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Book Reviews by Jasmine Kelsey Williams 

By Sean Kayden


Crystal Antlers – “Pray” – Not too familiar with this California band until 
the release of their third LP, “Nothing is Real.” This ferociously crafted tune 
is pure rock with heavy emphasis on guitar, bass, and drums. The last part 
of the song dazzles with crazy guitar riffs and the energy level throughout is beyond comparison. 
With heavy rock, garage rock, and punk rock at the core of its influence here, “Pray” feels entirely 
unique. As we get into a sleepy fall season, Crystal Antlers will make certain you’re wide awake 
throughout. Listen to this one with the volume turned all the way up. 

Bear Hands – “Giants” – Perhaps not the most innovative song the band’s come up with, but 
“Giants” is explosively energetic. It’s an insanely catchy track that embodies this vaguely hip-hop 
sound. It’s not until it breakouts into the chorus, where we know this is a full-blown synth-pop 
song. In the lyrics department, there’s not a whole lot to be deemed spectacular. However, it’s the 
arrangements that make “Giants” a summer inspired tune that will liven up your cool autumn 

Los Campesinos! – “As Lucerne/The Low” – Los Campesinos! continues to make good albums 
over the years. Their fifth LP, “No Blues” is no exception. One of the best records of the year, Los 
Campesinos! truly make beautifully executed pop music. “As Lucerne/The Low” starts off with 
the line “There is no blues that can sound quite as heartfelt as mine.” However, frontman Gareth 
Campesinos never succumbs to whiny, self-indulgence. While sarcastic, self-aware lyrics have 
always been a staple for the band, “No Blues” feels much more mature. The band from Wales is 
still having fun, but the record balances earnest lyrics and lighter arrangements. “No Blues” is a 
display of band aging, but never losing their whimsical youthfulness that makes them who they 
are and who they seemingly will always be. 

Motorama – “Winter At Night” – Russian indie rock act, Motorama continues their trend of 
incredible song making. “Winter At Night,” the light as a feather b-side to their new seven inch 
single, “Eyes,” is an extraordinary gem. Motorama, topping my best of 2012 list, are at it again 
with effervescent melodies and smooth guitars. Influenced by New Order and The Radio Dept,, 
the dream-pop rockers craft such an indelible sound that it is almost criminal how they’re not 
bigger in the indie scene than they are. Motorama is one of the best bands out in today’s music 
scene and yet in the US, they’re virtually unknown. Something just doesn’t add up here. 

Shine 2009 – “Running Around” – “Running Around” is off Shine 2009’s latest sophomore record, 
“Our Nation.” The Finnish duo’s recent track is snyth-infused that’s both soulful and downtempo. 
Shine 2009 definitely have a distinct style of all their own. They’re an unconventional synth-pop 
group that has plenty of flair and poise to spare. “Running Around” is a very elegant tune that 
will put you in a hypotonic state of mind. The duo’s beats will utterly pull you in and have you 
become lost on the dance floor. Dreamy and as smooth as any song released this year, Shine 2009 
have positioned themselves to which it would be inconceivably wrong if they don’t have a big 
year in 2014. 


By Tinsley Mortimer

 We have now departed from October and into November, and 
this columnist is already leaning away from the Halloween-
feeling books and gearing towards something to put you in 
a whimsical state of mind. Our pick this time for the month 
of November is “Southern Charm” by Tinsley Mortimer, and 
instead of ghoulish delight, we find that this pick is filled 
with wit, romance, and an internal adventure of carving 
out your niche in the role of life. Mortimer’s protagonist is 
Minty Davenport, your classic and lovely southern belle and 
debutante who dreams of a new life in New York City (as well as 
scouting out her favorite New York character, Eloise). When the 
opportunity to head to New York presents itself, Minty jumps 
on it, heading straight from her hometown of Charleston to the 
Big Apple. 

