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Possible Pit Bulls on the 
Loose after Violent Attack


By Dean Lee

 Pasadena Humane Society 
officials are looking for two 
dogs, believed to be pit bulls 
that violently attacked a four-
month old puppy leaving the 
dog with a life threatening 
gash along her neck. Two men 
trying to help were also left with 
minor bites. 

 The two dogs, one described 
as an orange and black pit bull, 
the other a charcoal and black 
pit bull are still on the loose. 
One of the dogs had a collar a 
witness said. 

 According to reports, 
Pasadena resident Courtney 
Gomez and her grandfather 
were walking her dog Molly 
Monday, near Michillinda 
Avenue and Mountain View 
Avenue, when two other dogs 
suddenly attacked. 

 “It just grabbed her by the neck 
and stated pulling her away,” 
Gomez told KTLA 5 News. “I 
punched the dog in the face like 
four times trying to get it to let 

 Gomez said at one point, the 
aggressive dog pulled the puppy 
completely away from her, “he 
was just shaking her. Blood was 
just everywhere.”

 Reports also said that a couple 
diving by saw the attack and 
stopped to help. The Good 
Samaritan freed the puppy 
using an umbrella to wedge 
the dog’s mouth open. He was 
bitten in the process. Gomez’ 
grandfather was also bitten 
trying to free the puppy.

 The puppy was rushed to the 
vet and had surgery. She is 
expected to survive. 

 Anyone with information is 
being asked to call the Pasadena 
Humane Society at (626) 792-

 Assemblymember Chris 
Holden said Wednesday 
he would introduce a joint 
resolution with the California 
Legislative Black Caucus 
urging a boycott on traveling 
to Florida or doing business in 
the Sunshine State in the wake 
of the not guilty verdict in the 
shooting of Trayvon Martin. 

 The resolution would urge a 
repeal of Florida’s “stand-your-
ground” law, he said.

 Hold released the following 
statement, “When I heard the 
verdict last weekend, I was 
disappointed and saddened. 
Another young black child 
is dead and nobody is being 
held accountable. It is a true 
nightmare scenario for every 
black parent in America, and 
a sad commentary on racial 
injustice in this country.

 While sitting in a downtown 
Los Angeles courthouse 
waiting to be called for jury 
duty earlier this week, I thought 
‘What do we do now’? I urge 
the Department of Justice to 
investigate civil-rights charges 
against Zimmerman and it 
is my sincere hope that the 
tragic death of Trayvon Martin 
compels legislators in Florida 
and other states to put an end 
to stand-your-ground laws. 
I keep asking myself - didn’t 
Trayvon Martin have a right to 
also stand his ground? What 
were Trayvon Martin’s rights? 

 Until then, I plan to plan 
to introduce a Resolution 
on behalf of the California 
Legislative Black Caucus 
urging a boycott of Florida, and 
encouraging all organizations, 
businesses, and families who 
would normally do business 
with or travel to Florida to 
consider patronizing other 
states; it’s just not safe to travel 
in Florida until the law is 

 The death of Trayvon Martin 
is a tragedy that will reverberate 
across the country. My heart 
is heavy, but I continue to 
believe that a peaceful, lawful 
solution is the only answer. By 
boycotting Florida tourism, 
conventions, and conferences 
we send a clear message that 
the death of an unarmed black 
teenager cannot be tolerated.”


Group Protests over Zimmerman Verdict

By Dean Lee

 Over 100 people gathered 
Wednesday night at the First 
African Methodist Episcopalian 
Church of Pasadena to protest 
the acquittal of neighborhood 
watch coordinator George 
Zimmerman by a Florida jury. 
The group wrote letters to 
elected officials, held a bible 
study and prayed. 

 The night ended with a march, 
wearing hoodies, through the 
streets of Northwest Pasadena.

 “I understand you are going to 
have a peaceful march today in 
recognition of Trayvon Martin,” 
said Pasadena Police Lt. Ed 
Calatayud. “We are supportive 
of you and your peaceful march. 
We just wanted the opportunity 
to come out and introduce 

 Before walking the 
neighborhood in a six block 
circle singing gospel songs 
and praying, Reverend Nikia 
Robert and Reverend Melanie 
Mays called the group to action 
preaching their perspective of 
what it means to wear a hoodie.

