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New ED

Robinson Park Recreation 
Center Public Art Project 

Application process has 
now officially opened.

Director of Pasadena 
Planning and Community 
Development, Jennifer Paige, 
announced an invite to the 
community to participate 
in the Robinson Park 
Recreation Center Public 
Art Project at the upcoming 
42nd Annual Black History 
Festival on Saturday, 
February 17, from noon to 4 
p.m. at Robinson Park, 1081 
N. Fair Oaks Ave. This event 
is a great opportunity f or 
residents to meet the selected 
aitists and learn more about 
their artistic approach to the 
project and engagement with 
the Northwest community. 

 Attendees are encouraged to 
stop by the Cultural Af fairs 
Division booth to learn more 
about the project and share 
their own personal stories 
of living and working in 
Northwest Pasadena. Artists 
Deborah Aschheim and 
Carla Jay Harris will share 
the progress of their artistic 
research and engagement 
with the Northwest 
community as they develop 
their public ait concepts for 
the Recreation Center. 

 As part of the first phase 
of the Project, both artists 
are currently conducting 
extensive research and 
community engagement 
through collaboration 
with Northwest Pasadena 
residents and stakeholders 
to develop specific content 
and artistic themes which 
will serve as the basis for 
the public art concept at the 

 The public art project for the 
Robinson Park Recreation 
Center was developed 
through guidance from the 
Robinson Park Stakeholder 
Group and community 
members and is intended to 
prioritize community input 
and collaboration during 
the first phase of the artwork 
development process. 
This project serves as an 
exciting opportunity for the 
Northwest community to 
contribute their unique 
stories and perspectives into 
the formation of a permanent 
public artwork at the Center. 

 The renovation of the 
Robinson Park Recreation 
Center was the second and 
final phase of the Robinson 
Park Master Plan adopted 
by City Council in 2002 and 
designated as an eligible 
Capital Improvement Public 
Art project in 2015. Per the 
unique requirements of this 
project, the artists selected for 
the project will be responsible 
for initiating numerous 
opportunities to engage with 
the Northwest Pasadena 
community, ranging from 
large public events to small 
intimate conversations. This 
community-based research 
will then be incorporated 
into the artist’s Concept Art 
Plan, which will be presented 
to the City’s Arts & Culture 
Commission for review and 

Election Charter Amendments R, S, and T


 City officials released a 
rundown Monday of Measures 
R, S, and T to be on the March 
5 Election ballot so residents 
can decide whether to approve 
amendments to the Pasadena 
City Charter –the City Council 
voted unanimously in December 
to move forward with the 

 The charter amendments, if 
approved by the majority of 
voters, will enable the city to 
update outdated codes and 
language, adapt to changes, 
eliminate burdensome processes, 
set limits, and ensure that 
resources are used effectively, 
ultimately saving money and 
benefitting the community. 

 According to city officials, 
these measures are not a new tax 
and do not increase taxes. The 
measures also do not increase 
utility rates; in fact, Measure R 
maintains a 4 percent reduction 
in the utility transfer approved 
by voters in 2020 they said. 
For financial transparency and 
public accountability, it will 
require updating the Pasadena 
accounting method to align 
with Generally Accepted 
Accounting Principles (GAAP). 
The proposed update to the 
accounting method will lead to 
improved financial management 
and the ability to allocate 
resources to essential services 
such as 911 response, fire, 
paramedic, public health, street 
repairs, and senior and homeless 

 The Measure S amendment will 
require the City Council to set 
limits by ordinance for contracts, 
purchases, and claim approvals. 
It will maintain oversight, 
improve city response, and 
enhance efficiency in executing 
contracts. Measure S streamlines 
the procurement process and 
eliminates a burdensome process 
for a contractor/business owner 
and the city, allowing for more 
efficient handling of contracts 
to save time and money. The 
amendments will help identify 
inefficiencies, unnecessary 
expenses, and potential waste, 
ensuring that public funds are 
used wisely and projects are 
executed within budget.

 Measure T is an amendment to 
the Charter that will allow the 
city to create alternative contract 
selection methods that can be 
more efficient, transparent, and 
accountable for bidding and 
delivering public improvements. 
The amendment will attract a 
broader range of vendors and 
contractors, fostering increased 
competition, leading to better-
quality services and innovative 
solutions, and ensuring the best 
value for its investments.

 Under Measure T, the alternative 
project delivery method is 
designed to expedite the project, 
resulting in significant time 
savings. It allows the city to 
adapt to industry best practices 
that lead to practical and 
modern approaches to project 
management and contract 
selection while complying 
with rules and regulations. 
Additionally, allowing for 
additional contract selection 
methods, particularly those that 
improve the chances of hiring 
local businesses, contributing 
to the community’s economic 
development, creating job 
opportunities, and stimulating 
our local economy. 

 Measures R, S, and T maintain 
accountability provisions, 
such as public disclosure of all 
spending and annual financial 
audits, while updating outdated 
language and codes. 

