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Jack Scott 

New PCAC Director

to Lobby Washington 

By Dean Lee 

 As the new Executive Director 
of the Pasadena Community 
Access Corporation, Keri 
Stokstad, is set to make a trip 
to Washington D.C. next week 
to lobby government officials 
over the Community Access 
Preservation Act (CAP Act) 
H.R. 1746 and attend the 
Alliance for Community Media 
board meeting. 

 Stokstad said the CAP Act is 
critical in future funding of 
public access television, known 
as PEG (Public, Education and 

 “This would define, from a 
federal level, that any funds 
coming from franchise 
agreements, especially state 
franchise agreements to be 
used for operating and capital 
expenses, including paying 
for staff,” she explained. “This 
defines that.”

 The bill, sponsored by 
Wisconsin Congresswoman 
Tammy Baldwin, was 
introduced in May last year 
and is currently waiting to be 
referred to committee. 

 Stokstad said local Pasadena 
Congressman Adam Schiff has 
not taken a stand on the bill, “I 
do plan to meet with him while 
I’m there.”

 Stokstad also said, if passed 
the bill would secure funding 
for station like Pasadena, which 
operates, KLRN, KPAS, PCCtv 
and the Arroyo Channel. 

 Legislation, which took effect 
in 2009, allowed cable television 
companies the option to drop 
out of a mandate providing free 
open studios and equipment to 
the public. Time Warner Cable 
alone immediately closed 12 
studios including nearby Eagle 

 Stokstad said the bill could 
reverse some of the damage by 
reopening opportunities for 
future PEG stations not so lucky 
as Pasadena. 

 “Each city can put in an 
ordinance, basically saying that 
we want this PEG money,” she 
said. “This money earmarked 
for PEG, then once the city has 
enacted the ordinance, then the 
cable company is required to 
give them the money.”

 Last year, Long Beach was able 
to revive their community access 
station through grant money 
after Charter Communications 
ended the franchise agreement.

 Stokstad was also reappointed 
to the Alliance for Community 
Media board after a one year 
hiatus, “Prior to that I was on 
the board five years,” she said.

 She said the board meets tree 
times a year.

 “We revisit policies like how 
we get out to the community on 
a regional level, and what kind 
of organization we want to be.”

 Stokstad started Jan. 3 as 
PCAC executive director.

 California Community 
Colleges Chancellor Jack 
Scott announced Tuesday his 
intent to retire as the head of 
the nation’s largest system of 
higher education, capping a 
distinguished 58-year career 
in higher education and public 
service. Scott’s retirement 

 In a statement sent to 
community colleges statewide, 
Scott said, “I have greatly 
enjoyed my work since 
becoming chancellor on 
January 1, 2009. It is true that 
it has been a tough time for 
community colleges because 
of the financial difficulties of 
the state of California. But I 
have been received warmly 
in Sacramento and on college 
campuses by trustees, faculty, 
staff, administrators, and 
students. I have proudly 
represented our colleges 
before the Legislature, the 
governor, and many other 

 “The Board of Governors 
wishes to express its gratitude 
to Chancellor Scott for his 
extraordinary leadership 
of our system,” said Board 
President Scott Himelstein. 
“Chancellor Scott’s passion and 
commitment to community 
colleges will be evident in 
the success of our colleges 
for generations to come. The 
board will begin immediately 
the process of selecting a 
chancellor who can build on 
the success of Dr. Scott.”

 Before becoming the 
California Community 
Colleges Chancellor, Scott 
served in the California 
Legislature for 12 years as a 
State Senator (2000-2008) 
and Assemblymember (1996-
2000) representing Pasadena, 
Glendale, Burbank, a portion 
of the city of Los Angeles and 
other surrounding cities and 
communities. He served as 
chair of the Senate Committee 
on Education.

“Jack has been a great champion 
of community colleges, both 
in the Legislature and as 
chancellor. During a time of 
extreme state budget cuts, Jack 
provided stability and vision. 
He never lost sight of the 
importance of career technical 
education, especially in the 
clean energy and healthcare 
fields, in keeping our economy 
strong,” former Gov. Arnold 
Schwarzenegger said. “I 
supported his appointment 
by the Board of Governors 
because he was always 
passionate about community 
colleges and a great leader for 

NFL Use of the Rose Bowl to be Voted On

 The city is set to move forward 
with a controversial plan to 
allow temporary use of the Rose 
Bowl as home for an NFL team 
while a permanent stadium is 
build either in Downtown L.A. 
or the City of Industry. The city 
council will vote to create an 
EIR Monday night 

 If passed, the Environmental 
Impact Report (EIR) is expected 
to take eight months to complete 
according to city staff. The 
report is also estimated to cost 
approximately $400,000 they 

 Mayor Bill Bogaard has told 
this newspaper a number of 
times that no NFL team has 
been chosen to play in L.A. He 
has also said that it would be 
irresponsible for the city not 
to, at least, consider the idea in 
anticipation of the city being 

 According to a staff report 
prepared by City Manager 
Michael Beck and released 
Thursday, the interim period 
would not exceed five years 
and not exceed 13 games per 
season. There would be no new 
construction or changes to the 
Rose Bowl Stadium as a result of 
any temporary NFL use.

