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Trump people kill me.

They’ve been whining for weeks about how the Republican 
Party primary system works.

They say it’s rigged because their hero is pulling in the 
most votes and the most delegates but still might not win 
the nomination.

They say it’s all very simple: Trump’s getting the most 
votes and therefore it’s only fair that the per-son with the most votes from the 
people should win the nomination.

As I tweeted earlier this week, if that’s the way Trump’s followers think, then 
they should all be sup-porters of Al Gore.

In the 2000 election Gore got 540,000 more votes than George W. Bush, but 
Bush ended up in the White House because he accumulated the most Electoral 
College votes.

The Founding Founders & Framers knew what they were doing when they set 
up the Electoral Col-lege to indirectly choose the president. They didn’t want 
a popular vote and they didn’t want Congress to pick the chief executive. And 
they sure didn’t want a candidate for president to be able to just campaign in 
three or four big states and rack up huge vote totals and win that way. The 
Founders deliberately set it up so each state got its electoral votes in proportion 
to its repre-sentatives and senators. They wanted every part of the country to 
be part of the process of choosing a president, not just one heavily populated 
region or one strong faction of nut balls or extremists. (Not that Trump people 
are nutballs or extremists.) It’s the same representative principle at work in the 
Republican Party’s primary system.

The GOP doesn’t want some guy to be able to win the nomination by flying a 
757 into a handful of big states like California, New York, Texas, Illinois, Ohio 
and Florida, holding campaign events for 20,000 people at the airport and then 
flying home to Upper Upper Manhattan.

They want a nominee who gets on the ground, walks the neighborhoods, shakes 
hands and does the hard retail work at the grass roots.

That’s what Ted Cruz has been doing to win his delegates while Trump has been 
doing TV inter-views and zooming back and forth over Flyover Country.

Trump people might not like the primary process because their hero is not winning, 
or think there is cheating and rigging going on.

But they have to understand there is a process and it’s not about vote counts, it’s 
about the delegate count. It’s not that tough to get.

Meanwhile, what really concerns me lately is how Trump is wrecking his ability 
to unify the GOP around his candidacy in the fall if he does win the nomination.

He spends parts of every speech and press conference announcing that he hopes 
that his support-ers don’t make trouble if he doesn’t win. He hopes they don’t 
riot in the streets. 

I’m getting tired of his veiled threats, because that is what they really are. 

It’s time for Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, 
to stand up at a press conference and tell Trump to cut it out.

Maybe threats and intimidation are part of the Donald's winning strategy in 
business. But it’s not how it’s supposed to work when you’re trying to win the 
presidential nomination of the Republican Party.

Michael Reagan. Michael Reagan is the son of President Ronald Reagan, a political 
consultant, and the author of “The New Reagan Revolution” (St. Martin’s 

“America has always been 
best when she is lying 
down with her back on 
the mat.”

- Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 
in Philadelphia, following 
the New York primaries

 Sorry I wasn’t around 
to cheer things up on 
this page last week, 
especially with Tom Purcell’s column being 
such a downer. He complained that his health 
insurance costs have gone up, he owed more 
than he thought he would in taxes, and he 
got “sore” with some supporter of Sen. Bernie 
Sanders (D-VT) who thought the rich should 
pay their “fair share” so he could get more “free 
stuff” (though I’m sure the supporter never 
used that phrase).

 We all benefit from highways, national 
security, parks, environmental and safety 
agencies, courts, public schools, fire and 
police departments. We don’t think of them 
as “free stuff”, but rather accept the shared 
cost to ensure the well-being of our nation. 
Most developed countries feel the same way 
about healthcare, higher education, secure 
retirements and family leave; not a matter of 
“free stuff” but of necessary investments in the 
country and its people.

 I was sorry to hear of Purcell’s rising health 
insurance costs. My premiums have gone up, 
too. But nationally, it’s at a rate far less than the 
average 10% annual hike before the Affordable 
Care Act was enacted. Except for those who’d 
been unable to obtain coverage before or 
received subsidies through the exchanges, I 
don’t recall the president predicting a major 
drop or price freeze, anyway. We have a 
pattern, though, of Republicans seeing their 
own predictions not panning out and then 
going out and claiming they did, anyway.

