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STUART Tolchin........On LIFE 

 One of the more within the lifetime of this writer. Really, 

difficult things to that was not so very long ago. I hardly 

accept is that truth need to remind readers that also within 

moves. For centuries, my lifetime about one third of all Jews 

for millennia, it was then living were assembled together by 

accepted that the the seemingly most civilized and cultured 

Earth was the center of country in the world and murdered. 
the Universe and, by definition, remained The justification for this genocide was 
stationary while everything else moved a “truth” in the mind of the German 
around it. Alas, a thoroughly religious leaders.
scientist named Galileo Galilei invented For me, if perhaps not for you, it is 
certain instruments that allowed him difficult to believe that world leaders 
to observe the motions of the stars and continue supporting wars requiring 
planets more closely. He proclaimed that strangers to kill strangers. Political leaders 
the sun was the non-moving center while continue to justify the needs for these wars 
the Earth and the other planets orbited. and the continued construction of new 
Unfortunately this observation got him in and ridiculously expensive weapons to 
trouble with his former friend, the Pope. prepare to fight the inevitable wars of the 
Galileo was punished and forbidden from future. Meanwhile providing education 
leaving his house for the rest of his life. and medical care to a starving and 
.illiterate world’s population is neglected 

 Today, almost 500 years after Galileo’s and considered to be too expensive. 
death, questioning certain “truths” may What is the “truth” as opposed to simple 
similarly result in great injury to the facts? Truths are those agreed upon 
questioner. There are accepted “truths”, beliefs that are deemed so fundamental 
or at least truths that are deemed to a society that, if doubts arise, it can be 
unchallengeable by the holders of power. seen as a threat to national security. The 
For anyone to even suggest that such powerful assert that these truths cannot 
truths are not “true” is to risk derision be questioned, but history shows us that 
and censure no matter who they may be. questioning takes place notwithstanding 
I remember an American Vice-President, the threat to the powerful and to the 
Dan Quayle, stating that he believed questioner. Surprisingly, accepted truth 
that at one-time water existed on Mars. is much like the Earth, in that it keeps 
This, at the time was too threatening moving. What was accepted by almost 
to the Scientific Community and Mr. everyone yesterday may well be almost 
Quayle, who certainly was not the hidden universally scoffed at next week or next 
jewel in the rockpile, was now seen as year or in the next century. Mr. Darwin’s 
unacceptable.scientifically unquestionable theory is 

 It’s now forty five years later and the still not accepted by a significant portion 
Mars Rover is making direct observations of Americans who view this theory as a 
of the surface of our second-nearest threat to their cherished religious beliefs, 
planetary neighbor and what do you which are taken as ultimate truths. 
know; scientific observation now agrees Pragmatically, newly discovered 
that at least at one time there may truths are resisted because these new 
have been water on Mars, leading to observations threaten the established 
speculation that life could be sustainable order and the interests of those in 
on the Red planet. (No it isn’t really red; power. Max Planck, the Nobel Prize 
it just looks that way to us when viewed winning German theoretical physicist 
in a certain way. That may be the truth who originated quantum physics, is 
about “truths.)credited with the statement that “science 

 I mention this idea of the shifting advances one funeral at a time”. For 
truth because hourly I hear different example, in 1938 it was scientifically 
thoughts regarding homosexuality. The presented that pumping carbon dioxide 
Russian leader, Mr. Putin, has maintained into the atmosphere would dangerously 
that homosexuals are not entitled to the raise global temperatures. Seventy-
same respect as other human beings. six years later, certain members of the 
The United States has responded to this most powerful class refuse to accept this 
Russian position by selecting athletes information and utilize their influence 
who have self-identified as homosexual and their money to continue to delude 
to be American representatives at the the public. I think in the end they will 
Winter Olympics now being held in fail. If the world has come to accept racial 
Sochi, Russia. For most Americans today, equality and sexual practice variation 
the Russian position is indefensible. It it can be hoped there will be a global 
makes as much sense as trying to prohibit recognition of the need to alter the 
Jews or Africans from participation in destructive practices that are destroying 
the Olympics. Today, it is strange for the habitability of this planet. The time 
Americans to remember that Africans or has not yet come, water or not, for 
African-Americans were prohibited from mankind to move to Mars. Truthparticipating in our professional sports 

