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The City of South Pasadena, 
in partnership with Senator 
Anthony Portantino, 
will host a community 
discussion of Senate Bill 381 
on Monday, beginning at 
6:00 p.m. The community 
forum is an opportunity for 
the public to ask questions 
and provide input on the 
bill as it advances in the 
legislative process. 
SB 381, introduced 
by Senator Anthony 
Portantino, would allow 
for more local control over 
the disposition of the state-
owned properties along the 
SR 710 corridor and put the 
city in a much better position 
to safeguard and champion 
the interests of the South 
Pasadena community.
SB 381 aims to: 
-Expeditiously offer to 
current tenants of single-
family and other surplus 
residential properties, 
including multi-family 
residences, the opportunity 
to purchase the property 
as provided in the existing 
regulations applicable to 
the SR 710 Affordable Sales 
-Expeditiously offer 
unoccupied properties 
to the City at the originalacquisition price paid by 
-Allow the City to 
purchase properties at 
their acquisition price after 
current tenants reject or do 
not qualify to purchase the 
properties in which they 
-Allow the City to establishand transfer ownership toa city-approved non-profithousing related entity thatwould act as a steward over 
the portfolio of surplus 
properties and ensure 
high-quality propertymaintenance and propertymanagement practices. 
The virtual meeting will be 
conducted over Zoom and 
broadcast live on the City 
Council meeting webpage. 
Questions and comments 
may be submitted in 
advance of the meeting 
to SB381comment@ There 
will also be opportunity for 
questions and comments 
during the live workshop. 
Registration is required to 
participate in the live forum. 
The city has created a 
webpage on their website 
to provide information and 
ongoing updates regarding 
SB 381. The new webpage 
provides the ability for 
anyone to sign up and 
receiving updates as they 
become available. For more 
information on SB 381 and 
to register for updates visit: search 
“state route 710 senate bill 
381 Portantino.” 
Virtual Community Forumon Caltrans Surplus Property 
The City of Pasadena invites 
the public to participate 
in Pasadena Walks—a 
comprehensive update to 
the City’s Pedestrian Plan. 
Made possible by a grant 
from the Southern California 
Association of Governments 
(SCAG). The project will 
identify barriers to walking in 
the city and identify potential 
solutions to improve safety and 
amenities for pedestrians. 
Over the course of the project, 
community members, local 
business owners, and other 
key stakeholders will have 
multiple opportunities to 
help the City create and refine 
plans for a safer, healthier, 
more walkable Pasadena. The 
project will be supported by a 
volunteer Advisory Committee 
composed of representatives 
from each City Council 
district, the City’s three 
business improvement districts 
(BIDs), the Accessibility and 
Northwest Commissions, and 
other local stakeholder groups. 
The City’s effort is particularly 
timely as more local residents 
rely on walking as a means of 
healthy, safe recreation and 
affordable transportation 
during the ongoing COVID-19 
“Pasadena is full of world-
class destinations. The City of 
Pasadena believes residents 
should be able to get to these 
destinations on foot as easily 
as possible. This pedestrian 
plan update is the first and 
most important step towards 
creating a more vibrant, 
accessible and walkable 
Pasadena,” says Laura Rubio-
Cornejo, director of the City’s 
Department of Transportation. 
According to the Los Angeles 
County Department of Public 
Health, traffic crashes are the 
number one cause of premature 
death in the county for children 
ages 5-14. The project will 
review local collision data as 
part of the planning process to 
identify the safety performance 
of Pasadena streets. This data 
may then be used to help 
prioritize future investments 
and safety improvements. 
To learn more about Pasadena 
Walks and take the project 
survey, visit: CityofPasadena.
City SeeksHelp Updateto Pedestrian 
Safety Plan 
Health Department FindsFirst Covid-19 U.K. Variant 
Pasadena Public Health 
Department (PPHD) has 
received the first confirmed 
report of infection in a 
Pasadena resident with 
the COVID-19 variant 
B.1.1.7. This variant was 
first identified in the United 
Kingdom, spreads more 
easily and quickly (about 
50% increased transmission)
than other variants, and likely 
causes more severe disease 
based on hospitalizations 
and case fatality rates. Theperson infected in Pasadenawas an adult, and the variant 
was identified through 
California Department 
of Public Health genomicsurveillance testing of 
laboratory specimens. To 
date, PPHD has linked 10 
other laboratory confirmed 
cases among Pasadena 
residents (for whom 
sequencing is not currentlyavailable) through contact 
tracing. In California, 265cases of the B.1.1.7 variant 
have been reported. To 
protect the privacy of theindividual, no further 
information will be released. 
“These cases illustrate why it 
is so important to limit non-
essential travel and mixinghouseholds as much as 
possible during a pandemic.