 “To wear a hoodie in America, 
a once token that represented 
white supremacy, and on the 
other side represented black 
cowardliness, so today we 
reclaim the symbolism of the 
hoodie.” Robert said. “We wear 
our hoodie today in solidarity to 
say that we are not suspicious. 
But that we are God’s creation, 
and that we are worthy of justice 
irregardless of the color of our 

 Martin wore a hoodie Feb. 26, 
2012 the night he was killed. 
Some believe Zimmerman 
actions were related to the garb. 

 Protesters also wore t-shirts 
with Martin’s picture, others 
carried signs that read, “Trayvon 
is every mother’s son.”

 Seventeen year-old Martin was 
killed in Sanford, Florida, by 
Zimmerman during a scuffle. 
Zimmerman had called 911 to 
report “a suspicious person.” 
Before police arrived he short 
Martian, claiming he feared for 
his life. 

 On July 13, a six woman jury 
found Zimmerman not guilty 
based on Florida’s “stand-
your-ground” law. The jurors 
deliberated for more than 16 
hours. They had the choice 
to find Zimmerman guilty of 
second-degree murder or find 
him guilty of manslaughter as 
well as the not guilty verdict.

 The verdict has sparked 
protests, some violent, all over 
the country including locally 
in South Los Angeles where 
protesters blocked off a portion 
of 10 Freeway Sunday night. 
In San Bernardino, 11 people 
were arrested Thursday after 
protesters threw bricks at cars.

Annual Armenian Cultural-
Identity Festival Sunday

 The 6th Annual Armenian 
Identity Festival, organized 
by the Armenian Community 
Coalition of Pasadena, will take 
place this Sunday at Victory 
Park from noon to 7:00pm.

 The day-long cultural activities 
include Armenian folk dances 
in traditional dresses, music 
and Mediterranean food, 
with Armenian flavors. Other 
activities include classic car 
show, judo practices, petting 
zoo and slides for the children.

 Pasadena Mayor Bill 
Bogaard and other City 
Councilmembers and City 
Officials are expected to attend 
along with Congresswomen 
Judy Chu. Information displays 
by several Pasadena City 
Departments are planned.

 The Festival is free and open to 
the general public. 

 There will also be speakers 
representing the different 
organizations that comprise 
the Armenian Community of 
Pasadena. The emphasis this 
year will be Armenian folk 
Dances, music and art. 

 For more info. Contact 626-
399-1799 paccoalition@gmail.

Parks after 
Dark Returns 

 Pasadena’s popular Parks 
after Dark Program returns 
this summer bigger and 
better including, concerts, 
entertainment and movies.

 This family friendly 
program is brought to you 
by the Pasadena Police 
Department and the Human 
Services and Recreation 
Department. Programming 
appropriate for the whole 
family takes place from 
6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., 
each Thursday, Friday and 
Saturday through August 
17, at the following three 

Robinson Park, 1081 North 
Fair Oaks Ave. 

Villa-Parke, 363 East Villa 

 La Pintoresca Teen Center, 
1415 Raymond Ave. 

 Free fun and activities 
range from men’s basketball, 
evening recreational 
swimming, teen co-ed 
basketball, youth and adult 
soccer leagues to Latin dance 
sessions, cooking classes, 
concerts, entertainment and 
movies. Free snacks will be 
available too. 

 Parks After Dark is offered 
at no cost to area residents. 
For more information, 
please contact Efrain 
Montes at (626) 744-8334 or 
net; or Bill Davis at (626) 
744-6523 or bdavis@

ARTS Buses Service 
Changes Take Effect 

Michael Feinstein Extends 
Contract with POPS

As part of an ongoing effort 
to improve and increase local 
transit services, Pasadena’s Area 
Rapid Transit System (ARTS) 
buses, began service changes, 
this month, including changes 
to Route 10, Route 20 and Route 

Changes include: 

 More direct service along 
Colorado Boulevard in the 
Central District for Route 10 

 Increased frequency of service 
on the heavily used Route 20 

 Schedule adjustments on 
Route 51/52 in response to 
riders’ requests. 

