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Mountain View News Saturday, June 18, 2016

Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side 

by Deanne Davis

“May you live to enjoy your grandchildren.” 

Psalm 128:6

Much to our delight, we’ve lived long enough 
to enjoy our grandchildren tremendously! Last 
Saturday we saw our granddaughter, Ashley, 
marry her sweetheart, Trevor. The wedding, 
outside at the Huntington Beach Red Horse 
Barn, was wonderful. There was so much joy, 
goodwill and happiness it almost cut through 
the June Gloom. Believe it or not, just as the bride 
and groom joined hands before the minister, 
the sun broke through. Some people, myself 
and best friend, John, bride’s grandpa, thought 
that burst of sunshine meant the Almighty, 
too, was smiling on this union. May all of you 
live to enjoy your grandchildren as much as we 
enjoy ours. As teacher, satirist and author, Sam 
Levenson, said, “the reason grandparents and 
grandchildren have such close ties is because 
they have one common enemy!” I wouldn’t say 
that’s exactly true, but we find we’re willing to 
overlook way more in the grandchildren than 
their parents are...just saying...

 Walking Sierra Madre this week was 
delightful. The gardens in front of City Hall 
are so nice. Everything has taken hold and is 
growing with very small rations of water. Great 
job on that all you garden planners. We like the 
little signs telling us what plants we’re looking 
at, too.

 Looked in the windows of Emily’s Store, 
next to Happy’s Liquors and see they have 
a lot of really great stuff in there and some 
good books. Take a look, buy something! 
And, speaking of Emily Duggan and 
fundraising, our newest restaurant, Sierra 
Fusion, is hosting a fundraiser for Emily on 
June 25th from 4-8 p.m. There will be a silent 
auction, live music, food from Slammin’ 
Sliders, cocktails and a special video salute 
to Emily from members of the Sierra Madre 
community. As you know, Emily is fighting 
brain cancer and the medical expenses are 
huge. We’re planning to stop by and check it 
out. Oh, and in case you didn’t know, Sierra 
Fusion is open for breakfast now.

 Posters are up for all the July 4th events – 
some folks already have their bunting out and 
we’ll see if we can’t get ours up next week. Are 
your flags out? Be sure you get to the Grease 
Sing-A-Long July 2nd in Memorial Park. You 
won’t want to miss this golden opportunity to 
sing “Those Summer Nights” or “You’re The 
One That I Want (ooh ooh ooh!)” Anyway, that 
will be fun. 8:00 p.m. or so. Pre-parade party 
and picnic on the 3rd – 5:30-10:30 in the park 
and then the parade. Good times!

 Best news of the week: The Hedgehog Mittens 
are in at Eastwick Village! The sculpture of 
the couple reading their copy of the Mountain 
Views News pictured here is also in Eastwick 
Village. Where’s that? 38 W. Sierra Madre Blvd. 

 School is out! Moms – you’ll get through 
this...we always do! Vacation Bible Schools are 
kicking off; Sierra Madre Music has a Summer 
Rock Camp they’re currently enrolling kids 
in. The AKT Academy at our Playhouse has 
Summer Workshops going on. Swimming 
lessons are good and the Library has their 
summer reading programs. 

 It’s tacky and terrible to take comfort from 
the misfortunes of others, but walking around 
town we noticed that everybody’s roses are 
suffering from those insidious, vile, vicious 
varmints – the spider mites. We’ve sprayed, 
pruned, agonized, wept, but, apparently, they 
are impervious to all treatment that won’t 
kill the rosebush. On the good side, flowering 
cactus all over town are doing a splendid job of 
putting out really glorious blooms and the bees 
are loving it.

 “My father gave me the greatest gift anyone 
could give to another person, 

 He believed in me.” 

 Jim Valvano

“A son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love is 
their Dad.”

 Tomorrow is Father’s Day! If you haven’t 
gotten your Dad a card, you still have time. 
Actually, all the guys in your family who are 
Dads should get a card, whether they’re your 
husband, son, or son-in-law. To quote Wilhelm 
Busch, “Becoming a Father is easy enough...But 
being one can be rough!” Wilhelm was saying 
quotable things from 1832-1908 so it wasn’t any 
easier then. Happy Father’s Day to all you guys. 
Hope it’s a good one. 

 My book page: Deanne Davis


 “Tablespoon of Love, Tablespoon of Laughter” 
is available there.

 Makes a terrific Father’s Day gift...just saying.


June 5 , to June 12 , 2016 During this time period, the Sierra Madre Police Department responded 
to approximately 109 daytime calls for service. 

 Monday, June 6 A resident came to the SMPD station to report illegal fireworks that caused 
a small fire at his home in the 600 block of Chaparral Road. On June 4, the victim stated he 
heard a loud noise at approximately 1:30 a.m., a neighbor heard the same noise, investigated 
and discovered the small fire. The neighbor grabbed his fire extinguisher and put the fire out. 
The firework remains that may have caused the fire were booked into evidence. Case referred to 

 Tuesday, June 7 Officers on patrol conducted a traffic stop at 9:40 a.m. in the 500 block of W. 
Grandview Ave. During the conversation with the driver he admitted to having marijuana and 
gave consent to search his vehicle where the contraband was discovered. The driver was cited for 
several violations and released, his car was impounded. Contraband was booked into evidence. 
Case forwarded to Pasadena District Attorney’s office. 4:20 p.m. A resident in the 400 block of 
Grove St reported that gardening equipment was stolen from her gardener’s truck. The victim 
stated he was in the backyard when the theft occurred. The resident stated she saw a blue Toyota 
Tundra in front of the victim’s truck prior to the theft. Case to Detectives. 

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