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Mountain Views-News Saturday, March 29, 2014 
Mountain Views-News Saturday, March 29, 2014 
Curbing Bad Behavior 


by Ron Carter/The Carter Agency 

I am encouraged there are presently serious discussions taking 
place regarding the National Collegiate Athletic Association 
(NCAA) and their student athletes debate. Is there a more 
appropriate time to have a discussion regarding “paying college 
athletes” than during the NCAA’s March Madness College 
Basketball Tournament? With billions of dollars being generated 
during the March Madness Tournament and questions are being 
raised why college athletes are not being paid, the NCAA is hard 
pressed to ignore the debate this time. 

This is not the first nor will it be the last time that the NCAA is 
being asked why they are not paying their student athletes. The 
drum beat for students athletes to be paid is getting louder and 
gaining more support every year, because the NCAA revenues 
from the March Madness Tournament are getting larger while the 
graduation rates of the so-called student athletes are dismal. The 
students, who are drafted into professional sports, many of them 
without college degrees, are being asked to become proficient at 
playing their sport while neglecting to study and take classes to 
obtain their college degrees. This would be a wonderful scenario 
if most of the athletes made it in professional sports. The number 
of college student athletes who are successful in professional 
sports are minuscule in comparison to the number of young 
men and young women who enter the NCAA’s programs to play 
college sports. 

Every year March Madness is one of the hottest topics in the 
United States of America during the month of March. This year, 
the billionaire and philanthropist Warren Buffet offered a billion 
dollars to anyone who would predict the final winners of the two 
brackets in the three-week basketball tournament. It took less 
than two days for Mr. Buffet to win his bet. No one to date has 
been able to pick the correct winners of the games played so far. 
This is why the tournament is called March Madness. No team is 
immune from an upset. Even President Barack Obama, an avid 
basketball fan, picks for March Madness was reported live on 
sports television. March Madness is BIG business. 

One of the reason I am encouraged regarding the student 
athletes discussion is while on Meet The Press” last Sunday, 
Mark Emmert, NCAA President, remarked they (NCAA) are 
considering offering student athletes who did not gain their 
college degrees the opportunity to return to college and get their 
degrees at no cost to the students. This I believe is a start in the 
right direction. 

Whether college athletes will be paid for their athletic prowess, 
which generates billions of dollars for American colleges, is not a 
simple debate to resolve. There are pros and cons on each side of 
the debate. My hope is that when the dust has settled from all of 
the discussions and lawsuits the students well-being will be one 
of the main priorities. 

Call Patricia at 626-818-2698 Today!

 Now is the time for active seniors to begin training and setting goals for the 2014 
Pasadena Senior Games. 
With more than 30 competitive athletic events from archery to volleyball, the Pasadena 
Senior Games will take place from May 24 to June 29. This is the Southern California 
qualifying site for the California Senior Games Championships. The National Senior 
Games are scheduled for summer 2015 in Minnesota.

 Registration is now open for any U.S. athletes ages 50 and older who want to compete 
in the Pasadena Senior Games. Registration is fee-based.

 The schedule is as follows: 

May 24 – Men's doubles pickleball, women's singles pickleball 

May 25 – Women's doubles pickleball, men's singles 


May 26 – Mixed doubles pickleball 

May 30 and 31 – Coed softball 

May 31 – Singles bowling 

May 31 and June 1 – Soccer 

June 1 – Badminton, doubles bowling, mixed doubles bowling, power lifting 

June 5 – Singles shuffleboard 

June 6 – Doubles shuffleboard 

June 7 – 300 round archery, 1500 meter power walking, 1500 meter race walk, 5000 meter race walk, track

and field 

June 8 – 900 round archery, men's basketball, men's 3x3 basketball, rope climb, pull ups, strength challenge 

June 14 – Billiards, lawn bowling, pushups, table tennis 

June 17 – 5K cycling time trials, 40K cycling road race 

June 18 – 10K cycling time trials, 20K cycling road race 

June 21 – Women's basketball, disc golf, extreme strength and fitness, horseshoes, singles racquetball, 

doubles tennis, mixed doubles tennis 

June 21 and 22 – Women's 3x3 basketball, softball 

June 22 – Doubles racquetball, mixed doubles racquetball, advanced swimming, novice swimming, 

singles tennis 

June 23 – 5K power walking, 10K power walking 

June 28 – 5K road race, 10K road race, women's volleyball 

June 29 – 5K fun walk, 5K race walk, 10K race walk, men's volleyball

 All competitions will take place in Pasadena and some other cities 
in Los Angeles County. There is no charge for spectators of all ages to 
watch sporting events. Volunteers are needed!

 To register and for more information visit www.pasadenaseniorcenter.
org or call (626) 685-6724. The National Senior Games are scheduled 
for summer 2015 in Minnesota.

 The Pasadena Senior Games are organized through the Pasadena 
Senior Center. Results of the 2013 Pasadena Senior Games as well as 
images are available here. 

The National Senior Games Association is a nonprofit member of the 

U.S. Olympic Committee and governs the National Senior Games, the 
largest multisport event in the world for seniors. 
Founded in 1959, the Pasadena Senior Center is an independent, 

nonprofit organization that offers recreational, educational, wellnessand social services to people ages 50 and over in a friendly environment. Services are also provided for frail, low-income and homebound 

Arcadia Recreation and Community Services 


The Recreation and Community 
Services Department is offering the 
first ever Teen Spring Sports Camp 
at First Avenue Middle School, 301 S. 
First Avenue, in Arcadia. The dates are 
Tuesday, April 8, Wednesday, April 9, 
Thursday, April 10; and Friday, April 
11, 2014, from 9am-3pm for a cost of 
$10 per day. 

Sign your child up for one day or all 
four! Camp is available for youth in 
grades 6-8 and will consist of drills, 
games, and exercises to help your child 
improve their abilityand understanding of sports. Camp 
provides a fun safe environment for 
youth to enjoy their spring break. 

The camp includes a snack and water 
each day for participants but children 
should bringtheir own lunch daily. Participants should wear appropriate athletic attire and tennis shoes. 

A late fee will be charged for supervision if your child is picked up after 3pm. To register, go 

to the city’s website at under the Recreation and Community Services 

Department or come by our office, 375 Campus Drive. Cancellations must be made by 

Friday, April 4th, in order to receive a refund that is subject to a $10 service charge. For more 

questions, please contact the Recreation Department at 626.574.5113. 

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