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For the period of Sunday, April 21st, through Saturday, April 27th, 
the Police Department responded to 949 calls for service of which 
127 required formal investigations. The following is a summary 
report of the major incidents handled by the Department during 
this period.

Sunday, April 21:

1. At about 2:40 a.m., an officer conducted a traffic stop on 
a vehicle for driving with no headlights on in the area of Live Oak 
Avenue and Peck Road. The officer detected an odor of alcohol 
emitting from the driver’s breath and person. An investigation 
revealed the 25-year-old Hispanic male was under the influence 
with a blood alcohol level greater than 0.08%. He was arrested and 
transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
2. Shortly after 8:00 p.m., an officer responded to the 600 block 
of West Norman Avenue in regards to a residential burglary report. 
Unknown suspect(s) forced entry through a window, ransacked 
the location, and fled undetected with numerous property items 
including cameras, jewelry, a television monitor, and a purse. No 
one reported seeing or hearing anything suspicious. 

Monday, April 22:

3. At approximately 5:23 p.m., officers were dispatched to 
the 400 block of West Huntington Drive regarding a disturbance. 
An argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend led to a physical 
altercation in which the female victim was struck in the face. An 
emergency protective order was issued against the 22-year-old 
Hispanic male suspect. He was arrested and transported to the 
Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
4. At about 10:51 p.m., an officer conducted an enforcement 
stop on two bicyclists for riding without reflectors on Second Avenue 
at Foothill Boulevard. An investigation revealed one bicyclist was 
under the influence of alcohol. The 43-year-old Hispanic male was 
arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 

Tuesday, April 23:

5. Between 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., unknown suspect(s) 
burglarized a vehicle in the parking lot of the Santa Anita Mall, 400 
South Baldwin Avenue. The suspect(s) gained entry by an unknown 
means and fled with a laptop computer, lunch box, and headphones. 
Latent fingerprints were discovered on the outside of the vehicle. 
Further investigation is being conducted by the Detective Bureau. 

 At approximately 6:45 p.m., an officer responded to the Santa Anita 
Race Track, 285 West Huntington Drive, in reference to a battery 
investigation. An unknown suspect hit an elderly male victim on 
the head with a bottle of liquor after the victim refused to surrender 
his wallet. The victim fell to the floor and was transported to 
Huntington Memorial Hospital where he was treated for a broken 
arm. The 34-year-old Hispanic male suspect attempted to flee on 
foot; however, he was later detained in the west-side area of Arcadia 
County Park. He was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City 
Jail for booking. 

Wednesday, April 24:

6. Just before 11:00 a.m., an officer made consensual 
contact with a subject walking in the area of Santa Anita Avenue 
and Colorado Boulevard. An investigation revealed the subject 
was under the influence of a controlled substance and had an 
outstanding no bail warrant. The 34-year-old White male was 
arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
7. While conducting daytime enforcement in Arcadia at 
roughly 3:12 p.m., West San Gabriel Valley Anti-Crime Task Force 
officers initiated a pursuit of a possible stolen vehicle on Longden 
Avenue at Sixth Avenue. Shortly after, Arcadia officers joined the 
pursuit; however, a short time later the pursuit was terminated due 
to unsafe driving conditions. 

 The suspects continued to drive at high speeds and ultimately 
crashed into another vehicle at the intersection of Holly Avenue 
and Los Altos Avenue. A records check confirmed the suspect 
vehicle was stolen out of Covina. The 33 and 37-year-old White 
males were arrested and transported to Arcadia Methodist Hospital 
where they were medically cleared for booking. The driver of the 
other vehicle was transported to the Arcadia Methodist Hospital as 
a precautionary measure.

Thursday, April 25:

8. At approximately 2:44 a.m., an officer responded to the 
Santa Anita Mall, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, in regards to a 
subject check. The officer discovered the subject was intoxicated, 
unable to care for himself, and had an outstanding misdemeanor 
warrant. The 28-year-old White male was arrested and transported 
to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
9. Around 4:57 p.m., an officer was dispatched to the Arcadia 
Police Department front counter in regards to a theft report. 
An unknown suspect called the elderly victim on the phone and 
pretended to be his granddaughter. The suspect asked for cash in 
order to get bailed out of jail in Cancun, Mexico. The victim wired 
$2,300 via Western Union and later realized he was scammed after 
talking to his actual granddaughter who was safe and sound at her 
home in New York. Further investigation is being conducted by the 
Detective Bureau. 

Friday, April 26:

10. Roughly after 2:50 a.m., an officer conducted a traffic stop 
on a vehicle for failing to use his turn signal at the intersection 
of Longden Avenue and Myrtle Avenue. The driver provided 
false information; however, a records check revealed he had four 
outstanding misdemeanor warrants. The 35-year-old Hispanic male 
was arrested and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 
11. At about 3:30 p.m., an officer responded to Macy’s at the 
Santa Anita Mall, 400 South Baldwin Avenue, in regards to a theft 
investigation. Two Hispanic female suspects concealed merchandise 
inside their handbags and exited the store without making payment. 
One of the suspects was in possession of marijuana and had four 
outstanding misdemeanor warrants. Both suspects were arrested 
and transported to the Arcadia City Jail for booking. 