HOWARD Hays As I See It

“. . . even if it was to actually read the report before trumpeting 
ignorance, it was willful his misrepresentation of what it said?” 
ignorance . . . the CBO Director Doug Elmendorf, in 
campaign against healthfact, was called before the House Budget 
reform has, at every Committee to explain the difference 
stage, grabbed hold of between labor supply and labor demand; 
any and every argument the difference between not being able to 
it could find against find work and choosing not to - with the 
insuring the uninsured,prospect of losing health coverage no longer 
with truth and logic hanging over your head. Elmendorf added 
never entering into the that the poorest Americans would now have 
matter.”money freed up to spend in other areas of 

Paul Krugman in the NY Timesthe economy, and that “on balance, CBO 
estimates that the ACA will boost overall 
It’s been in the news a while, but when demand for goods and services over the 
I saw Greg Welborn using it as the basis next few years.”
for warning that “America is disappearing”, Immediately following the report’s 
I thought I’d look into the Congressional release, the political press didn’t bother with 
Budget Office’s “Budget and Economic what it said (6 million enrolled through 
Outlook: 2014 to 2024” for myself.the exchanges, 25 million Americans with 

 The report forecasts the budget deficit for health insurance because of the ACA), but 
FY 2014 coming in at $514 billion – down of the “devastating” impact on Democrats 
from the $1.4 trillion 2009 deficit President in the upcoming mid-terms, as Republicans 
Obama inherited from George W. Bush. campaign on “2 million jobs killed by 
That’s 3% of GDP – about average for the Obamacare”.
past forty years. The public, however, was ahead of the 

 Deficits are projected to get smaller over press on this one. For those who thought 
the next couple years, but then to start rising about it, it wasn’t “2 million jobs killed”, but 

– fueled by an aging population, increased acknowledgment by the CBO that 2 million 
healthcare costs, and growing interest on Americans have been locked into dead-end 
the national debt. Leaving aside Social jobs solely to preserve health coverage – a 
Security, health programs and interest on situation incomprehensible in any other 
the debt, remaining federal spending would advanced economy in the world.
be a smaller percentage of GDP than at any Okay, maybe folks weren’t buying the “jobs 
time since they started keeping track of killed” line anymore - so the talking points 
these numbers back in 1940.shifted into resentment towards subsidizing, 
The report projects 3% growth in GDP as Greg put it, those “freeloaders who want 
from fourth-quarter 2013 to fourth-quarter to photograph butterflies mating and float 
2014, the highest rate in a decade. Growth crucifixes in ...” (you know the rest). Few, if 
will continue through 2017 with low anybody, are buying this line, either. 
inflation, but, with a strengthening economy, In reality, benefits provided through the 
interest rates will rise and unemployment ACA’s subsidies and Medicaid expansion 
will continue hovering above 6%.promote values long-espoused by 

 Those are the basics. What made conservatives, as well the rest of us. A young 
news, though, is found back on page mother is freed to spend more time at home 
117, Appendix C – “Labor Effects of the with her children rather than at a job solely 
Affordable Care Act: Updated Estimates”. to protect health benefits; seniors, after a life 
The report concludes that low-income of hard work, spend time with grandkids 
subsidies available through the exchanges instead of at a bottom-rung job waiting for 
and expansion of Medicaid will have an Medicare eligibility; those with dreams of 
effect on those who’d been working simply becoming the next Ford, Edison or Steve 
to maintain health coverage. In the period Jobs can take what they’ve borrowed from 
2017 through 2024, the CBO figures there family and the SBA and actually pursue, in 
will be 1.5 to 2% fewer work hours put in Greg’s words, “the America of opportunity, 
as a result - all told the equivalent of 2-to-upward mobility and freedom”. Americans 

2.5 million full-time jobs. Mainly involving don’t need lectures from Sen. Paul Ryan (Rlow-
wage workers, the effect is a 1% drop WI) on how this freedom deprives them of 
in “aggregate labor compensation over the the “dignity of work”, or, according to Greg, 
2017-2024 period”.their “purpose and self-esteem”. 
(Employment will continue to increase; Ironically, according to the CBO report, 
reductions are not to the numbers as they work is most discouraged in those red states 
are now, but to what the increase over the which turned down the ACA’s expansion of 
next ten years otherwise would have been.)Medicaid benefits. Elsewhere, you can go 

