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California Primary - Tuesday, June 8th - Don’t Forget to VOTE!



Winners! 44th Annual Mt. Wilson Trail Race

Men’s Winner, Kevin Chaves, 24 of Pasadena. 
Kevin’s time was 58:50, a new trail record. 

Photo by Dave Felt

Women’s Winner, Sharon Pevsner, 41, of SIerra 
Madre finished the race in 1:19:20. In 2009, 
Pevsner came in second place. 

Photo by Dave Felt

 The 44th Annual Mt. Wilson Trail race took place last 
Saturday as the town came out to cheer for almost 300 
runners that decided to tackle the 8.6 mile course that

reaches elevations of more than 2,100 feet. Runners of all 
ages took on the trail that has been run since the 1800’s. 
According the the race’s official website, “The Mt. Wilson 
Trail has been noted since 1840 as a packing and hiking 
trail which rises from Sierra Madre to the summit of Mt. 
Wilson eight miles away. 

 The Mt. Wilson Trail Race is sanctioned by the Athletic 
Congress and is considered to be one of the toughest of 
the “uphill” runs in the circuit. Due to the steep, narrow 
features of the trail, the race is limited to a maximum 
of 300 runners. The limit is established by the volunteer 
Sierra Madre Search and Rescue (continued on page 2)

No. 103 - Priceless


 Runner No. 103 crossed the finish line amidst 
chants of “Bill”, “Bill”, “Bill”, as people cheered 
for Sierra Madre resident Bill Coburn, 51, as 
he completed the race in 3:16:39. Coburn, 
Executive Director of the Sierra Madre 
Chamber, and his friends and well wishers 
were especially proud because on October 3, 
2009, (10-3), he underwent quadruple By-Pass 
surgery. Preparing for the MWTR became a 
part of his recovery routine. As he called the 
accomplishment on the back of his T-Shirt, the 
moment was “Priceless”.

Shirt Photo - Dave Felt/Finish Line Photo - Dean Lee

 There was probably no runner quite as happy as Coburn when he crossed that line. 


They are ALL running to represent you in the State Assembly

Breaking News:

Sierra Madrean 

Lew Watanabe 
Selected as July 
4th Parade Grand 


 Lew Watanabe, former Sierra Madre 
Citizen of The Year, has been selected as 
the 2010 Sierra Madre July 4th Parade 
Grand Marshall.

 Watanabe, whose garden was featured 
in the Mountain Views News on April 
10th, is a well known civic leader and 
landscape architect in Sierra Madre.

 The 4th of July parade will actually take 
place on July 5th.

On Tuesday, residents of the 59th 
Assembly District will go to the polls to 
select the person they wish to represent 
them in the November general election. 
However, because of the district lines that 
have been drawn many people, especially 
those in Sierra Madre, have no idea who 
the candidates are. Overshadowed by the 
gubernatorial primary race and the ballot 
measures, there is a clear lack of visibility of 
the candidates in this area.

 In addition, the current configuration 
of the district, which covers parts of Los 
Angeles and San Bernardino counties, 
creates an isolation that, according to one 
local resident, “makes our town the step 
child of the district.”

 The district includes 16% of Arcadia, Bradbury, 
Claremont, Duarte, Glendora, La Crescenta-
Montrose - 93%, La Verne, Monrovia - 61%, 
San Dimas - 87%, Sierra Madre, Apple Valley, 
Crestline, Hesperia, Highland - 36%, Lake 
Arrowhead, Mentone, Redlands - .09% and San 
Bernardino - 17%.

 There are 6 Republican candidates, 2 Libertarians 
and 1 each Democratic and American 
Independent. Therefore, the primary election 
will determine which Republican - Bye, Calaycay, 
Donnelly, Hnter, Lancaster or Riley will run 
against the Libertarian choice (Fernandes or 
Tyler) and Darcel Woods, Democrat and Robert 
Gosney, AI.

 Although there have been few signs displayed in 
Sierra Madre or the portion of Arcadia that is in the 
District, campaign mailers have been abundant. 
And, despite the fact that all six of the Republican 
candidates profess to being ‘conservative’, their 
campaign statements suggest that they each have 
a different definition of the word.

 Attorney Iver Bye of Apple Valley, describes 
himself as ‘very conservative’ and a “strict 

 Corey Calaycay, La Verne, worked for State 
Senator Bob Margett and served on the Claremont 
City Council. According to his website, www., lists the top three items 
on his agenda as opposing the tax increases, bring 
ing jobs back and reducing the state bureaucracy.

 Tim Donnelly,, is 
the founder of the largest minuteman chapter in 
California. He is a Tea Party candidate.

Ken Hunter, a real estate broker from Lake 
Arrowhead, ( professes to be 
a “commonsense conservative”.

 Chris Lancaster, La Verne, www.lancaster2010.
com, served three terms on the Covina City 

 Anthony Riley, Hesperia, (www.rileyforassembly.
com). is a member of the School Board and labels 
himself as a “conservative Reagan Republican”.

 Dan Fernandes, La Verne, www.danfernandes.
com, is currently Chair for the East San Gabriel 
Valley region of the Libertarian Party. He will 
face Libertarian Anthony “Tony” Tyler, Apple 
Valley for the nomination.

 Democrat Darcel Woods, a college professor from 
La Verne, ( and American 
Independent Robert Gosney, Hesperian, www. are unopposed.

Chris Lancaster

Ken Hunter

Anthony Riley

Iver Bye

Corey Calaycay

Tim Donnelly

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