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 Before I even 
write this piece I want 
to warn you that I do 
not intend to conclude with one of my 
BE ALL RIGHT” final paragraphs. Let’s 
face it, everything isn’t going to be all 
right---nobody, including you and me, 
gets out alive.

 Right now I am writing in great 
pain because I twisted my knee playing 
golf. How do you twist your knee playing 
golf you are probably wondering? Well 
it happened like this. Last Thursday I 
played eighteen holes with my old friend 
the Coach and his son. The Coach is sort 
of a symbolic figure for me. When I first 
moved into Sierra Madre’s Canyon, thirty 
five years ago, he lived with his beautiful or 
at least semi-beautiful girl friend and her 
beautiful ten year old daughter. When I 
first moved up here I knew absolutely no 
one who didn’t live in West LA, Fairfax or 
the San Fernando Valley. Those were safe 
Jewish upper middle-class neighborhoods 
that were kind of suffocating. Those were 
the kinds of places wherein people worried 
about what pre-School their kids would 
get into and the worrying didn’t stop until 
the kids dropped out of College and told 
their parents that they never felt cared for 
and felt that they were just kind of trophy 

 I knew that these areas were not 
right for me and when I left my marriage 
I moved to the Boardwalk in Venice right 
on the Ocean. I lived in a studio apartment 
on the fifth floor in a Building called the 
Tombs. This was a tribute to Charley 
Manson who allegedly once lived there. 
Now the building is called the Morrison 
Hotel because Jim Morrison (you know 
the Doors) lived there when he wasn’t 
living on the beach.

 One day the smog cleared (there 
really was dense smog in those days) 
and behold there were mountains a few 
miles North of El Monte where my office 
was located.. After work I just drove up 
Santa Anita, passed the famous race track, 
followed a car up the hill to a street called 
Mountain Trail (what a wonderful name 
for a street) Just like this month the trees 
on Mountain Trail displayed a brilliant 
purple. Who needs Jim Morrison; I could 
be happy here. 

 Okay, now I was living 
in Sierra Madre among the trees and 
flowers (also windstorms, fires, and 
Earthquakes); but I had no one to talk 
to. My son, after telling people that he 
was moving so that he could help his 
father (I think he was 7 at the time) was 
productively enrolled at the special Mary 
Ann Frostig School just a couple of miles 
away. The hermit guy had become a quasi-
permanent resident in my house after I 
got a television. Actually he lived across 
the street and one day I say this beautiful 
girl cutting his hair. Really she was more 
than quasi-beautiful and I realized that she 
was the next door neighbor who belonged 
on top of the wedding cake. At that time 
Sierra Madreans made a few extra-dollars 
by doing and selling things to one another.

 I imagined that if he could be 
friends with these people so could I. The 
next time I saw the Bridegroom on the 
street I walked up behind him, squeezed 
his arm and said “You’re the type of guy 
I can beat at anything.” This guy, the 6 
foot four former Detroit Tiger and future 
Cal Tech baseball Coach just looked down 
at me and laughed. Nevertheless, we 
began a series of Sports contests which 
included sports like tennis, raquet ball and 
ping pong that has lasted for twenty five 

 I bring you now to this past 
Thursday. My neighbor has long ago 
broken up with his companion from atop 
the wedding cake and has married another 
beautiful girl who also had a son from a 
prior relationship. Even though we were 
using electric carts I could tell that they 
were annoyed that I walked so slowly. 
When my ball went into the sand trap and 
I followed it in I had trouble climbing out 
and I left huge indentations in the sand 
and probably did an inadequate job of 
raking. How can this be?. The Coach and 
I have watched thirty years of Super Bowls 
together and now even he doesn’t want to 
play with me anymore. Am I to be isolated 

 The next day I practiced a new 
powerful swing beginning my downswing 
with my left knee. By the time I got home 
my right knee was killing me and I had 
to go to the emergency room at Kaiser 
for diagnosis and pain relief. Is this The 
End? (Remember Jim Morrison, maybe I 
need him.) This is my present dilemma. 
Certainly I understand that No one Gets 
Out Alive but am I ready to give up and 
become an isolated, immobile old man? 
As I said at the very beginning there is 
no easy answer; but if you stop by the 
Pasadena Senior Center in the middle of 
the week you may expect to see a dynamite 
player at the table now coming into his 
own. At least I imagine he will be soon 




Throughout the year, 
many days of celebration 
are tucked 
capriciously into the 
calendar. So much so, 
it is hard to find any 
day of the year where 
something or someone is not being observed, 
which has benefited the greeting card company, 
you can be sure. I am not positive, but 
I think they have had a great deal to do with 
designating these days.

