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Mountain Views-News Saturday, October 31, 2020 

Local Area 
News Brief

Rose Parade Replaced with TV Special

PlayhouseLive: Bob Baker’s 
Hallowe’en SpOoKtAcUlAr

The Pasadena Tournament of 
Roses is set to give those who 
usually expect a Rose Parade 
down Colorado Blvd. January 1, 
some partial good news, in that, 
they have announced a two-
hour TV entertainment special 
New Year’s morning –complete 
with floats, equestrians, 
marching bands and celebrity 

 The TV special – “The Rose 
Parade’s New Year Celebration” 
will air starting at 8 a.m. during 
the time traditionally set for live 
coverage of the parade. 

 “Each year, tens of millions 
across America and around 
the world invite us into their 
homes to celebrate the New 
Year, and this year will be no 
different,” said David Eads, 
executive director and CEO 
of the Tournament of Roses. 
“We may not be able to make 
our typical 5.5-mile march, but 
we are hosting a spectacular 
celebration nonetheless.”

 The special will feature 
a reimagined New Year 
celebration, including
live-to-tape musical and 
marching band performances, 
heartwarming segments related 
to the Rose Parade, celebrity 
guest appearances, special Rose 
Bowl Game football highlights, 
equestrians, spectacular floats 
from years past, a behind-the-
scenes look into the making of a 
float and you will have a chance 
to be part of the show they said.

 “The Rose Parade is a long-
standing and central part of 
our New Year celebrations – 
not only here in Pasadena, but 
also around the world – and 
we are delighted that tradition 
will continue this year in a new, 
reimagined way,” said Pasadena 
Mayor Terry Tornek. “We are 
excited to see how it comes to 
life on TV this year.”

 The special will also showcase 
seniors in high school and 
colleges from bands across 
the country, who will come 
together for a special, virtual 
performance of “Everything’s 
Coming up Roses” lead by a 
surprise conductor. “While we 
have invited all the bands who 
were scheduled to perform in 
this year’s parade to instead join 
us for the 2022 Rose Parade, 
we realize that there are many 
seniors who will graduate before 
that. We didn’t want them to 
miss out on this opportunity, 
so we’re giving them their very 
own, unique performance 
spotlight,” said president of the 
Pasadena Tournament of Roses 
Association, Bob Miller.

 For this special, the 
Tournament is partnering with 
Feeding America, the nation’s 
largest organization dedicated 
to fighting domestic hunger 
through a nationwide network 
of food banks. 

 “Food banks are feeding an 
average of 60 percent more 
people due to the economic 
fallout of the pandemic,” said 
Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, 
CEO of Feeding America. 
“We are deeply grateful to 
the Tournament of Roses for 
helping to raise awareness 
and support for people facing 

 The special will air on 
ABC, Hallmark Channel, 
Univision at 8 a.m. January 1. 
For more information, visit: 

Reimagined celebration 
of the New Year 
to feature musical 
entertainment, celebrity 
guests, memorable past 
floats, marching band 
performances and more.

 Officials Do Not Expect 
Election Disruptions

City officials, including 
Pasadena Police Chief John 
Perez said Wednesday they 
expect Tuesday’s election to 
be uneventful although in 
other nearby cities businesses 
were boarding up in case of 
violence and looting. 

 “There is no indication 
of any activity that would 
disrupt our business districts 
or our neighborhoods; 
however, we are monitoring 
the situation constantly, city 
officials said in a statement. 
"The Pasadena Police 
Department is in contact 
with federal, state, county 
and regional law enforcement 
representatives to stay up to 
date with any local concerns. 
We look forward to locals 
participating in the voting 
process on Tuesday.”

 For more information visit:

 Pasadena Playhouse 
Producing Artistic Director 
Danny Feldman announced 
this week the continuation 
of Family Entertainment on 
PlayhouseLive with the Bob 
Baker Marionette Theater’s 
production of Bob Baker’s 
Hallowe’en SpOoKtAcUlAr.

 Filmed in front of a live 
audience, this wonderous 
Halloween offering – an eye-
popping and unforgettable 
musical variety puppet 
spectacular not to be missed 
-- online at PlayhouseLive now 
through Nov. 18, and is part of 
the Fall line-up of pay-per-view 
streaming theatrical events. 

 Gather your Goblins and 
Ghoulies and settle in for 
a haunting night of family 
fun, streaming exclusively on 
PlayhouseLive. Bob Baker’s 
Hallowe’en SpOoKtAcUlAr will 
send chills down your spine 
as you delight in this spectral 
showcase of sweet, spooky 
spirits featuring beloved 
characters Purple People Eater, 
Dracula, the Invisible Man, and 
nearly one hundred of their 
closest puppet pals.

