be closed 
Monday, Sept. 5, and will 
resume regular hours on 
Tuesday, Sept. 6.

 Pasadena residents and 
businesses experiencing 
power emergencies should 
call Pasadena Water and 
Power (PWP) at (626) 744-
4673. For water-related 
emergencies, call (626) 
744-4138. PWP’s regular
Customer Call Center will
be closed for the holiday,
but customers can access
their accounts and pay bills
online at www.PWPweb.
com or by calling (626)

The City’s Municipal
Services Payment Center 
and Parking Office will 
be closed on Labor Day. 
All parking meters not 
posted as “No Parking” 
will be free and time 
limits will not be enforced. 
Violations for overnight 
parking, red curb parking, 
“No Parking” zones, and 
blocking fire hydrants will 
continue to be enforced. 
Regular enforcement 
resumes Tuesday, Sept. 6. 
The Permit Center will be 
closed on Labor Day but 
will reopen on Tuesday, 
Sept. 6, at 8 a.m. Online 
permitting services are 
available 24/7 at www.

 Pasadena Transit bus 
service and Dial-A-Ride 
transportation will not 
operate on Labor Day. 
Normal service will resume 
on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

 All Pasadena Public 
Libraries will be closed 
on Sunday and Monday, 
Sept. 4 and 5, and will 
return to regular schedules 
on Tuesday, Sept. 6. All 
recreation and community 
centers operated by the 
City’s Parks, Recreation 
and Community Services 
Department will be closed 
on Labor Day, but all parks 
will be open for picnics, 
fun and play. No site 
reservations are accepted 
for the holiday.

 Pasadena Police and Fire 
Departments will continue 
to be staffed for all patrol, 
jail, fire, paramedic and 
other emergency services. 
For life-threatening 
emergencies, always 
dial 9-1-1. If you see 
something, say something. 
Report suspicious activity 
to Pasadena Police 
Department at (626) 744-

 The Los Angeles County 
Sheriff’s Department’s 
Emergency Services Detail, 
also known as Air Rescue 
5, rescued a hiker and his 
beloved dog earlier this 
month after the hiker was 
unable to traverse the trail in 
the Mount Wilson area. 

 On August 8, at 
approximately 1:30 pm, Air 
Rescue 5 received a call for 
service regarding a hiker 
and his dog who both fell 
200 feet over the side of the 
trail near Mount Wilson. 

 The Air 5 crew responded 
to the area of the call and 
located Dave Santonil and 
his dog Bubba, who were 
approximately 200 feet 
over the side of the Mount 
Wilson Trail. Santonil and 
Bubba were standing on 
a small shelf of soil that 
protruded from the vertical 
mountainside and had 
a very steep drop. Based 
on Santonil and Bubba’s 
difficult position, Air Rescue 
5 assessed the situation and 
devised a rescue plan.

 The Air Rescue pilots 
maneuvered the aircraft in 
the canyon and placed it 
where the helicopter’s rotors 
would not blow Santonil 
and Bubba from their fragile 
position. With the assistance 
of his partners, Deputy 
Belleville using rappelling 
equipment was lowered 
from the helicopter to where 
Santonil and Bubba were. 
He managed to secure the 
two and hoisted them up 
into safety. 

 “There are dangers in the 
trails. We have the nation’s 
largest county, and we 
have the nation’s largest 
playground right next to the 
largest population. So, the 
mixture of those two leads 
the crew of Air Rescue 5 
to be very busy during the 
summer months, during the 
winter months and pretty 
much all year long.” Sheriff 
Villanueva stated during the 
press conference.

 LASD’s Air Rescue five 
motto is “Saving Lives 
Priority One.” 

 LASD continues to remind 
hikers of the dangers of 
hiking alone and with pets. 
Have a hiking plan and tell 
someone your plan. Visit for more hiking 
tips at:

City Sues Sheraton for Unpaid Hotel Tax

 City officials announced 
Monday that Pasadena has 
received $497,000 to resolve 
claims in the bankruptcy of 
Urban Commons Cordova 
A, LLC, one of the former 
operators of the Sheraton 
Pasadena Hotel located at the 
Convention Center. 

 According to officials, 
Urban Commons took 
hundreds of thousands 
of dollars in transient 
occupancy tax and tourism 
business improvement 
district assessment monies 
without turning the monies 
over to the City on a monthly 
basis, as required by law.

 In proceedings unrelated 
to Pasadena earlier in Urban 
Commons’ bankruptcy case, 
the bankruptcy judge found 
two of Urban Commons’ 
former principals to be 

 “I am proud of Pasadena for 
standing up to collect money 
owed to its taxpayers, which 
was wrongfully withheld,” 
said Mayor Victor Gordo. 
“The City has collected a 
large multiple of what some 
other creditors received from 
Urban Commons.”

 Pasadena’s lawsuit in 
California court continues 
against other operators of 
the Sheraton Pasadena Hotel, 
where the city is seeking the 
remaining unpaid hotel tax, 
interest and penalties Gordo 

 According to previous 
reports, the city sued Urban 
Commons for over $850,000. 
Urban Commons filed for 
Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 
early 2021 that also included 
dozens of hotels across the 
country owning more than 
$500 million in total debt.