 Sen. Ted Cruz is out claiming that “millions 
of Americans” have lost coverage because of 
the ACA. According to Census Bureau figures, 
by 2014, four years after the law was passed, 
the number of uninsured had come down by 
10 million – a 25% drop. Cruz calls the ACA 
“the biggest job-killer in the country”. The 
unemployed rate has continued coming down 
since the law took effect. Far from companies 
cutting benefits, as Republicans warned would 
happen, 3 million more workers have gained 
coverage through their employers since the 
ACA’s passage. 

 The ACA has done a lot to alleviate 
healthcare inequality - with most of the gains 
in coverage affecting immigrants, low-wage 
and part-time workers, young people and those 
without a college education. It’s also proved a 
sound investment, with our nation’s collective 
medical bill adjusted downward every year 
under the ACA.

 Purcell made clear in his column that, with 
what he himself had to shell out at tax time, he 
gets really miffed by those wanting an even a 
bigger bite to be taken out of those who “earn” 
their money. My guess, though, is the Sanders 
supporter’s emphasis was more on the “fair 
share” aspect of the argument. 

 Nothing’s free, everything costs - and if 
you’ve got enough to spend, you can even buy 
your way out of any “fair share” obligation. 
According to Oxfam, every dollar spent by 
America’s biggest companies on lobbying 
gets them $130 in tax breaks. That same single 
lobbying dollar also gets them some $4,000 in 
federal loans, loan guarantees and bailouts. For 
every dollar America’s fifty largest corporations 
do pay in taxes, they get twenty-seven dollars’ 
worth of that federal “free stuff”.

A Social Science Research study from January 
found such legalized tax dodging costs us 
$111 billion a year. United/Continental and 
American Airlines, General Motors, Hewlett-
Packard, News Corp. (Fox), PG&E, Loew’s 
and twenty other S&P 500 companies that 
reported millions in profits last year not only 
paid no taxes, but got millions out of the U.S. 
government in tax credits. 

 Take a guess – In what one country did 
American companies in 2012 report more 
profit than in Japan, Germany, China and 
France combined? The answer is Bermuda – a 
country accounting for less than one-tenth of 
one-percent of these companies’ employees 
worldwide. Oxfam reports that in 2012 U.S. 
multinationals shifted $1 of every $4 in profits, 
some $700 billion, to countries with low or zero 
tax rates to dodge their “fair share”. Globally, 
$7.6 trillion, an amount about the size of the 
German and British economies put together, is 
stashed overseas as a tax dodge.

 There’s also the $270 billion lost every year 
to plain old cheating. It’s not going to get any 
easier cracking down on it, either. Republicans 
want to cut another $350 million from the 
IRS budget, which has already seen $1 billion 
in cuts since 2010 (while 10 million more 
taxpayers were added to the rolls).

 With those cuts came the loss of 6,000 
enforcement personnel. IRS Commissioner 
John Koskinen estimates that if he had 5,000 
of them back, we could recover $4-to-$5 
billion a year from the cheats. Every dollar 
invested in enforcement brings four dollars in 
recovered revenue, but Republicans have never 
been concerned with numbers – they see the 
cuts as a way to maybe kill “Obamacare” and 
protect their Koch-backed money-launderers 
scamming the IRS by posing as tax-exempt 

 Combining the “legal” tax dodgers and 
illegal cheats, that’s nearly half-a-trillion dollars 
a year that has to be made up by those of us who 
do pay our “fair share”. Meanwhile, columnist 
Tom Purcell is bothered by a Bernie Sanders 
supporter he says wants “free stuff”, like maybe 
affordable healthcare and a college education. 

 As for today’s quote - I don’t know what it 
means, either. Donald Trump is scary. But Ted 
Cruz (who wants to abolish the IRS altogether) 
can get downright creepy.


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