 A beloved Los Angeles 
tradition, more than one 
million children of all ages 
have experienced a Bob Baker 
puppet performance since 
the Theater’s establishment in 
1963. In addition to in-house 
performances, members of the 
Bob Baker puppet family have 
appeared in motion pictures, 
on frequent television shows, 
and, through a robust traveling 
company, at the Hollywood 
Bowl, community centers, 
backyards, parades, and 
anywhere there’s fun to be had. 

 For the upcoming holiday 
season, PlayhouseLive will 
exclusively bring Bob Baker’s 
Holiday on Strings directly into 
homes for the first time. 

 Bob Baker Marionette 
Theater has been pulling the 
strings of family fun since 
1963. As a registered 501c3 
nonprofit organization, their 
mission is to educate, celebrate, 
and rejuvenate puppetry and 
the allied arts. Follow along 
on Facebook, Instagram, 
Twitter, and at www.

 PlayhouseLive breaks down 
the physical boundaries 
of theater walls and opens 
access to audiences all over 
the world. It is also integrated 
into the Pasadena Playhouse’s 
Community at Play program 
which remove barriers to arts 
participation and ensures free 
and low-cost ways to engage 
with the arts. Distribution 
channels include a standalone 
website, iPhone and Android 
apps, AppleTV, Amazon 
FireTV, Roku, Chromecast, and 
AirPlay, among others.

 Bob Baker’s Hallowe’en 
SpOoKtAcUlAr can be rented 
through PlayhouseLive 
for $14.99 and is available 
through November 18, 2020. 
After the initial purchase at, Bob Baker’s 
Hallowe’en SpOoKtAcUlAr 
can be watched on any of the 
PlayhouseLive apps including 
Apple OS, Android OS, Roku, 
FireTV and more. Closed 
captioning will be available in 
both English and Spanish. 

 More information about 
PlayhouseLive can be found at:

 Pasadena Transit to 
Increase Service Through 
Election Day

 Pasadena Transit is adding 
service and extend service 
hours, beginning today, on 
Routes 20, 31/32 and 40. 
Anticipating additional 
ridership and large voter 
turnout, these service changes 
are important to maintaining 
your health and safety and 
are intended to help facilitate 
physical distancing while on 
Pasadena Transit vehicles. 
Pasadena Transit and Dial-A-
Ride are currently free to ride. 
Details of the service are:

 Today: Added frequency 
on Routes 20, 31/32 and 40 
during regular service hours 
of 10:30 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Sunday, Nov. 1: Added 
frequency on Routes 20, 31/32 
and 40 and extension of 
service until approximately 
8 p.m.

Monday, Nov. 2: Added 
frequency on Routes 20, 
31/32 and 40 during 
regular service hours of 
approximately 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Tuesday, Nov. 3: Added 
frequency on Routes 20, 
31/32 and 40 and extension 
of service until approximately 
9:30 p.m.

The following routes serve the 
listed vote centers:

 Route 20: Robinson 
Park Recreation Center, 
Pasadena Convention 
Center, Blair High School, 
Trinity Lutheran Church, 
Westminster Presbyterian 
Church, Washington Middle 
School, and Jackie Robinson 
Community Center (drop 

Route 31/32: Victory 
Park Community Center, 
Washington Park (drop box), 
and Hastings Branch Library 
(drop box)

Route 40: Victory Park 
Community Center, Villa-
Parke Community Center, 
Hastings Branch Library 
(drop box), and Pasadena 
City Hall (drop box)

Route 10: Creveling Lounge at 
Pasadena City College, First 
United Methodist Church, 
Pasadena Convention Center, 
Grant Park (drop box), and 
Pasadena City Hall (drop 

Route 51: Rosemont Pavilion, 
and Rose Bowl Stadium Lot I 
(drop box)

 Pasadena Transit and Dial-
A-Ride have implemented
other operational procedures
to provide the safest
environment possible for
customers and bus operators
including blocked off seating
for physical distancing and
requiring facial coverings.

 Route and schedule 
information is available at: or by 
calling (626) 744-7311.

County to 
Funding for 
Hope Center

Preservation Pasadena 
Virtual History, Architecture 
and Cultural Celebration

 The L.A. County Board of 
Supervisors unanimously 
approved a motion by 
Supervisor Kathryn Barger 
Tuesday to provide critical 
funding for the Pasadena 
Hope Center, a new permanent 
supportive housing project 
that will be developed by The 
Salvation Army in Pasadena.

