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– The Pasadena Tournament of Roses Foundation is proud to announce its 2021 grant awards, totaling more than 
$230,000, to 27 organizations in the San Gabriel Valley. These grants will support new and ongoing programs 
benefiting children, teens, adults and seniors. 
The Association and the Tournament of Roses Foundation are focused on positively impacting the Pasadena 
community with charitable giving, volunteerism and community involvement. 

Since its inception, the Tournament of Roses Foundation has funded more than $3 million in charitable contributions 
on behalf of the Tournament of Roses Association. A goal of the Foundation is to invest in people through 
sustainable programs. This year, one $35,000 grant and one $15,000 grant were awarded to: 

• $35,000 grant – The Fund For Partnership For Success!
A long-standing collaboration of private and public schools in Pasadena. The organization provides a fully-funded 
summer enrichment program designed to help public school students realize their academic goals and gain 
the skills needed for a brighter future. 
• $15,000 grant – STEAM:CODERS, a project of Community PartnersProvides access to instruction, learning resources, exposure to higher education, career opportunities and essential 
technology. The program aims to bridge the “digital divide” and enhance educational achievement among 
underserved and underrepresented K-12 students of color in Pasadena. 
The other 25 community initiatives received grants in the categories of Performing and Visual Arts, Sports and 
Recreation, and Education (Early Childhood Education, Literacy and Science, Technology, Engineering and 

 Adelante Youth Alliance 

Altadena Arts 

Altadena Library Foundation

Arlington Garden in Pasadena

Assistance League of Pasadena

Boys & Girls Club of Pasadena

Caltech Y 

Club 21 Learning and Resource Center, Inc.

Foothill Creative Arts Group

The Fund for Partnership for Success!

Girls on the Run of Los Angeles County

Jackson PTA 

John Muir HS Instrumental Music 

La Casa Community Center

Light Bringer Project

Los Angeles Children’s Chorus

Mark Keppel High School Drama Boosters

Oakwood Brass – Outreach Projec

Pasadena Area Reading is Fun-Damental Corporation

Pasadena Audubon Society

Pasadena Junior Chamber of Commerce Foundation 

Ronald McDonald House Pasadena 

Rose Bowl Riders Charitable Organization

San Gabriel Educational Foundation 

Side Street Projects


Steam:Coders – A Project of Community Partners 

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills 


As much as I love a good burger, my waistband was expanding. I have 
never consumed so many burgers in one month as I did for May -- you 
know it was National Burger Month, right? Now, June is National Seafood 
Month and I hope to get some relief (at least my pants certainly 
do!!!) The Discovery Channel is full of great shows, and I turn to it 
when I have exhausted my usual programming, such as that critically 
acclaimed “Dining with Dills”. One show that has increasingly captured 
my attention is "The Deadliest Catch". I'm not moving from restaurant 
reviewer to TV Critic mind you, but there is something about 
the show that just keeps my interest. I have no idea who the stars are 
but it appears to me the treacherous weather is one of them. The entire 
show is dedicated to the life-threatening pursuit of catching crabs offAlaska and the Russian Border, the Baltic Sea to be exact. The ships 
are equipped with every technical gadget in the business, but like so 
many things in life, it comes down to instinct, and in this case it is the 
captain's instinct that directs the ship to fortune, failure or even death. 
Unlike the "Bachelor," here I don't have to wade through 10 episodes 
for the count or the discard, as nearly every episode they are pulling 
up crabs in five minute intervals. Crew members battle the crippling 
Eskimo-like conditions and sheer walls of mountainous sea to bring 
up a treasure chest of crabs that is as welcome as gold to the pirates of 
a distant age. The season is brief so each mistake, each lost moment of 
time is magnified as the crew must force themselves through fatigue 
and lack of sleep to race against the ticking clock. Maybe I find a special 
delight in the show since I love king crab, but it is more that the show turns my stomach in knots as I watch 
with childlike fear and anticipation as the crew of the boats challenge the harshest elements of nature. Here is a 
sample of the show’s description: "Relive the dangers, adventures and disasters of the original miniseries. Meet 
the salty sea captains and greenhorns who risk their lives on the job to earn part of a 90-million dollar King and 
Opilio Crab payoff. Set sail and learn all about crab fishing." Yea, that's the whole premise and I can't get enough 
of it!!! If they are willing to risk their lives for this, I feel obligated to support these courageous soldiers and their 
imprisoned catch. This week is dedicated to those crews and their delicious prisoners, so let's see where we can 
catch our own crab and not lose a life or wallet in the process. 

King crab legs can be very expensive, so I suggest checking out Vons. Typically, they have a great selection at a 
very reasonable price. If you are a Costco member they have some of the freshest crab and some of the lowest 
prices anywhere. On sale you can expect to pay about ($26.95) per pound. How about crab cakes? If done right 
they can be very tasty, but many restaurants do not use the traditional method or lack a quality in their crab cake 
to capture the heightened glory that this dish can achieve. The traditional method is done with Dungeness lump 
crab meat. Some places in our region are: Fleming’s Restaurant, San Marino Seafood, and Ruths Chris. For this 
crab lover though, the very best crab cake by far is at The Front Runner Restaurant located at the Santa Anita 
Race Track in Arcadia. There they use real lump crabmeat with a light breaded cover. Sorry just couldn’t add the 
Derby, it’s not a snub they just aren’t done right. With this dish all those thoughts of slow horses disappear in a 
Heaven filled plate of crab cake. What's your favorite place for crab cakes? Send me an email to the chefknows@ 

Please listen to my radio show on Angels Radio AM 830 on Sundays, this weeks shout out is John Mathues! 

