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SF Man Sentenced in 
Huntington Fraud Scheme

Man Refuses 
to Cooperate 
With Police 

Being Shot

A San Francisco man was 
sentenced Monday to 18 
months in federal prison for his 
role in a construction contract 
kickback scheme that targeted 
Huntington Memorial Hospital 
in Pasadena and Columbus 
Manufacturing, Inc. in the Bay 

 According to a statement, 
Alexander Svidler, 54, 
was sentenced by United 
States District Judge Percy 
Anderson. Svidler, the owner 
of the Burlingame-based AA 
Construction Company and 
Svala Construction, Inc., 
pleaded guilty in January to two 
counts of mail fraud.

 When he pleaded guilty, 
Svidler admitted that he 
entered into a scheme with 
David Hamedany, the former 
director of construction for 
Huntington Memorial Hospital, 
and Tony Hamedany, the 
former director of engineering 
for Columbus, that caused 
the hospital and Columbus 
to suffer losses of more than 
$2.5 million. As a result of the 
scheme, Huntington Hospital 
paid approximately $2.3 
million to Svidler’s companies 
for construction services that 
were never performed. Svidler 
retained 10 percent of the fees 
paid by the hospital for the 
bogus contracts and kicked 
back the remaining 90 percent 
to David Hamedany. The 
scheme involved multiple false 
invoices and billing statements 
over the years 2007 through 

 David Hamedany was 
sentenced in January to three 
years in federal prison and 
ordered to pay $4.8 million in 

 During the same period in 
which Huntington Hospital was 
victimized, Svidler’s companies 
performed construction 
services for Columbus, where 
David Hamedany’s brother, 
Tony Hamedany, was a director 
of engineering. According to 
prosecutors, Svidler paid at 
least $400,000 in kickbacks 
to Tony Hamedany to ensure 
that Svidler’s companies would 
be awarded contracts on a 
continuing basis.

 Svidler has already made 
restitution payments totaling 
$1.35 million – $850,000 to 
Huntington Memorial Hospital.

 Police say a Pasadena 
resident showed up to a local 
area hospital Tuesday with a 
gunshot wound to the hand 
after reports for multiple 
gunshots in the northwest 
part of the city. 

 According to police, about 
5:30 p.m. the Pasadena Police 
Department received reports 
of multiple gunshots in 
the area of Sunset Ave. and 
Washington Blvd. Officers 
responded to the area and 
located witnesses who 
reported seeing suspects near 
the intersection shooting at 
a passing car. One victim 
called the police reporting 
her vehicle was struck by 
gunfire. She was not injured 
officers said.

 While officers were 
conducting an investigation 
into the shooting, the police 
communications center 
received a call from a local 
hospital reporting a male 
adult had arrived with a 
single gunshot wound to his 
hand. Officers responded to 
the hospital and contacted 
the victim, who they said, 
was uncooperative and 
provided vague information 
about the incident. 
Detectives are continuing 
their investigation.

 Two people were killed and 
another critically injured early 
Wednesday morning during a 
blaze at a boarding home that 
left 16 others without a place to 
stay. Reports also suggest there 
may have been an explosion at 
the location.

 “All we know is that during the 
911 call they heard an explosion,” 
Pasadena Fire Spokeswoman 
Lisa Derderian said. “When 
we got there heavy smoke and 
flames were coming from the 

 She said emergency responders 
from the Pasadena Police and 
Fire Departments arrived about 
2:45 the structure fire at 
1385 El Sereno Ave., a two-story 

 Derderian said it was unclear 
what may have started the 
fire, which she said, caused an 
estimated $750,000 in damage, 
including $600,000 to structure 
and $100,000 to the contents.

 Derderian said, at the 
time, although police were 
considering the location a crime 
scene it was not, “A homicide 

 “It may or may not, if that does 
happen, if it turns that way, we 
will get a press release out right 

 She also said it did not look 
as though Halloween played a 
part in the fire, such as a left lit 
pumpkin or other decorations.

 “Of the speculations that 
residents brought up, that was 
not one of them,” Derderian 

 Reports suggested the two 
men killed and others had spent 
Halloween handing out candy at 
the location. 

 Derderian said the fire evacuees 
were taken to temporary 
housing at the Jackie Robinson 
Center and are being assisted by 
the Red Cross. 

 “It looks like the organization, 
friends in need, is going to be 
helping the residents so we 
can transition them out of the 

 The Pasadena Fire Department 
was assisted by units from 
both Glendale and South 
Pasadena Fire, with a total of 
51 personnel, including seven 
engines, two trucks, four rescue 
ambulances and an air utility 
vehicle Derderian said.

Photos by Jamie Nicholson courtesy of Pasadena Fire 

Man Fires Gun 
at Neighbor 
during Botched 

Huntington Memorial Hospital, via Google Street View

On The Campaign Trail 

– Politics & Elections


 Pasadena Public Library 
celebrates this Election Year 
in November with a month 
long series of films focusing 
on Politics and Elections 
each Wednesday at 1 p.m. at 
Central Library, Donald Wright 
Auditorium, 285 E. Walnut 
St. The free film series will 
feature “State of the Union” on 
November 7, “All the King’s 
Men” on November 14, “The 
Last Hurrah” on November 21 
and “Advise and Consent” on 
November 28.