 This is where the right-wing media out and get part-time, low-wage (up to138% 
thought they had a real “Aha!” moment. of poverty level) work and keep your 
Over on Fox News, there was breathless benefits. In Republican-led states rejecting 
reporting on the “bombshell” from the the ACA, however, the choice is to either 
CBO revealing the “killing” of 2 million jobs stay unemployed and in poverty, or lose 
under “Obamacare”.health coverage for yourself and your family.

 Rep. Eric Cantor (R- VA) tweeted, “Under Greg warns that “This will become the 
Obamacare, millions of hardworking America where wealth is given to those 
Americans will lose their jobs and those who best learn to game the system and/or 
who keep them will see their hours and who are politically connected.” For many 
wages reduced.”Americans, it already is. Accordingly, there 

 This brought Paul Krugman’s response won’t be such “willful ignorance” as they go 
as quoted above, which began, “. . . was Mr. to the polls this November.
Cantor being dishonest? Or was he just 
ignorant of the policy basics and unwilling 


A Weekly Religion Column by Rev. James Snyder


Has there ever in evolution and, in this case, this man 
been a time when probably did come from some monkeythere was more somewhere.
chest pounding than There was a little lull in the conversation 
today? It is a rare day and I went back to my dinner andin May when I get to conversation at our table. Then I heard 

the point of absolute frustration. These the guy behind me beat his chest and roarchest pounders do it for me all the time.again.
I will admit that I do get aggravated at a “I am what I am today because of myfew things and, to be quite honest, a few determination and my strength and mypeople.knowledge. I can do anything I set my

Aggravation is one thing, but frustration heart on. Nobody can get in my way.”
is quite a different thing. In fact, At this point, it was all I could do toaggravation probably is good for a person. keep from laughing and falling off myYou can go mellow for so long and then chair. My wife was trying to find out whatyou need something this stir up the soul was wrong with me and I covertly pointedand aggravation does it all the time. So, to the people behind me. She listened forthere is something good to be said about a moment and then a smile broke out all 
aggravation.across her face.

On the other hand, I cannot think Again, there was a lull in the conversationof anything good to say about being behind us and my wife and I whispered 
frustrated. Frustration means have come some sarcastic comments back and forth 
to the end of something, hopefully it is to each other. No matter how down younot my rope, and I do not know what to feel about yourself and how stupid you feeldo next. Well, I might know what to do you are at times, it is always wonderful tonext, but it is against the law in every state run into someone stupider than yourself.
I know.That is what life is all about.

 Recently, the Gracious Mistress of the The guy behind me then made anotherParsonage and I went out to celebrate comment. “All this snow up north is 
Valentine’s Day at a local restaurant. disgusting. When will it ever stop? I’ve 
We do this occasionally just to break the never known it to snow that much in any 
routine and, if you do not tell anybody, I winter in my life.”
like to make fun of other people. I glanced at my wife and I could see her

When I was growing up a lot of people shaking her head and mouthing the wordmade fun of me. Turnabout is fair play, I “no.” Don’t you hate it when your wifealways say.can read your mind, especially sometimes

We were getting along most famously before your mind even works? She knewand enjoying our evening repast when I what I was thinking about and it was all Ihappened to overhear the conversation could do to keep from turning around andfrom the table behind us. I am not one to telling this man, “If you’re as big and aseavesdrop, but there are some situations powerful as you think you are why don’tand words when it’s impossible not YOU do something about the snow upto eavesdrop. If I want to tell my wife north?”
something I do not want anybody else Then, had I run with that thought, Ito hear, I say it in the car so nobody else would have said, “If you can’t control 
can hear. That is a rule everybody should something as simple as the weather the world are you going to control your

I remember as a child whenever I got own life?”
too loud in the house, my mother would It was all my wife could do to get mealways say, “Use your indoor voice. You’re safely out of the restaurant. I wanted to gogetting too loud.” I was about to turn up to the table and stand before that guy, 
around and tell the people behind us to use beat my chest and say, “Me Tarzan, youtheir indoor voice. Then I heard what they insane.”
were saying and turned up the listening Driving home from the restaurant thatvolume.night a verse of Scripture came to my 

“These people who believe in God mind.
just make me angry,” the man said to his “For if a man think himself to be 
companion. “People who believe in God something, when he is nothing, he 
these days must be crazy.”deceiveth himself” (Galatians 6:3).