Healthcare workers were the first group in L.A. County to receive COVID-19 
vaccinations in December 2020, and since then, COVID-19 cases among healthcare 
workers plummeted. During the peak, the last week of December, there 
were nearly 2,000 new cases of COVID-19 among healthcare workers. Last week, 
there were only 24 new cases among healthcare workers reported across the entire 
county. Since March, the County has seen less than 50 new cases a week 
among healthcare workers. 

To date, 265 healthcare workers have tragically passed away from COVID-19. 
At the peak of the surge, the week of January 3, 2021, 24 healthcare workers 
passed away. In the past month, one healthcare worker has passed away from 

Throughout the pandemic nursing facility staff have accounted for one-fourth of 
healthcare worker cases and fortunately, cases among nursing facility staff also 
dropped. The week of January 3, 2021 more than 1,100 nursing facility staff tested 
positive for COVID-19. For the week of May 8, a total of seven nursing facility 
staff tested positive for COVID-19. Currently, 82% of skilled nursing facility staff 
are fully vaccinated. 

The low cases rate among healthcare workers at nursing homes and at all healthcare 
facilities reflects their high vaccination rates. 

"To those mourning loved ones and friends who have passed away from COVID-
19, I send my deepest sympathies," said Barbara Ferrer, PhD, MPH, MEd, 
Director of Public Health. "With summer and full re-openings around the corner, 
there will be increased risk for COVID-19 to spread among unvaccinated 
people. Millions of people are fully vaccinated, but millions are still not. While 
substantially lower than the peak, the suffering and deaths that continue to occur 
among unvaccinated people are, for the most part, preventable because the vaccine 
provides superior protection. If you are already vaccinated, please encourage 
your friends and family that are not yet vaccinated, to get protected with the 
vaccine. Increasing the number of people vaccinated is the path to community 

COVID-19 vaccinations are available at County-run sites and many community 
sites without an appointment and many sites are open on weekends and have 
evening hours. Anyone 12 and older living or working in L.A. County can get 
vaccinated. Vaccinations are always free and open to eligible residents and workers 
regardless of immigration status. 

Visit: (English) and www.VacunateLosAngeles. 
com (Spanish) to find a vaccination site near you, to make an appointment at 
vaccination sites, and much more. If you don’t have internet access, can’t use a 
computer, or you’re over 65, you can call 1-833-540-0473 for help finding an appointment, 
connecting to free transportation to and from a vaccination site, or 
scheduling a home-visit if you are homebound. 

County Reopening Protocols, COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard, COVID-19 Surveillance 
Interactive Dashboard, Roadmap to Recovery, Recovery Dashboard, 
and additional actions you can take to protect yourself, your family and your 
community are on the Public Health website, 


Cases: 1,243,319 
Deaths: 24,321 
Sierra Madre 


Public asked to take steps to prevent wildfire! 

Sacramento – As we roll into the official start of summer, CAL FIRE is urging Californians 
to be extra cautious this Memorial Day weekend and take steps to help prevent 
wildfire, drownings, and other accidents. 

Since January 1st, CAL FIRE has responded to 2,265 wildfires and more than 195,000 
other incidents. 

“Approximately 95% of all wildfires in California are caused by human activity, and 
each year we see disasters that could have been prevented” said Chief Thom Porter, 
CAL FIRE director. “The dry conditions and increased temperatures throughout the 
state have created a situation where a fire could easily spark, so we ask everyone to be 
cautious as they enjoy their time outdoors.” 

If you plan on driving to your holiday destination: 

• Ensure your vehicle is properly maintained with nothing dragging on the ground, 
which can cause a spark and potentially a wildfire. 
• When towing, make sure trailer chains are properly secured. 
• Never drive or pull over into dry grass, which can start a wildfire. 
If you are staying around your home: 

• If using equipment, check that spark arresters and equipment are in good working 
condition. Use it prior to 10:00 a.m., and avoid yardwork on hot, dry and windy days. 
• Make sure you use the right tool for the job – lawnmowers are for cutting grass only. 
• If grilling, never leave the grill unattended and always watch what you grill. 
If you plan on going camping: 

• Make sure to obtain a campfire permit and check for local fire restrictions. 
• If you plan on having a campfire, make sure it is legal to do so. Clear grass, leaves, and 
other debris within a 10-foot perimeter of the ring. 
• Make sure all campfires are completely extinguished before leaving. 
• Buy your firewood where you burn it, that way you are not spreading dangerous insects 
and diseases. 
Water drownings increase dramatically during Memorial Day weekend. 

• Never swim alone and if you are not a strong swimmer, always wear a life jacket. 
• Children should always wear a life jacket in or around water and be supervised by a 
responsible adult 
within arm’s reach. 

• Be particularly cautious of rivers and waterways with rapid currents and never underestimate 

• Drinking while boating/swimming is just as dangerous as drinking and driving on 
the roadways. 
For more ways to be safe this holiday, visit or www.ReadyforWildfire. 

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