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On Friday Morning, downtown Sierra Madre was filled 
with smoke, the result of a carport fire on Mariposa. At 
approximately 9:00 am, the Sierra Madre Fire Department 
responded to the call within minutes to find three 
vehicles and a carport in flames.

 The fire was at 59 Esperanza, but at the rear of the 
apartment complex, abutting Mariposa. A pickup 
truck was on fire (origin under investigation) and it had 
spread to the carport structure for the complex. Eaves of 
the apartment complex had started to catch fire, and according 
to Fire Marshal Rich Snyder, the first hoses were 
directed at the eaves to reduce exposure and confine the 
fire to the carport. 

With assistance from Arcadia (Engine 107, Truck 101 
and Battalion 105), Pasadena (Truck 32, Engine 32 and 
Battalion 3), and Monrovia (Battalion 10), the fire was 
knocked down by 9:09. 

There were no injuries. Numerous windows in the 
apartment complex burst during the fire. However, 
other than the burst windows and some damage to the 
eaves, the apartment building survived intact. 

 All hands on deck: Emergency Volunteer 
George Maurer and SMPD Officer 
Abbott were on hand to assist with 
keeping the public away from the scene 
(left). Above, Firefighters, prepare to return 
to the station.

A video of the incident can be viewed at

Story by Bill Coburn and Susan Henderson 
Photos by S. Henderson. 


The Planning Commission agreed 
last night to hold a special meeting 
on Monday, June 11th to consider the 
Kensington Assisted Living Facility 
project. Developer Fountain Square 
Development West had expressed 
concerns that failure to move the 
project forward would not allow the 
City Council to adequately review the 
project and determine the verbiage 
in time to have a ballot measure 
submitted to the County Clerk for 
the November election. FSDW had 
indicated that they might want the 
Commission to vote yes or no at last 
night’s meeting


However, several commissioners 
were concerned that they had not had 
time to adequately review changes to 
the Specific Plan that had been submitted 
just hours before the meeting. 
The Specific Plan is one of four items 
the Commission was considering, 
along with a Conditional Use Permit 
to construct and operate an assisted 
living facility, a Municipal Code Text 
amendment to establish an Overlay 
Zone for the property, and the Initial 
Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration 
to evaluate the proposed project’s 
effects on the environment.


The Developer had agreed to strike 
out several parts of the Specific Plan 
that Development Services Director 
Danny Castro had stated were of concern 
to City Staff, probably the most 
troubling of which (for staff and the 
Commissioners) was a formula for 
defining a dwelling unit that would 
have considered each bed in the facility 
to be .25 of a dwelling unit, which 
would have put the project in compliance 
with Measure V. Commissioner 
Vandevelde stated that this was the 
kind of measuring stick that he wanted 
to see, but wasn’t sure that the ratio 
was what it should be, and that it 
needed more study. Other Commissioners 
also saw it as a concern, and 
the developer decided to pull it off the 


Despite the concessions by the Developer, 
several Commissioners stated 
that they needed more time to review 
the Specific Plan, and in an effort to 
provide that time without requiring a 
vote at this meeting, the Commission 
agreed to meet in special session on 

by Bill Coburn


County Officials have issued a notice that a dead crow from the city of Sierra Madre has tested positive for West Nile virus 
(WNV). This is the first indication of WNV activity in the San Gabriel Valley this year. Mosquitoes trapped in the area 
today will be tested for virus. Results from this test will be available Monday, June 11, 2012.

 Warmer temperatures provide ideal conditions for WNV amplification and transmission. Mosquitoes pick up WNV 
from infected birds and spread it to other birds when they bite again. People can also get WNV if bitten by an infected 

 Dead birds are often the first indication of WNV activity in an area. Residents are encouraged to report dead birds to 
the State hotline (877)WNV-BIRD (968-2473) or online at and mosquito problems to their local 

 It is critical that residents survey their property and remove all standing water to prevent mosquito reproduction. Mosquitoes 
lay their eggs in stagnant water sources such as neglected pools, buckets, misc. containers, puddles and ponds. 
Eggs can hatch and mature to biting adults in 5-7 days.

 Since its introduction in 2003, there have been 3,146 reported infections and 110 deaths from WNV in California. West 
Nile virus is present and a risk to public health every year.

 Throughout the summer, basic protective measures should be followed:


 DRAIN: Check properties weekly and remove all sources of standing water. Report ‘green’ inoperable pools or other 
sources of standing water to the District

 DAWN AND DUSK: Wear effective repellents if outdoors when mosquitoes are present (between dusk and dawn)

 DEFEND: Ensure doors and windows are properly screened


 The District encourages the public to help identify WNV “hot spots” by reporting dead birds to the WNV Hotline at 
(877) WNV-BIRD (877-968-2473) or online at We also urge our residents to call the District to 
report any mosquito activity.


The San Gabriel Valley Mosquito & Vector Control District is a public health agency dedicated to the control of mosquito 
and other vector-borne diseases. The District can be reached at 626-814-9466 or on the web at

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