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With less than six weeks to go, appeals are being made to 
Californian�s to exercise their Constitutional right to vote. 
And, despite the emphasis on the importance of invididual 
participation in the electoral process, in all liklihood this 
state will once again have a dismally low turnout. In the last 
Gubernatorial election, turnout of registered voters in Los 
Angeles County was 43.3%. Not bad you say, well that is 43.3% 
of registered voters. Unfortunately, that figure was only 32.8% of 
the citizens who were eligible to vote. In other words, only 1 out 
of 3 people who could have voted actually did vote. One has to 
wonder why people bother to complain if they won�t participate 
in the process. You can�t say it doesn�t work unless you try it! 
People, we have got to do better.

 Nevertheless, as has been the policy of this paper for the 
last 8 years, in addition to the many and varied opinions that will be presented by columnists 
or via Letters To The Editor, the paper will provide unbiased information on all candidates and 
propositions on the ballot. That does not mean, however, that the paper�s editorial board won�t 
make a recommendation, but it does mean that you will also have the unadulterated information 
before you to make up your own mind. And, any recommendations that may be made by the paper 
will not be a part of our effort to educate voters about what is on the ballot. They will be in a totally 
separate part of the paper so there can be no confusion.

 During the next six weeks, we encourage readers to submit their opinions too. It is very informative 
to learn what your neighbors are thinking. You may bring attention to a point of view or issue that 
has been overlooked. You can contact the paper via fax, mail, or e-mail. We will publish as many 
letters and/or comments as possible.

 As the Publisher/Editor of this newspaper, I don�t care what or who you vote for. I care that you 
vote. No elected official or set of laws can ever represent the people if the people don�t speak up! 
For those of you who already do vote, then take this time to encourage someone who doesn�t to try 
it. Things will only get worse if we don�t take a vested interest in our government, local, statewide 
or nationally.

 Let�s prepare ourselves to make informed decisions. Don�t limit our civic participation be limited 
to Facebook chatter. Get prepared, make a decision and then vote at the polls.

H. Susan Henderson, Publisher/Editor

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What The Mountain Views News will cover in the next few weeks 

Date Coverage

October 4th and 11th Statewide there are six (6) ballot propositions. In LA County, 
there is one countywide measure (Proposition P) and the Altadena 
Library Measure, on the ballot in the cities covered by this paper. 

October 18th Statewide Candidates including the Governor�s Race 
State Assembly, Senate and Congressional Races

Important Dates/Deadlines To Remember*:

October 6th First day to apply for Vote By Mail Ballot

October 20th Last day to register to vote in the November 4th election

October 21st Write-in Candidate deadline

October 28th Last day to apply for Vote By Mail Ballot

*Information obtained from the Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorders Office

By Joan Schmidt

 To me, the rank of �Captain� is underrated in the 
Sheriff�s Department. The Captains/Commanders 
at each of the Patrol Stations have the same 
responsibilities for their cities as does a Chief of Police.

 Being assigned as Commander of Temple Station 
for instance brings A LOT of responsibility. The 
newly assigned Captain/Commander of Temple 
Station is �Chief of Police� to FIVE cities: Temple City, 
Rosemead, South El Monte, Duarte and Bradbury. 
That�s not even including the unincorporated areas 
such as �MAD� (Monrovia, Arcadia, and Duarte), 
East Pasadena, North San Gabriel and South San 
Gabriel! I get exhausted just thinking of his/her 

 Recently I had a chance to meet Temple Station�s 
new Commander Donnie Mauldin and learn about 
his career. 

 Captain Mauldin has been with the Sheriff�s 
Department for 33 years. After his promotion to 
Captain by current Sheriff John Scott, Captain 
Mauldin assumed command of Temple Sheriff�s 

 In 1981, Mauldin began his career with the Sheriff�s 
Department when he was hired as a Law Enforcement 
Intern and assigned to the then-Antelope Station. In 
1982, he attended the LASD Training Academy as 
a member of class #211. After graduation, deputies 
are given a custody assignment- his was at the East 
Facility (Pitchess Detention Center), followed by 
assignments to Firestone Station and the Emergency 
Operations Bureau. In 1992, Mauldin promoted to 
Sergeant and worked at the East Los Angeles Sheriff�s 
Station, where Deputies Drew Burtness and Vince 
Romero began the outstanding VIDA Program for at-
risk youth and of course youth who had gotten into 
trouble already. 

 As a sergeant, Mauldin also worked at the Scientific 
Services Bureau and the Internal Affairs Bureau. In 
2001, Mauldin promoted to Lieutenant and worked 
at the North County Correctional Facility, Internal 
Affairs Bureau, West Hollywood Station, Professional 
Development Bureau, Training Bureau/Recruit 
Training, Commercial Crimes Bureau, Internal 
Affairs Bureau, and the Executive Offices as an aide 
to Sheriff Scott. After promoting to Captain, Mauldin 
assumed command at Temple Sheriff�s Station.

 On a personal note, Captain Mauldin was born and 
raised in the Antelope Valley; currently he resides in 
Los Angeles. In his spare time, he enjoys working out, 
hiking, playing tennis, and traveling.

Pictured above: Commander Maudlin and Captain 
Chris Reed


Residents in the Foothill Municipal Water District 
service area continue to strive for water savings by 
removing their thirsty lawns with drought tolerant 
landscaping. Requested rebate amounts doubled 
between the first quarter and second quarter of 
2014 as seen in the bar chart below. The rebates 
are $2 per square foot of turf removed and replaced 
with drought tolerant landscaping. Residents and 
businesses must register and prequalify for the 
rebate prior to starting any work.

 �As people become more aware of the drought 
and continued impacts of climate change on water 
supplies, they are looking for ways to save water. 
The measure that has one of the largest savings is 
removing turf since about 70% of water use in the 
area goes to irrigate lawns,� said General Manager 
Nina Jazmadarian.

 For a list of all water-saving rebates offered, please 
visit or 

 Foothill Municipal Water District provides 
imported water to Crescenta Valley Water District, 
La Ca�ada Irrigation District, Mesa Crest Water 
Company, Valley Water Company, Lincoln Avenue 
Water Company, Las Flores Water Company and 
Rubio Ca�on Land & Water Association. Kinneloa 
Irrigation District, another retail agency, takes no 
water from Foothill. 

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