Some days are celebrated a little more enthusiastically 
than others. The Fourth of July has 
firecrackers; Halloween has funny and scary 
costumes, not to mention bags of candy; and 
Christmas boasts the Christmas tree and jolly 
old St. Nick with all his presents, and it is hard 
to compete with Christmas parties when it 
comes to celebrations.

And we come to Mother's Day. According to 
experts, more telephone calls are placed on 
Mother's Day than any other day of the year. 
Also, try to walk into a restaurant and get a 
seat on that certain Sunday.

There is a theory, which I subscribe to personally, 
stating the reason Father's Day is so 
lame is because so much has been spent on 
Mother's Day, there is nothing left.

I think there should be a rule that says, whatever 
Mother's Day costs fathers, mothers 
should spend on Father's Day. This would do 
one of two things; decrease Mother's Day or 
puff Father's Day spending. Personally, I am 
in favor of puffing.

Perhaps with some effort, Father's Day could 
be a little more exciting. I am not saying this 
just because I am a father. Well, maybe I am, 
but if I don't who will?

Fathers in general are rather humble and hesitant 
to speak about themselves. Contrary to 
popular opinion, every father knows talk is 
not cheap, and because he has spent so much 
on Mother's Day, he simply is practicing good 
manners and shuts up.

However, every father needs to know he is 
truly appreciated by his family. Although you 
cannot buy a father, it is possible to rent him 
on occasion.

I am in favor of celebrating Father's Day "any 
which way you can." It really does not matter 
to the father involved. Any father would 
consider his child a "million dollar baby" if he 
or she would just give a Father's Day card to 
him, along with a nice hot cup of coffee while 
sitting in his favorite chair reading the newspaper. 
Nothing the children did throughout 
the year would remain "unforgiven" if something 
this simple were done on Father's Day.

As it stands, Father's Day is celebrated "every 
which way but loose," and I believe it is time 
this has stopped. Too many loose ends concerning 
Father's Day. It is a "true crime" the 
way certain things are left hanging concerning 
fathers. Some fathers have felt like "the 
dead pool" around Father's Day, not knowing 
exactly what to expect.

Mother's Day is rather simple. Every mother 
knows that she will get certain things; flowers, 
a Mother's Day card and dinner at her favorite 

By the time Father's Day comes around everybody 
is so exhausted from Mother's Day, not 
to mention most fathers are broke, nobody 
knows exactly how to make dad's day special 
or, more importantly, who will finance it.

Too many people are uptight about Father's 
Day and feel like they are running "the gauntlet." 
When I say people, I am referring primarily 
to Yours Truly. Nobody seems to know 
what to do about good ole dad on his special 

Fortunately, I have some ideas along this line.

With some of the presents I have received 
over the years, I am beginning to think my 
children imagine me as a "space cowboy," or 
maybe a "high plains drifter" driving around 
in a "pink Cadillac" heading for "the bridges 
of Madison County."

When it comes to being a father, I assure you I 
am not "the rookie" walking on a "tightrope," 
directly "in the line of fire" running toward 
"heartbreak ridge." I have quite a bit of experience 
being a father, going back more than 
40 years.

As a father, I have three children notched on 
my belt. At times, I have felt like "the enforcer" 
and the only way to deal with those children 
was to use "magnum force" and "hang 
'em high."

I must confess at times I felt like a "pale rider" 
sweating it out in the "city heat," realizing 
no matter how hard I try it is not "a perfect 
world" we live in. What would make my 
day, and other fathers' day, would be a present 
I could really use, or at least understand 
without spending an entire day reading the 

In spite of all this, I have discovered one 
thing; being a father is its own reward. The 
Bible puts fatherhood high on the list of important 
positions in life.

David, the Psalmist, put his feelings about 
being a father into familiar words to all who 
have read the Bible. "Lo, children are an heritage 
of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb 
is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of 
a mighty man; so are children of the youth. 
Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of 
them: they shall not be ashamed, but they 
shall speak with the enemies in the gate." 
(Psalm 127:3-5 KJV.)

This year, my advice is, whatever it costs, go 
ahead and make dad's day. He deserves it.

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One of the most important services my district staff performs 
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Our District Office in Pasadena is staffed with field representatives who serve as a 
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The staff is here to assist you. However, it’s probably a good idea to call before 
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The current immigration debate is as much 
political theatre as it is a substantive political 
debate. The Gang of 8 in the U.S. Senate 
has tried to put a bipartisan plan together 
under the promise of fealty to principal and 
the highest standards of faithful give-and-
take. This, they attempted under the heavy 
suspicion that political gamesmanship 
was the real motivation and goal. So it 
was especially disheartening when the 
White House let it slip that they have 
been in control of the entire process from 
the start and have in fact been “playing” 
Senator Marco Rubio. It’s time that a truly 
conservative approach be articulated.