 The film series is presented 
by The Friends of the Pasadena 
Public Library. The movie will 
be cancelled if The Friends 
of the Library volunteers are 
unable to show the movie. 

 For more information 
contact Christine Reeder at 
(626) 744-7270 or creeder@

 An unknown suspect 
attempted to burglarize a 
residence in the 2900 block of 
Calanda Avenue Tuesday. 

 The suspect then fired from 
an unknown caliber handgun 
at a neighbor after confronting 

 The suspect then fled on foot. 
Deputies were then called. The 
responding deputies contained 
the area, but were unable to 
locate the suspect. The suspect 
is described as a male/black 
approximately 20 years old.


Bogaard Joins Sister 
Cities Mayors of Mishima, 
Japan, In Historic Visit

 They met on the steps of 
Pasadena City Hall to shake 
hands in friendship and mutual 
respect: two mayors from 
two countries half a world 
apart—Pasadena Mayor Bill 
Bogaard and Mishima, Japan, 
Mayor Takeshi Toyooka. The 
warm greeting between these 
two leaders Oct. 24 marked 
the historic milestone of 55 
years of ties between Pasadena 
and Mishima fostered by 
the Pasadena Sister Cities 

 About 30 government and civic 
leaders from Mishima recently 
traveled to Pasadena for several 
days of official tours and other 
activities as part of the 55th 
Anniversary of establishing 
Sister City ties between the two 
cities in 1957.

 At the official City Dinner, 
both mayors bowed and 
exchanged gifts, expressing 
deep appreciation for the 
positive benefits that the Sister 
Cities International program 
brings: increased cultural 
awareness, educational and 
economic exchange of ideas and 
opportunities, sponsorships 
of summer student exchange 
programs and fostering a 
world that lives in peace and 

 “Our ties to Mishima go back 
decades and our desire is to 
extend them into the future 
for many more decades to 
come,” Mayor Bogaard said. 
“Our experiences with our 
friends from Mishima, either 
there or in Pasadena, provide 
opportunities for us that are 
truly enriching and otherwise 
simply not available.”

 Pasadena and Mishima joined 
together in 1957. For more 
information go online to www.

Roadway improvements on 
Lincoln Avenue, from Forest 
Avenue north up to the City 
limits, have begun and are 
scheduled to continue through 
spring 2013, according to the 
Pasadena Department of Public 
Works. The important street 
and streetscape improvements 
are key components for the 
revitalization of Lincoln Avenue 
and will enhance the corridor 
for pedestrians, public transit, 
vehicles and bicyclists.

 Sully-Miller Contracting 
Company, Brea, Calif., is under 
contract with the Pasadena 
Department of Public Works 
to complete the project. Work 
hours are 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 
p.m., Monday through Friday. 
The contractor may adjust 
work hours to accommodate 
traffic and pedestrians. Traffic 
circulation is scheduled to be 
reduced to one lane in each 
direction during work hours.

 Partial funding for the $2 
million project comes from 
the California Department 
of Resources Recycling 
and Recovery (CalRecycle) 
Rubberized Pavement Grant. 
Project highlights include a 
rubberized asphalt overlay of 
concrete pavement, replacing 
damaged curb, gutter, sidewalk 
areas; and curb ramps with 
detectable warning tiles to 
enhance pedestrian access.

 For questions or assistance 
during construction, call (626) 
744-4720 from 7:30 a.m. and 
5:30 p.m.


Pet of 
the Week

 Learn not just how to 
blog but how to report 
the news


 The Pasadena Community 
Network and this newspaper 
are holding a workshop on 
Citizen Journalism. 

 This group is the place where 
aspiring journalists can learn 
from trained professionals 
and support their local 
community by covering 
what’s really happening in 
their neighborhoods.

 We will put the news in 
your hands. Learn how 
to find the story, the tools 
needed to capture the story 
and the means to tell the 
story using the power of 
video, audio and print along 
with online social media 
The next meeting is Nov. 6 
from 6:30 p.m. to 8p.m. at 
the Pasadena Community 
Network - Studio G, 2057 N. 
Los Robles Ave.

 For more info call 

 Basil is one dapper cat! 
He’s a three-year-old brown 
tabby who loves attention 
and belly rubs. He’s very 
social and affectionate and 
loves having his picture 
taken. He stays in our 
communal cat room and 
gets along well with other 
cats too. 

