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For the period of Sunday, March 7th through Saturday, February13th, the Police Department responded to 960 calls for service, of 
which 99 required formal investigations. The following is a summary 
report of some of the major incidents handled by the Department 
during this period. 

Sunday, March 7:

1. At 6:00 p.m., an officer responded to a residence in the 900 block 
of Catalpa Road regarding a mail theft report. The victim discovered 
someone stole his new credit card from his mailbox and it was fraudulently 
used at several locations. The investigation is ongoing. 
2. At 8:38 p.m., an officer responded to Extended Stay, located at 401 
East Santa Clara Street, regarding a battery report. An investigation revealed 
an argument between an adult son and his mother resulted in 
the son throwing two cans of soda at the victim. The investigation is 
3. At 10:18 p.m., an officer conducted foot patrol of a vacant propertylocated in the 600 block of South Michillinda Avenue. Three suspects 
were determined to be trespassing. A 29-year-old female from San 
Gabriel, a 26-year-old male from Pasadena, and a 41-year-old male 
from Sylmar were arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for 
booking. A records check of the suspects revealed the female and the 
41-year-old male had outstanding misdemeanor warrants. 
Monday, March 8:

4. At 3:56 a.m., officers responded to the 1400 block of South Sixth 
Avenue regarding the activation of a GPS tracking device. In an effort 
to combat a rise in package thefts, the Arcadia Police Department has 
deployed tracking devices throughout the city. The officers located the 
tracker inside a vehicle along with three suspects. A search of the vehicle 
revealed pieces of stolen mail, drug paraphernalia, a pellet gun 
that was an exact replica of a real handgun, and various controlled substances. 
A records check of the suspects revealed the 23-year-old female 
from Hesperia had two outstanding misdemeanor warrants and the 
driver, a 35-year-old male from Irvine, was driving with a suspended 
license. The third suspect, a 46-year-old male from Apple Valley, was 
also arrested. The suspects were transported to the Arcadia City Jail 
for booking.
5. At 8:41 a.m., an officer responded to the 100 block of Las Tunas Drive 
regarding a stolen vehicle report. Surveillance footage revealed a male 
suspect stole the victim’s 2020 Hyundai Elantra. The investigation is 
6. At 5:56 p.m., an officer responded to Albertsons, located at 298 East 
Live Oak Avenue, regarding a robbery report. The officer determined 
two suspects stole approximately $176.00 worth of groceries before 
exiting the store, failing to make payment. Upon leaving, they were 
confronted by an employee. One of the suspects pushed the employee, 
and both fled in a grey Honda Civic. The suspects are described as a 
Hispanic male in his 50s, with a medium build and a Hispanic female 
in her 60s. The investigation is ongoing. 
Tuesday, March 9:

7. At 3:10 p.m., an officer responded to Rusnak Mercedes Benz, located 
at 101 North Santa Anita Avenue, regarding a stolen vehicle report. An 
investigation revealed the victim’s vehicle was stolen from a staging area 
by two males. The investigation is ongoing. 
8. At 3:31 p.m., an officer took a report of an attempted commercial 
burglary that occurred at Arcadia Wireless, located at 158 East Duarte 
Road. The victim discovered someone attempted to forcibly enter the 
business by damaging the lock. Surveillance cameras captured someone 
loitering in front of her business. 
Wednesday, March 10:

9. At 7:14 a.m., an officer responded to a residence in the 900 block of 
West Huntington Drive regarding a stolen bicycle report. The victim 
witnessed the suspect enter his side patio and steal his Trek bicycle. The 
suspect is described as a male, between the ages of 17 and 22-years-old, 
with a thin build, possibly Hispanic or Black, and he was wearing a pink 
and green hooded rain jacket. 
10. At 10:54 a.m., an officer responded to Hollywood Noodle, located 
at 48 East Live Oak Avenue, regarding a commercial burglary report. 
An investigation revealed unknown suspect(s) broke a kitchen window, 
ransacked the business, and stole tables and the register. 

By Joan Schmidt

 March 12, was an amazingday for Flavien Pratt; he won 
SIX of eight races! Wins 
included Dr, Hoffman,
Ippodami’s Girl, Missy P,
Burnin Turf, Rather Nosy,
and Disappearing Act. 