 To do so, we must first put away 
the distortion of political correctness. 
Our country, like many countries, has 
immigrants. Some of them are legal 
in their status, while others are illegal. 
Among both groups are many fine, loving 
people, just as among both groups there 
are many selfish, despicable people. The 
term illegal immigrant does not confer 
any description other than the legal status 
of the person’s presence in this country. It 
does not demean their personhood, the 
fact that they are made, like all of us, in 
God’s image, or their moral character. But 
the distinction is also not trivial. 

 We have a set of immigration laws in 
this country, just as we have a set of driving 
laws and business laws. We can debate the 
wisdom of any given law – or even the entire 
body of laws – but they were duly enacted 
by our elected representatives. Laws need 
to be enforced or the whole concept of law-
making is jeopardized. Moreover, if we do 
not enforce our laws, we mock and demean 
those who chose to obey them. If we do not 
enforce traffic laws, allowing some people 
to run red lights without consequences, 
then we signal to those who stopped at the 
red light that they are “suckers”. There is a 
very long line of people in other countries 
waiting to emigrate to the U.S. legally who 
are beginning to think that they are succors 
for having obeyed our process. 

 We also live in a dangerous age where 
improvised explosive devices (IEDs), 
shoulder mounted anti-aircraft missile 
launchers, and potentially a dirty bomb, 
have been and could be walked across 
an unsecure border. We do not have the 
luxury of ignoring the borders any more 
than we have the luxury of ignoring people 
who board planes at our airports. It is sane, 
moral and eminently rational to secure the 
border in such a way as to protect all who 
live here (native and immigrant) from a 
terrorist attack.

 Our country has also decided that 
some amount of financial aid is to be paid 
citizens who are unable to achieve a certain 
standard of living. Again, we can debate 
what that level is, but establishing a level and 
establishing a qualification to receive that 
aid is rational. It is not immoral or racist. 
We have limited resources, and to allow 
anyone – irrespective of their citizenship 
or legal status in the country - to take aid 
is to deprive those whom are legitimately 
eligible. In short, we will run out of money 
if immigration is not managed to some 

appropriate level.

 Many criticisms 
against conservatives in 
the immigration debate 
accuse us of being 
racist and insensitive 
to the poor. The first is 
slander, the second is demonstrably false. 
Conservatives do not care what color 
or nationality the illegal immigrant is. 
Conservatives care that illegal immigration 
demeans our legal system, mocks those 
who chose to obey the law, jeopardizes our 
safety and threatens our financial solvency. 
That’s not racist. 

 As far as the insensitivity argument 
goes, I would suggest that it is the liberal, 
Democratic position which is truly 
insensitive. Every study has shown that the 
major beneficiaries of illegal immigration 
are the companies that employ the illegal 
immigrant’s cheaper labor. Likewise, every 
study has shown that the poor are hurt 
the most. It is, after all, the wage paid the 
unskilled worker – whether manned by an 
inner-city minority or a recently arrived 
legal immigrant – which is most affected. 
By and large, the biggest economic victims 
of illegal immigration are inner-city blacks 
and Hispanics, most of whom are here 
legally. It is their hourly wage rate which 
is driven down by illegal immigration. 
Conservatives, not Liberals, are the ones 
looking out for the little guy in this debate.

 Lastly, despite the lies to the contrary, 
there are very few conservatives who want 
11 million illegal immigrants rounded 
up and forcibly deported. We realize 
the numbers are just too vast to handle, 
but at the same time, we do not want to 
have another group of 11 million illegal 
immigrants in the country, working in the 
shadows, 20 or 30 years from now. The 1986 
Immigration Reform Act was supposed 
to prevent just such a recurrence when it 
was enacted. We, the voters, stupidly took 
politicians at their word when we were told 
then that border enforcement would follow 
legalization. The truth, we learned, was 
that once legalization occurred, there was 
no political will to enforce anything.

 The conservative position is as follows: 
we need a coherent immigration system 
which is enforced. The border needs to 
be secure to reinforce the rule of law and 
protect us from terrorists. Those who are 
currently here illegally need to be given 
some legitimate – but not easy – method 
to earn the right to stay and matriculate to 
full status as a loyal citizen of this country. 
Lastly, because we don’t trust politicians to 
keep their promises, we’re asking that the 
border be secured before we agree to allow 
those who are currently here illegally to 
attain the right to remain legally. Simple, 
logical and fair. The high road here belongs 
to the Conservatives. 

About the author: Gregory J. Welborn 
is a freelance writer and has spoken to 
several civic and religious organizations 
on cultural and moral issues. He lives in 
the Los Angeles area with his wife and 3 
children and is active in the community. He 
can be reached 

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