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Sierra Madre Police Blotter

August 6 – August 12, 2012

Friday August 10, 2010

At approximately 11:25 pm, officers observed a vehicle fail to stop for the stop sign at Sierra 
Madre Boulevard and Lima Street. The vehicle then accelerated to a speed of 45 MPH as it 
travelled west. After stopping the vehicle the officers determined that the driver had been 
drinking and tests conducted confirmed that the driver was impaired. The driver, a 63 year 
old female was arrested for DUI.

Saturday August 11, 2012

The manager of an apartment complex in the 300 block Sierra Madre Boulevard discovered 
that an unknown suspect had forced entry into the coin boxes of the laundry machines 
located in the rear carport area of the complex. The investigation revealed that the coin 
box locks had been punched inward, damaging the box and affording access to the coins. 
An estimated $400.00 in quarters was missing. As the manager only checks the machines 
periodically, the crime could have occurred over a five week period. 

At approximately 3 am, officers observed a vehicle fail to stop for the stop sign at Baldwin 
Avenue and Orange Grove Avenue. After stopping the vehicle the officers determined that 
the driver had been drinking and was unable to successfully complete the field sobriety tests. 
The driver, a 33 year old male, was arrested for DUI. 

Sierra Madre Search and Rescue

During the month of July, Sierra Madre Search and 
Rescue (SMSR) responded to 18 calls for assistance. 
Details on a selection of the calls are described 

Busy 4th of July: After participating in the Sierra 
Madre 4th of July parade SMSR responded to 
several calls in the local area. The first was a 
mountain biker who had fallen on Cardiac Hill at 
Chantry Flats. The subject was located, treated 
for hip and shoulder injuries and transported to 
a waiting ambulance. While involved with the 
first call a second report was received about an 
injured hiker on the 1st Water Trail at Chantry 
Flats. The subject was located, treated for injuries 
and transported to the Chantry Flats parking lot.

Busier July 9th: With 4 operations, July 9th was 
the busiest day of the month. The first call was 
a request from Altadena SAR for assistance in 
locating 3 overdue hiker. SMSR search the 
Mt. Wilson Trail and Chantry Flats area. The 
hikers were eventually found, unharmed, in the 
Eaton Canyon Area. The second call again was 
a request from Altadena SAR for assistance in 
locating a woman and her dog in the Sam Merrill 
Trail area. Both subject were found, rehydrated 
and escorted to the trailhead. The third call 
was a sprained ankle at Chantry Flats. SMSR 
responded and assisted Sierra Madre FD with the 
subject. The last call of the day was an individual 
having trouble breathing at Chantry Flats. Again, 
SMSR responded and assisted Sierra Madre FD 
with the subject.

 July 15th - 2 injured at Hermit Falls: SMSR sent 
ground and litters crews to Hermit Falls. The 1st 
subject had bi-lateral ankle fractures. The subject 
was treated, packaged in a litter and airlifted to 
Huntington Memorial Hospital. The 2nd subject 
had minor ankle injuries and was escorted to the 
Chantry Flats parking lot.

July 25th Mt. Langley Search: The team 
responded to a request from Inyo County for 
assistance in searching for an overdue hiker in 
the Mt. Langley area near Mt. Whitney. SMSR 
provided both ground crews and overhead staff 
to help manage the search. Unfortunately, the 
subject was found deceased just below Old Army 
Pass. SMSR ground crews were some of the first 
on scene helped with the recovery.

July 27th - 1 injured at Hermit Falls: SMSR 
dispatched ground and litter crews down to 
Hermit Falls. The subject was located, treated, 
packaged in a litter and airlifted by LACoSD Air-

In our March Article we reported that a new 
class of probationary members had started 
training to become full members of Sierra Madre 
Search and Rescue. Over the past six months 
several members have dropped out leaving 
a total of 7 members. The class has received 
training in rappelling, ascending a rope, setting 
an anchor, tracking, radios, litter wheel, litter tie 
in, helicopter operations, land navigation and 
knots. Starting in February they were judged 
field qualified and available to respond to calls. 
Their first opportunities were the 4th of July call 
outs described earlier in this article. 

For over 60 years the all-volunteer Sierra Madre 
Search and Rescue team has been responding to 
calls for help in the local mountains and beyond. 
Funded entirely by private donations, SMSR 
provides a range of public programs on wilderness 
safety in addition to its search and rescue activities. 
The Team never charges for any of its services. 

For more information, including how to arrange a 
wilderness safety demonstration for your school or 
group, visit

“Transformations” a new show featuring the work of Lynn Hendricks and Penny Katz, will open 
Friday, September 7 at Creative Arts Group in Sierra Madre. All are welcome at the opening 
reception which will be held from 7-9 p.m. Refreshments will be available.

Hendricks, a ceramicist and sculptor, adds function to her realistic creatures as they rest, protect 
or discover the vessel with which they interact. Her passion for textures is enhanced by the use of 
stains, oxides and transparent glazes which enhance not only her nature-inspired totems but the 
large ceramic shards that depict scenes salvaged from contemporary or ancient frescoes. Hendricks 
has received local and international awards for her altered thrown vessels and sculptures, and 
created a commissioned series for the Western Heritage Museum. Collectors of her work include 
those in the United States as well as China, Japan, France and Italy.

Katz’ line of eco-chic, earth-friendly jewelry is made from at least 90% re-purposed vintage and 
antique jewelry parts. Katz has travelled the world extensively and uses vintage materials from a 
wide variety of locations, from a flea market on High Street in London to the Ozark Mountains of 
Arkansas. Her kiln-fired enamel jewelry is entirely hand-worked and fired more than 8-12 times. 
No two pieces will ever be the same. Many of the kiln-fired pieces are on vintage recycled copper 
or sterling with recycled chains and trim. Katz also creates jewelry using semi-precious gems and 
unusual cuts of natural stones that are worked on sterling silver, copper or anodized metal wire.

Creative Arts Group is proud to feature these two talented and well-known artists. The show will 
run through October 26. Creative Arts Group is located at 108 N. Baldwin Ave. in Sierra Madre. 
For more information, you can contact the gallery at (626) 355-8350.

SMSR ‘Probies’