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 The City will be hosting a vaccine clinic at the Hart Park House on April 6th at 9:30AM. Any 
groups eligible for a vaccine by LA County Guidelines are eligible to sign up for this clinic. 
The City has an initial allotment of about 60 vaccines.

 Please contact Rosemary Garcia in our Community Services Department to sign up for an 
appointment. She can be contacted anytime between Monday - Thursday from 8AM - 4PM. 
City staff will respond on the same day within that time frame 


March 21, 2021 to March 27, 2021 
During this period the Sierra Madre Police 
Department responded to 233 calls for service. 

Stolen Packages 

On 3-19-21 and 3-23-21, a resident in the 300 block of E. 
Sierra Madre Blvd. reported that she received notices from 
USPS that packages were delivered to her house. On both dates, the packages were 
apparently taken sometime between noon and 5:00PM. before she arrived home. 
Case referred to the United States Postal Inspector 

Theft from a vehicle 

On 3-27-21 at 1:37PM, a person reported his vehicle’s trunk was broken into using 
an unknown tool and removed personal items, including bank cards and 
cash. The vehicle was parked in the area of Carter Ave. and Mira Monte Ave. 
Case to Detectives 



by Deanne Davis 


Easter is tomorrow. It’s also my birthday, my 
grandson, Brady’s, birthday… he will be six… 
and I will be somewhat older. It will also be my 
friend, Arne Kalm’s, birthday but Arne will be 
celebrating his birthday in heaven, dancing with 
the angels and rejoicing in the place where there 
is no pain, no more tears and the glorious light 
of the risen Jesus fills this place we earthbound 
folks can only imagine. 

Easter is a time of celebration. You’ll have noticed 
that a whole aisle at the market is devoted to 
Easter candy and, yes, there are Peeps. We won’t 
be looking for the golden egg at any outdoor 
Easter egg hunt, but we will be enjoying a drive-
through Easter light show. Mercifully, we don’t 
have to worry about forcing ourselves to buy an 
Easter outfit and if we want an Easter brunch, 
we simply need to look up hollandaise sauce 
on Google and make it ourselves to go with our 
Eggs Benedict. 
What Easter is really about is the fact that the 
stone was rolled away and there was an empty tomb. As the angel said, “He is not here, He is risen!” 
the amazing concept upon which many of us base our lives. A lot of us will be live-streaming our 
Easter service, but it might be the most meaningful Easter ever as our world continues to be a very 
different place than it has been before. It is my hope this poem helps you to see that first Easter 
through the eyes of Jesus’ 
friends. You see, their world had changed completely, too.
Before Dawn…. Easter Sunday The sky was gray, The world was hushed, 


The women walked 
Toward a tomb,
Jars of spices in their hands,
To tend the One,
The One Who died,
Crucified that Friday. 

The women walked,
Mary Magdalene and another.
They walked, and wondered,
Wondered who would roll away the stone. 

They stopped to rest,
Await the day,
Sad eyes filled with tears,
Sorrow for the One Who died,
Crucified that Friday. 

Another dawn, 
Another day,
What did it matter, anyway?
The One who loved her as she was,
Who changed her life, was gone. 

They raised their eyes to see the sky,
Streaks of pink and gold.
And then they saw,
The guards were gone,
The stone was rolled away! 

The grief they’d felt since Friday,
Like the stone, was rolled away!
They grabbed their jars of spices,
And running like a child, 
Climbed the hill, 
To tend their Lord before dawn, Sunday. 

They looked inside that borrowed tomb,
Petrified with fright,
An angel sat there on the stone,
Clothed in brilliant white. 
“I know the one you seek,” he said,
“Jesus, crucified. 

He is not here, he’s risen!
He’s risen, as he said. 

Now go! And tell the others,
He’s risen, as he said!
Look not for the living,
Here among the dead!
He is not here, He’s risen,
Risen as he said!” 

Joy broke free, and hope broke free,
Before dawn,
That first Easter Sunday. 

May this Easter bring Jesus closer to you than ever before and may joy and hope break free within you 
too as you celebrate the One Who is risen. 

My book page: Deanne Davis 
Easter is today, but “The Crown,” 
My story about what happened to that crown of thornsCan keep your Easter experience alive just a little longer.
It is now a real book in addition to a Kindle! Also available on 
If you want to check it out, here’s the link where you can see a short video: 

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