 The report also states that 
the Council would consider 
a temporary increase in 
the number of major or 
“displacement events” allowed 
under the Arroyo Seco Lands 
Ordinance. The number of 
events over 20,000 attendees 
(Displacement Events) is 
currently limited by ordinance 
to 12 and would need to be 
increased to 20-25 per year.

 The EIR is anticipated to 
include chapters on Air Quality 
(including a Greenhouse Gas 
assessment) Land Use, Noise, 
Recreation, and Traffic and 

 According to staff, “The Initial 
Study will be released for public 
review and seeping meetings 
will be conducted to allow 
the public an opportunity to 
comment on the Initial Study 
and the issues that should be 
discussed within the EIR.”

 The traffic analysis would 
include a geographically large 
study area with detailed analysis 
of up to 60 intersections and 30 
street segments the report also 

 “The City Council is being 
asked to authorize consultant 
services contracts with Impact 
Sciences and Fehr and Peers for 
amounts not to exceed $139,000 
and $195,000 respectively. 
Additional costs will include 
outside legal and other special 
services. The cost will be shared 
between RBOC and City.”

Your Clocks, 
Change Your 
Smoke Alarm 

1995 Murder Suspect 
Extradited From Mexico

 Police took a former 
Pasadena resident into 
custody Friday for the 
alleged 1995 killing of a 
Caltech employee after U.S. 
Marshals found him hiding 
in Jalisco, Mexico. 

 Pasadena police say they 
received information from 
an anonymous informant 
who knew the whereabouts 
Raul Romero, a suspect in the 
murder of Francisco Mora. 
Police said the Marshals 
conducted interviews and 
orchestrated the capture of 
Romero. The arrest was in 
cooperation with Mexican 
authorities and Romero was 
arrested and jailed in Mexico 
for the past year. He was 
booked in the Pasadena City 
jail last Friday and arraigned 
on Monday.

 On April 21, 1995, Francisco 
Mora was murdered at Cal 
Tech. It was alleged Romero 
approached Mora while he 
was sitting by the loading 
dock having lunch with 
co-workers. Romero shot 
Mora several times and fled 
the scene. Romero became 
jealous of the victim who was 
having lunch with Romero’s 
ex-wife. She was unharmed.

 “This particular 
investigation and arrest 
highlights the collaboration 
between the Pasadena Police 
Department, Los Angeles 
County District Attorney’s 
Office and the U.S. Marshalls 
Office,” said Police Chief 
Phillip Sanchez. “Moreover, 
the investigation underscores 
the Pasadena Police 
Department’s willingness 
to pursue predators beyond 
local boundaries. Although 
the murder occurred over 
a decade ago detectives 
frequently communicated 
with the Mexican authorities 
and federal law enforcement 
counterparts, which 
ultimately led the Romero’s 
arrest. I am extremely proud 
of the department’s efforts 
to ensure Romero was 
apprehended and I hope his 
arrest and extradition helps 
bring closure to the family.”

 When you “spring forward” 
and set your clocks ahead 
one hour this Sunday, 
March 11, follow the 
Pasadena Fire Department’s 
advice and check all your 
smoke alarm batteries, too. 

 Each year, across the 
country, lives are lost in 
house fires due to smoke 
alarms that didn’t sound 
because of dead or missing 

 Once you make sure the 
batteries are fresh and 
installed properly, test your 
alarms every month to make 
sure the devices still work. 
A typical smoke alarm will 
work for 10 years; after that, 
replace it. 

 This is also a good time to 
create a family emergency 
plan so everyone knows 
how to respond when 
the smoke alarm sounds. 
Locate all possible exits 
from your home, plan 
for family members who 
have special needs, such 
as seniors, people with 
disabilities, children and 
pets, and find out where 
your utility shut-offs for 
water, gas and electricity are 
located and how to work 

 For a full range of 
information about how to 
prepare for and respond 
to emergency situations, 
visit the Pasadena Fire 
Department online at www. 

Executive Director Keri Stokstad

Police to Enforce Traffic 
Laws Around Schools

Motorists need to be extra 
cautious around Pasadena’s 
public schools and police will be 
watching to make sure they are. 
That’s the simple but important 
message the Pasadena 
Department of Transportation 
and Pasadena Police want to 
communicate with part of a 
$250,000 federal grant. 

 The Federal Safe Routes to 
School Program provides grants 
to local jurisdictions to pay for 
efforts to teach children about 
getting to school safely, and 
for special traffic enforcement 
activities in school zones. The 
grant provides funding for 
overtime pay to conduct these 
special enforcement activities. 

 Starting March 7, Pasadena 
Police will be on the lookout 
near schools for drivers 
who speed, fail to yield to 
pedestrians, are using cell 
phones or who are distracted 
for any other reasons. 

 For more information, contact 
Alberto Felix at (626) 744-7662.