 Her dream life seems to fall into place perfectly: she is 
photographed for the Women’s Wear Daily magazine, becomes 
the face of the new It Girl in New York, and her career is launched to a wonderful start. 
Although ingrained with the best and positive intentions, as well as her southern charm and 
grace, it does not guarantee Minty anything permanent as she learns, and picks up a few hard-
learned lessons on the way up. When her public downfall is plotted by a certain ex-lover of 
Minty’s, she takes it upon herself to evaluate all that she has accumulated in her life and decide 
if being up at the top of the social ladder is worth it, or if she should return to her southern 

 Sure to keep a smile on your face and pleasantly entertained, “Southern Charm” is a wonderful, 
witty and whimsical pick, perfect for transitioning from October to the crisp autumn days, 
or to save for later as a treat for the upcoming holidays. Copyrighted in 2012, and receiving 
generous praise from critics, as well as sources such as The New York Times and Examiner.
com, “Southern Charm” is perfect for those who crave a fun and adventurous, yet glamorous 

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Most of us would not even consider making our favorite dishes without 
adding seasoning to enhance the flavor. Ever add cinnamon to your 
oatmeal or coffee? Maybe rosemary or sage to your chicken? How many 
of you are fans of Indian cuisine with its pungent spices? You may think 
you are just making your favorite drinks and dishes more flavorful, but 
spicing up your meals does not just make them taste better -- it can also be 
beneficial to your health.

The benefits spices offer you in terms of your health are endless. They can 
help control blood sugar, protect against inflammation that can contribute 
to chronic diseases and they can play a role in weight management. Spicing 
up your life is a way to enhance meals and optimize our health at the same 

Find out what health promoting spices you may already have in your 
cupboard or spice rack and their benefits. Experiment with some of these 
disease-fighting spices to perk up your meals while improving your health. 

Cinnamon: This spice could become a diabetic’s new best friend. 
Cinnamon has a remarkable effect on regulating blood sugar. It is even 
involved in regulating blood pressure in type II diabetics. 

Cumin: Are your joints achy from arthritis? Black cumin can help reduce inflammation associated 
with rheumatoid arthritis. Cumin is a good source of iron and like cinnamon; animal studies have 
shown it may help lower blood glucose levels.

Turmeric: This bright yellow spice, which gives curry its fame, is part of the ginger family. Turmeric 
has potent antioxidant qualities. This same antioxidant quality may make it a cancer fighter. 

Oregano: It wouldn’t be Italian without oregano. Oregano is loaded with antioxidants and can help 
fend off bacteria. When it comes to natural disinfectants, oregano oil has been found to be a potent 
antimicrobial, followed by allspice and garlic. 

Ginger: This spice sooths an upset stomach and has anti-inflammatory benefits. It can also bring 
relief for cough and congestion from a cold or flu. 

Rosemary: You either love or hate this strong spice, I happen to love it! Rosemary is an antioxidant 
but most importantly, it has antifungal and antibacterial activity. It has been shown to interfere with 
candidiasis growth (yeast infection). 

There are endless benefits for your health and diet to using spices when preparing foods. I have listed 
the benefits of six spices in this article but all spices have some sort of benefit. Next time, before you 
reach for the salt, try being creative and experiment with different spices!

If we were the perfect yogis, we would get up before dawn to do our 
practice. It would be the same pattern everyday: get up at the same 
time, do a cleansing, an asana practice (postures), some breath work, kriya and japa meditation – all 
in our caves with no distractions. We would eat freshly prepared food made with love according to 
Ayurvedic principles and have a good long yoga nidra (yoga sleep). Enlightenment would be within 
reach, we would work so hard and the benefits would be clarity and inner peace. All our desires for 
greater good would be realized.

But alas, here we are in the real world, kids and pets climbing on us during meditation and a fast 
meal. We go off to school and work without the time for practice. Are we supposed to give up that 
precious time when the kids jump into our beds or intimacy with our partners in the early hours of 
the morning? The real world here doesn’t look like what the yogis in the caves are doing. Life in the 
ashram seems great, but what about my job?

Tantra is yoga for all of us – not just the kings or Brahmins. It is about the practices that we can all 
access. The meaning of tantra is to weave. It’s about weaving yoga into our everyday lives. Finding 
the practices that fit your life – that’s perfect yoga. It’s about more than just a class every once in a 
while. If we create our own personal discipline that helps us to live a happier and fuller life, then we 
are on the right track. My teacher says to wrap your life in your practice. Wrap your home and your 
family in your practice. Live it and enjoy all the benefits.

It starts by coming to class and soon, you will be looking for your own practice at home to live 
everyday and still get to come enjoy class with all the other yogis who are wrapping their lives in it as 
well. Before the crazy holidays sweep you away, make the commitment. Start the wonderful practice 
that allows you stability and comfort with in all the turmoil. Get grounded and clear – the Holidays 
will be lots more fun, trust me.

See you in class.

Namasté, René

Dr. Tina is a traditional 
naturopath and nutritionist 
at Vibrant Living 
Wellness Center