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DEBATE By Susan Henderson


Sierra Madre residents who support the 
outsourcing of public safety services 
may look at the recent claim filed by 
the SM Police Officers Association 
(POA) for new ammunition.

 The complaint, filed in June with the 
state’s Public Employment Relations 
Board, alleges that the city, “negotiated 
in bad faith” when it negotiated the 
Terms and Conditions of Employment 
imposed after the city and POA failed 
to reach an agreement late last year. 

 Although the SMPD officers are 
employees of the city of Sierra Madre, 
because they are represented by a 
union, a separate agreement, known 
as a Memorandum of Understanding 
is the mutually agreed upon governing 
document. The last MOU expired 
in December 2011 without the city 
and the Police Officers Association 
reaching a new agreement.

 When that happens, the city imposes 
Terms and Conditions that govern the 
department until such time as a new 
MOU is executed. 

 According to Michael McGill, of 
Lackie, Dammeier, & McGill, attorneys 
for the Association, the city was well 
aware that there was no provision 
for holiday pay in the governing 
document under which the Police are 
currently operating. However, City 
Manager Elaine Aguilar denies the 
allegation. Says Aguilar, “When the 
Terms and Conditions were imposed 
in December, all previous MOUS were 
no longer valid. The city implemented 
the provisions that were in the new 
terms and conditions and the holiday 
provision was different than the old 

 At issue are the 48 hours of holiday 
pay per officer that the SMPD earned 
from December 22, 2011 through June 
30, 2012. They are known as ‘floating 
holidays’, as officers are often assigned 
to work on holidays. When that 
happens, their holiday pay is accrued, 
or banked, until the officer chooses 
to use it. The terms and conditions 
imposed by the city that went into 
effect in December starts the ‘floating 
holiday’ accrual on July 1, 2012, rather 
than in December, 2011 when the 
MOU expired. On July 1st the officers 
received 104 hours of floating holiday 

 Further exacerbating the concerns 
of the officers is the fact that on 
January 1, 2012 when SMPD received 
their paychecks, the floating holiday 
hours accumulated were shown. The 
following pay period, according to 
SMPOA Vice Present Esther Doyle, 
they received a note from Personnel 
Director Elisa Weaver that those hours 
were shown in error and had been 

 SMPOA President Ed Delcoure says 
that efforts to address the issue prior to 
the claim being filed have been futile. 
The officers filed the claim in late 
June, days before the expiration of the 
statute of limitations for filing a claim.

 Aguilar noted that the SMPOA did 
not file a grievance with the city, an 
avenue available to all employees. 

 The date of the hearing by PERB 
is not known at this time. Ironically, 
the POA and City continue 
negotiations on a new Memorandum 
of Understanding.

(continued on page 3)

Former Paramedic Coordinator Greg Christmas, left, and Former Fire Marshal Rich Snyder, right, are two 
of the Captains hired. They are pictured above at a SM Fire Academy Graduation with Police Chief Steve 
Heydorf, center. Photo by Dean Lee, MVNews Archives 

At press time, City Manager Elaine Aguilar announced the 
selection of three Captains for the Sierra Madre Volunteer Fire 
Department. The following is the announcement:

 After an extensive recruitment process, I am pleased to 
announce the appointment of the three full-time Fire Captains. 
Before rising to the top of the recruitment (we received 
20 applications), these gentlemen took written exams, 
practical exams, and had at least three interviews. 

The three new Captains are:

Greg Christmas- Captain Christmas has been employed 
with the City since 2007 (as the City’s Paramedic Coordinator), 
in addition to possessing the required fire certifications, 
he also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business 
Management and is currently enrolled in a Master’s Degree 
program from the University of Phoenix. Christmas was 
also a SMFD Volunteer Captain and in addition to his fire 
and paramedic service, also has experience as an Emergency 
Room Technician and is a retired L.A. County Reserve 
Deputy Sheriff. 

Rich Snyder- Captain Snyder has been employed by the City 
for the past 22 years. He has advanced through the ranks 
from a Firefighter/EMT to Fire Inspector, to Deputy Fire 
Marshal to Fire Marshal. He was also a SMFD Volunteer 
Captain. Snyder has an extensive background in the fire service 
and is often called upon by other agencies in California 
and Arizona for his expertise in building construction and 
fire codes. Snyder served on the original State committee 
that developed the current Urban Wildland Interface Code. 
He is also considered “the expert” in fire sprinkler systems 
and codes. 

Perry Goth – Captain Goth has been working with the City 
as a part-time Fire Engineer since October 2011. He has 
over 12 years of fire service experience, including 4 years as 
a company fire officer at Atascadero State Hospital in Atascadero, 
California. Perry is also certified by the State of California 
as a Fire Marshal, and as a fire instructor in multiple 
subjects related to the fire industry. His instructor experience 
will be a huge asset to Sierra Madre as we will be able to 
use his expertise to provide instruction for our Firefighters. 
He possesses an Associate of Science degree in Fire Science 
and has worked for City of Santa Paula Fire Department, 
Riverside County Fire Department and most recently as a 
Fire Captain for the Department of Mental Health. 



On Wednesday, August 1, 2012, from 3:00–4:00pm in the 
City Council Chambers, located at 232 W. Sierra Madre 
Blvd. in Sierra Madre, the City of Sierra Madre and the Sierra 
Madre Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a forum 
designed to provide local business owners with current consumer 
data specific to each business.


The data comes from the recent Market Demand Study commissioned 
by the City Council. The forum on the 1st will be 
presented by an expert in customer psychographics who will 
explain how the data can be used to Sierra Madre’s businesses’ 
benefit. Attendees will receive current consumer data 
including: household level demographic and psychographic 
detail and comparison, detailed household type reports, and 
household level Consumer Propensity Reports. Consumer 
Propensity Reports contain listings of actual products that 
Sierra Madre shoppers leave Sierra Madre to purchase; utilizing 
the consumer propensity reports, resident businesses 
could capitalize on this market share to increase their business’ 


Councilman Koerber’s Official Statement

 After an exhaustive review of the Kensington proposal – 
nine Planning Commission meetings and three City Council 
meetings – I am pleased that the city is moving forward 
with the November vote to approve what will undoubtedly 
be an asset to the Sierra Madre community. 

 While the proposed Kensington Project is not a perfect 
project, it is nonetheless a very good project. 

 I am particularly pleased that the project maintains the 
spirit of Measure V. Allowing citizens to vote on such an 
important project helps to ensure that the community has 
a say in major city changes – especially those located in the 
Downtown Central Core. 

 I’m especially pleased that private funds are being used for 
the Kensington – thus avoiding further burdens on Sierra 
Madre’s budget. 

 I thank the applicant Fountain Square Development West, 
for their cooperation with the city and also for their request 
agreeing to put the project up for a Measure V vote. 

 I look forward to this important the project moving forward 
(pending the results of the November 6, 2012 vote), 
both for the important services it will bring to our community 
and also for the revenue it will generate for for the 
citySierra Madre as well.

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