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Mountain View News Saturday, November 19, 2022 


July 24, 1962 – October 23, 2022 

Long time Pasadena resident Francesca Bianca Rhodes turned her love of 
photography into a successful side business as the CEO of Prettigirl Productions. 
She had a reputation for capturing vivid memorable images of special 
occasions for families, nonprofits and organizations throughout Southern 
California, including Pasadena Police Department, Santa Anita Race Track 
and numerous events sponsored by Mountain Views News. 

Her life celebration was held at Victory Bible Church in Pasadena on November 
17, 2022, where she was active in the media ministry, and also served as 
the official photographer for her church family. Always with a smile behind the camera, she inspired 
the best in everyone around her. 


The Friends of the Sierra Madre Library announce they are sponsoring a Silent Auction of unusual books and 
magazines held from Friday, November 1-28, 2022 inside the Sierra Madre Library. The books may be viewed 
in the display case in the main room and will be available for closer inspection on Saturday, November 5 from 
1:00-2:00 p.m. and Monday, November 14 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. Featured in the Silent Auction will be a collection 
of nine books published by C.F. Braun & Co, Limited Edition authorized Stirling Moss Biography, a 
limited edition signed Peter De Seve sketchbook, a Disney Animation Studios artbook, a famous American 
Illustrator book and a collection of rare magazines. 

Bidding sheets and auction rules will be available in a Friends of the Library notebook, accessible on the checkout 
counter. There will be 15 items for sale; each book or magazine set will be numbered and has a corresponding 
numbered bid sheet in the notebook. Bidders are asked to write their bids on the bid sheets with a contact 
phone number. Thirty minutes before the end of the auction on the last day, Monday, November 28, 2022, the 
bid sheets will be removed from the notebook and placed on a table in the library for last minute bids. The 
bidding will close promptly at 7:00 p.m. Winning bidders will be notified the next day and will then be able to 
pick up their purchases at the library within the next 10 days. 

This sale is sponsored by the Friends of the Sierra Madre Public Library. All proceeds will be used to support 
programs, services and acquisitions for the library. 

The silent auction will be at the Sierra Madre Public Library, 440 West Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre. For 
more information, please visit us at our web site, our Facebook page; or 
call 626-355-7186. 


by Deanne Davis 

Walking Sierra Madre, or just about anywhere this time of year, is a delight, 
pure and simple. There are still pumpkins here and there on folks’ porches, 
which will last for months, till the squirrels find a weak spot and devour them. 
We think it’s OK to have pumpkins and Christmas lights simultaneously and I 
can hardly wait to get my laser light projectors out and have snowflakes shining 
and dancing all over the front of the house. And the lighted reindeer with 
nodding heads John absolutely loathed but I simply adore. One of mine quit 
working last year but I found new ones at Walmart and I’m so ready to put away 
all the Fall décor and dive into Christmas. But first, however, is Thanksgiving. 

This year we’re planning to bring home vast quantities of Panda Express goodies 
and serve it on Thanksgiving plates. Other family members are planning the 
traditional mashed potatoes, turkey, honey-baked ham, creamed spinach, Helen’s 
Lime Jell-O salad, but no matter what you’re serving, the best part is inviting 
family and friends to share the feast and all the familiar family stories. Like 
this one, but I know none of you folks have ever had the following experience... 


The Festive Bird is in the stove, 
It’s time now for a nap.
I laid me down, closed my eyes,
And at the window heard a tap. 

It’s far too soon for guests to come,
I need a little peace!
The stuffing’s ready, cranberries chillin’,
Pies overflow with pumpkin fillin’. 

The tap just keeps on at my window,
But I’m not gonna look!
There’s nothing more for me to do,
This is one tired and sleepy cook. 

So I snuggled deep down in my afghan,
Turned my head the other way.
I don’t care who’s at that window, 
They can tap all day. 


The following represents a summa

ry report of some of the major inci

dents handled by the Sierra Madre 
Police Department during this period. This list is not 
intended to be considered exclusive or all-inclusive. 

October 16th – October 22nd 
Sunday, October 16 Theft from Motor Vehicle At 
approximately 11PM, officers responded to the 200 
block of N. Mountain Trail Ave. for reports of a theft 
from motor vehicle. Upon arrival, the reporting party 
stated that the catalytic converter was stolen from 
his vehicle. There is no suspect information at this 
time. The Detectives' Bureau is following up on this 

Wednesday, October 19 DUI Arrest At approximately 
11PM, officers observed a vehicle commit a vehicle 
code violation near the intersection of Sierra Madre 
Blvd and Park Ave. Officers conducted a traffic stop 
on the vehicle and observed the driver to have the 
smell of alcoholic beverage coming from their person. 
Officers performed field sobriety tests on the 
driver. Due to the results of the test, officers determined 
that the driver was unable to safely operate 
their vehicle, and they were placed under arrest for 
driving under the influence. The driver was taken to 
Pasadena Jail for booking. 