 The Pasadena Hope Center 
will feature a modern, four-
story building that will provide 
65 studio apartments for highly 
vulnerable single adults who 
are experiencing homelessness. 
The first floor will provide 
space for supportive services 
on-site, including The 
Salvation Army’s Pasadena 
social services offices, which 
serves low-income individuals 
and families with a large 
client choice food pantry and 
supportive service referrals. 
The Fifth Supervisorial 
District is allocating $378,000 
in Homeless Services Center 
(HSC) funds to this much-
needed effort.

 “We know that housing alone 
does not solve the complex 
issue of homelessness,” Barger 
said. “It is essential to include 
robust supportive programs 
on-site, such as mental health 
services and employment 
support, to provide highly 
acute individuals with the tools 
needed to retain their housing 

 In the 2020 Homeless Count, 
there were a total of 527 people 
experiencing homelessness 
in Pasadena, a significant 
decline from the peak count 
in 2011 which identified 1,216 
individuals. This 50 percent 
reduction in the population 
of people experiencing 
homelessness in Pasadena 
follows a system-wide 
implementation of Housing 
First best practices and a strong 
focus on targeted strategies 
to increase the availability of 
permanent housing according 
to Barger.

Change Your Clocks, 
Change Your Batteries

 Pasadena Fire Department 
reminds everyone to change 
all smoke alarm batteries 
when changing clocks back on 

 Replace old smoke alarm 
batteries with fresh, high-
quality batteries to keep your 
smoke alarms ready to protect 
you all year long. Make sure 
your emergency flashlights 
work when you need them 
by using fresh, high-quality 
batteries. Make sure the alarm 
is working by activating the 
safety test button. Test all of 
your smoke alarms at least once 
a month. It is recommended to 
replace smoke alarm every 10 

 Smoke alarm should be placed 
in every bedroom and in the 
hallway directly adjacent to 
those rooms. If bedrooms are 
on an upper level, a smoke 
alarm should be installed in 
the center of the ceiling directly 
above the interior stairway.

 Children often become scared 
and confused when a fire erupts, 
putting them at increased risk 
of dying in a home fire. So, the 
fire department recommends 
practicing your escape plans 
with your children. 

 This is also a good time to 
update your disaster supplies 
for your family members—
including pets. For more visit:

 During Pasadena Heritage’s 
Preservation Pasadena they 
will explore the history, culture, 
and architectural contributions 
of Pasadena’s Asian, Hispanic 
and African American cultures 
and communities with three 
presentations. Experience over 
15 programs throughout the 
week of November 6 – 15.

The Asian Roots of Pasadena’s 
Arts & Crafts Architecture

 This illustrated lecture 
explores the history, culture and 
architectural contributions of 
one the city’s largest minority 
communities. The influence of 
Asian architecture on the houses 
of Greene & Greene, vernacular 
Craftsman bungalows, and 
Mid-Century Modern houses 
of Buff & Hensman highlight 
why Pasadena has perhaps the 
best examples of Arts and Crafts 
architecture in the Western 
United States. This lecture 
highlights the connections 
between traditional Chinese 
and Japanese wooden 
architecture and these 20th 
Century building styles. 

Hispanic Influence on 
Pasadena and California 

 This architecture presentation 
focuses on how the Spanish/
Hispanic/Latino architectural 
design vocabulary evolved 
over a thousand years, across 
four continents, and how it has 
flourished here in Pasadena. 
This event examines notable 
examples, such as the San 
Gabriel Mission, Castle Green, 
Caltech campus, Civic Center, 
and 1920s Spanish Colonial 
Revival houses designed by 
George Washington Smith, 
Wallace Neff, and many others. 
Also studied are more recent 
Hispanic-influenced projects, 
such as the Del Mar Station.

200 Years of Black Pioneers in 
Pasadena and Los Angeles

 This presentation explores 
the stories -- some little known 
–of five pioneering African
American individuals and 
communities. Featured are:
The Pobladores, the original,
1781 settlers of the Pueblo of
Los Angeles, over half of whom
had some African blood; Pio
Pico, the last Mexican governor
of California, of African and
Mestizo ancestry; Biddy Mason,
a midwife who, in 20 years,
went from newly freed slave to
one of the largest commercial
landowners in Los Angeles; Paul 
R.Williams, the first licensed
African American architect
west of the Mississippi; and
Jackie Robinson, who starred in
four sports at John Muir High
School, PCC, and UCLA, before 
going on to break the color line
in major league baseball.

For a full list of events or more
information visit:

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