This is also a stark reminder 
that we cannot let our guard 
down. We are so thankful 
that so many Pasadena 
residents who are currently 
eligible are receiving the safe 
and effective COVID-19 
vaccines, and that we are 
now in the red tier of the 
state’s Blueprint for a Safer 
Economy, but we are not 
out of the woods yet,” 
said Dr. Ying-Ying Goh, 
health officer and director 
of Pasadena Public Health 
“If you must travel, it is 
important to watch for 
symptoms of COVID-19, 
follow public health 
guidance on getting tested 
prior to travel, use careful 
protective measures during 
travel, and get tested after 
travel. If you’re traveling 
out-of-state, Pasadena 
residents are required to 
self-quarantine for 10 days 
after arrival in accordance 
with local and state travel 
If you are eligible to receive 
the COVID-19 vaccine, you 
can submit this COVID-19 
vaccine inquiry form to be 
notified when PPHD vaccine 
clinic appointments become 
available. Even when fully 
vaccinated, it is important to 
follow the 3 Ws: wear your 
mask, wash your hands, and 
watch your distance; avoid 
The Los Angeles County 
Sheriff ’s Department 
arrested the son of a, well 
known, Pasadena City 
College staff member in 
connection with her murder 
and the stabbing death of 
her brother Monday at the 
family’s home in the 3100 
block of North Marengo 
Both Carol Brown, 67, and 
Kenneth Preston, 69, were 
stabbed to death around 2:25 
p.m. according to police. 
Brown’s son Robert 
Anderson Cotton, 32, was 
arrested on two counts 
of murder according to 
deputies. He was taken into 
custody at the scene shortly 
after the stabbing. 
Brown was the co-
coordinator of the Black 
STEM program at PCC. 
“Yesterday afternoon 
our PCC family suffered 
a terrible loss. Dr. Carol 
Brown, who most recently 
served as a co-coordinator 
of the Black STEM program, 
was the victim of a violent 
crime where she and her 
brother lost their lives,” 
Pasadena City College 
President Erika Endrijonas 
said in a statement to the 
media. “The attack did not 
occur on the campus. The 
incident occurred during a 
remote conference call with 
other college employees.” 
Endrijonas said the 
stabbing took place during a 
remote Zoom call with other 
PCC employees. Homicide 
detectives also confirmed 
that the incident was 
captured on video during the 
According to police Preston 
was found outside the home 
in the driveway. Brown was 
found inside. At press time, 
police said they did not have 
a motive for the attack. 
PCC Employee Stabbed while on Zoom Call 
Dr. Carol Brown 
Pasadena police are 
asking for the public’s 
help identify a suspect 
wanted in connection to a 
shooting into an occupied 
vehicle earlier this month 
in East Pasadena that left 
a man dead and a woman 
According to police on 
March 13, at approximately 
8:56 p.m., officers arrived 
on scene and located two 
victims inside a parked 
vehicle. The male victim 
a 23-years old, Azusa 
resident had been struck 
numerous times by 
gunfire while the female 
victim a 19-years old, 
Duarte resident sustained 
only minor injuries. 
Pasadena Fire Department 
Paramedics arrived on 
scene and transported both 
victims to a local hospital. 
The male victim arrived 
at the hospital in critical 
condition and would later 
succumbed to his injuries 
the following morning. 
The female was treated 
for non-life-threatening 
injuries and was released.
Officers immediately 
began their canvassing 
efforts, searching for 
evidence and witnesses. 
Pasadena Police Detectives 
responded to the scene and 
assumed the investigation. 
Preliminary investigation 
revealed both victims were 
seated inside of a parked 
vehicle when the suspect 
approached the vehicle 
and began shooting in the 
direction of the victims. 
The suspect ran from the 
location following the 
It was originally believed 
there were multiple 
suspects involved in 
the shooting but newly 
obtained information 
indicates only one suspect 
is responsible. That suspect 
has been described as a 
Black male wearing dark 
colored clothing. 
Anyone with information 
is asked to call at (626) 
744-4241 or anonymouslyat (800) 222-TIPS (8477). 
Pasadena Police 
Looking for 
Shooting Suspect 
CaltechLive! is excited to pick the brain of neuroscientist and 
opera singer Indre Viskontas as she discusses her book, How 
Music Can Make You Better, live on Monday, April 12, at 5 p.m. 
PT. This event is part of the Behind the Book authors series, 
which facilitates conversations with authors who explore the 
intersectionality of art, science, and society. 
Viskontas will be interviewed by Maia Jasper White, Caltech’s 
director of chamber music. 
How Music Can Make You Better is a field guide from 
neuroscientist and opera singer Indre Viskontas that investigates 
what music is and how it can change us for the better—from deep 
in our neurons to across our entire society. 
Viskontas explains how certain songs can carry us through a 
tough workout, comfort us after a breakup, or unite 50,000 diverse 
fans. With insight from renowned musicians, neuroscientists, 
and authors, she explores how the mind transforms sounds into 
human experience and how music connects us, heals us, and 
changes us for the better. 
How Music Can Make You Better was published by Chronicle 
Books in 2019. It can be purchased online and in person at 
Vroman’s Bookstore or through the publisher or 
For information on how to attend visit: 
CaltechLive Event: How 
Music Can Make You Better 
High winds toppled a large 
lighting crane Tuesday 
night, being used by a 
Netflix film crew, onto a 
two-story Pasadena home 
causing minor injuries to 
one person. 
The crane fell around 
10:30 p.m. in the 3600 
block of San Pasqual Street. 
Witnesses said the film 
crews were filming at the 
time. Neighbors described 
the incident as sounding 
like an explosion. 
According to fire officials, 
three residents were 
displaced as Pasadena 
Building and Safety 
Division inspectors 
surveyed the damages. 
The high winds also 
wreaked havoc across the 
city as many restaurant 
owners had their outdoor 
eating tents blown over. 
Movie Crane 
Crashes onto 
Pasadena Home