Santa Anita’s record for 
most wins in one meet is 
Laffitt Pincay’s seven! Otherjockeys achieving six are BillShoemaker (1962), Pincay(’73 and ’81), Sandy Hawley(twice in ’76), Darrel 
McHargue(’78 and ’79),
Patrick Valenzuela (’88),
Martin Pedroza (’92) CoreyNakatani (2000) and RafaelBejarano (’06) Currently,
Pratt is leading jockey: 59wins, followed by Juan 
Hernandez’ 44. (Congratsto Juan Hernandez, recentlyachieved 2000 wins!0 

March 6 had FIVE 
exciting stake races! Prattwon “China Doll Stakes” 
on Going Global (PhilD’Amato, trainer); Mike Smith, “San Felipe Stakes”, Life is Good (Bob Baffert); Apprentice Alexis Centano, “San CarlosStakes”, Brickyard Ride (Craig Lewis); Florent Geroux, “Frank E. Kilroe Miles Stakes”, Hit the Road (Dan Blacker); JoelRosario, “Santa Anita Handicap Stakes”, Idol, (Richard Baltas). 

Brickyard Ride brought Apprentice Alexis Centuro his first Stakes Win…”First I want to thank God and (trainer)
Craig Lewis, who has helped me a lot and my agent Erick Arroyo…Brickyard Ride is so special. I won my last two races ina row with him.” (Outstanding “win photo” from Benoit) 

Los Alamitos has opened evening Quarter Horse Racing to spectators. On March 11, a Santa Anita news update said 
“Our priority is the health and safety of our horses, community, fans and staff”. It remains closed to the public, but racingcan still be viewed on TV and on line. We saw close-up TVG’s announcer Christina Blacker’s excitement as she watchedher husband, trainer Dan Blacker’s horse, Hit the Road, provide him with his first “Frank E. Kilroe Miles Stakes” win. 

Flavien Pratt’s fired agent Derek Lawson after seven years and many wins. (It was announced two weeks prior,
but Pratt kept winning many races and people just wonderedabout it!) Pratt’s new agent is Mike Pegram, who also has MikeSmith’s book. That left Drayden Van Dyke without an agent.
(They can only have two jockeys’ books.) But no worries.
Drayden received MANY calls; Gary Stevens is now his agentand Drayden’s heading to Keeneland and Churchill Downs. 
Everyone will miss Drayden, but wish him well. 

That’s all the racing news for now. 

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Senate Bill 15, a measure authored 
Senator Anthony J. Portantino (D – La 
Canada) which gives incentives to cities 
that convert abandoned retail sites into 
affordable and workforce housing, 
passed the Senate Housing Committee 

 “Lack of affordable housing is a major 
issue for current and potential employers 
in California counties and negativelyimpacts our economy,” stated Senator 
Portantino. “Housing is fundamental 
to the welfare of business and the 
workforce population. Using abandoned 
retail sites for new affordable housing is 
an achievable and necessary goal that 
California must pursue.”

 According to the California 
Department of Housing and CommunityDevelopment (HCD), from 2015-2025, 
approximately 1.8 million new housingunits are needed to meet projected 
population and household growth, 
or 180,000 new homes annually. The 
imbalance between supply and demand 
has driven California housing costs to be 
the highest in the nation, with an average 
median home price now 2.5 times the 

U.S. median. These high prices have 
prohibited occupations like teachers, 
nurses, public safety officers and younger 
professionals the ability to afford owninga home, essential for building a stronger 
and vibrant economy. 
A concurrent trend has emerged 
in local economies due to the growth 
of e-commerce. Since 2017, national 
retailers have been reducing their 
demand for future space in retail centers, 
are closing stores and abandoning retail 
sites at a record pace greater than during 
the Great Recession.

 SB 15 will enable local cities to receive 
from HCD the average of the annual 
amount of sales tax revenue generated 
by that site for the last seven years if the 
site has been converted and occupied 
with new housing. The city would 
receive that average amount for a total 
of seven years. For a local government to 
receive this fiscal incentive, the city must 
approve a housing development project 
through its planning process, must be 
built and have a certificate of occupancyfor the city to be eligible, and receive the 
sales tax rebate. Should the city approve 
a mixed use development on the site, 
the city would be eligible for the sales 

Senator Anthony J. Portantino 

tax rebate only on the amount of square 
footage dedicated to housing.

 “There is no doubt that SB 15 is an 
innovative solution that gives local 
governments incentives to allow 
for building more housing in their 
jurisdictions, and to make real strides 
in increasing housing production in our 
state,” said Chris Wilson, Policy Manager 
for the Los Angeles County Business 
Federation. “California’s severe housing 
shortage needs creative and financially 
viable proposals to tackle this challenge.”

