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Michele Silence, M.A. is a 37-year certified fitness 

professional who offers semi-private/virtual fitness 
classes. Contact Michele at michele@kid-fit.
com. Visit her Facebook page at: michelesfitness 
Visit her Facebook page at: michelesfitness.


By Meghan Malooly


Is it just me, or is time flying by faster than ever? I swear it was Christmas just yesterday 
but, now, somehow, we’re at the end of February! This week I am shining the Sierra Madre 
spotlight on the very generous and very kind Sierra Madre Pony (SMP) Baseball League. 
This amazing group of people were originally brought to my attention last year (Christmas 
2022). I was contacted by one of their organizers because they were going to “adopt” a few families in 
need at Christmas through a church run program for the first time. They had seen that my effort, Sierra 
Madre Gives Back, has been doing something similar for the last few years and wanted to talk about 
possibly helping us do something for the community in the future. So this year (Christmas 2023), they 
joined us by “adopting” multiple families at Christmas, and asked if they could help at Thanksgiving as 

I was absolutely thrilled to find out that not only could they help, but that they were wanting to do 
fundraisers specifically to raise money for The Gives Back families to ensure they had a beautiful 
holiday season. “We’ve held fundraisers at The Only Place in Town and Monsieur Crepe to support our 
efforts during the holidays.The families of our players have been critically important - they’ve made 
contributions and have been active participants in all our service 

work. We are grateful for their help in raising funds and donations for our community.”-Nick Forillo 

It was because of their generosity that this year we were able to help over 10 families in need by providing 
them with Thanksgiving meals, not including, donating dinner and desserts to the people that give back 
to us every single day, The Sierra Madre Police Department and The Sierra Madre Fire Department. 
Some of the Pony Leaguers were able to get together and deliver the goodies to the Fire Department and 
as a special treat they were given a red carpet tour of the station! The kids had a blast and the dinner went 
on to feed some very deserving heroes and their families on Thanksgiving day! 

With Thanksgiving being such a success, it's no wonder that Christmas went just as well! With the help 
of the The Sierra Madre Pony League, who adopted 3 of the families, on their own, in total, Sierra Madre 
Gives Back was able to help over 20 families this year, which came out to over 75 individuals that we 
were able to spread some joyful holiday cheer to! This is the fourth year that Gives Back has done this 
Christmas program, and every year it gets bigger and better and this year one of the huge reasons we were 
able to that was because of the selflessness and community service dedication demonstrated by the kids, 
their families, and the staff of The Sierra Madre Pony League. 

I tip my hat to anyone who donated last year at both Thanksgiving and Christmas, as always, you, my 
beloved Sierra Madreans, came together and truly made Christmas Miracles and dreams come true! Bask 
in the glow of the corniness of that sentence because you all deserve it! Thank you Sierra Madre Pony 
League for reminding us all that, no matter what your passion, job, or hobbies are, we as people, especially 
Sierra Madreans ;), will come together and help those that could use a little boost, however we can. 

Please come out to their opening ceremonies on March 9th at Dapper Field and follow them on Instagram 
@madre_baseball for updates throughout the season. 


Everyday your body loses water through 
your breath, perspiration and other 
bodily functions. Staying well-hydrated is 
crucial for overall health. We’ve all heard 
consuming 8 glasses of water a day is 
optimal. But, some people may need more, 
and others less. The importance of proper 
hydration cannot be overstated. Beyond 
simply quenching your thirst, staying 
adequately hydrated plays an important 
role in enhancing exercise performance, 
promoting weight loss, and supporting 
joint health.

Exercise Performance. Fitness enthusiasts and athletes are familiar with the importance of 
hydration during workouts. Proper fluid balance is crucial for regulating body temperature, 
maintaining electrolyte balance, and ensuring optimal muscle function. Dehydration can 
lead to fatigue, cramps, and diminished endurance. Experts recommend drinking water 
before, during, and after exercise to support peak performance.

Weight Loss. Drinking water can assist in weight loss efforts in a number of ways. Drinking 
water before meals can help control appetite. Feelings of thirst are mistaken for hunger, 
leading to unnecessary snacking or overeating. Consuming water before meals can help 
you feel fuller, potentially reducing calorie intake. As a calorie free drink, it’s an excellent 
alternative to sugary drinks. Some studies suggest that drinking water can temporarily 
boost metabolism, helping the body burn more calories. While the effect is modest, every 
bit can contribute to overall weight management. Water is also essential for the breakdown 
of fat. This process, called lipolysis, requires water to break down fat into usable energy. 
Insufficient water intake can hinder lipolysis, potentially slowing down the rate at which 
the body burns fat. Water helps break down food and move it through the digestive tract 
too. Adequate hydration can prevent constipation and promote a healthy digestive system, 
supporting overall well-being.

