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Charges Filed Against 
Boarding House Operators


 Criminal complaints were filed 
last week charging two people 
with 192 misdemeanor charges 
in connection with illegal 
boarding home operations at 
389 Ashtabula Street according 
to city officials

In a statement city officials 
said, the criminal complaint, 
filed by the City Attorney-City 
Prosecutor’s Office included 
96 counts each against Dave 
Wohlman and Felicia Edelman 
based on their roles as operators 
of the illegal boarding home 
known as “Uncle Dave’s Sober 

 The charges span illegal 
operations from April 9, 
2013 through Aug. 29, 2013, 
and include violations of the 
California Fire Code and the 
Pasadena Municipal Code. The 
two owners are being notified of 
the charges and will be noticed 
to appear in court on September 
12, 2013. The charges were 
filed in the Pasadena Branch of 
Los Angeles County Superior 

 The charges were filed this 
week after City officials served 
an inspection warrant on 
Thursday morning, August 29, 
2013 at the Ashtabula address. 
The inspection warrant was 
approved by the Los Angeles 
County Superior Court for 
service without prior notice and 
also allowed for forcible entry 
into the premises. Pasadena 
Police Department Officers 
secured the premises and 
kept tenants outside while the 
inspection occurred. No forced 
entry occurred.

Multiple life-safety issues in 
violation of the state Fire Code 
were discovered during the 
Aug. 29 inspection which also 
found beds for as many as 27 
occupants inside the two-story, 
single-family residence. During 
the Aug. 29 inspection, several 
tenants were interviewed and 
videotaped while others were 
interviewed without being on 

 The property was referred 
to the City’s C.R.A.S.H. 
(Community Resources 
Against Substandard Housing) 
Team in June, 2012 after other 
efforts for code compliance 
failed. The C.R.A.S.H. Team 
was unsuccessful in getting the 
owners to bring the property 
into compliance with state and 
local laws.

The C.R.A.S.H. Team is a multi-
departmental team from Fire, 
Code Enforcement, Building 
Safety, Health, Police, City 
Prosecutor and the Humane 
Society who handle “problem 
locations” with two or more 
potential violations under state 
or local regulations. The team 
is committed to preserving the 
quality of life in the City and 
the safety and security of all 
residents through enforcement 
of applicable laws.


 The city council, on Monday 
at their regular meeting, is set 
to discuss new rules for archery 
activities at the archery range 
within the area of the Lower 
Arroyo Seco between the 
Colorado and La Loma Street 

 According to the city staff 
report, the city will work with 
the Pasadena Roving Archers 
(PRA) to reach an agreement 
that would include the following 
as key elements: 

 1. Maintain use of the entire 
existing southern archery range 
for archery purposes; 

 2. Install and maintain hard 
barriers (consisting of rocks and 
natural plantings) to prevent 

 access to the archery range for 
uses other than archery; 

 3. Permanent signage should 
be developed and installed; 

 4. Eliminate proposed 
requirement for a photo 

 5. Safety training and on-site 
monitoring should be provided; 

 6. Analyze project adequately 
for any environmental impacts; 

 7. Implement additional safety 
measures consistent with the 
Pasadena Police Department 
recommendations to ensure 
safety of the archery range when 
not being operated by the PRA. 

 President, Pasadena Roving 
Archers, Gary Spiers stated that 
the club is in support of the city’s 
proposal saying, “the city is no 
longer proposing restrictions on 
the archery range but is basically 
following the recommendations 
of the Recreation and Parks 

 He explained, “The revised 
proposal calls for continued 
use of the archery range as 
a full time archery range, 
incorporation of the range rules 
into Pasadena Municipal Code, 
the improvement of signage, 
eliminating the unofficial hiking 
path between targets, improving 
the perimeter of the range and 
require archers using the range 
during periods of public use 
to have taken a range safety 

 Pasadena City College 
officials released a statement 
this week announcing that the 
college would immediately 
investigate claims made by 
former Humanities Instructor 
Hugo Schwyzer that he had 
sex with multiple students 
while teaching at the school.

 “Such conduct, if confirmed 
as true, would be a grave 
violation of college policy 
warranting termination,” said 
PCC General Counsel Gail 
Cooper. “The college does 
not in any way condone or 
tolerate such conduct by any 
faculty member. All of us in 
the college are outraged by Mr. 
Schwyzer’s statements about 
his conduct.”

 Cooper also said she would 
hold Schwyzer accountable for 
his actions while an employee.

 In a blog post Sept. 5 at, Schwyzer 
said, “Until recently, I 
maintained that I had stopped 
having sex with students 
enrolled in my classes in 1998. 
That is not true; I started 
sleeping with students again in 

 He also admitted to having 
sex, with an undisclosed 
number of student as recent as 

 Schwyzer made national 
headlines earlier this year 
after inviting two porn stars, 
PCC alumnus James Deen 
and Jessica Drake to speak in 
a class he called “Navigating 
Pornography.” PCC officials 
have said no such class was 
officially taught at the college.

 On Thursday Schwyzer 
used Twitter to announce he 
would stop teaching at PCC, 
“I’m stepping down from my 
teaching post at Pasadena City 
College,” he wrote.