 “We are pleased to see SB 15 move 
out of the Senate Housing Committee 
today,” stated Blanca Pacheco, President 
of the Los Angeles County Division 
of the League of California Cities. 
“With the state experiencing a large 
budget windfall, this is an ideal year 
for the Legislature to move SB 15 to the 
Governor and send a clear message that 
the state is committed and invested in 
partnering with cities to increase housing 
production, along with the critical 
infrastructure and essential services 
that are required to sustain vibrant 
communities and strong economies. 
SB 15 is a thoughtful proposal designed 
to address the hurdles to rezoning 
commercial sites into residential sites 
by creating a limited state investment 
to supplement the lost local revenue 
from converted retail space and secure 
sustainable city services for the new 
housing density,” she added. 



 The San Marino City Council recently approved arevised Tree Preservation Ordinance, which wentinto effect Friday, March 12. The new ordinance 
includes new tree trimming, replacement, and removalguidelines, as well as updated penalties and fees and anew tree removal application process.


Please submit a tree trimming application if you wouldlike to trim a tree. 
You will need a tree trimming permit if:
More than 10% of an oak tree will be pruned;
More than 20% of a heritage or established tree will bepruned.


If you would like to remove a tree, please submit a treeremoval application to the Community DevelopmentDepartment.
If you are removing an Established, Heritage, or Oaktree, you must state whether the tree:
Adversely impacts the growth of adjacent trees,
Is a nuisance or hazard to persons or property,
Removal is part of re-landscaping plan that will providetree canopy replacement over long term.


Before transplanting a tree, please have the newlocation approved by the Community DevelopmentDepartment. Then, have a certified arborist oversee the 
If the tree dies within one year, you will be required toplant another comparable replacement tree.


Once you obtain your tree removal permit, pleaseprovide notice to your neighbors.
Within 100 feet from the the tree at least 15 days before 

the removal. 
Post an 8.5” x 11” notice for at least 15 days on the tree.
If the tree is not visible to the public right-of-way, placethe notice in a location that is visible. 


The permit is valid for a limited amount of time. Theremoval should be completed within 90 days fromwhen the permit is issued.


An emergency tree removal may be approved whenthere’s a hazardous or unsafe condition. The permit willonly allow work that corrects the problem.
For an emergency tree removal permit, the propertyowner may submit an application tree hazard report tothe Director. 


If you violate the code you may be liable for remediesdetermined by the City Code. Please note that personswho violate these provisions may be guilty of amisdemeanor. 
If you damage or remove a tree you must:
Pay the standard inspection fee, pay double the requiredpermit fee, plant double the number of replacementtrees required, & pay double the treer eplacement finein the amount of the value of the destroyed, removed, 
or damaged tree (The City arborist will determinevalue with the ISA Guide).
Failure to pay may lead to:
Civil action,
Use of a debt collection agency,
A lien on the subject property.

 To read the ordinance and learn more, please go to: 


By Dean Lee

Home Depot opened their first local homeimprovement store in East Pasadena last week afterpurchasing the property from Avon at end of 2016.
As part of the new 113,500 square foot store at 2881East Walnut Street, Home Depot welcomed 200new associates. In time, they plan to hire over 275employees including cashiers, customer service/
sales, department supervisors and other positions 
for the store.

 The grand opening included District 4 
Councilmember Gene Masuda along with 
Councilmember John Kennedy, former PasadenaMayor Terry Tornek and Tournament of RosesPresident and Chairman Bob Miller. Instead of 
ribbon, Masuda cut a piece of lumber. The newstore is located in District 4. Councilmember Masuda Home Depot grand opening, Photos 

After a series of packed public meetings between Courtesy of Home Depot and City of Pasadena. 

home improvement retailer in North America. 
According to a statement, “there are more than 2,200 
stores in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The typical storetoday averages 105,000 square feet of indoor retail space,
interconnected with an e-commerce business that offers 
more than one million products for the DIY customer,
professional contractors, and the industry’s largestinstallation business for the Do-It-For-Me customer.”

 For more information and all job listings visit: 

2017 and 2018, residents were unhappy with 
original plans to build a multiple level development onthe site, with residential, office building and possibly aCostco or other big box store, Home Depot officials 
agreed to scale back eliminating everything but the 

 As part of an agreement with the city, officials alsoagreed to traffic improvements to Foothill Boulevard 
and a dedicated entrance, with a traffic light on WalnutAve.

 Founded in 1978, Home Depot is the world’s largest 

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