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Mountain Views-News Saturday, February 20, 2021 


 by Deanne Davis


February 7, 2021 to February 13, 2021 During this period the Sierra 
Madre Police Department responded to 295 calls for service.

“The greatest treasures of 
your life are associated with 
the people you love,

and who love you in 
return.” Brian Tracy

“Treasure the people you 
love and let them know 
how much you love them,

not only in words but also 
in deeds.”

“Life is an adventure. I can 
only wonder what treasure 
awaits at the

top of the path.” Jonathan 
Lockwood Huie

Another of the Treasures 
of Sierra Madre has left us, 
and left an empty spot in 
our town and in many of 
our hearts. George Maurer 
has gone to his new address 
in heaven where so many 
of his good friends have 
welcomed him in. George 
almost lived to be 100 years 
old and his life was filled 
with accomplishments that benefitted Sierra Madre and so many others, including 
my family. I have told this story before, but it can’t hurt to tell it one more time in 
George’s honor.

In July of 1974, our youngest daughter, Crissy, ran across the street as the ice cream 
truck was singing its happy tune and she, being four, had no thought except ice 
cream. She was struck by a car that never saw her and dragged down Alegria Avenue, 
wearing little more than a bathing suit. Needless to say, her injuries were catastrophic 
and Sierra Madre did not yet have official EMTs. What we did have was George 
Maurer and a station wagon with a few medical supplies. It wasn’t an ambulance but 
George and his partner scooped our little girl up off the street and flew to Arcadia 
Methodist with her, saving her life. 

Our family consider George to be a treasure beyond gold and silver. Many others 
in our community feel the same way about him. He has been welcomed to his new 
home and, to quote Jonathan Lockwood Huie just above, is ‘discovering what treasure 
waits at the top of the path.’ The words of Matthew 25:21 come to mind: “His Master 
said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; 
I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your Master.’” Thank you, George.

Today is Ash Wednesday which signals the beginning of Lent. I don’t know about 
you, but it seems like all we’ve done for the past year is give up things. I, personally, 
don’t want to give up anything else. You probably don’t, either. I just can’t believe that 
giving up coffee, ice cream or other small indulgences are going to make that much 
difference to anybody, especially to God.

Around the world, all sorts of Lenten traditions persist. For example, in the Middle 
East, folks go without meat, dairy, fish, olive oil, eggs and alcohol for the entire 
period. Which leaves them with butterless bread and a dry salad. Here’s a better 
Lenten suggestion: On the fourth Friday of Lent, Mexicans celebrate La Samaritana 
where people will give water, ice cream and fruit to passersby in homage to the 
Samaritan woman who gave Jesus water at the well. In the British Isles, they make 
Hot Cross Buns which should be made and eaten on Good Friday only. 

Once again, it seems to be all about food, doesn’t it!

I’m thinking maybe I could concentrate on doing something positive in my world, 
like not being critical of what other people look like. Am I the fashion police? 
Probably not.

Maybe instead of frowning at that poor woman at Target whose two-year-old is 
throwing a huge hissy fit I could smile at her and offer up a little prayer for her.

Maybe I could donate a little more generously to one of our local food banks to help 
those who are having a really tough time. Our Saviour Center in El Monte or Union 
Rescue Mission come to mind.

Maybe I could be more patient, forgiving, and just plain kind. 

As Charles Swindoll says, “I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 
90% how I react to it.” 

Maybe instead of fasting from cookie dough ice cream or a pistachio latte, we could 
feast on the fact that God loves us and will never stop loving us. That no matter what 
we do, we can’t make Him love us more or less. I think He would go ahead and have 
the ice cream with us! Just saying.

This Lenten season maybe we could:

 Give up complaining… focus on Gratitude

 Give up pessimism… become an Optimist

 Give up worry… trust Divine Providence

 Give up bitterness… turn to Forgiveness

 Give up hatred… return Good for evil

 Give up negativism… be Positive

 Give up anger… be more Patient

 Give up pettiness… again, be more Patient

 Give up gloom… enjoy the Beauty all around you

 Give up jealousy… pray for Trust

 Give up gossiping… think before you Speak

 Give up giving up… Hang in There!


“Lent is about becoming, doing and changing, whatever it is that is blocking the 
fullness of life in us right now.” Sister Joan Chittister

The picture today is the beauty of Sierra Madre…deer on Canon Drive.

