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Cajsa Larsson received the 2013 Monrovia Older American of the Year Award at 
the Senior Spring Recognition Luncheon, held on Thursday, April 18, at the Community 
Center. Mrs. Larsson’s volunteer efforts totaled more than 7,500 hours in 
Canyon Park including trail and facility maintenance, park programming, and removal 
of invasive plants. The Monrovia City Council will proclaim May as Older 
American Month, at the Tuesday, May 7, City Council meeting and will recognize 
Mrs. Larsson for her volunteer contributions to the City of Monrovia.

The Madison Fire began 
on April 20, 2013 at 11:15 
as a 1.5 acre brush fire, 
that quickly grew to cover 
125 acres and evacuated 
over 400 Monrovia hillside 
homes over the weekend.

At its peak, as many as 220 
fire fighters, 65 engines, 6 
handcrews, 2 dozers and 
air support (two tankers 
and five helicopters) responded 
to the fire.

Dozens of cooperating 
agencies, volunteers, and 
first responders came out 
to assist the Monrovia Fire 
Department and Police 
Department to secure our 
neighborhoods and ensure 
no structures were damaged and no citizens were injured during the Madison fire.

The City of Monrovia would like to thank all of our mutual aid responders! 

On Wednesday, 30 volunteer fire cadets from Rio Hondo College (shown above) came to Monrovia 
to remove all of the fire hose that was spread out over the 2 mile perimeter. These eager young cadets 
removed 23,600 feet of fire hose from very steep terrain- all as volunteers.

This is what 23,600 feet of fire hose looks like...


 Thank you again to the Monrovia Fire Department and all who assisted with the Madison Fire!

You can thank the Fire Department in person at the annual Fire Department Pancake Breakfast 

May 11, 2013, 7-11am

Station 101, 141 E Lemon Avenue, Monrovia, CA

Kids under 3 eat free!

$5 tickets- all proceeds to go benefit local charities

Do you have young ones inspired to become a Fire fighter? Join in the Junior Firefighter Challenge 
on May 11 at the Pancake Breakfast for kids 2-12 years old. Learn how to drag, roll and bundle a fire 
hose, hook the hose to the hydrant nozzle, let air out of a burning roof, carry a ladder.


 Friends of the Monrovia Public Library announce the Friends Spring Sale, on Friday, May 17 and 
Saturday May 18 . The sale is open to the public in both Library Park and the Library Community 
Room at these times: Friday from noon to 5 p.m. and Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. , with our famous 
$2.00 a Bag Sale Saturday 3-5 p.m. 100% of the proceeds benefit the Monrovia Public Library. 
Our volunteers operate the only book store in Monrovia. 

On May 17-18 more than 5,000 books will be available for purchase – 90% of them are donations 
from the public. Prices for regular books and media range from 25¢ to $2. While book sellers are 
welcome, scanners are not permitted. 

The Friends of the Monrovia Public Library promote the Library by stimulating a greater use and 
appreciation of the literary, educational, and cultural advantages the library offers throughout the 

Monrovia Public Library 321 South Myrtle Avenue, Monrovia, CA 91016. For more information, 
call (626) 932-5555, Ext. 3124 or visit


By Joan Schmidt

 What would happen if a major earthquake caused a three story structure to collapse leaving 
many injured, or if a broken reservoir caused flooding in Monrovia? Monrovians, your city is 

 Recently, the City of Monrovia staged two drills to prepare the city for a real disaster. I 
attended the annual drill at Monrovia’s Fire Station 2 on South Myrtle Avenue. This drill utilized 
the Urban Search and Rescue Team of Monrovia and Arcadia Fire Departments. There was 
representation from Los Angeles County Fire Department, Schaeffer’s Ambulance Service, and 
many volunteer members of the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team). Behind the 
station is a three-story structure that is used for rescue and firefighting training and drills. The 
scenario was that an earthquake occurred and within the structure, were collapsed floors. When I 
arrived, there were response vehicles, and firefighters were making a wooden frame. Monrovia Fire 
Chief Donovan explained to me the first order of business was to secure the building - that is why 
the small door frame was placed inside the existing door frame. A collage was set up-red, yellow, 
green and black tarps were set on the ground. The red is for victims in danger needing immediate 
emergency care, yellow is next and green is for those with less serious injury. The black tarp was to 
the side of a response vehicle-also out of sight-as it was for fatalities.