I really was tempted to interrupt him at It takes a real man to know what he can 
this point but I wanted to hear what else he and cannot do and then give honor to thehad to say.One who can do what he cannot do. 

“I’m not going to let anybody tell me Rev. James L. Snyder is pastor of thewhat to do. I am the master of my own Family of God Fellowship, PO Box 831313,
ship. I’m the captain of my life and what Ocala, FL 34483. He lives with his wife, 
I say goes.”Martha, in Silver Springs Shores. E-mail

I have heard that line many times His web site isbefore. Usually, the people who use this
line of argument are those who believe 


I came of age politically admiring the because “they’ll listen 
liberalism of John Kennedy. Perhaps I to us if we teach 
was naïve, but it seemed to embody the them”.
best of American values. Liberalism 
today is nothing like that. There have 9. No matter the 
been plenty of warning signs, but this stage of pregnancy, 
administration seems to have a knack every woman should 
for redefining downward what it have the right to 
means to be “liberal”. The most recent choose, but no fetus 
example is the FCC’s desire to send should have the 
“researchers” into newsrooms across right to life, liberty and the pursuit of 
America to grill editors about the happiness.
decisions they make on which stories 
to highlight and pursue. If that doesn’t 10. But, it is immoral to terminate 
seem like a violation of traditional the life of any murderer no matter how 
liberal philosophy, I’m not sure whatheinous the murder.
would. That got me to thinking, so I’m 
proposing a test for all who consider 11. It is wrong for students to hear 
themselves “liberal”. Consider the “God bless you” at their graduations.
following carefully. Where do you 
stand on each issue? 12. The United States and Russia are 

morally equivalent, thus Russia should 

1. The Federal Communication be our equal partner in handling issues 
Commission (FCC) will, according to in the Ukraine, Syria and Iran. 
one of its own commissioners, “grillreporters, editors and station owners I may be accused of prejudice 
about how they decide which stories to or cherry picking in compiling the 
run.” above list, but I would ask those who 
hurl such accusations to point to 

2. The President of the United States specific, concrete evidence of where I 
announces he will bypass Congress have misrepresented the mainstream 
by simply using his “pen” to sign Liberal position of 2014.
whatever executive order is necessary 
to accomplish his purposes. Gone No political party is immune from 
is any attempt to negotiate, cajole, or corruption of its ideals. The key is 
horse trade. Gone is the pretense of whether the substantial number of 
democratic governance.Americans who would self-identify as 
liberal would object to what’s being 

3. The IRS is allowed (those more articulated as “liberal” orthodoxy 
cynical might say directed) to target today.
conservative groups seeking non-profit 
status. I wrote this article with the 
knowledge that I have always been 

4. The Justice Department spied on a liberal as that term was normally 
reporters by eavesdropping on phone defined. I would have been a liberal in 
conversations and pulling emails of 1776, during the Civil War, and with 
reporters without the benefit of a search the civil rights workers in the South. 
warrant.But I can’t identify with what passes for 
liberalism today. Maybe, I’ll just have 

5. Poor parents should not be to call myself a “conservative”. 
allowed access to private or parochial About the author: Gregory J. 
schools that wealthy liberal politicians Welborn is a freelance writer and has 
themselves use for their kids. spoken to several civic and religious 
organizations on cultural and moral 

6. The minimum wage should be issues. He lives in the Los Angeles 
raised because it will benefit those who area with his wife and 3 children and 
keep their jobs, even as it causes the is active in the community. He can be 
unemployment of 500,000 of those on reached 
the lowest end of the wage scale. 
7. Speech should be regulated on 
college campuses so that it doesn’t 
offend certain favored groups. 
8. High schools should hand out 
condoms to students because they’ll 
“do it anyway”, but restrict cigarettes