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Do I have to be flexible 
to do yoga? 

 Absolutely not! 
Yoga is where we 
get flexible. Many 
students come to yoga 
for just this reason. Classes are designed to encourage 
strength and flexibility. As we continue to practice, 
we gain flexibility in many common areas, as well as 
deeper regions within the body. 

How many times per week should I practice?

 Attending class three times per week is optimal! 
You’ll stay balanced, gain significant strength 
and prepare to move into the deeper practices of 
pranayama and meditation. Twice per week is great 
as well. Your body will, generally, be relieved of aches 
and pains and you’ll definitely gain strength and 
flexibility. Once per week will be enough for some, 
but you’ll want to add in extra classes when possible. 
In any case, incorporating a short daily home practice 
will help establish your inner connection and simply 
wonderful for your body! 

I feel different and wonderful after practicing yoga. 

What is it that’s working? 

 It’s simple, you’ve changed your energy. Through 
practicing asana and breathing, yes actually 
breathing, your outlook upon life will improve. 
Inspiration goes up, negativity goes down. 

Is there a goal to yoga? 

 Yes, we could say one of the goals of yoga is mastery 
over the mind. Through asana, pranayama and 
meditation we come to know the mind and frequently 
become able to control the mind. Our choices get 
better and we begin to thrive. As life improves, we 
begin to seek and reveal our very best luminous 
self. Bringing this brightest, best self forward is our 
purpose, really. 

More questions? Come to class and ask! 


Keely Totten 

Yoga Madre

My clients who come 
to me with restless leg 
issues often find great 
relief from Inositol. 
Inositol contributes 
to the normal 
functioning of cells in 
our body. The other 
name for inositol is 
Vitamin B8. It is water 
soluble and is found 
in the brain, liver, 
heart, spleen, stomach 
and kidneys. Studies have shown that Inositol 
contributes to:


 Breakdown of fats and transports lipids from the 
cells. This begins metabolism. Having inositol in 
your diet can be important to weight loss. 

 Controls hypertension by keeping blood pressure 
in check. Inositol improves the levels of good 
HDL cholesterol, which means smoother blood 
flow through the arteries. It also plays a role in 
mood management which tackles the causes of 
hypertension in some individuals.

 Triggers the production of serotonin, a vital 
transmitter that controls mood. Many studies have 
been conducted on Vitamin B8’s effect on serotonin. 
Inositol helps to maintain the proper levels of 
serotonin in the brain, which reduces anxiety and 
depression. It can provide a calming sensation and 
reduce feelings of restlessness and stress. So it can be 
helpful to those suffering from depression or panic 

 Helpful in improving cognitive function. There 
have been reports of better thought process and a 
more active lifestyle after increasing Vitamin B8 
consumption. This effect is partly due to the fact that 
Vitamin B8 has mood enhancing properties.

 Inositol or Vitamin B8 can be found in such 
foods as; rice, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, 
soy, nuts, and whole grains. With a proper diet, 
most people should get enough. But as the studies 
have shown, supplementation can help when there 
are deficiencies and in some cases, help lessen 
symptoms like restless leg.

Dr. Tina is a traditional 
naturopath and nutritionist 
at Vibrant Living 
Wellness Center


Delivering a branded message to a targeted audience that 
have expressed an interest in your products, services, and 
causes, is powerful. Email Marketing is a great vehicle to 
deliver your message to those that matter.

 Sending an email campaign to your current customers, 
prospects and people that have already given their 
permission to be on your email list is one of the most 
effective ways to stay top-of-mind. Reminding people of 
your business or non-profit is important. Offering them 
good information, tips, deals and other valuable content 
on a regular basis will pay off.

 6 more reasons why Email Marketing needs to be part of 
your marketing mix:

 It’s affordable. Can you name another measurable media 
delivery vehicle that can reach a targeted audience, report 
back and cost as little as $20 a month? Probably not.

 It’s flexible. You can customize your email campaigns 
to fit your brand, your offering, your message, your call 
to action and your audience. You can send to multiple 
segments of your list or just to a very specific segment.

It goes where they go. More than 65% of us are checking 
our emails on a mobile device. With Email Marketing you 
can land right in their pocket.

 It’s timely. You can set up a campaign to be delivered 
to your subscribers quickly, which makes last minute 
updates and announcements easy. Constant Contact even 
has a mobile App that lets you create and email campaign 
from your smart phone. On the other hand, you can 
also schedule your campaigns in advance. Your email 
campaigns get delivered when you want them to land in 
their inbox.

 It works with Social Media. You can share your 
campaigns to your social media at the same time you send 
them to your email subscribers. You can also leverage your 
social media to grow your Email Marketing subscribers.

 It’s measurable. After you send a campaign you can 
review the results. Check your open rate, and the click rate 
to see what and who is interested in what you have to say.

 Next step: Set up a campaign, push SEND and watch 
what happens. Your business will thank you for it.

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