October 23rd – October 29th , 2022 

Wednesday, October 26 Auto Burglary Officers responded 
to the 700 block of W Alegria Ave. for reports 
of an auto burglary. The reporting party stated 
that unknown suspect(s) made access to their vehicle 
and removed property from inside. The Detectives' 
Bureau is following up on this incident. The Sierra 
Madre Police Department would like to remind you 
to always keep valuables hidden or stored away when 
parking in a public place. Thursday, October 27 Theft 
from Motor Vehicle At approximately 11PM, officers 
responded to the 600 block of Alta Vista Dr. for reports 
of a theft from motor vehicle. Upon arrival, the 

reporting party stated that the catalytic converter 
was stolen from his vehicle. There is no suspect information 
at this time. The Detectives' Bureau is following 
up on this incident 

October 30th – November 5 th 
Sunday, October 30 Drug Violation At approximately 
3 AM, officers conducted a traffic enforcement stop 
on a bicycle for traffic violations near the 200 block 
of E Sierra Madre Blvd. After speaking with the subject, 
they admitted to being in possession of narcotics. 
Subject was arrested and released in the field on 
a citation. Thursday, November 3 Stolen Vehicle Report 
and Recovery At approximately 5 PM, officers 
responded to the 00 block of W Sierra Madre Blvd for 
reports of a stolen vehicle. Upon arrival, the reporting 
party told officers that their white Nissan Versa 
was stolen overnight. There was no suspect description 
at the time, and the vehicle was entered into a 
state system as stolen. On Friday, November 4th, the 
vehicle was located parked near the intersection of 
Sierra Madre Blvd and Baldwin Ave. The vehicle was 
returned to the rightful owner. 

Sunday, November 6 Traffic Collision At approximately 
2 PM, officers responded to the intersection 
of Lima St. and Montecito Ave. for reports of a traffic 
collision. Upon arrival, officers discovered a traffic 
collision involving 2 vehicles. One of the involved 
parties complained of injuries, and was treated on 
the scene by Sierra Madre Fire Department Paramedics 
Wednesday, November 9 Residental Burglary 
At approximately 9 PM, officers responded to the 100 
block of Holdman Ave for reports of a residential burglary 
that had occurred. Upon arrival, the reporting 
party told officers that their rear door was shattered. 
After further investigation, it was discovered that 
unknown suspects made entry into the residence, 
but no items were taken. Anyone with information 
is encouraged to call the Sierra Madre Police Department 
Detective Bureau at 626-355-1414. If you wish 
to remain anonymous, please visit lacrimestoppers.
org and submit a tip. 

Off I went to slumberland and dreamed a lovely dream,
A kitchen, clean and spotless, everything just right.
But then I dreamt a dreadful dream,
That made me shriek with fright! 

The tapping at my window,
More insistent grew.
And what was out there tapping,
I’ll now describe to you. 

The Ghost of my Thanksgivings Past,
A turkey that was huge!
Tapped his enormous beak at my window,
And gobbled…. “J’ accuse!” 

“Fifty Thanksgivings, and more,” he said,
“Since you walked down that wedding aisle.
So many turkeys you’ve served up, 
With sweet potatoes and a smile.” 

“All those turkeys come and gone,
And still your gravy’s awful!
And the year the turkey hit the floor,
Should be declared… unlawful!!” 

“Most of them were nicely done, I’ll give you that,” he said.
“But some were cooked so badly,
You should have ordered Chinese instead!” 
What an awful dream, I thought, as I cowered in my bed. 

But the Ghostly Turkey wasn’t finished,
With his accusations many.
And I, stuttering out my pathetic excuses,
Discovered I hadn’t any! 

But then he smiled and said to me,
“Your crimes are all forgiven.
For those who’ve gathered at your table,
Have rejoiced and laughed for hours.”
“We turkeys relish meals like these,
They are sweet as summer flowers! 

Enjoy today, with friends and family,
gathered ‘round your table,
Give thanks for health and joy and peace...
Then share this Thanksgiving fable.” 

And with a last gobble…gobble, the Ghost of Thanksgivings Past, 
Flew up, up, and away…
And I heard him exclaim, ere he flew out of sight…
“Happy Thanksgiving to all…
And for heaven’s sake, learn to make better gravy!” 

Hope your Thanksgiving will be the best one ever! 

My book page: Deanne Davis 
Christmas is just a few short weeks away and my book:
“Sunrises and Sunflowers Speak Hope” 

Would be a really nice gift for everyone you know. It’s on“Star of Wonder” a delightful Christmas Kindle story is there, too. 

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