 In 1886, Pasadena was officially 
incorporated. By 1901, Pasadena 
had evolved into a Charter City 
with an elected Mayor through 
a vote of the people. In the 
following years, the City saw 
significant improvements with 
the installation of amenities 
such as sewers, paved streets, 
and electric street lighting. Over 
the decades, amendments to the 
Charter helped modernize and 
improve city governance as times 
changed and advancements were 

Charter-Amendments for more 
information about Measures 
R, S, and T. For additional 
information about the 2024 
Primary Municipal Elections, 
please visit

 The Pasadena Heritage Board 
of Directors announced this 
week that they have been 
working over many months 
to plan for finding a new 
Executive Director after Sue 
Mossman announced she 
would retire this spring. 

 A dedicated Search 
Committee, led by Board 
Chair Suzanne Marks and 
former Board Chair Steve 
Preston, and eight other 
current and former Board 
members are bringing diverse 
experience and points of view 
to the selection process. The 
Search Committee, with the 
assistance of professional 
expertise, is taking steps to 
find the best possible person 
to take over this critical 
leadership position officials 

 Sue Mossman after deciding 
to retire this spring, joins in 
expressing her excitement 
about the future of the 
organization and all the 
opportunities that lie ahead. 
With the acquisition and move 
to the historic Blinn House, 
their education programs 
regaining momentum after 
the worst of the pandemic, a 
talented and capable staff in 
place, and our advocacy work 
continuing to be effective 
and far-reaching, Pasadena 
Heritage is poised to move 
forward to achieve its mission 
on a broader and more 
inclusive scale.

 The Pasadena Heritage Search 
Committee has contracted 
with Maura Harrington to 
assist with the search, for 
which the application process 
has now officially opened. For 
more information or to apply 

Free Rides 
for Transit 

Equity Day

South Pas All Abilities Club

Acting Director of 
Transportation, Joaquin Siques 
announced Thursday that 
Pasadena Transit and Dial-A-
Ride will be offering free rides 
systemwide on Sunday, in 
honor of Transit Equity Day. 
Transit Equity Day is a National 
Day of Action to commemorate 
the birthday of Rosa Parks by 
declaring that public transit is 
a civil right. Parks, an iconic 
civil rights leader, refused to 
give up her seat on a bus in 
Montgomery, Alabama in 
protest and to demand an 
end to segregation on transit 

 Everyday Pasadena Transit 
and the Pasadena Department 
of Transportation (“DOT”) 
aim to honor the tenets of 
this day by offering accessible 
and affordable transit. DOT 
is committed to achieving the 
safe, efficient, and convenient 
movement of people and 
goods within Pasadena, while 
concurrently ensuring a 
balance between land use and 
transportation to maintain a 
livable community in which 
cars Metro link and LA Metro 
are also offering free rides 
system wide in honor of Transit 
Equity Day. 

 For more information 

South Pasadena Library 
New Walking Book Club

Tech Help 

at the Library

 Join the South Pasadena Public Library Friday from 10 a.m. 
to 11 a.m. for their monthly program geared toward adults 
with developmental disabilities. During All Abilities Club 
meetings, they watch movies, make crafts, and encourage 
a welcoming and safe environment for participants. Adult 
family members, aides, caretakers, and teachers are also 
invited to attend. Registration is not required.

 The Library Community Room is located at 1115 El Centro 

 For more information email: 
or call (626) 403-7350.

 The South Pasadena Public 
Library announces the 
launch of the “Walking Book 
Club,” beginning February 
14, at 9:00 a.m. in front of 
the Library. This monthly 
event aims to combine the 
joy of reading with the 
benefits of outdoor activity, 
fostering a healthy and 
social approach to literature. 
This project is supported in 
whole or in part by the U.S. 
Institute of Museum and 
Library Services under the 
provisions of the Library 
Services and Technology Act, 
administered in California by 
the State Librarian.

 On the second Wednesday 
of every month, adults are 
invited to gather at the South 
Pasadena Public Library 
for a stroll through the 
community. The Walking 
Book Club will provide an 
opportunity for participants 
to discuss the chosen book, 
share insights, and enjoy the 
camaraderie of fellow readers 
in a relaxed, outdoor setting.

 Each month, a book will be 
selected as the focal point for 
discussion during the walk. 
Participants are encouraged 
to come prepared with their 
thoughts, questions, and 
reflections on the chosen 
book. The library staff will 
facilitate the discussion, 
ensuring a lively exchange of 
ideas and opinions. For this 
first meeting, discussion will 
focus on what participants 
are currently reading.

 To ensure a smooth and 
enjoyable experience, 
interested participants 
are required to register in 
advance and sign a waiver. 
Registration can be completed 

 The South Pasadena 
Public Library is located 
at 1100 Oxley Street in 
South Pasadena. Visit the 
Library website at www. 
for information 

 The South Pasadena 
Public Library announced 
the launch of a basic tech 
help sessions for adults on 
Fridays from 4:00 p.m. to 
6 p.m. Adults who need 
assistance using their 
phones, tablets, or laptops 
are encouraged to drop 
by the library during the 
sessions and confer with 
a teen volunteer who 
will help them to use 
their devices. Attendees 
should bring their charged 
devices and other pertinent 
information, such as user 
names and passwords, that 
they will need to access 
their accounts. No pre-
registration is required to 

 The South Pasadena 
Public Library is located at 
1100 Oxley Street in South 
Pasadena. Visit the Library 
website: southpasadenaca.
gov/library for information. 

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