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by Lori Koop, Right Brain Business Coach 


Our minds were designed to generate ideas. This is why our right-brain 
is so fun: it adventures far and wide, playing in open fields of dreams and 
imagination. We can run free like children, boundless and unrestricted. 
Every opportunity and possibility open to us. We were born for this -- it 
is our creative core. This is where we discover who we are and what we 
are here to do. 


Life can get in the way. It can separate us from our 
freedoms. Life can get us stuck in the muddy terrain 
of TO-DOs... far from the magical place known as 
our TRU self. We forget how to play; we think there 
is no time, or perhaps we don’t feel that it is responsible. 
But if we let life get in the way of who we are 
and what makes our heart sing, we lose. Our excitement. 
Our meaning. Our love. 

If you find yourself there, don’t worry. It’s your choice 
to remake, to learn to play again. Today, if you wish. 

- - - - - - - - - -

Lori Koop, The Right Brain Business Coach

Get clear about The Real You and what’s TRU, for 
you and your business. Schedule a complimentary 
coaching session at The Center for Wellbeing, 626-

1. It's a quiet place to go. Let's be honest, hardly anywhere provides the tranquility of a yoga studio.

2. Your body will love you. We could list 50 more reasons why your body will love you. Yoga is just 
like that. 

3. It can relieve pain and help heal injury. Specifically, yoga can provide care for your back. How does 
one care for the back? Learn how in yoga. 

4. You'll sleep better. Many yoga poses are great for insomnia. A huge trouble spot for so many people. 

5. Your digestion and elimination will improve. We twist in yoga for a reason! Even very gentle twisting 
and folding helps. 

6. It brings a smile to your face. This can be contagious, and it can transmit the love you feel. 

7. Yoga can improve your posture. We begin to stand up straight and feel taller. 

8. Yoga can have positive effects on one's self acceptance & body image. 

9. Overall positive effects on your confidence and even self-esteem. We begin to "hold" ourselves 

10. Yoga can be done at any age. 1-99. It is a practice that can carry you through each stage of your life. 

11. Yoga is a workout and it's a perfect compliment to any workout. 

12. There is a spiritual effect produced in yoga. Totally expandable or not. This spiritual, ancient practice 
is universal and not assigned to religion. 

13. People come to yoga to GET flexible, no flexibility needed when we start. 

14. Gained Flexibility. Yoga lubricates the joints and stretches the muscles & ligaments allowing us to 
move more freely. 

15. Yoga strengthens the back and spine, hopefully helping to prevent injury.

16. Yoga brings awareness to us. With this awareness, we become more aware of others and aware of 
the WORLD. 

17. It cultivates patience and tolerance. We first learn this with our own bodies, then it begins to grow.

18. Meditation time. We're able to dabble or completely dive into this rich practice. One of the first 
fruits is emotional balance. 

19. Yoga can ease anxiety and help depression. Yoga does relieve stress and does help those prone to 
anxiety calm down and slow down. 

20. Yoga can change the way we breathe forever. No more shallow, emotional breath. Hello, pranayama! 
Hello, life giving breath. 

See you in class, Keely Totten, Teacher at Yoga Madre