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Mountain Views-News Saturday, August 19, 2017 
Mountain Views-News Saturday, August 19, 2017 
Jeff’s Book PicsBy Jeff Brown FAMILY MATTERS By Marc Garlett 

and patriotism that will notSons and Soldiers: The 

soon be forgotten. Untold Story of the Jews 
Who Escaped the Nazis 
and Returned with the Collateral Damage: 

Guiding and Protecting 

U.S. Army to Fight Hitler by 
Your Child Through the Bruce Henderson 

Minefield of Divorce by Dr. Joining the ranks of Unbroken, 

John Chirban Band of Brothers, and Boys 

Based on research from more 
saga of young German Jews, 

in the Boat, the little-known 

than 10,000 surveys from 
dubbed The Ritchie Boys, who 

children and parents of divorce, 
fled Nazi Germany in the 1930s, 

Collateral Damage presents 
came of age in America, and 

parents with an overview of the 
returned to Europe at enormous 

negative impact that divorce has 
personal risk as members of the 

on their children and offers ways 

to better serve their needs at this 
in the Allied victory.In 1942, 

U.S. Army to play a key role 
critical time.Approximately 
the U.S. Army unleashed one 

fifty percent of marriages in 
of its greatest secret weapons 

the United State fail. Add to 
in the battle to defeat Adolf 

that the increasing number of 
Hitler: training nearly 2,000 

couples who never marry, have 
German-born Jews in special 

children together, and later go 
interrogation techniques and 

their separate ways. In all of 
making use of their mastery of 

these scenarios, children suffer 
the German language, history, 

greatly—often in silence, as 
and customs. They were sent in 

parents do not know how to 
small, elite teams to join every 

effectively guide their kids. 
major combat unit in Europe, 

When the sorrow and emotional 
where they interrogated German 

issues of children are not 
POWs and gathered crucial 

addressed, the cycle of divorce 
intelligence that saved lives and 

is likely to continue for them 
helped win the war.Though they 

and in generations that follow. 
knew what the Nazis would do 

In addition, while children 
to them if they were captured, 

may appear to be resilient 
the Ritchie Boys eagerly joined 

and adjusting, without proper 
the fight to defeat Hitler. Many 

support children of divorce are 
of them did not know the fates 

more prone to drug and alcohol 
of their own families left behind 

abuse, criminal behavior, 
in occupied Europe. Taking 

mental and physical illness, 
part in every major campaign 

and suicide. How can parents 
in Europe, they collected key 

manage their own hurt, shock, 

All Things By Jeff Brown 


Over 80 pedestrians on the Panama City Beach Simmons, whose husband told the crowd to form 
in Florida formed a human chain to save a family a chain.“To see people from different races and 
of nine from a dangerous riptide.Events began genders come into action to help Total strangers 
to unfold on Saturday evening when Roberta is absolutely amazing to see!!” wrote Simmons. 
Ursrey and her husband saw their two young sons “People who didn’t even know each other went 
screaming for help from 100 yards out into the hand in hand in a line , into the water to try 
ocean. A nearby couple attempted to rescue the and reach them.”As she watched the 80-person 
boys, but they also became caught in the current.chain stretch towards the swimmers, she knew 
Several of the other family members attempted she could help.Simmons and her husband then 
to rescue the struggling swimmers, and they grabbed boogie boards and swam down the chain 
became trapped as well.There was no lifeguard until she reached the exhausted swimmers. First, 
, and police had opted to wait for a rescue boat they helped the two young boys reach the human 

– but the situation was getting worse by the chain. Then, they went back for Roberta, who 
second. The riptide victims had already been was just starting to black out . Next, they rescued 
struggling to keep their heads above water for Roberta’s mother who had begun to have a heart 
twenty minutes, and they were exhausted.Beach attack .Finally, after everyone was brought back 
goers started yelling at the crowd of onlookers to to the beach, the crowd began to cheer.Jessica says 
form a human chain. Dozens of people – several that while she was hailed as a hero , she credits the 
of which reportedly said they couldn’t even rescue to everyone on the beach.“What really got 
swim themselves – linked arms and marched me was how a entire beach jumped into action to 
into the ocean. Among the onlookers was Jessica save these people.” 
state in your will that the business should be equally sharedwith your spouse or divided between all of your kids; however,
ownership goes to the survivor - regardless of what you put inyour will. 