 Soon after my arrival and the door on the three story building being secured, two victims 
ran outside in pain, waving their hands-they had trouble seeing.(The make-up on these “victims” 
was realistic and gruesome!) Volunteers from Monrovia’s C.E.R.T. (Community Response Team) 
were on hand to assist. They learned victims’ identities and made sure there were “ID cards” on 
each one in case they lost consciousness. They also were assisting in treating victims. (These CERT 
members are invaluable in emergencies. They have special training. They can utilize utilities and 
put out small fires; do emergency first aid- opening airways, controlling bleeding, and treating for 
shock; provide basic medical aid; search for and rescue victims safely; and organize themselves and 
spontaneous volunteers to be effective.)

 As I watched the firefighters go in the building and bring out more victims, I learned that 
none of the participants had 
any idea of what to find in the 
building. (Chief Donovan 
said that in a real emergency, 
no one is warned of what to 
expect and that this drill was 
as it would be in a real life 
situation.) Firefighters also 
entered the building with 
stretchers for those badly 
injured. It was reassuring to 
see how well the firefighters 
and CERT volunteers 
worked together. I learned 
that nearly 70 people/
volunteers participated in 
the day’s events. 

At the same time of the 
“Earthquake Structure 
Collapse” on South Myrtle 
Avenue, there was a drill 
at the city’s Emergency 
Operations Center on Lime 
Avenue. The EOC serves as the central communication hub during a major disaster, and the “drill” 
was responding to a damaged reservoir to the point where it was gushing water and impacting 

 I would like to thank the City of Monrovia for allowing me to see firsthand how well 
prepared they are for a natural disaster or any major catastrophe. It was very reassuring to see the 
joint Urban Search and Rescue Team to work so well with Schaefer and members of CERT. (After 
the terrible wind storms last year, CERT volunteers also assisted. For info about CERT, please call 

 Residents of Monrovia, you have a fine Fire Department and City leaders who have prepared 
for unforeseen emergencies.

Monrovia Police Blotter

Highlighted Activity for the Weekdays of April 22-24, 2013


During the last seven-day period, the Police Department handled 434 service events, resulting in 84 
investigations. To see a complete listing of crimes reported, go to
map/ca/monrovia for crime mapping. For Police Department news and information, visit our website 
and follow us on Twitter for police notifications.


Residential Burglary

April 22 at 10:21 p.m., a residential burglary was reported in the 200 block of Poinsettia. The victim 
left for work at about 8:00 a.m. When she returned home at 10:00 p.m., she found a rear window open. 
She went to the police station and reported it. Officers were dispatched to the location and cleared the 
home. No suspects were located. Unknown suspect(s) entered the home and took jewelry and other 
miscellaneous property. Investigation continuing.


Warrant - Suspect Arrested

April 23 at 1:07 p.m., an officer on patrol stopped a subject on a bicycle in the 400 block of West 
Duarte Road for a vehicle code violation. A computer check on the subject revealed the he had an 
outstanding warrant for his arrest. The subject was arrested and taken into custody.


Vehicle Burglary

 April 23 at 2:05 p.m., a vehicle burglary was reported at a hotel in the 900 block of West Huntington. 
The vehicle was broken into between 8:00 p.m. the previous night and 8:00 a.m. that morning. The 
third row seat was stolen from the vehicle. There was no sign of forced entry on the locked vehicle. 
The investigation is continuing.


Burglary - Suspect Arrested

 April 24 at 4:53 p.m., police were dispatched to the 700 block of Anita regarding a burglary that had 
just occurred. The victim walked outside and saw a 30-year-old, male Hispanic subject inside his 
vehicle. The vehicle was parked inside his attached garage and was unlocked. The victim yelled at the 
suspect, who ran from the house. The home owner chased the suspect as the police were called, but 
he lost sight of him. Police apprehended the suspect at Mayflower and Diamond. The suspect was 
positively identified by the victim and was arrested for burglary. The suspect had an outstanding no-
bail warrant for drugs and burglary.

Monrovia Sunday Morning 

Farmers' Market

That's right- it's back! From 10am - 2pm on Myrtle Avenue, shop for fresh produce 
at the Sunday morning Farmers' Market in Old Town Monrovia.