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Book Reviews by Jasmine Kelsey Williams 


“Short Term 12” is a moving drama about Grace (Brie Larson), a fierce yet 
fragile twenty-something year-old supervisor at a foster-care facility for at-risk 
teenagers. In addition to navigating through the trouble waters at the group 
home, she is dealing with her own personal issues and difficult past. However, 
by her side is her long-term boyfriend and co-worker, Mason (John Gallagher 

When a problematic teenage girl enters the facility, Grace is reminded of her past that she’s tried 
to put behind her. This leads to an electric connection 
between the two girls. With a subject matter that is 
often ominous and multifarious, “Short Term 12” easily 
finds the balance of drama and humor in the most 
unexpected scenarios. Destin Daniel Cretton’s second 
feature film (adapted from his own short film) supplies 
superb performances, razor-sharp writing, and stunning 
direction. “Short Term 12” is sincerely poignant and an 
exceptional movie going experience that should not be 
missed by film lovers of all ages.

Brie Larson is going to be the next big star. Her portrayal of Grace, the leader at the group home, is 
simply marvelous. I hate to even call it a “performance” because she basically sinks so deep into this 
character that it feels overwhelmingly real. The entire film doesn’t seem like a work of fiction, but as 
if we’re watching the lives of real people as the cameras shoot their daily lives. Larson is a revelation 
and this breakthrough accomplishment will undoubtedly put her on everyone’s radar in Hollywood. 
As for the film itself, “Short Term 12” is nothing short of extraordinary. Deeply emotional, severely 
emphatic, and dashes of authentic humor mixed in for good measure, “Short Term 12” quite possibly 
may just be a masterpiece. All the supporting players are terrific as they are uniformly convincing in 
their given roles. “Short Term 12” packs every kind of punch possible and each one is a knockout.

If there’s anything wrong with “Short Term 12,” I couldn’t find it. The whole film works like magic. 
It’s a prime example of not only what independent filmmaking is truly all about, but also all cinema 
alike. It will move you, send chills down through your body, and may even have you shedding a 
tear or two. At the same token, it’ll toss a few laughs your way, inspire you, and have you leaving the 
theater with a smile. If that’s not a rare experience these days, I don’t know what it is. “Short Term 12” 
is the best American film of 2013 so far. 

Grade: 5 out of 5

 The second week of September comes upon us, and that 
means we continue with the fantastical worlds and words of 
William Joyce and his Guardians of Childhood series; this 
time with Book Two: “E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior 
Eggs at the Earth’s Core!” Never lacking in tone, pacing, or 
the fun adventures, this story picks up where Book One 
left off, from the previously told story of Nicholas St. North 
and his battle with Pitch, the Nightmare King. The thrills 
continue in Book Two when the characters of North, Ombric, 
and Katherine discover that Pitch is up to his devious ways, 
and are instructed from the Man in the Moon, to not just 
stop him, but also to gain help from an unlikely source. Along 
with the appearance of the village children and the return of 
Nightlight; these heroes will take the reader on new journey, 
complete with details, new information, more backstories, and 
finally the appearance of the new ally, E. Aster Bunnymund, 
the last of the legendary race called Pookas. 

 Readers (especially young readers) will be delighted at 
this new addition, and how the story starts to take on a stronger and possibly darker turn as 
Pitch the Nightmare King is not just growing stronger, but also at the challenge of E. Aster 
Bunnymund being reluctant to aid our heroes while also being rather elusive. Again, William 
Joyce has worked his magic, adding in new illustrations and noticeable changes in perspectives 
from the various characters; shorter chapters connect seamlessly to longer chapters, while the 
chapters themselves switch between characters to show the actions taken at the time, while 
building up to the exciting climatic battle. Intended for younger readers aged 7 to 11, Book 
Two of the “Guardians of Childhood” series will continue to kindle that youthful spark in your 
young readers, or to ignite it even in some older readers. Copyrighted in 2012, and receiving 
praise from various critics as well as Booklist, “E. Aster Bunnmymund and the Warrior Eggs at 
the Earth’s Core!” is sure to indulge your inner child to continue believe in magic, adventure, 
and dreams. Also, keep an eye out for next week’s review, as well as checking out the film “Rise 
of the Guardians”, which features a stellar cast which includes Hugh Jackman as the voice of E. 
Aster Bunnymund.

Written and Directed by: 

 Destin Cretton

Rated R for language and brief sexuality

Release Date: 

 August 23rd, 2013 (limited)