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Must admit with all the past weeks Presidential food notes and trivial trivia, I almost missed National 
Margarita & Chili Days, and what type of foodie would I be, but fear not friends, I did partake in a 
Margarita and a hot bowl of beanless chili. I have to take my Andy Rooney Card out again and give 

TABLE FOR TWO by Peter Dills 
you my fellow diners the rules of Etiquette 101. I 

love my daughter, and some of my friends kids. But 

here goes.

 I am asked frequently asked about etiquette and 
table manners, so I compiled this simple list based on the most common questions. 

Your napkin goes in your lap, folded in half, as soon as you sit down. Many people wait until the food 
arrives, but the proper form is to be prepared. 

If you leave the table, place the napkin to the left of your plate, loosely draped.
A napkin is never for blowing your noise or wiping your mouth. Use it to dab at the corners of 
your mouth or your fingertips. If you need to cleanse further, leave the table and use the appropriate 
products in the 

In formal dining, 
a charger will be 
under the place 
setting. It remains 
there during the 
starter course and 
is removed at the 
main course. 

Your eating utensils 
go in the order 
of use, starting 
from the outside 

(furthest from the plate) and working their way in. Forks go on the left; knives and spoons on the 
right, as you face the plate. Dessert utensils are placed at the top of the plate, sideways. 
The bread and butter plate goes to the left, above the forks. 
The water glass goes above the knives (behind the wine goblet, if there is one). 
Food should be passed counter-clockwise. 

It is considered impolite to start eating before everyone is seated and served, including your host. 
Only the meal settings and food belong on the table. Do not place your elbows, eyeglasses, notebook, 
pen or other objects on the table. 

Cut no more than two bites of any item at a time. When it comes to bread, tear off one bite at a time 
and butter it, rather than buttering a whole roll. 

Do not season your food until you have tasted it. 
It is permissible to use a piece of bread to wipe up excess gravy, as long as you use your fork and not 
your fingers. 

If you need to leave the table, place your utensils on the edge of your plate so that the tips point to the 
plate’s center, in a V-shape. To signal when you are finished, lay your utensils side by side diagonally 
on the plate. 

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2/3 cup orange marmalade 
1/3 cup rice vinegar 
1/3 cup soy sauce 
1 teaspoon minced garlic 
1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger 
2 teaspoons dried onion flakes 
1 teaspoon sesame oil 
1 teaspoon olive oil 
1 pinch chili pepper flakes 
2 1/2 lbs fresh salmon fillets, washed and towel dried 
fresh sliced scallions ( to garnish) 

In a ziplock gallon size bag add first 8 ingredients. 
Seal and mush with hand till blended. 
Add Salmon and marinate for 1 hour. 
Heat grill to medium high. 

Foodie Tips and Tidbits for SavorThe Flavor -Sierra Madre* 
Five ten-hour days of shopping and buying...think you can do that? 
The largest permanent marketplace in 
the county, the Atlanta Merchandise 
Mart includes 3900 separate 
showrooms. With the arrival of the Gift 
Show, it becomes the premier wholesale 
shopping destination, offering the 
latest trends and colors and the 
leading lines of home goods and gifts. 
So, it took us five solid days to get 
a feel for the layout and a sense of 
the styles of the thousands of items 
available for review. Our feet were sore 
and our brains fried, but we did it! 
What’s hot: 
Indoor and outdoor pillows seemed 
to be everywhere; entire displays 
were visually alive with cobalt blues, 
shades of orange and anything in a 
combination of grays and yellows. 
Vintage designs continue to dominate 
in candles and home decor. We 
are bringing in American-made 
soy candles adorned with vintage 
labels from the early to mid 1900’s. 
For serving pieces, Tuscan, 
sunflowers, coastal and herb garden 
styles are extremely popular, 
perfect for our SoCal lifestyle. 
Also, dragonflies, lilies, song birds and owls continue the “outdoor” theme. 
Lavender Lover Unite! This calming herb/flower is big this year-from candles to sachets to brownies, 
teas, cookies, and lest we forget, really special Martinis! 
Personalization is back in a big way. Savor is bringing in a lot of kitchen items and pillows with “Sierra 
Madre” imprinted prominently. 
As long as we’re here, some thoughts 
on food trends-
Eat your bourbon! Need we say more? 
Foods that reflect the heritage of 
Kentucky’s bourbon country are hot! 
Based on the classic American spirit, 
wait until you try Kentuckyaki Sauce, 
Barrel-Aged Bourbon Worcestershire 
Sauce and Blue Grass Soy, each a 
masterful blend of the individual 
and distinctive flavors. And for 
the adventurous bakers, we have a 
sublime vanilla bourbon extract! 
Gluten-free Vegan- Big last year, 
HUGE this year. Lots of sweet 
potato orzo and tomato basil 
fetuccine coming to Savor the Flavor! 
Come visit Savor the Flavor to see all our new interior decor, accessories and serving 
pieces. And, did we mention that we have fantastic yummies for you to sample every day? 
Savor the Flavor, 11 Kersting Court, Sierra Madre- 626-355-0351-