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[Nyerges is an educator and author. He authored “Extreme Simplicity” which tells his story 
about attempting to live self-reliantly in the city. More information about his books and 
classes at]

Kitten “CLOVER”

Female Tuxedo

Born 2/24/24

Looking to add a touch of sweetness 
and charm to your life? Look no 
further than Clover, the adorable 
tuxedo kitten with a heart of gold 
and a personality as vibrant as her 

Clover may not sport the traditional Siamese look of her mother, 
but don't let her appearance fool you—she's got all the affectionate 
traits of her Siamese heritage packed into her petite frame. 

But there's more to Clover than just her striking appearance. This 
little lady is as adventurous as they come, always eager to explore 
every nook and cran-ny of her surroundings. Whether she's scaling the highest shelves or pounc-
ing on her favorite toys, Clover approaches life with boundless curiosity and enthusiasm.

In her spare time, Clover indulges in her passion for glamour and beauty as an aspiring kitty 
makeup artist. With her very own vanity table as her canvas, she delights in playing dress-up 
and primping to her heart's content. Who knows? Maybe she'll even lend you some fashion tips if 
you're lucky! 

Although Clover won't be ready to leave for her forever home until after April 24th, she's already 
accepting applications for her adoption. So, why wait? Don't miss your chance to welcome this 
precious gem into your family.

Clover would thrive in a loving home where she can shower her humans with affection and share 
her adventures with a feline friend by her side. Whether you're a seasoned cat parent or a first-time 
adopter, Clover promises to bring joy, laughter, and endless love into your life.

Ready to make Clover a part of your family? Submit your adoption application today and get ready 
to experience the magic of having this delightful kitten by your side. Your new best friend awaits! 

Presented by Lifeline for Pets

Call or text foster mom Gabbi at (626) 808-8557 for more info! 


[This is an extract from Nyerges’ book, “How to Survive Anywhere,” which is available on 
Amazon, or the store at]


According to archaeologist Joseph Tainter, author of The Collapse of 
Complex Societies, there are eight definable reasons why civilizations fall.

1. Resource Depletion

2. New Resources

3. Catastrophes

4. Insufficient Response to Circumstances

5. Other Complex Societies

6. Intruders

7. Mismanagement

8. Economic Explanations

Examples of Tainter’s observations are found each day in the daily newspapers. Survival is 
not an academic, intellectual idea. This is the reason we have all endeavored to learn and to 
practice everyday survival skills.


According to social critic Jane Jacobs, author of Dark Age Ahead, we are following the same 
cultural decline that occurred with the Roman Empire. She begins her book by telling us 
that dark ages are a lot more common than we may think, and she identifies many of the 
weak spots in our contemporary lifestyle.

Her list of weak areas includes: taxes, family, community, education, science, technology, 
the lack of self-policing, and moral/ethical insanity.

Jacobs believes that these weak areas are the foundation of all the other often-cited problems, 
such as the envi-ronment, crime, and the discrepancy between rich and poor.

Jacobs points out that modern families are “rigged to fail” due to rising housing prices, 
suburban sprawl (with a reduced sense of community), and the automobile. She believes 
the automobile is the chief destroyer not only of communities but of the idea of community.

The hopeful part is that Jacobs does not see dark ages as inevitable. For one thing, we all 
need to get involved and be a part of the solution. Jacobs points out that the millions of 
details of a complex, living culture are not transmitted via writing or pictorially, but by (1) 
living examples and (2) by word of mouth. Jacobs goes on to say that though “the end” may 
be near, there are things we can do. What are those actions?

We need to think.

We need to model solutions.

We need to teach, to lecture, and to write.

The stereotypical survivalist who hides out in a cave or cabin with his beans and shotgun 
is the antithesis of survival. He is not engaged in society in any meaningful way and is 
therefore not a part of any meaningful solution.


Language in Thought and Action by S. I. Hayakawa.

This is the the book for “how to think.” If you’ve not read and studied it, get it today from a 
used book store The Art of Loving by Eric Fromme

In the classic book on the problems facing all of 
humanity, Fromme describes the science of love. 
This book teaches you “how to love.”

True Believer by Eric Hoffer

The quintessential book on mass movements and 
cults teaches you “how to believe.”

Democracy Is Self-Government by Harold W. 

A “must-read” if you are to grasp what’s wrong 
with modern politics. The author demonstrates 
that individual self-government is the only path 
to real democracy.

Pet of the Week

 Gentle and affectionate Rhino just wants to be your best 
friend! This handsome and goofy boy is just over a year 
old and very entertaining. He seems to have a wide-eyed 
wonderment of the world- every day brings something new 
and exciting!

 Rhino is surprisingly mellow for a dog his age- he walks 
well on leash and just leans into you for as many pets as you 
can give him. He also responds very well to training and 
understands when it’s time to calm down. 

 Rhino was recently out with the mobile outreach team and 
he had a great day out- meeting tons of new people, soaking 
up attention from kids and getting belly rubs. He’s also been 
on a couple field trips with the Pasadena Humane volunteers. 
He’s an avid hiker and is up for any adventure.

 Come meet your new BFF, Rhino, today!

 The adoption fee for dogs is $150. All dog adoptions include spay or neuter, microchip, 
and age-appropriate vaccines. 

 Walk-in adoptions are available every day from 2:00 – 5:00. For those who prefer, adoption 
appointments are available daily from 10:30 – 1:30, and can be scheduled online. View 
photos of adoptable pets at

 New adopters will receive a complimentary health-and-wellness exam from VCA Animal 
Hospitals, as well as a goody bag filled with information about how to care for your pet. 

 Pets may not be available for adoption and cannot be held for potential adopters by 
phone calls or email.

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