Saturday, April 27:

12. At approximately 9:20 a.m., an officer was dispatched to 
24 Hour Fitness, 125 North First Avenue, in reference to a theft 
report. Upon finding out that a product was not on sale, a White 
female suspect became upset, took the product, and exited the 
store without making payment. The incident was recorded on 
video surveillance and the suspect’s identity is known. 
13. Shortly after 6:40 p.m., an officer responded to the 400 
block of North 
Old Ranch Road 
regarding a traffic 
collision that 
just occurred. 
An investigation 
revealed the 
suspect was 
drove his vehicle 
erratically, and 
crashed into a 
neighbor’s front 
lawn. The suspect 
was placed on a 
72-hour hold for 
being a danger 
to himself and 
others. Further 
investigation is 
being conducted 
by the Detective 

Arcadia Police Blotter

From Arcadia’s Best


Completion of the bridge over Colorado 
Boulevard, and thus the opening 
of that street and the beginning of 
construction on the bridge over Santa 
Anita Avenue has all been pushed back 
by three weeks until the end of May.

 So far, there is no obvious bridge over 
Colorado Boulevard except on each 
side of the street. That bridge is the second 
of four bridges to be built through 
Arcadia to carry a light rail line an additional 
11.5 miles from Pasadena to 

 Until now, work has all been completed 
on schedule, so the project was 
overdue for at least the first slight snag.


Media event January 31, 2013, at Colorado 
bridge construction site.


A spokeswoman for Metro Gold Line 
Foothill Extension Construction Authority 
responded today (Tuesday, 
April 30) to a request over the weekend 
from by saying that 
additional utility work under Colorado 
Boulevard has required the three-week 


Work on the third bridge, the one over Santa Anita, cannot begin 
until work is completed on the Colorado Bridge. The construction 
window for the Santa Anita bridge was already tight since the Construction 
Authority has promised to have work completed or at 
least halted during the Breeders’ Cup the first weekend of November, 
and hopefully for the entire Autumn Meet horse racing season 
at Santa Anita Park that begins the end of September.


During the next three weeks, Foothill Transit Construction will be 
completing the work on the Colorado Boulevard light rail bridge, 
all underground utility work, rebuilding the street, and re-opening 
the street to traffic. All that work is anticipated to be completed the 
third week of May. Following the re-opening of Colorado Boulevard, 
work will commence on Santa Anita Avenue about the end 
of May.


Colorado Blvd Bridge Construction:

 ¦The closure of Colorado Blvd has been extended and will continue 
until the third week of May 2013 due to additional underground 
utility work. Please click here to view the updated construction 
notice for this work and additional details on the extension of the 
closure including detour maps and other additional information.


Santa Anita Ave Bridge Construction:

 ¦Construction of the Santa Anita Ave bridge in Arcadia is scheduled 
to begin at the end of May 2013 and continue for seven months. 
North and southbound lane closures along Santa Anita Ave (between 
Newman Ave and Santa Clara St) will be in place during this 
period. The work will occur in phases. The initial phase is detailed 
in the following: Please click here to view the construction notice 
for the first phase of work, which includes a four-month closure of 
La Porte Street at Santa Anita Avenue.

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Arcadia High School Theatre Department Wins The DTASC Sweepstakes Trophy. This is the first time in the history of the school 
that the Theatre Department has won this first place Sweepstakes trophy. Out of 66 schools throughout Southern CA, including 
all the performing arts schools in LA, Arcadia High School took home the most first place awards ranking us in First place for the 
overall sweepstakes award. 

Winning the Sweepstakes trophy is the highest award a high school can receive at this competition and it is only issued to the one 
school that won the most points in the different categories.

Arcadia School Superintendent Joel Shawn said “Arcadia HS's success at this prestigious competition is one more example of the 
excellence of our students and the commitment of their teacher and drama director Steven Volpe to teach and develop these outstanding 
young people. Steven is an excellent teacher and the performance of his students is a validation of their hard work and 
his focus on teaching and learning”. 

“ This is one more example of our outstanding students and the drama program, examples of the overall excellence for which Arcadia 
High School is known” said Dr. Brent Forsee the Arcadia High School Principal.

“Arcadia is extremely proud of the High School Theatre Department. A dedicated group of theatre students have outperformed 66 
other schools in Southern California. An accomplishment all Arcadians can celebrate with our high school. Congratulations to all 
staff and students for this championship performance” – Said Mickey Segal the Mayor of Arcadia.

The Director of the Performing Arts Center Sue Cook said “We are so proud of these students! Steven Volpe 
has raised the level of professionalism in the theatre arts at Arcadia to new heights and the students and 
community are the lucky beneficiaries of his expertise and excellent work ethic.” 

Here are the winners of the various categories:

1. Sweepstakes: Steven Volpe 

2. First Place: Grand Tour: A Midsummer Night’s Dream: Kristina Price, Paean Wang, Ashley Poon, 
and Chloe Yin 

3. First Place: Group Drama: Romeo and Juliet: Anthony Nappier, Chloe Conrad, Luke Karsana, Craig 
Capps, Alana Deblase, and Angela King 

4. First Place: Royal Court Costumes: Queen Elizabeth: Alex Tan 

5. First Place: Group Comedy: Much Ado About Nothing: Keith Harmel, Gordon Chang, Emily Johnson, 
Patrick Matsutani, 

 Summer Ellis, and Annabelle Muljana 

6. Second Place: Tragic Deaths: Macbeth: David Liu and Janessa Floyd 

7. Finals (Top 10) Replay: Troilus and Cressida: Christian Cruz, Nicole Richcreek, Liam Swan, Catherine 
Liu, Shelby Dreves, 

 Christie Kuo, Susana Nestor, and Carolyn Ho 

8. Finals (Top 10) Sets/Lights/Graphics: Romeo and Juliet: Samantha Grasso and Ninoshka Figueroa 
Correa and Sean Monje 

9. Semi Finalist: B-Stories: Troilus and Cressida: Cassie Nickles, Sommer Zetter, Hunter Gibson, and 
Sarah Falatoonzadeh 

10. Semi Finalist: Monologues: Richard III/ Much Ado About Nothing: Dominique Ortiz