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Mars Rover 
Hears From 

REPORT: Caltrans Properties Mismanaged

Michael Feinstein Named 
Principal Pops Conductor 

City council takes 
stand officially votes 
against proposed routes 
for the 710 Freeway 

 Michael Feinstein, the multi-
platinum-selling, two-time 
Emmy and five-time Grammy-
nominated entertainer has 
been appointed Principal 
Pops Conductor of the 
Pasadena POPS replacing 
Marvin Hamlisch who Marvin 
Hamlisch, who unexpectedly 
passed away Aug. 6. 

 “To be connected with the 
Pasadena Pops is simply a 
great honor, and thrilling as 
well. It was the passing of our 
irreplaceable Marvin Hamlisch 
that has given me the desire to 
conduct, and every step of the 
way I will have him on my mind 
and in my heart,” says Michael 
Feinstein, adding, “It was 
because of Marvin that I wish to 
do this because he had a great 
love for the Pasadena POPS and 
my experience with everybody 
last month was so positive on 
every level.”

 Feinstein recently performed 
with the Pasadena POPS at the 
Los Angeles County Arboretum 
to a record breaking crowd 
on July 21st; it was Marvin 
Hamlisch’s last concert prior to 
his sudden passing on August 6, 

 “While we are still deeply 
saddened by the untimely 
passing of our beloved friend 
and leader Marvin Hamlisch, 
we take great comfort in 
appointing Michael Feinstein 
to the Marvin Hamlisch Chair 
as our new Principal Pops 
Conductor,” states Melinda 
Shea, President of the Board, 
“Marvin’s wife, my dear friend 
Terre, is also so delighted 
that Marvin will be forever 
connected to the Pasadena 
POPS through the naming of 
the Marvin Hamlisch Chair.”

 The summer 2012 season 
at the Los Angeles Country 
Arboretum continues as 
scheduled this Saturday with 
La Dolce Vita and closes on 
September 8 with Gershwin On 
The Green. 

 For more information visit 

 By Dean Lee

 Just days after the Pasadena 
city council voted unanimously 
opposing any tunnel, surface, or 
highway routes for the proposed 
710 Freeway Extension, the 
State Auditor blasted Caltrans, 
in a report released Thursday, 
for Its Poor management of State 
owned properties associated 
with the extension.

 The report claims The 
California Department of 
Transportation passed up 
approximately $22 million in 
rental income between July 
1, 2007, and December 31 by 
failing to charge rents at the 
market rate for 404 properties.

 It also states that the department 
spent $22.5 million to repair 
the properties although only 
collected net rental income of 
$12.8 million. 

 “It spent an average of $6.4 
million per year on repairs to 
these properties, but could not 
demonstrate that repairs for 18 
of the 30 projects we reviewed 
were reasonable or necessary.”

 Caltrans has also not been 
verifying income eligibility 
annually for certain low-income 
tenants as required costing the 
State more than $940,000 per 
year the report states. 

 Other claims include, That 
general services’ construction 
unit does not properly monitor 
its labor charges—the State 
Auditor identified roughly 
330 hours that may have been 
inappropriately charged to 
projects related to the SR 710 

 The report was done at the 
request of Assemblyman 
Anthony Portantino who 
called the mismanagement a 
systematic failure on almost 
every level.

 In a statement, Caltrans 
Public Affairs Media Relations 
Manager, Matt Rocco said the 
agency was taking immediate 
steps including hiring private 
contractors, and establishing a 
joint powers authority between 
the involved cities as suggested 
in the State Auditor’s report.

 At Monday night’s council 
meeting over 500 residents 
packed the Convention Center 
—most in opposition of the 
project. The meeting was moved 
from city hall in anticipation of 
the large crowd.

 The three hour meeting became 
hostile at times with both jeers 
from the audience and awkward 
comments from members of the 

 Councilman Victor Gordo 
said Metro could not have 
failed more miserably with 
the proposed alternatives. 
Councilman Steve Madison said 
the alternatives would be like 
dropping a nuclear bomb on 
southwest Pasadena. 

 Metro and Caltrans also held 
a final Liaison Council meeting 
Monday of the State Route 710 
Study at La Canada High School 
at the exact time as Pasadena 
City Council Meeting. 

 President Barack Obama told 
the flight control team for 
NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover, 
“You made us all proud.”