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Possible Stolen Vehicle

Officers conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for a moving violation in the 500 block 
of W. Sierra Madre Bl. on 2-9-21 at 12:56AM. During the contact, the driver advised 
he did not have a driver's license and admitted to having narcotics and paraphernalia 
inside the vehicle that belonged to him and his passenger. The vehicle was not registered 
to the driver and apparently belonged to a friend. Officers believed the vehicle 
was possibly stolen and not reported at the time of the traffic stop, due to the driver's 
statements and a blank key that was in the ignition. The two occupants of the vehicle 
were taken to the Pasadena Jail for booking.

This is an ongoing investigation

Scooter On 2-10-21 at 2:58PM, a resident in the 600 block of W. Orange Grove Ave. 
filed an online report of a theft. During the in-person interview, the resident explained 
that a male subject jumped her three foot front gate and took a Razor Scooter from 
her driveway. The subject was last seen going west with the scooter on Orange Grove 
Avenue. Case to Detectives

Join us this Monday, February 22 at 7 pm PST, for a virtual reading and talkback in collaboration 
with Sierra Madre Public Library.

Sierra Madre Playhouse and Sierra Madre Public Library collaborate once again to bring you 
this year's special virtual event for the Library's One Book One City (OBOC) program. Join 
us at 7 pm PST via YouTube Premiere for a virtual reading of the Appalachian-themed short 
story "Back Porch" by Chris Offutt, adapted and directed by SMP Producing Artistic Director 
Christian Lebano, produced by Catherine Adde and starring Anne Gee Byrd, Jackson Kendall, 
and Chris Offutt, followed by a live talkback via Zoom Webinar with the author, director, 
and cast at 7:30 pm PST.

This event is free (although donations to support production costs are much appreciated), 
but reservations are required and space is limited for the talkback. Upon reserving, you will 
receive the links for the event via an email confirming your reservation went through. Contact if you have any questions or need any assistance making 
a reservation.


Tax Season is Here, and So Are Scammers: 
Be Careful of These Top Tax Scams

Tax season is here. Time to gather all your 
important documents and find the best way 
to file your income taxes. Whether you’re doing 
your own taxes or hiring a tax preparer, 
consumers need to take steps to avoid tax 
scams and fraud.

Remember, you are legally responsible for 
what is on your tax return even if it is prepared 
by someone else.

If your income is less than $57,000, you might 
be eligible for free, reliable tax preparation 
services through the VITA program. Before 
you pay for a possibly dishonest, costly, or 
fraudulent tax preparer, go to FreeTaxPrepLA.
com to see if you can receive free tax 
preparation services near you, or file for free 
online. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 
VITA services have changed a bit this year. 
Virtual and drop off services are available, 
please contact your nearest VITA location to 
confirm. Contact Free Tax Prep LA to learn 

Here are a few of the most common tax scams, 
according to the IRS.

Stimulus Payment & Unemployment Benefits 

With another round of stimulus payments 
possibly coming soon, taxpayers should beware 
of scammers trying to take your payment 
away from you – never give out your 
personal information. Most taxpayers will receive 
their payment automatically as a direct 
deposit. With many Americans losing their 
main source of income this past year, unemployment 
benefits have been critical – but 
scammers are ready to take advantage of the 
situation too. Make sure to report the income 
you received from unemployment benefits 
and review these tips from the IRS to report 
fraud. Contact the IRS for more information.

Phishing: Watch out for fake emails or websites 
looking to steal your personal information. 
The IRS will never initiate contact with 
you by email about a bill or tax refund. Don’t 
click on emails claiming to be from the IRS.

Phone Scams: 

In recent years, consumers have received 
phone calls from criminals impersonating 
IRS agents and threatening people with arrest 
or deportation. These are scams. Never 
give out your personal information or send 
money if you receive these calls.

Identity Theft: 

Watch out for scammers trying to steal your 
identity, not just during the tax filing season, 
but all year long. If you normally receive a 
tax refund, scammers might try to file a false 
refund and steal your hard-earned money. 
Protect your personal information, especially 
your Social Security number.

Return Preparer Fraud: 

Make sure not to hire unscrupulous return 
preparers. While many tax professionals provide 
honest, high-quality service, some dishonest 
tax preparers and businesses try to 
scam clients, overcharge for services, push 
refund fraud, and other scams.

Inflated Refund Claims: 

Beware of any person or business that promises 
inflated or “instant” tax refunds. Those 
preparers who ask clients to sign a blank return, 
promise a big refund before looking at 
taxpayer records or charge fees based on a 
percentage of the refund are probably up to 
no good.

If you believe you are a victim of income tax 
fraud, contact the Department of Consumer 
and Business Affairs at (800) 593-8222.

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