 Basil’s adoption fee is $70, 
which includes his neuter 
surgery, a microchip, the first 
set of vaccinations, as well 
as a free follow-up health 
check at a participating vet. 
New adopters will receive 
complimentary health and 
wellness exam from VCA 
Animal Hospitals, as well 
as a goody bag filled with 
information on how to 
care for your pet. Ask an 
adoptions counselor for 
more information during 
your visit 

 Call the Pasadena 
Humane Society & SPCA at 
626.792.7151 to ask about 
A314809, or visit at 361 S. 
Raymond Ave. in Pasadena. 
Adoption hours are 11-4 
Sunday, 9-5 Tuesday –
Friday, 9-4 Saturday. Pets 
may not be available for 
adoption and cannot be 
held for potential adopters 
from phone calls or email. 
Directions and photos of all 
pets can be found at www.

Community College District 
Offer to Faculty Union to Expire


 The Pasadena Area Community 
College District (PACCD) 
continues to negotiate with the 
Pasadena City College Faculty 
Association (PCCFA) in order 
to reach a successor agreement 
to the collective bargaining 
agreement (CBA) that expired 
June 30, 2012. 

 After nearly seven months 
of negotiations, the district 
reports that the PCCFA has 
made no response or proposal 
on the cost-savings measures 
the district has proposed to 
increase access to classes for 

 The PCCFA has proposed 
significant increases in 
compensation and benefits 
without identifying any new 
state funding or revenue source 
to pay for them. Nor has the 
faculty union accepted any 
of the district’s proposals that 
would make thousands of 
additional class seats available 
to students. The PCCFA has 
rejected the district’s proposals 
despite being offered a salary 
increase and benefits package 
that is among the most generous 
in the state.

 “The Board of Trustees 
has reluctantly reached the 
conclusion that the Faculty 
Association has no intention 
of seriously considering and 
engaging the District’s offer,” 
said Geoffrey Baum, president 
of the PACCD Board of 
Trustees. “Therefore the board 
unequivocally reaffirms its 
deadline on the current offer of 
Monday, November 5, 2012, at 
5:00 p.m., after which the offer 
will be revoked.”

 The district has released its 
current offer to the PCCFA. In 
addition to the increased salary 
and benefits the district has 
offered to full-time faculty, the 
district has offered to extend the 
3.5 percent salary increase over 
three years to all adjunct faculty 
(hourly part time). 

 The district has also proposed 
to protect adjunct faculty from 
any reduction in compensation 
should the conversion to the 
Carnegie hour result in fewer 
classroom contact hours. 
Adjunct faculty would continue 
to be paid for 54 contact hours.

 The district’s offer is a “win-
win” that balances increased 
salary and benefits in return 
for reasonable cost-effective 
measures. The district has 
communicated to the PCCFA 
its hope that all full-time and all 
part-time faculty will be given 
the opportunity to review the 
entire district offer and vote on 
it before the Nov. 5 deadline.

Pacific Asia Museum 
Acquires Pakistani Work


 Pacific Asia Museum 
announced the acquisition 
of Untitled (Paper Plate) by 
Pakistani artist Hamra Abbas 
with funds generously provided 
by Pakistan’s Ambassador to 
the United States Shehrbano 
“Sherry” Rehman. Instrumental 
in the acquisition were Pacific 
Asia Museum’s Pakistan 
Arts Council and the arts 
organization Green Cardamom 
which represents Abbas. 

 This piece represents the first 
contemporary work in Pacific 
Asia Museum’s permanent 
collection by a female Pakistani 
artist. Previously, several works 
by the artist were included in 
Pacific Asia Museum’s 2010 
exhibition Beyond the Page: 
The Miniature as Attitude 
in Contemporary Art from 

 “Pacific Asia Museum has a 
demonstrated track record of 
showing contemporary art from 
all regions of Asia, including 
Pakistan, and the acquisition of 
this piece shows our continued 
dedication to contemporary 
art in South Asia,” said Pacific 
Asia Museum Curator Bridget 
Bray. The museum is currently 
planning a renovation of their 
South Asian Gallery, which 
will include the juxtaposition 
of both contemporary works 
such as this and earlier works 
to demonstrate the continuing 
impact of tradition on today’s 
conceptual practice.

 This work is part of Abbas’s 2008 
series Paper Plates, wherein 
thin paper strips printed with 
the phrase “PLEASE GET 
SERVED” are arranged in 
circular geometrical patterns 
that reference traditional 
Islamic architecture and 
iconography. The arrangement 
is then hot-pressed into paper 
plates that retain the pattern, 
resulting in a recognizable 
everyday object that is 
nonetheless unusable. Abbas 
often references traditional or 
everyday motifs in her work 
to examine conflicts within 
society through a wide range of 
media, and often uses English 
in conjunction with Islamic text 
or design, as seen here.

Class, Free

 Whether you are new to 
vegetarian cooking or just 
want to learn some new 
recipes, Joanna Chen of 
Green Menu will show you 
how to create some simple, 
healthy, delicious meals just 
in time for the holidays on 
Saturday, November 10 at 
2 p.m. at San Rafael Branch 
Library, 1240 Nithsdale 

 For more information 
contact Christine Reeder at 
(626) 744-7270 or creeder@