Photo by D. Lee/MVNews

Summer Speaker Series 
Science and Technology

Open House

Members of the public 
are encouraged to attend 
a South Pasadena Library 
strategic planning
community open house, 
to be held in the Library 
Community Room on 
Tuesday, September 6, 
from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 
p.m. The Library’s strategic
planning consultants 
will share results from 
the recent survey, which 
was completed by more 
than 400 people, and will 
seek further input about 
community needs and the 
vision for the Library’s 
future. During this 
engaging session, attendees 
will have opportunities 
to provide feedback 
through discussion, 
comment cards, and vision 
boards. The Community 
Room is located at 1115 
El Centro Street. For 
more information visit:

AB 2723 Pet Theft Protection 
Bill Heads to Gov. Newsom

 Pasadena Heritage announced 
a sampling of amazing 
accomplishments and “firsts” in 
its Uniquely Pasadena summer 
lecture series, continuing with 
part three, on Sunday.

 From its founding to the 
present day, the City of Pasadena 
has drawn brilliant, talented 
and innovative thinkers and 
creators to live and work here. 
Pasadena is the birthplace of 
remarkable achievements and 
innovative ideas in architecture, 
transportation, entertainment, 
food, science, technology and 

 In Pasadena Heritage third and 
final program they will look at 
science and technology that is 
unique to Pasadena. They will 
have two special guest speakers 
to share some exciting things 
that have happened and are 
happening in Pasadena.

 The first speaker will be Dr. 
Eun-Joo Ahn, an astrophysicist 
and doctoral candidate, History 
of Science, at UC Santa Barbara. 
Through Zoom she is set to talk 
about “Regional Development 
and Mount Wilson Observatory 
During the Early Twentieth 

 Mount Wilson Observatory 
was founded by astrophysicist 
George Ellery Hale in 1904 
with funding from the Carnegie 
Institution of Washington. 
It became one of the most 
prominent astronomical 
observatories during the first 
half of the twentieth century, 
whose astronomers contributed 
to understanding the 
characteristics of the sun and 
the structure of our universe. 
Regional development and 
boosterism of Pasadena and 
Southern California played a 
significant role it its success 
along with superb observation 
conditions on the summit of 
Mount Wilson. Learn how and 
why Pasadena became home 
to such an important scientific 

 The second speaker is Dr. Martin 
Lo, a principal engineer of the 
Mission Design & Navigation 
Section of the Jet Propulsion 
Laboratory, California Institute 
of Technology. D1r. Lo obtained 
a BS from Caltech in 1975 and 
a PhD from Cornell University 
in 1981 in pure mathematics. 
His work helped JPL win and 
fly the Genesis Mission. He and 
student Shane Ross discovered 
that a network of invariant 
manifolds popularly called the 
“Interplanetary Superhighway” 
connects the Solar System. 
Martin has won numerous 
awards for his work.

 Martin will discuss his 30-
year career with JPL and how 
“The Earth’s Neighborhood” 
is a complex dynamical 
regime. A mere difference of 
50 m/s in the launch velocity 
separates trajectories heading 
to the Moon from trajectories 
escaping Earth. Learn about the 
mapping of the Interplanetary 
Superhighway and how 
theoretical and computational 
infrastructure will allow us to 
launch to all parts of the Solar 
System. All of these discoveries 
are happening in Pasadena’s 
back yard! 

 Guests may attend in person or 
virtually via Zoom.

 Light refreshments for in-
person attendees.

 For more information visit:

 Assemblymember Chris 
Holden’s bill AB 2723 - Animals: 
microchips: theft passed the 
Senate Floor Monday with 
unanimous bipartisan support 
and is headed to the Governor’s 

 “It’s a tragedy when your family 
member/pet goes missing, 
and this bill would prevent 
bad actors of reclaiming pets 
while their loved ones are still 
searching for them,”

said Assemblymember Chris 
Holden. “Many Californians 
have welcomed animals into 
their families, and we want 
those pets to be safe.”

 Existing law fails to ensure 
that pets are returned to their 
rightful owners. Currently, 
when pets are microchipped by 
organizations before adoption, 
these organizations remain as 
the primary contact registered 
to the microchips, even after 
adoption and even once 
owners are registered to the 
same microchips (as secondary 

 AB 2723 would expand upon, 
and clarify pet microchip 
ownership with the intent to 
alleviate legal confusion and 
ambiguity for pet owners, 
especially owners undergoing 
improper pet reclamation, pet 
theft, or pet loss. Specifically, 
AB 2723 would prioritize 
the contacting of owners in 
instances of pet recovery by 
encouraging that the pet owner 
be listed as the microchip 
primary contact, instead of pet 
adoption organizations.

 “We need pet ownership 
to be clear since many have 
invested both financially and 
emotionally for the care of 
their pets. This bill helps the 
voiceless return home where 
they belong,” said Holden.

Related News

 The South Pasadena Library 
will close on Wednesday, 
September 7, between 10:00 
a.m. and 2:00 p.m. so that
Library staff may participate
in their own strategic planning 
session with the consultants
leading the Library’s five-year
strategic planning process.
Staff engagement is critical to
the development of a robust
and actionable strategic plan.
The strategic plan is expected
to be completed by the end of
October, after going through
a total of four phases, which
include analysis, engagement,
goal setting, and visioning.

 The the library on 
Wednesdays is open to 8 p.m.

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