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Sierra Madre Rotarians 
and Interactors met 
at Kersting Court on 
Saturday Oct. 26 to 
“March to End Polio.” 
The walkers: Marilyn 
Diaz, Kris Poulsen, 
John Stubbs, John 
Harabedian, Maria 
Stubbs, Walter Poser, 
Gregory Alle, Doug 
Kerns, Dave Ruprecht, 
Dan Alle, Julie Allie, 
Peggy Beauregard. Of 
course, a “ Hi” to Neil the 
pig was included. Peggy 
Beauregard collected 
funds in Kersting Court. 
Contributors received 
a shirt or donut and 
a picture. For every 
dollar donated, The 
Bill and Melinda Gates 
Foundation matches with three dollars. Our goal is to raise $2,500, which will be matched for a grand 
total of $10,000. Thanks to generous contributors, both within and outside of Rotary, we have raised 
$2,255.00 so far. Please consider making a difference to children who are not immunized against polio 
at birth. Last year Rotarians immunized 107,000,000 children on National Immunization Day (NID). 
Please mail your tax-deductible contribution to Rotary International, PO Box 863, Sierra Madre, CA 
91025 and note “Polio Walk” on the memo line of your check. Thank you for your consideration.

Laurence Edward Daniels

October 15, 1947 –October 19, 2013

Former Sierra Madre resident killed in a tragic 
work related accident on the Bay Area Rapid 
Transit System (BART) tracks in Northern 

Laurence Edward Daniels was killed doing one 
of the things he loved most. He was a problem 
solver, an engineer who dedicated his work life to 
making rail travel more efficient and safe. He was 
born in Pasadena California on October 15, 1947. 
He grew up with his parents, Victor and Gertrude 
and his sister Marie-Therese in Sierra Madre. He 
received his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering 
from Santa Clara University in 1970. He married 
Joyce while finishing his degree and had two 
daughters, Sarah and Amber Daniels. He was immediately 
employed by the railroad industry to 
inspect track, starting with the Western Pacific in 
the East Bay. 

He and his family moved across the US so he 
could work for various rail inspection projects. 
They lived in Boise Idaho, Pueblo Colorado and 
Fairfax Virginia, before returning to California in 
1993. In each community, Larry made an impact. 
He coached and played soccer, played Rugby, 
golfed, and always had an active workshop in the 
garage. He was particularly enamored of creating 
and building things in his workshop, from 
amazing trellises for his gardens, to renovating 
the houses where he lived. He rarely sat still, 
unless it was to read a good book. He was an avid 
reader of biographies and historical information. 
He was always looking to figure out how things 
and people were put together. 

After he returned to California, he started 
his own consulting firm, Daniels Railroad 
Engineering. He worked on rail projects all over 
the US and the world, helping improve and grow 
rail systems. Included in his projects were the 
English Channel Tunnel, the Kowloon-Canton 
Railway in China and the Singapore Mass Transit 
Project. He was a pioneer in many areas of the 
rail industry, most especially maglev rail projects. 
He also served on the Board of El Dorado and 
Sacramento Railway Historical Society and 
helped preserve and implement historical rail 
projects in the Sacramento Valley. 

In 1996 he and his wife separated and in 2006 he 
met his second love, Betty Keever. Betty and 

Larry were ogether until the time of his death. 
He and Betty moved to Oakland in 2011 with 
their snuggly dog Oliver. He and Betty traveled 
widely, exploring the country and laughing often. 
Larry was Betty’s “Number 1”. Larry also played 
golf and played in semi-pro tournaments.

Larry was an incredibly generous man, who was 
described by many close to him as “wonderful, 
kind and extremely supportive”. He worked 
hard at whatever he did and loved to share the 
knowledge he had acquired. He cared deeply 
for the people in his life and would go out of 
his way to plan adventures for loved ones. His 
family speaks animatedly of a Segway trip last 
Thanksgiving around Lake Merritt that Larry 
planned, of how much fun they had, the stories 
they told. Larry always planned these excursions 
and field trips meticulously, ensuring that every 
possible activity was included and that the 
weather conditions would be perfect. He enjoyed 
making others happy and doing things for others 
wherever he could. He would often insist that 
people treat themselves on his dime. 

Larry is survived by his life partner, Betty his 
sister Marie -Therese, his daughters Amber and 
Sarah, nephews Erick and Marck and his dog 

The family requests that in lieu of flowers, please 
send memorial donations to Genesis, an east bay 
transportation and social justice organization 
(1904 Franklin St, Suite 709, Oakland CA 94612); 
OR the Folsom, El Dorado and Sacramento 
Historic Railroad Association (198 Wool St, 
Folsom, CA 95630) or a non profit organization 
that would be meaningful for individuals.

By Deanne Davis

“I don’t mind going back to daylight saving time. With inflation, the hour will be the only thing I’ve 
saved all year.” Victor Borge 

It’s possible Victor Borge was the only person on the planet who was excited about Daylight Shifting 
Time! All sorts of cheerful people tell us how marvelous it is we’re getting another hour of sleep. Bah! 

In any case, Monday was a glorious day. We’ve adjusted a bit to the time change and are somewhat less 
out of sorts and, as there was a little rain during the night, it was a beautiful morning; foggy, a pleasant 
56 degrees, and so quiet at 6:30 a.m. Monday was also the first day I was going to go for a walk after 
having a little arthroscopic knee surgery last Wednesday. I say “a little” as that’s how my knee guy, 
the amazing orthopedist, Richard Vanis, put it: “I’ll just take a look in there and if there’s anything to 
fix, I’ll fix it!” And he did. But I was still clutching the hand of the ever patient and supportive John.

We headed off on one of 
our favorite walks, down 
Alegria to Canon and 
then into the Canyon. The 
Halloween pumpkins, 
which are still out in a lot of 
yards, are turning into sad 
caricatures of their former 
glorious selves. Scary faces 
now looking like extremely 
old folks with no teeth and 
no dental insurance. The 
uncarved ones will decorate 
the town for months to 
come! We love seeing 
candy canes and snowmen 
intermingled with the 
pumpkins we just can’t bear 
to throw away. 

As we turned onto Canon 
Drive, there down the street 
in front of us was a herd 
of six of our Sierra Madre 
deer, leisurely wandering 
along, nibbling a bit of 
bougainvillea, a little green 
something on the ground 
and just generally enjoying 
the cool, quiet morning as 
much as we were. What an 
unexpected and delightful 
moment! No cars came zooming ‘round the curve, no dogs barked, nothing disturbed these guys as 
they enjoyed their morning constitutional. We followed them quite a ways while one or two stopped 
for a sniff or a bit of leaf then caught up with the rest. Eventually, they wandered up through the 
terraced yard of one of the big old houses there on Canon, up to Sturtevant and back into the hills. 

It’s an awesome thing to follow a small herd of deer through your town and a great way to start the 
week. Then we opened the Los Angeles Times over coffee and discovered another article about Neil 
The Pig, complete with a cute photo of his owner, Katherine Emerson, giving him a little smooch on 
the snout. Doesn’t get much better than that!

“Deer walk upon our mountains, and the quail

Whistle about us their spontaneous cries;

Sweet berries ripen in the wilderness;

And, in the isolation of the sky,

At evening, casual flocks of pigeons make

Ambiguous undulations as they sink,

Downward to darkness on extended wings.”

Bantams in Pine Woods (1923) Wallace Stevens

Hope you see a deer or two this week while you’re walking.

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