 Obama telephoned the mission 
control room at NASA’s Jet 
Propulsion Laboratory, to 
congratulate JPL Director 
Charles Elachi and the Mars 
Science Laboratory team 
operating the rover, which 
landed on Mars a week ago.

 “What you’ve accomplished 
embodies the American 
spirit,” the president said. “Our 
expectation is that Curiosity is 
going to be telling us things we 
did not know before and laying 
the groundwork for an even 
more audacious undertaking 
in the future, and that’s a 
human mission to Mars.”

 Obama said Curiosity’s 
landing advances his goals 
of improving education 
in science, technology, 
engineering and mathematics. 
“This is the kind of thing 
that inspires kids across the 
country,” he said. “They’re 
telling their moms and dads 
they want to be part of a Mars 
mission, maybe even the first 
person to walk on Mars.”

 Elachi thanked Obama for the 
call and added, “Hopefully we 
inspire some of the millions 
of young people who were 
watching the landing.”

 Obama noted, “You guys 
should be remarkably proud. 
Really what makes us best as a 
species is this curiosity we have 
-- this yearning to discover 
and know more and push the 
boundaries of knowledge.”

 The rover team has 
completed three of the four 
days of activities needed for 
transitioning Curiosity’s two 
main computers to a version 
of software suited for the 
rover’s work on the surface of 
Mars. The surface work will 
include driving and using 
tools on a robotic arm. During 
landing, and the first few days 
after landing, the spacecraft’s 
computers used a version of 
flight software loaded with 
landing-day capabilities that 
no longer are needed.

 “After the software transition, 
we go back to preparing the 
rover to be fully functional 
for surface operations,” 
Curiosity mission manager 
Art Thompson said. “We are 
looking forward to a first drive 
in about a week.” The first 
short drive will be part of a 
few weeks of initial checkouts 
and observations to assess 
equipment on the rover and 
characteristics of the landing 

Metro and 
Foothill Transit 
to Offer 
Transit Passes

Comment Open; Draft EIR 
For Rose Bowl Use By NFL

Michael Feinstein

 Pasadena City College, the Los 
Angeles County Metropolitan 
Transportation Authority 
(Metro), and Foothill Transit 
have partnered to offer low-
cost public transportation 
passes to PCC students. The 
Institution Pass Card (I-TAP) 
allows full-time students 
enrolled in at least 12 units to 
ride the Metro buses and rail 
lines and Foothill Transit for 
$30 this semester. A one-time 
$5 card fee will be assessed to 
first-time buyers of the I-TAP. 
Students can visit Student 
Business Services (Room 
B203) to purchase the passes.

 To ensure the student-
supported program’s success, 
PCC will also be providing 
shuttle service to the Metro 
Gold Line in Pasadena to 
encourage students to use 

 The I-TAP is valid on 
Metro buses and Metro Rail 
lines and Foothill Transit 
seven days a week starting 
at the beginning of the fall 
semester. Students can use 
the transit access passes for 
all other transportation needs, 
including work, shopping, or 
recreation. Because they are 
saving transportation costs, 
students may be encouraged 
to take additional college 
units and can invest the free 
travel time transit affords 
them to study or rest. Students 
will need a current PCC 
identification card as well as a 
copy of their class schedule to 
purchase the I-TAP.

 For additional information 
on the I-TAP, call (213) 922-
2811. For transit trip planning 
assistance over the phone, call 
1-800-COMMUTE or

LACO Gets New Members, 
Two from Pasadena

 Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra 
(LACO) Music Director 
Jeffrey Kahane announces the 
appointments of Robert Brophy, 
viola (Los Angeles 90042); 
Sandy Hughes, flute (Portland, 
OR); Carrie Kennedy, violin II 
(Pasadena); and Joel Pargman, 
violin II (Pasadena) to LACO’s 
roster, one of the nation’s leading 
orchestras renowned for its 
wide-ranging repertoire and 
adventurous commissioning 
initiatives. The 2012-13 season 
marks the first full season with the 
Orchestra for Brophy, Kennedy 
and Pargman; and the first time 
that Hughes has performed with 
LACO. Kennedy and Pargman 
are husband and wife.

 “We are delighted to welcome 
these four fine musicians to the 
Orchestra’s ranks,” says Kahane. 
“Their superb artistry and 
outstanding technical skills blend 
beautifully with LACO’s unique 
musical profile.” 