You could have difficulty selling or refinancing your home.

All joint owners must sign off on a property sale. Dependingon whether the other joint owners agree, you could end upat a standstill from the sales perspective. That is unless you’rewilling to take the joint owner to court to force a sale of theproperty – and no one wants to sue their family members, notto mention the costs of a lawsuit. 

And what if your co-owner somehow becomes 
incapacitated, through accident or illness? In that case, you mayhave to petition a court to appoint a guardian or conservatorto represent the co-owner’s interest in the sale. While you andyour co-owner always worked together, an appointed guardianmay see his responsibility as protecting the other owner’sinterest–which might mean going against you. 

You might trigger unnecessary capital gains taxes.

When you sell a home for more than you paid for it, youusually pay capital gains taxes–based on the increase in value.
Therefore, if you make an adult child a co-owner of your


property, and you sell the property, you’re both responsible forthe taxes. Your adult child may not be able to afford a tax billPROPERTY based on decades of appreciation.

People often set up bank accounts or real estate so that they

On the other hand, heirs only pay capital gains taxes based

own it jointly with a spouse or other family member. The

on the increase in value from when they inherited the asset,

appeal of joint tenancy is that when one owner dies, the other

not from the day you first acquired it. So often, while people

will automatically inherit the property without it having to go

worry about estate taxes, in this case–inheriting a property

through probate. And joint property is (at least perceived to be)

(rather than jointly owning it) could save your heirs a fortune in

easy to setup since it can be done at the bank when opening an

income tax. And with today’s generous $5.49 million estate tax

account or title company when buying real estate.

exemption, most of us don’t have to worry about the estate tax

That’s all well and good, but joint ownership can also cause

(but the income tax and capital gains tax hits almost everyone).

unintended consequences and complications. And it’s worth

You could cause your unmarried partner to have to pay a gift 

considering some of these, before deciding that joint ownershipis the best way to pass on assets to your 

If you buy property and place it in joint tenancy with an

So let’s explore some of the common problems that can arise. 

unmarried partner, the IRS will consider that to be a taxablegift to your partner. This can create needless paperwork and 

The other owner’s debts become your problem.


Any debt or obligation incurred by the other owner could

So what can you do? These decisions are too important and

affect you. If the joint owner files bankruptcy, has a tax lien, or

complex to be left to chance. Consult a law firm that specializes

a judgment against them, it could cause you to end up with a

in estate planning. A good lawyer will help you decide the best

new co-owner - your old co-owner’s creditors! For example, if

way to manage your property to meet your needs and goals.

you add your adult child to the deed on your home, and he has

Our team can assist you in planning to reduce estate taxes,

debt you don’t know about, your property could be seized to

avoid potential legal pitfalls, and set up a trust to protect your

collect that debt. Although “your” equity of the property won’t

loved ones. We understand not only the legal issues but the

necessarily be taken, that’s little relief when the house you live in

complex layers of relationships involved in estate planning.

is put up on the auction block! 

We’ll listen to your concerns and help you develop a plan thatgives you peace of mind while achieving all of your goals you

Your property could end up belonging to someone you don’t

have for your family. Contact us today for a consultation.