 Route 10 will now operate 
on Colorado Blvd. in both 
directions between Pasadena 
Avenue and Lake Avenue, 
improving the connection 
between Old Pasadena and 
City Hall to the Playhouse and 
South Lake Districts. Bus stops 
will be located nearly every 
block or two along both sides 
of Colorado Boulevard. Route 
10 will still service a portion of 
Green Street between Orange 
Grove Boulevard and Pasadena 

 Extra bus service is also 
coming to Route 20, the City’s 
most popular route with more 
than 700,000 passengers a 
year traveling along its service 
corridor of Lake Avenue and 
Fair Oaks Avenue. As part 
of a three-year, $1.9 million 
federal grant, the City is adding 
bus service in both directions 
during the weekdays. Route 
20 provides direct connections 
to four Metro Gold Line 
stations, numerous other bus 
lines, key commercial and 
entertainment areas, medical 
destinations, employment 
centers, schools, and numerous 
other destinations in Pasadena. 

 Riders on Route 51/52 will 
notice a schedule adjustment 
to improve on-time arrival 
performance. Based on 
customer input, many of the 
scheduled “stop times” on this 
route have been shifted—in 
some cases by several minutes—
so all riders are advised to check 
updated schedules on the City’s 
website. This route serves Old 
Pasadena, the South Raymond 
corridor, both Art Center 
College of Design campuses 
and JPL. 

 For more information on 
these service changes, please 
artsbus or call (626) 744-4055.


 Pasadena Symphony 
Association President Diane 
Rankin and Chief Executive 
Officer Paul Jan Zdunek 
announced, last week, the 
extension of Principal Pops 
Conductor Michael Feinstein’s 
contract through 2016. His 
current contract was for a 
1-year term,

 Fresh off the heels with rave 
reviews for his conducting debut 
to capacity crowds on June 1st, 
the leadership of the Pasadena 
Symphony Association 
immediately offered Feinstein 
a multi-year contract extension. 
The decision represents a 
confident commitment to 
Feinstein and support for his 
vision for the Pasadena POPS 
Summer Concert Series at the 
Los Angeles County Arboretum 
and Botanic Garden.

 “What Michael brings to us and 
our audiences is unparalleled in 
the nation and we are thrilled 
to support his artistic vision,” 
says Paul Jan Zdunek, Chief 
Executive Officer. “Matching 
the chemistry between our 
stellar musicians with Michael 
at the luxuriant Arboretum 
is an experience no one will 
forget,” adding “it’s his expert 
knowledge, humor and joy 
he brings to preserving the 
Great American Songbook on 
the orchestral stage that has 
endeared him immediately to 
our musicians and audience.”

 Feinstein stated, “The 
connection I feel to the musicians 
and making music with them 
at the beautiful Arboretum is 
special. I’m delighted that our 
little experiment of bringing 
a unique brand of pops 
programming has been met 
with such enthusiasm from 
the audience. We are inspired 
to build something new here 
and to share this timeless and 
extraordinary music with the 
entire community.”

 “We are thrilled with 
Michael’s decision to remain 
and grow with the Pasadena 
POPS,” said Diane Rankin, 
President of the Pasadena 
Symphony Association “We 
are so fortunate to continue 
our relationship with such 
an exceptional artist here in 
Pasadena (and beyond!) and to 
be able to experience Michael’s 
uniquely witty, uplifting, and 
entertaining performances for 
three more years.”

Pet of the 

Truffle (A330177) is an 
adult, white and brown 
rabbit. She can be shy at 
first, but warms up quickly. 
She enjoys hopping around 
and exploring her area. 

 Truffle’s adoption fee is 
$30, which includes her 
spay surgery, a microchip, 
the first set of vaccinations, 
as well as a free follow-
up health check at a 
participating vet. New 
adopters will receive 
complimentary health and 
wellness exam from VCA 
Animal Hospitals, as well 
as a goody bag filled with 
information on how to 
care for your pet. Ask an 
adoptions counselor for 
more information during 
your visit. 

 Call the Pasadena 
Humane Society & SPCA at 
626.792.7151 to ask about 
A330177, or visit at 361 S. 
Raymond Ave. in Pasadena. 
Adoption hours are 11-4 
Sunday, 9-5 Tuesday –
Friday, 9-4 Saturday. Pets 
may not be available for 
adoption and cannot be 
held for potential adopters 
from phone calls or email. 
Directions and photos of all 
pets can be found at www.