Pet of 
the Week


Tournament Names Jeffrey 
Allen Chief Operating Officer

 The Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses announced Tuesady 
that, as of this Friday, Jeffrey 
Allen will assume the role of 
chief operating officer. Allen 
also will maintain the role of 
chief financial officer for the 
association. “Jeff has been a 
core player on the Tournament 
of Roses team and I am so 
pleased to see him assume 
even more responsibility 
within our organization,” said 
Tournament of Roses President 
and Chairman of the Board 
Sally M. Bixby. “We value the 
dedication, commitment and 
drive he brings to us each day.”

 In his new role, Allen will 
interface with volunteer 
leaders and committees in 
the areas of communications 
and marketing, membership 
services, sponsorship and 
procurement in addition to 
the Tournament’s corporate 
and civic participants. As chief 
financial officer, he will oversee 
the financial matters for the 

 “I am thrilled that Jeff 
has accepted the chief 
operating officer position,” 
said Tournament of Roses 
Executive Director Bill Flinn. 
“I have enjoyed our working 
relationship for many years 
and very much look forward to 
working closely with Jeff as he 
brings his own brand of creative 
energy to the role of chief 
operating officer.”

 “It’s been a wonderful 
experience working with the 
Tournament of Roses and 
I am honored to be named 
chief operating officer,” said 
Allen. “This role will allow 
me to enhance my working 
relationship with the volunteers, 
staff members and the many 
organizations associated with 
the Tournament of Roses.” 

 Allen has 24 years of financial 
experience in both public and 
private accounting. Allen 
was hired as the controller of 
the Tournament of Roses in 
December of 1999 and was 
promoted to chief financial 
officer in 2003. Allen served 
financial roles with various US 
soccer-related entities including 
Vice President of Finance for 
Women’s World Cup 1999, 
Controller for Major League 
Soccer and Finance Manager 
for Men’s World Cup 1994.

Learn not just how to 
blog but how to report 
the news

 The Pasadena Community 
Network and this newspaper 
are holding a workshop on 
Citizen Journalism. 

 This group is the place where 
aspiring journalists can learn 
from trained professionals 
and support their local 
community by covering what’s 
really happening in their 

 We will put the news in your 
hands. Learn how to find 
the story, the tools needed to 
capture the story and the means 
to tell the story using the power 
of video, audio and print along 
with online social media The 
next meeting is Mar. 6 from 6 
p.m. to 8p.m. at the Pasadena 
Community Network - Studio 
G, 2057 N. Los Robles Ave.

 For more info call 626.794.8585 
or visit

 Buddy is a 18-year-old 
red and white tabby. He’s 
very friendly, mellow and 
affectionate older fella. 

 Buddy’s adoption fee is 
$70, which includes his 
neuter surgery, a microchip, 
the first set of vaccinations, 
as well as a free follow-
up health check at a 
participating vet. He’s also 
eligible for the Seniors for 
Seniors program in which 
adopters, 60 years old or 
older, only pay the $20 
mandatory microchip fee. 
New adopters will receive 
complimentary health and 
wellness exam from VCA 
Animal Hospitals. Ask an 
adoptions counselor for 
more information during 
your visit.

 Call the Pasadena 
Humane Society & SPCA at 
626.792.7151 to ask about 
A302740 or visit at 361 S. 
Raymond Ave. in Pasadena. 
Adoption hours are 11-4 
Sunday, 9-5 Tuesday –
Friday, 9-4 Saturday. 
Directions and photos of all 
pets can be found at www.

at Brookside 
Golf Club

Free Windstorm Mulch 
Giveaway Extended


 Due to overwhelming demand, 
the Pasadena Department of 
Public Works is extending its 
free mulch giveaway through 
March 15 or while supplies 
last. The mulch is the product 
of the green waste collected by 
the city following December’s 
hurricane-force windstorm. 

 So far, Pasadena residents 
have put more than 72,000 
pounds (36 tons) of that green 
waste back to use as mulch, 
which is an important organic 
protective cover placed over 
soil to help retain moisture, 
return nutrients, discourage 
weed growth and promote seed 
germination and healthy plant 

 Any non-commercial 
Pasadena resident with a shovel 
and something to carry the 
mulch away with is welcome to 
it. Mulch is available through 
March 15 or while supplies 
last from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 
Robinson Park, 1081 N. Fair 
Oaks Ave., in the parking lot 
adjacent to Morton Street. 

 Pasadena is committed 
to sustainability. For more 
information about free mulch or 
other city recycling programs, 
contact Department of Public 
Works Customer Service at 
(626) 744-4087. 

 Join Pasadena Chamber of 
Commerce members, business 
and community leaders for the 
annual Pasadena Chamber of 
Commerce Golf Tournament 
on Friday, April 13, 2012, at 
Brookside Golf Club. Shotgun 
start is at 12noon following the 
putting contest. Registration 
begins that morning at 

 Anyone wishing information 
or who wants to sign up to play 
or sponsor the tournament 
can call the Chamber at 626-
795-3355 or email leanne@ 
Information and sign up forms 
are posted at www.pasadena-

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