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LIVING TRU by Lori Koop, Right Brain Business Coach


“Living TRU”… what does that 
mean? Let’s start with “TRU.”
I pondered what acronym I could create from those 
three letters. I knew it was the spelling I wanted to use, 
I just didn’t know why. I tried to figure out something 
that would make sense. Something ingenious. 
Something mind blowing! But nothing came to me.
Not until I opened the door to my doctor’s office and in 
dropped “The Real You.” It was not audible, but I heard 
it. What? Yes, it was true: TRU = The Real You. “T”… 
The, “R”… Real, “U”… You. Wow! Talk about mind 
blowing!! It was perfect. Exactly what I was looking 
for. Because when you are The Real You, you are TRU. 
The Real You is who you are at your core. Your 
Essence. Your spirit. It is the part of you that is 
ageless and could have been placed into any body. It is not the body, but is located in it. 
Specifically, it lives in the right brain. The right brain provides the space from which the spirit 
can guide and lead. That’s what the spirit was designed to do: it holds the map to our right 
life, to our entire life, including the work we are here to do. It can navigate without guesswork.
We gain access to the map (and the specifics of our life) when we listen deeply. When we spend time in 
a calm, quiet place -- a place where we can be open to the truth -- we hear the soft voice of the spirit. 
If our environment is too loud, we cannot hear. Even our own mind can distract us. The worries and 
concerns, the fears and the doubts of the left brain disconnect us, and we lose access. Our attention is 
brought to the surface, away from the spirit and into a place far from calm. As these fearful thoughts take 
over, we lose our clarity. Our sure direction becomes fuzzy. Our confidence dwindles. And we feel lost.
Living TRU is about coming back into alignment: reconnecting with the truth that is in 
you and your path. Next week, we’ll talk about how to connect to the spirit. Stay tuned.
Lori Koop, The Right Brain Business Coach Get clear about The Real You and what’s TRU, for you and 
your business. Schedule a complimentary coaching session at The Center for Wellbeing, 626-355-2443.

Angry, depressed, stressed out? Constipated, overweight, not in optimal health? Trouble sleeping, 
focusing, getting motivated?

Who do you listen to? Doctor? Life coach? Friend? Therapist? Yoga Instructor? The answers are 
the same as in last week’s column. These days we are in charge of our own care. We are in charge of 
finding the right help. It can be very confusing. How do we change it? Do we have to live with it?

I cannot speak for all yoga teachers. But here is the general philosophy: In yoga we are here to learn 
about our own bodies and our own minds. We are here to learn what makes us feel better and what 
makes us feel worse. We are here to pay attention. The practice of yoga is to help you learn to be 
your own teacher. Your instructor is there to help you learn more about yourself and how to care for 
yourself in order to do that. 

Let’s get over the anxiety, let’s get things moving, let’s find our best weight, and create the lives we 
want. Let’s learn how to manage stress so we can be happy everyday. 

Yes, we want to know what to do everyday so we can be free.

Some day I will just start putting out testimonials so you really believe me.

Yoga Therapy is designed to get you in the right place to heal, on your own. It is so very empowering. 
What are you waiting for? 

Namasté, René 

“SPRING” into Health by Dennis Buckley, DC

If this past weekend you decided that it was time to work on the house, 
clean up the yard, open the windows and start your spring cleaning, 
more than likely on Monday morning you woke up feeling achy and 
stiff. This is a common consequence and is expected with a change in 

Your body is sending you a strong message. BEWARE! You are 
overloading me. Even if you have been exercising regularly, a change in 
activities can activate muscles and joints not accustomed to activity and 
this can irritate them.

What can be done? First of all be realistic in what you want to accomplish. Trying to do too much can 
lead to a situation where you will not be able to do anything. If you are going to work on the house, 
break down your jobs into smaller jobs that are prioritized in importance. Work safely and correctly. 
This means the proper equipment, planning, and common sense. More people are injured trying to 
do projects that are beyond their means or skills.

Drink plenty of fluids, meaning water while working. Wear proper shoes and use sunscreen on 
exposed areas to avoid sunburn. Lift correctly using the legs and take frequent breaks so as not to 
overwork your body. Work when it is cooler, early morning or late afternoon/early evening. Wear 
protective gloves or eye protection when working. Sunglasses can provide protection and lessen stress 
on your eyes. More injuries occur because of carelessness than anything else does. Stepping on tools, 
dropping heavy objects on feet, having objects fall 

on you, tripping, and dehydration all can be avoided with proper preparation. 

If you do experience pain and soreness during or after activity, application of ice to the affected area 
can provide immediate temporary relief. Contrast therapy of ice and heat, 5 minutes of heat followed 
by 7 minutes of ice for 4 cycles is very effective for decreasing inflammation and increasing motion.

If these symptoms persist, it is advisable to schedule an appointment with your doctor and/or 
chiropractor. The lack of previous activity and the increase in new activity has probably caused an 
imbalance in your musculoskeletal system affecting nerve function resulting in symptoms. The 
chiropractor can identify the problem and by eliminating this imbalance through appropriate treatment 
will decrease the pain, correct the underlying problem, and allow your body to heal naturally and 
safely. This will allow you to take advantage 
of outside activities in spring and through