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Mountain View News Saturday, October 28, 2023 


by Deanne Davis

The Sierra Madre 
Foundation recently 
the following two 
grants to local 

• The City of Sierra Madre received a grant to 
support its Halloween Happenings program. Funds 
will be used for decorations of the band shell in Memorial 
Park and to offset operational costs associated 
with Halloween Happenings.

• Sierra Madre Elementary School received a 
grant to significantly expand its Farm to Table program. 
The grant will be used to purchase an additional 
10 raised garden beds, allowing more students 
to plant, grow and harvest their own food. 

• The Sierra Madre Rose Float Association received 
a grant to upgrade the lighting fixtures and 
hardware in the float barn, improving the safety for 
volunteers and reducing electrical costs. 

• The Cancer Support Center received a grant 
to relaunch its in-person “Wednesday Family Night” 
program for cancer patients, their caregivers, and 
their kids. The funds will be used to purchase dinners 
for these three groups impacted by cancer in 
Sierra Madre and the greater San Gabriel Valley. 

“So far this year, we have provided grants totaling 
more than $20,000,” said Vicky Ryan, co-
chair of the Sierra Madre Community Foundation. 
“Thanks to the generosity of our residents, 
we are providing a deeper level of support to 
local community organizations, events and 

In addition to soliciting donations to support 
and enhance the community, the Sierra Madre 
Community Foundation assists other local community 
groups in the collection and distribution 
of their funds that enable ongoing program support 
and continued operations. 

Learn more at

“Shadows of a thousand years rise again 
unseen, voices whisper in the trees. 

“Tonight is Halloween!”

“When witches go riding and black cats 
are seen, the moon laughs and whispers, 

‘tis near Halloween.”

“Silent phantoms of the night in their 
robes of ghostly white, they are always to 
be seen on the night of Halloween.”



All Hallows Eve.... is coming,

A deadly.... dreadly night...

When ghouls and ghosts and creepies,

And other awful blights,

Are free to roam and wander,

Anywhere they might.

Creating scary terror everywhere 

they can,

And scream-inducing, faint-producing, 

hair-raising, bone-melting, 

What's that right there behind me...

Quivery, shivery...Fright!!


They creep out of their crypts and graves,

These creatures of the night.

They haunt the roads and byways,

Run rampant through the park.

They hide between the bushes,

And everywhere it's dark.


All Hallows Eve.... is coming,

A deadly.... dreadly night...

When ghouls and ghosts and creepies,

And other awful blights,

Are free to roam and wander,

Anywhere they might.


Up and down the streets of town,

They race in search of plunder,

These ghouls and ghosts and monsters,

About three feet tall or under! 

They shriek for treats and threaten tricks,

But are satisfied with candy.

These creatures rule the darkness,

As long as Mom and Dad are handy.


All Hallows Eve.... is coming,

A deadly...dreadly night....

With ghouls and ghosts and monsters,

And other awful sights,

Dancing through the shadows,

Into circles of street lights. 

This Prince of Jack o’ Lanterns,

Is waiting just for you.

Standing at the corner, Mountain Trail and Grandview.

He’s planning to haunt Alegria,

Capture a treat or trickster or two.

But if you watch around and behind you,

The Prince of Jack o’ Lanterns won’t capture you! 

Beware...take care,

Who knows what’s waiting,

Just around the bend.

Could be Jack the Ripper, come to call again,

Or Dracula or Frankenstein, the undead walk tonight.

Maybe just stay safe inside...and turn off that porch light.

A fun Halloween fact for you as you’re stocking up on candy: In 2023, consumers in 
the United States are expected to spend an all-time high of 12.2 billion dollars for the 
Halloween season. Compared to 2021, this is an increase of about two billion dollars. 

One or two things more before we leave Halloween behind and start thinking about 
Thanksgiving… Our great-granddaughter, Brooklyn Davis, will be four on Halloween. 
Dear friend, Rich Johnson, of JJ Jukebox fame will be somewhat more than four 
on Halloween and beloved friend, Roger Larocque joined the angel band on Halloween 
three years ago.

Have a great week and if you haven’t bought your little ghoul a costume, don’t wait 
too long! Happy Halloween my friends, and, in case you didn’t know, Tootsie Rolls 
go great with Chardonnay.

The Prince of Jack o’ Lanterns graciously consented to a photo op with Leah Davis.

My book page: Deanne Davis

There are treasures there! Trust me! 

Including “Just Desserts” A Fall Fantasy of Pumpkins Gone Wrong! 

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