PCC Names 
New HR 

Rose Bowl Brick Naming 
Campaign Announced

 Pasadena City College last 
week named Julianna Mosier 
as its new supervisor for 
Human Resources.

 “I am very excited to be 
joining the Pasadena City 
College family and the Human 
Resources department team,” 
Mosier said.

 Mosier comes to PCC from 
the College of the Canyons, 
where she was the senior 
HR Generalist Project 
Coordinator. She oversaw all 
public records act requests, 
as well as the redesigning of 
the HR Internet and Intranet 

 As HR supervisor, Mosier will 
plan, manage, evaluate and 
oversee the work of technical 
and administrative HR staff, 
including recruitment and 
selection of HR’s management 

 “I’m looking forward to 
building strong, collaborative 
working relationships here 
on campus and helping the 
Human Resources department 
provide exceptional service to 
all faculty, staff and managers,” 
she said.


 The Pasadena Tournament 
of Roses, in a joint effort with 
Legacy Connections, announce 
the launch of the Brick 
Campaign at the Rose Bowl 

 The Brick Campaign will allow 
fans of the Rose Bowl Game® and 
Rose Bowl Stadium to purchase 
personalized pavers and bricks 
that will be incorporated into 
the iconic plaza in front of Gate 
A, leading to the main entrance 
of the stadium. 

 “We are excited to invite 
college football fans to 
celebrate the 100th edition 
of The Granddaddy of Them 
All® one brick at a time,” said 
Tournament of Roses President, 
Scott Jenkins. “The Rose Bowl 
Game and its memories have 
touched so many lives from 
across the country for over 
a century and we feel this is 
a wonderful way for people 
to leave a legacy at the foot of 
America’s Stadium.” 

 There will be approximately 
27,500 bricks as part of the 
mosaic design varying in size 
and finishing. Bricks will range 
in price from $100 to $425 with 
optional incentives including 
replicas and display cases. Fans 
can choose from text-only 
designs or text and logo options. 
Public sale will begin in August 
with project installation slated 
for April 2014. 

 The Brick Campaign will be 
co-managed by the Tournament 
of Roses Association and 
Legacy Connections, a non-
profit fundraising organization 
comprised of community 
volunteers and private citizens 
committed to preserving 
the history of the Rose Bowl 
Stadium and ensuring its 
viability for decades to come. 

 On January 1, 2014, the 
100th edition of the Rose Bowl 
Game will feature champions 
from the Big Ten and Pac-12 
Conferences. For additional 
information on the Brick 
Campaign and how you can 
support the Rose Bowl legacy, 

Neighborhood Learning 
Institute Free, 10-week Class


 Applications are due by 5:00 
p.m., Monday, August 5, 2013 
for the Pasadena Neighborhood 
Leadership Institute, a free, 10-
week program offered by the 
Human Services and Recreation 
Department’s Neighborhood 
Connections Division. Classes 
begin September 10, 2013.

 Completed applications need 
to be mailed or hand delivered 
to the Jackie Robinson 
Community Center, 1020 N. 
Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena, 
CA 91103. Applications also 
can be faxed to (626) 396-
7782; or by email to wsyms@ Postmarks 
by the 5:00 p.m. Aug. 5 deadline 
will be accepted.

 Pasadena Neighborhood 
Leadership Institute is an 
interactive training program 
designed to empower emerging, 
locally based leaders by:

 Developing leadership and 
communication skills

Teaching them to work 
effectively in a group to effect 
positive change

Building relationships with City 
officials and assistance agencies

Providing the tools to influence 
decision-makers and make a 

 Applications are available 
at the Jackie Robinson 
Community Center, 1020 N 
Fair Oaks Ave.; Robinson Park 
Recreation Center, 1081 N. 
Fair Oaks Ave.; Villa-Parke 
Community Center, 363 E. Villa 
St.; Victory Park Center, 2575 
Paloma St.; City Hall, Room 
N255, 100 N. Garfield Ave.; and 
at the Flintridge Center, 236 W. 
Mountain St., Suite 106.

 For more information, contact 
William Syms, Neighborhood 
Connections program manager, 
at (626) 744-7295 or by email to