LACO’s 44th season launches 
with a dynamic program of 
works both familiar and new on 
October 6 at the Alex Theatre 
in Glendale, repeating October 
7 at Royce Hall. The repertoire 
includes Ravel’s jazz-infused 
Piano Concerto in G major, 
Beethoven’s Violin Concerto in 
D major, Op. 61, and two West 
Coast premieres – The Great 
Swiftness by LACO Composer-
in-Residence and Pulitzer Prize-
finalist Andrew Norman, and 
True South by James Matheson, 
recipient of the prestigious 
$200,000 Charles Ives Living 

 Public comments are now 
being accepted on the Draft 
Environmental Impact 
Report (EIR) completed 
by the Pasadena Planning 
Department regarding the 
possible temporary use of the 
Rose Bowl by the National 
Football League (NFL).

 Written comments on the 
Draft EIR must be submitted 
to the City by close of 
business Monday, October 8, 
2012. Comments should be 
mailed or delivered to David 
Sinclair, Pasadena Planning 
Department, 175 N. Garfield 
Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91109. 
Written comments may also 
be submitted by email to 

 The public is encouraged 
to attend any or all of the 
following public meetings 
and may also submit oral 
comments in response to the 
Draft EIR at that time. The 
meetings include:

 Planning Commission, 
Special Meeting, 6:30 p.m., 
Wednesday, Sept. 19, City 
Council Chambers, Room 
S249, 100 N. Garfield Avenue, 
Pasadena, CA 91101.

 Transportation Advisory 
Commission, Special Meeting, 
6:30 p.m., Thursday, Sept. 27, 
Rose Bowl Media Center, 1001 
Rose Bowl Drive, Pasadena, 
CA 91103. Park in Lot F. Enter 
through Auto Gate to the left 
of Gate A. Security will direct 
attendees to Media Center.

 Recreation and Parks 
Commission, Special Meeting, 
6:30 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 2, 
Rose Bowl Media Center, 1001 
Rose Bowl Drive, Pasadena, 
CA 91103. Park in Lot F. Enter 
through Auto Gate to the left 
of Gate A. Security will direct 
attendees to Media Center.

 Responses to comments 
regarding the Draft EIR that 
are received during the public 
comment period will be 
incorporated into the Final 
EIR and presented to the City 
Council for its consideration. 
It is anticipated that the Final 
EIR will be available in the 
late Fall 2012. The Draft 
EIR is on the City’s website 
Rose_Bowl_EIR. For more 
information, call Mr. David 
Sinclair at (626) 744-6766.


 Learn not just how to 
blog but how to report 
the news

 The Pasadena Community 
Network and this newspaper 
are holding a workshop on 
Citizen Journalism. 

 This group is the place where 
aspiring journalists can learn 
from trained professionals 
and support their local 
community by covering what’s 
really happening in their 

 We will put the news in your 
hands. Learn how to find 
the story, the tools needed to 
capture the story and the means 
to tell the story using the power 
of video, audio and print along 
with online social media The 
next meeting is Aug. 21 from 6 
p.m. to 8p.m. at the Pasadena 
Community Network - Studio 
G, 2057 N. Los Robles Ave.

 For more info call 626.794.8585.

Pet of 
the Week

U.S. Forest Service to Allow 
Nighttime Aerial Attacks

Top Colleges 
to Attend PCC 
University Day

 Representatives announced 
Thursday that the United 
States Forest Service will 
immediately begin the training 
and retrofitting of helicopters 
necessary to use helicopters 
at night to fight wildfires 
in Southern California. 
Previously, the Forest Service 
restricted aerial firefighting 
operations to daylight hours 

 A 2011 report by the 
Government Accountability 
Office (GAO) indicated that 
the use of night-flying aircraft 
may have allowed the Forest 
Service to suppress the Station 
Fire on the critical first night. 
The Station Fire ultimately 
grew to become the largest fire 
in Los Angeles County history, 
burning more than 160,000 
acres, destroying 89 homes 
and taking the lives of two 
fire firefighters in and around 
the Angeles National Forest 

 “The Forest Service’s decision 
to allow night flights is a 
welcome announcement. We 
will never know with certainty 
if night flying could have 
extinguished the Station Fire 
in those critical first hours, 
but I’m glad we will have a 
better chance in the future,” 
Congressmen Adam Schiff said. 
“With temperatures hitting 
triple digits this summer, it’s 
hard for California residents 
not to worry that another 
fire could sweep through and 
devastate our region once 
again. This step today by the 
Forest Service is long overdue, 
but will provide an important 
new line of defense against fire 
for our neighborhoods.”

