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Februar􀀝 is Blach. Histor􀀝 Month: Knou, The Past, Shape the Future!
Two Black aerospace professionals in LA are working on the rocket engines that will send 
the first Black astronaut to the moon. 

Two men who work at Aerojet Rocketdyne as an engineer and a technician are blazing trails 
for the Black community as they work on the rocket engine that will be used on the Artemis 
II flight test. Adrian Arambulo reports for the NBC4 News on Feb. 23, 2024.

While the two men may work on the different intrinsic parts the rocket engines, they share 
one goal: getting the astronauts on the Orion spacecraft home safely back to families.

As Victor Glover, (right) a NASA astronaut from Pomona, is on the brink of making history 
as the first Black man to venture around the moon aboard the Artemis II mission, the 
achievement holds particular significance for two aerospace professionals.

Floyd Shelby and Steven Fleming (left) are key members at Aerospace Rocketdyne, a Canoga 
Park-based manufacturer in aerospace technologies, responsible for the rocket engines that 
will propel Glover and his crewmates.

"When Victor Glover embarks on his 
historic journey around the moon, it will 
be thanks to the efforts of Floyd Shelby 
and Steven Fleming," remarked Shelby, 
the director of engineering at Aerojet 

Fleming, a metal-fitting mechanic 
at Aerojet Rocketdyne, also echoed 
the commitment to supporting the 
Artemis II mission and understood the 
significance of sending the first Black 
astronaut to the moon.

"I met Glover years ago, and I told him, 
'I'm going to put everything into this to 
make sure you come home,'" Fleming 

In addition to being passionately focused 
on the Artemis II mission, Shelby and 
Fleming also serve as mentors to others, 
especially minority workers, in the 
aerospace industry.

"I think having people that look like you, 
can understand, make that connection 
with, it means a lot to further your 
career," Shelby explained. "If there's something I can do to help someone, I'm willing to 
jump into that." 

Fleming also offered a piece of advice to those dreaming big.

"Pursue their dreams. Stick with it no matter what," Fleming said. "Put 100% into what you 
do because anything is possible." 

STORY COURTESY OF NBC Universal, Inc./ NBCLA’s Adrian Arambulo

Floyd Shelby and Steven Fleming

Victor J. Glover


By Dean Lee

 In what could severely impact Pasadena, AT&T is seeking approval from the California Public 
Utilities Commission to no longer be obligated to provide landline telephone service, including 
essential services like Lifeline rates and 9-1-1 access in many parts of State.

 According to a memo from the Office of the City Manager, AT&T is asking to withdraw as a 
Relief from Carrier of Last Resort (COLR). 

 “The city is listed in a service region that may be impacted by AT&T’s request to withdraw as 
a COLR,” said Acting Chief Information Officer, Serjik Arzoumanians. “Alternative scenarios 
may unfold, such as another carrier assuming the role as a new COLR or the CPUC rejecting 
AT&T’s request.”

 A COLR is a telecommunications service provider obligation to offer basic telephone service, 
typically landline, to any customer within a specific area who requests it. This obligation ensures 
universal access to safe, reliable, and affordable telephone service the memo states.

 AT&T is also seeking removal of its designation as an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier 
(“ETC”). ETC status allows companies to receive federal assistance from the Universal Service 
Fund for providing affordable telephone services in designated areas according to AT&T’s 

 Arzoumanians also said, “While currently there is nothing conclusive regarding the impact 
AT&T’s proposals may have on AT&T customers in Pasadena, the Department of information 
Technology (“DoIT”) staff is engaged with representatives from both the CPUC and AT&T to 
monitor developments and will provide future updates as this process unfolds. 

 Continuing in March, the CPUC will hold several in-person and virtual public forums 
throughout the State for AT&T customers to provide input. The next virtual public forum is set 
for March 19 and will be by remote access via webcast or phone only. 

 More information and a list of all public forums can be found at: Search “(A.23-
03-002) CPUC Public Participation Hearings.”

 Residents can also email: With any questions about the forums.

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