Dedicated to empowering your family, building your wealth,

Some of the most difficult situations come from blended 

and securing your legacy, 

families. If you own property jointly with your spouse andyou die, your spouse gets the property. On the surface, thatmay seem like what you intended, but what if your survivingspouse remarries? Your home could become shared betweenyour spouse and her second spouse. And this gets especiallycomplicated if there are children involved: Your property couldconceivably go to children of the second marriage, rather than 
to your own. A local attorney and father, Marc Garlett is on a mission to help

parents protect what they love most. His office is located at 49 
You could accidentally disinherit family members.S. Baldwin Ave., Ste. G, Sierra Madre, CA 91024. Schedule an 
If you designate someone as a joint owner and you die, youappointment to sit down and talk about ensuring a legacy of lovecan’t control what she does with your property after your death.and financial security for your family by calling 626.587.3058Perhaps you and an adult child co-owned a business. You may or visit for more information. 


By La Quetta M. Shamblee, MBA 
The latest on Business News, Trends and Techniques 


In a Success Magazine interview with leadership expert,program. If the motivation to exercise beyond a brief periodJohn Maxwell, he spoke about the correlation between the of excitement during the month of January is not evidencedfocus on personal growth and the achievement of goals. For by discipline to continue the new routine in February, Marchdecades, setting goals has been pointed to as one of the mainand beyond, setting a goal followed by an initial surge infactors required to achieving success. Mr. Maxwell shares motivation is for naught.
a simple, yet profound perspective based on more than 40Every achievement, large or small, is built on a foundationyears of success in the business world. He has also taughtof discipline applied with consistency to the developmentand coached thousands of individuals who have gone on toand growth of a talent or skill. Talented musicians, master 
achieve phenomenal success.carpenters, profession athletes and successful entrepreneurs

He shared his experience of focusing heavily on settinghave something in common. All of them have attained their 
goals during a period in his life as well. At some point, hedistinctions as a result of a sustained process of disciplineddiscovered that a commitment to his personal growth oneffort applied over a period of time with consistency.
an ongoing basis, lead to the attainment of, and often theFocusing on personal growth in one or more areas of one’ssurpassing of milestones that he would have previouslylife on a daily basis will propel a person to great achievements.
identified as goals. The basic tenant – if you want to reachThe world’s top athletes still maintain regiments of practiceyour goals, just make a commitment to personal growth.and conditioning. These individuals recognize the

Being disciplined is one of the personal traits that heimportance on ongoing personal improvement in everyaddressed, showing the contrast in relation to simply beingarea to optimize their performances. Their achievements, 

tactical intelligence on enemy 
strength, troop and armored movements, and 
defensive positions. A postwar report found that 
more than sixty percent of the credible intelligence 
gathered in Europe came from the Ritchie Boys.
The book draws on personal interviews with 
many surviving veterans and extensive archival 
research to bring this chapter of the Second 
World War to light. Sons and Soldiers traces their 
stories from childhood and their escapes from 
Nazi Germany, through their feats and sacrifices 
during the war, to their desperate attempts to find 
their missing loved ones in war-torn Europe. Sons 
and Soldiers is an epic story of heroism, courage, 

anger, and despair so that they 

can provide their children with 
what they need?While Collateral Damage does 
not advocate divorce, it does sound a wakeup call 
for parents. It identifies the landmines inherent in 
the dangerous terrain of divorce and equips them 
to help their children not to feel abandoned or 
unheard. Topics covered include:The unfortunate 
failure of a marriage does not mean the end of 
the family. Providing a stable, supportive, healthy 
relationship with your child demonstrates what 
a loving relationship looks like, better preparing 
them for intimate relationships and marriage as 
an adult. 

motivated. The tradition of setting New Year’s resolutions tolose weight was presented as an example of how motivationwithout discipline is useless. Stating a goal and havingthe initial motivation to lose weight has to move beyondmaking a pronouncement and spending money on agym membership, new exercise equipment or weight loss 
successes and status as champions are indelibly linkedto a pattern of discipline and consistency. This powerfulcombination provides the magic formula for personalgrowth to create the magic that will have you looking at yourgoals in the rear view mirror as you are propelled far beyondyour initial expectations. 
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