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Review By Sean Kayden


For fans of Mumford & Sons and Of Monsters and Men comes Milo 
Greene, a five-piece outfit that doesn’t have a single member named 
Milo Greene in the band. These Southern California natives trekked to a cabin located in 
the Sierra Nevada Mountains to record their luminous debut self-titled record. Influenced 
by 70s soft rock and contemporary indie pop, Milo Greene exhibits a deep catharsis while 
never mimicking those that have inspired them. The thirteen tracks, albeit reasonably short 
in duration, is an incredibly easy listening undertaking. Despite their inexperience, Milo 
Greene exemplifies a pastoral and rustic style that has them sounding like hardened veterans 
rather than unproven rookies. 

Four out of the five members of the band 
share vocal duties, which leads to a completely 
uncommon scenario for the listener. The most 
notably voice is from the single female in the 
band, Marlana Sheetz. However, no matter 
who’s providing the primary singing, they 
all satisfy without hesitation. Milo Greene 
skillfully developed a record that’s filled with beautiful harmonies, hints of folk and bluegrass. 
It never appears overblown while everything feels simple, but divinely elaborate. Lyrically, it’s 
a rudimentary presentation, but the songs still feel poignant juxtaposed with the flourishing 
background music. While many tunes offer a similar tone, there really aren’t any surprises 
if you listen to the record in sequence order. Therefore, every song feels like a substantial 
piece to something much greater. With titles such as “What’s The Matter,” “Don’t Give Up 
On Me,” and “Cutty Love” and lyrics to boot, it’s difficult to ignore the comprehensive theme 
of vanished love and irrevocable heartbreak. However, the record goes even further as it is 
incessantly alarmed by the disappearance of youth. 

There are four tracks that play out like intermission tracks. It’s as if they break the album 
into separate parts demonstrating different themes between each interlude-resembling 
track. Technically, you’re left with nine tradition songs that are more or less superb. The 
closing track is definitely the weakest link here. It’s more barebones, heavy on vocals, light on 
instrumental arrangement. As the album ends, you wish you were sent off with something 
a little more prevailing. In spite of that, Milo Greene has easily produced a sparkling and 
bittersweet album that is connected to not only their generation, but also previous ones. 
They may be young and time will only tell what they may ultimately become as a unit. For 
now, it’s difficult to deny their strong presence in the increasingly growing arena of indie 

Grade: 8.3 out of 10

Key Tracks: “Don’t Give Up On Me”, “Perfectly Aligned”, “Silent Way”, “1957”

Artist: Milo Greene

Album: Milo Greene

Label: Chop Shop Records

Release Date: July 16th, 2012