Red Light 

 ‘Run a Red Light and 
you will be cited’

The Pasadena Police 
Department will be 
conducting a Red Light 
Enforcement Program on 
Friday, September 20, 2013. 
This enforcement detail will 
be deployed throughout the 
City of Pasadena. The hours 
of operation will be from 
06:00 A.M to 1:00 P.M. 

 The Pasadena Police 
Department is committed 
to reducing the number of 
traffic collisions resulting 
from drivers running 
red lights or driving 
aggressively. The ultimate 
goal is to enforce and 
educate the driving public 
at the same time reducing 
serious injuries and fatal 

 A red light means stop 
at the stop line, crosswalk 
or before the intersection. 
Unless you are making a 
right turn, you must wait 
for the green light before 
you proceed. After making 
a complete stop, you may 
turn right on a red light if 
the intersection/crosswalk 
is clear of pedestrians and 
traffic. However, if the 
intersection is posted with 
a “No Right Turn on Red” 
sign, you must wait for 
a green light before any 
turning movement. 

 Funding for this program 
was provided by a grant 
from the California Office 
of Traffic Safety, through the 
National Highway Traffic 
Safety Administratio

After being closed for two weeks 
for serious health violations, 
the popular restaurant, 
Burger Continental reopened 
Wednesday —newly painted, 
fixed refrigeration and after 
spraying the eatery for pests.

 “Everything is the same, 
the menu is the same, it [the 
restaurant] just got better that’s 
all” Burger Continental owner 
Harry Hindoyan said. “We just 
renovated the place.”

 According to Pasadena 
Director of Public Health Eric 
Walsh the restaurant put in 
new equipment and fixed faulty 
refrigerators as well as painting 
the inside and spraying for 

 Burger Continental was shut 
down Aug. 28 after inspectors 
found a long list of health 
violations that included 
unsanitary equipment, unsafe 
food temperatures and 

 According to city staff, Burger 
Continental has a health 
department score of 61 out of 
100. There were a total of 56 
violations, 14 critical and 42 
non-critical. As of Wednesday, 
Hindoyan has until Oct. 
15 to fix eight remaining 
violations. The restaurant will 
be reevaluated during the next 
routine inspection city staff 

 Hindoyan, at first, told 
reporters he thought his 
restaurant was being unfairly 
targeted by city hall for 
comments made by his brother 
that may have offended one of 
the inspectors. 

 The Pasadena Health 
Department has just hired, 
in June, Liza Frias as the 
department’s Environmental 
Health Division Manager. 
Frias worked closely with 
the restaurant staff to bring 
everything into compliance. 

 Burger Continental has been 
located at 535 S Lake Ave for 
43 years. Hindoyan maintained 
that he has never had any 
complaints from customers 
about unsanitary conditions.



Photo: Google Maps

Schiff Remarks on Syrian 
Chemical Weapons

Rep. Adam Schiff, a senior 
member of the Intelligence 
Committee, released the 
following statement Tuesday on 
the recent developments with 
the Russian proposal on Syrian 
chemical weapons:

 “Yesterday, Secretary of State 
John Kerry suggested that a 
U.S. strike on Syria’s chemical 
weapons infrastructure could 
be avoided if Assad gave up his 
chemical weapons stockpile. 
Within hours, the idea was 
picked up by the Russian 
foreign minister who called on 
Syria to put its arsenal of poison 
gas under UN supervision 
and control. The offer may be 
merely a delaying tactic, or an 
attempt to sow division in the 
international community in an 
effort to fend off a military strike. 
Nevertheless the Russians were 
shrewd to make this offer, and 
it would be equally wise for the 
U.S. to pursue this option with 
great vigor.

 “We have a compelling moral 
and humanitarian interest 
in seeing that Bashar Al-
Assad never uses chemical 
weapons again, not against 
Syrian civilians, not against 
anyone. The images of the 
dead and dying, men, women 
and children are indelibly fixed 
in our minds. We also have a 
core national security interest 
in making sure that when the 
Assad regime comes to an end, 
his chemical weapons stockpiles 
do not fall into the wrong 
hands. The worst case scenario 
for the United States would 
be to see Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, 
Hezbollah or similar terrorist 
organizations gain control of 
these weapons and use them 
against us. In the inevitable 
chaos that would follow the 
collapse of the Assad regime, 
this is not an insubstantial fear.

 “A targeted military strike 
would have the capacity to 
deter and degrade the Assad 
regime’s further use of chemical 
weapons. But as I raised in 
a meeting yesterday with 
Secretary Kerry, Ambassador 
Rice, General Dempsey and 
others, it would not address the 
core concern that ultimately 
these stockpiles may fall into the 
wrong hands. United Nations’ 
custody and control of the 
chemical weapons stockpiles 
may be a more effective way 
of ensuring that neither Assad 
nor Al Qaeda ever uses these 
weapons again.