Healthy Joints. In terms of joint health, water is a key component of the cartilage that 
covers the ends of bones in a joint. Cartilage acts as a shock absorber, cushioning the 
impact on the joints during movement. Insufficient water intake may compromise the 
integrity of cartilage, potentially leading to joint pain and discomfort. The joints in our 
body are surrounded by synovial fluid, which acts as a lubricant. This fluid reduces friction 
between the bones and allows for smooth movement. Dehydration can lead to a decrease 
in synovial fluid, resulting in increased friction and potential discomfort or stiffness 
in the joints. Adequate hydration helps transport nutrients to the joints. Nutrients like 
oxygen and various minerals are essential for the health and repair of joint tissues. Proper 
hydration ensures these nutrients are delivered efficiently to maintain healthy joints. Plus, 
chronic dehydration can contribute to inflammation in the body. Inflammatory processes 
can affect the joints, leading to conditions like arthritis. Staying hydrated helps to control 
inflammation and may reduce the risk of joint-related issues. Add to that, water is essential 
for regulating body temperature. Joints are sensitive to temperature changes. Proper 
hydration helps maintain the ideal heat for joint function, preventing discomfort associated 
with extreme temperatures.

Water needs vary, and people should adjust intake based on their unique circumstances. 
Pregnant or breastfeeding women, athletes, and those with certain health conditions may 
require more water. If the environment is hot you may also need more even if not thirsty, 
Monitoring the color of urine can help too. Pale yellow or straw-colored urine often suggests 
adequate hydration, while dark yellow or amber-colored urine may indicate dehydration. 
Some other signs of dehydration include headaches, nausea, feeling dizzy, dry mouth and 

To up water intake there are healthful flavored water options available. Infusing water 
with fruits like citrus, berries, or cucumber adds natural flavors without added sugars and 
artificial ingredients found in many commercial beverages. Herbal teas, coconut water, and 
electrolyte-enhanced water are also excellent choices. Think about carrying a water bottle 
with you at all times. Having easy access to water makes it more likely that you'll take 
regular sips.

Drinking too much water can be dangerous too, producing water intoxication or 
hyponatremia. That means sodium in the blood becomes diluted along with other 
electrolytes in the body, disrupting their balance. Kidneys are strained and water enters 
cells causing them to swell. Brain cells are particularly vulnerable, leading to increased 
intracranial pressure and potential neurological complications. Not common but 
hyponatremia can occur when a person drinks a large volume of water over a very short 
period of time.

Still concerned? Check out various smartphone apps designed to help you track and increase 
your water intake. Some apps send reminders, track your daily water consumption, and 
provide personalized hydration goals. A few highly rated examples include Waterllama, 
WaterMinder, Hydro Coach and Daily Water Tracker Reminder. All are free with in-app 
purchases and offer advanced features with paid versions. 


Who’s going to make it to the Final Four at the Santa Anita Lawn Bowling Club? Who will make

it all the way through the bracket and emerge as the Club champion?

Throughout the month of March the Sam Larsen Singles Tournament will play out at Arcadia Park, at the 
corner of Santa Anita Avenue and Huntington Drive. Members of the Santa Anita Lawn Bowling Club 
will compete for the first prize – and for bragging rights as the 2024 Club champion.

The tournament honors Sam Larsen, a beloved Club member who passed away unexpectedly in September 
of last year at just 64 years of age. 

The tournament bracket has four rounds, one round each week during the month of March. Matches 
will be played on Tuesday evenings, beginning at 6:00 pm. The public is invited to the bowling greens 
at Arcadia Park to watch the 
matches and to learn about 
lawn bowling. 

Attendance at the 
tournament is free. The 
Club also offers free lessons; 
tournament attendees 
will be able to make 
arrangements for a lesson. 
More information about the 
Club is available at www.

According to the Club’s 
president, Mark Walker, the 
Club has been bowling on 
the greens in Arcadia Park 
since 1937 when the park 
was built. “The park is a San 
Gabriel Valley treasure,” says 
Walker; “It’s a beautiful oasis 
for recreation, including 
venues for all kinds of sports, 

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