Supervisor Michael 
Antonovich commented

 “We are pleased that the 
Forest Service has responded 
favorably to our continuous 
appeals for the policy to be 
changed.” he said. “However, 
allowing nighttime flying is not 
the only change necessary for 
the Forest Service to conduct 
effective aerial firefighting.

 Antonovich went on to say 
they need to immediately 
implement the RAND study, 
which they commissioned, 
on updating their aging fleet 
of contracted fixed wing air 
tankers with the recommended 
Super-Scoopers and not begin 
another study on what to do.

 Additional recommendations 
from the LACFD need to be 
implemented including brush 
clearance within 250 feet of any 
structure, use of mechanized 
equipment and allowing local 
command of firefighting.

Police Kenya Orphanage 
Benefit Concert Tonight

 The premier Machao 
Orphanage Benefit concert 
is scheduled for 6:00 p.m., 
Saturday, August 18, at 
the beautiful Ambassador 
Auditorium on the grounds 
of Maranatha High School, 
169 South Saint John Avenue, 
featuring the music of Latin 
Guitar World Fusion Group 
INCENDIO, performing Jazz, 
Celtic, Middle-Eastern and 
Electronica music. 

 Tickets are available online at 
com for this worthy endeavor 
to support the orphanage. 

 “I am proud to be part of a 
collaborative effort between 
local government, non-profits 
and the Pasadena community 
to raise funds to benefit United 
Nations Association-Pasadena 
Foothill Chapter and the 
Machao Orphanage,” Pasadena 
Police Chief Phillip L. Sanchez 

All funds received, less minimal 
production costs, will go to 
benefit the United Nations 
Association and the Machao 
Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, 

 The mission of UNA Pasadena’s 
Chapter is to host local events 
and programs aimed to educate 
the community about the vital 
work of the UNA. The focus 
is on local allies’ support of 
the Millennium Development 
Goals, which include the 
eradication of poverty and 
hunger, the promotion of 
gender equality, the end of HIV/
AIDS and other diseases, and 
to move toward environmental 

 Maranatha High School 
and thePasadena Police 
Department, are the proud co-
hosts of this event. 

 Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard 
is an advocate and supporter 
of the UNA. Mayor Bogaard, 
the Consulate of Kenya, 
Ambassador Dr. Wenwa Akinyi 
Odinga Oranga and Chief 
Sanchez will be participating 
in the event. Pasadena Police 
Lieutenant Phlunte’ Riddle is 
the Event Coordinator. 

 Tickets are available 
on the website: www., at 
$30.00 and $10.00 for students, 
VIP tickets are $100.00 and 
include VIP seating and a Pre-


More than 50 colleges and 
universities, including 
Columbia University, 
Pepperdine University, 
UCLA, and USC, are slated 
to attend Pasadena City 
College’s University Day on 
Sept. 17. Students interested 
in transferring to a four-
year college or university can 
explore transfer opportunities, 
learn about academic 
programs and majors, attend 
application workshops, learn 
about financial aid, and apply 
to guaranteed admissions 
programs during the event. 

 “University Day is an 
opportunity for PCC students 
to explore their transfer 
options and meet university 
representatives who can serve 
as contacts in the transfer 
process,” said Dina Chase, 
interim director of PCC 
Admission and Records. 
Informational booths will be 
set up between 10 a.m. and 1 
p.m. in the PCC Quad.

 For more information on 
University Day, call the 
Outreach, Degree and Transfer 
Center at (626) 585-7287.

 Alina is a one-year-old 
shorthair black cat. She can be 
a little shy at first, but warms 

 Alina’s adoption fee is $70, 
which includes her spay 
surgery, a microchip, the first 
set of vaccinations, as well 
as a free follow-up health 
check at a participating vet. 
New adopters will receive 
complimentary health and 
wellness exam from VCA 
Animal Hospitals. She also 
qualifies for our Lucky $13 
black cat adoption promotion 
held on the thirteenth 
of every month. Ask an 
adoptions counselor for more 
information during your visit 

 Call the Pasadena Humane 
Society & SPCA at 
626.792.7151 to ask about 
A311949, or visit at 361 S. 
Raymond Ave. in Pasadena. 
Adoption hours are 11-4 
Sunday, 9-5 Tuesday –Friday, 
9-4 Saturday. Pets may not 
be available for adoption and 
cannot be held for potential 
adopters from phone calls or 
email. Directions and photos 
of all pets can be found at