 “The Russians have a poor 
track record when it comes to 
Syria, the U.N., and the use of 
chemical weapons. They have 
repeatedly used their veto in the 
UN Security Council to thwart 
international action to hold 
the Assad regime accountable 
for its use of chemical weapons 
and failed to support even the 
most anodyne statements in 
the UN condemning the use 
of chemical weapons in Syria. 
It must be acknowledged that 
the credible threat of military 
force is the only reason they are 
now advancing this proposal – 
which goes far beyond anything 
they have thus far been willing 
to support.

 “But whatever the motivation, 
we should seize the opportunity 
– as difficult as it may prove in 
the middle of a civil war – to 
bring about UN control over one 
of the world’s largest chemical 
weapons stockpiles. The effort 
to place, and ultimately destroy, 
these stockpiles under UN 
supervision will once again put 
the United States and all of our 
traditional allies including the 
British on the same page. 

 “The Assad regime still needs to 
be held accountable for its war 
crimes. A hundred thousand 
people have been killed and the 
regime has violated a century 
old prohibition on the use of 
chemical weapons. But our 
immediate, overriding concern 
must be the cessation of the 
use of chemical weapons and 
the imposition of UN control 
over them as soon as possible. 
Working with the international 
community, including the 
Russians, to bring about the 
cease fire necessary to secure 
these weapons holds the 
potential of putting the conflict 
back on the track of a negotiated 
resolution – the only true hope 
of ending the civil war.”

Pet of the 

Decorative Crafts Event 
Comes to Pasadena

 Bandit is a charming, four-
month-old black kitten. He 
qualifies for our Lucky 13 
Black Cat Adoption event 
on Friday, September 13 in 
which his adoption fee is 
reduced to $13. 

 Bandit’s normal adoption 
fee is $70, which includes 
his neuter surgery, a 
microchip, the first set of 
vaccinations, as well as 
a free follow-up health 
check at a participating vet. 
New adopters will receive 
complimentary health and 
wellness exam from VCA 
Animal Hospitals, as well 
as a goody bag filled with 
information on how to 
care for your pet. Ask an 
adoptions counselor for 
more information during 
your visit. 

 Call the Pasadena 
Humane Society & SPCA at 
626.792.7151 to ask about 
A336910, or visit at 361 S. 
Raymond Ave. in Pasadena. 
Adoption hours are 11-4 
Sunday, 9-5 Tuesday –
Friday, 9-4 Saturday. Pets 
may not be available for 
adoption and cannot be 
held for potential adopters 
from phone calls or email. 
Directions and photos of all 
pets can be found at www.

The Contemporary Crafts 
Market comes to the Pasadena 
Convention Center November 
1-3, 2013. Returning as the 
West Coast’s premiere event 
for one-of-a-kind functional 
and decorative crafts, the 
November market will 
feature the distinctive works 
of approximately 200 of the 
nation’s finest artists -- ranging 
from intricate jewelry, unique 
glassware and ceramics to 
hand-painted textiles, custom 
furniture, mixed-media 
creations and much more. All 
items on display and for sale 
have been jury-selected for 
their exceptional quality. 

 “Each year, the Contemporary 
Crafts Market provides 
shoppers and collectors with 
some of the finest craft pieces 
from across the United States,” 
said Roy Helms, founder of the 
Contemporary Crafts Market 
and past president of the 
American Craft Enterprises, the 
marketing arm of the American 
Crafts Council. “This market 
will be no exception, with a 
truly extraordinary array of 
pieces available to visitors that 
are perfect gifts for family and 

 The Contemporary Crafts 
Market is a carefully juried show 
featuring fine crafts and quality 
functional and decorative 
arts. The exhibitors undergo 
a rigorous screening process 
to qualify as participants in 
the show. All artwork must be 
quality hand-made designs and 
be represented by the artist.

 Helms has continually sought 
to raise awareness of fine 
crafts as a serious art form by 
highlighting talented artists, 
including many whose works 
can be found in national and 
international museums and 
galleries. For nearly three 
decades, the Contemporary 
Crafts Market has done a great 
deal to bring greater recognition 
and appreciation to the crafts 
profession by challenging 
America’s perception of 
handmade art. 

 “The level of quality and 
originality of crafts being 
produced by participating 
artists has superseded itself year 
after year attracting new craft 
and folk art audiences,” added 

District to hold 
PARK(ing) Day 

 On Friday, September 20th 
from 12 Noon to 4p.m., 
Pasadena will be celebrating 
PARK(ing) Day with two 
installations in the heart of the 
Playhouse District.

 PARK(ing) Day is an annual 
international event where 
citizens and artists collaborate 
to improve the public realm by 
transforming parking spaces 
into public places. You’ll 
find our temporary parklets 
on both the north and south 
sides of Colorado Blvd. - 
between El Molino and Oak 
Knoll. One will be outside of 
Vroman’s Bookstore and Zeli’s 
Coffee Bar where the one day 
parklet will showcase local 
artists and musicians. The 
other can be found outside of 
Yahaira’s Café at Arcade Lane 
where they will be serving 
sangria (non-alcoholic), iced 
tea and quesadillas from their 
parklet dining space.

 This is a joint effort involving 
multiple community members 
with contributions from 
La Loma Landscaping, Cal 
Poly Pomona Landscape 
Architecture students and 
the Playhouse District