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Mountain Views-News Saturday, October 15, 2016 

On the Marquee: 

Notes from the Sierra MadrePlayhouse

Jeff’s Book Pics By Jeff Brown

Adult Sibling Relationships by 
Geoffrey L. Greif and Michael 
E. Woolley

 The bond siblings develop in 
childhood may be vastly different 
from the relationship that evolves in 
adulthood. Driven by affection but 
also characterized by ambivalence 
and ambiguity, adult sibling 
relationships can become hurtful, 
uncertain, competitive, or exhausting 
though the undercurrents of love and 
loyalty remain. An approach that 
recognizes the positive aspects of the 
changing sibling relationship, as well 
as those that need improvement, can 
restore healthy ties and rebuild family closeness.
With in-depth case studies of more than 260 
siblings over the age of forty and interviews 
with experts on mental health and 
family , this book offers direction 
for traversing the terrain of adult 
sibling relations. It pursues a richer 
understanding of ambivalence, 
a normal though little explored 
feeling among siblings, and how 
ambiguity about the past or present 
can lead to miscommunication and 
estrangement. This book clarifies 
the most confounding elements of 
sibling relationships and provides 
specific suggestions for realizing new, 
productive avenues of friendship in 
middle and later lifeskills that are 
particularly important for siblings 
who must cooperate to care for aging parents or 
give immediate emotional or financial support to 
other siblings or family members.


By Artistic Director, Christian Lebano

We’ve heard the expression “Music hath charms to 
soothe the savage beast.” But I would emend it to: 
“Theater hath charms….” I spent the evening yesterday 
at SMP preparing for the arrival of Sister and her Late 
Nite Catechism . We got her room ready, her blackboard 
cleaned, her pencils sharpened; we hung the religious 
posters and polished the furniture. No detail is too small 
for Sister.

 Estelle Campbell and Ward Calaway, my partners 
in managing SMP, and Derek Copenhaver, our Stage 
Manager, were there last night, as well. And we all 
were giddy with excitement far beyond the tasks we 
were engaged in preparing for Late Nite Catechism. I 
realized that we have ALL been charmed – or infected 
–with a love of making theater. As we reviewed
the needs for Sister’s class and made preparations, I 
noticed that we were smiling a lot and all happy to be 
together in that room.

 I’ve written about how much I love making theater, 
how much I love our Playhouse, how much joy I get 
from just being in our theater. I was reminded of 
it again last night. It is so complicated and rich – a 
mixture of joy of story-telling, a desire to make people 
happy, a hope of making a difference and an impact 
on people, a belief in the power of community and 
coming together to share an experience, and maybe a 
bit of delight in make-believe. Whatever it is – I know 
we all felt it last night.

 The break in our schedule when we had to postpone 
Bee-luther-hatchee has meant that coming back to 
the Playhouse last night was even sweeter because of 
having been away. I’m so happy – so charmed - we are 
back to producing wonderful memories for you and 
for me. I can’t wait to see you in the lobby again.

 Late Nite is selling well – Sunday is sold-out and 
we have strong sales on all of the other days. We’ve 
placed an ad in this paper and several others – I really 
want the show to sell out so I can convince the Board 
to let me bring it back for a longer run or in a different 
version. Please come – I promise you, you’ll laugh 
yourselves off your chairs. A reminder that it plays 
through Saturday night, October 22.

 Our next reading is Foxfire on Monday night, 
October 17. This one is directed by Karesa McElheny 
who played Helga in Deathtrap. Come and hear them 
and tell me what you think. I’m excited about these 
free readings, these are all plays I’m thinking would 
be a good fit for a full production. At the last reading 
we had about 40 people. Makes me so glad to be able 
to share another event with you.

 As always we do it for you – our SMP family – 
whose support and loyalty mean so much to us and for 
whom we hope we bring pleasure and joy and moving 
experiences in the theater. For tickets please call Mary 
in the box office at 626.355.4318. Hope to see you soon!

All Things By Jeff Brown



Upon entering the Senate, Clinton maintained 
a low public profile and built relationships with 
senators from both parties. She forged alliances 
with religiously inclined senators by becoming 
a regular participant in the Senate Prayer 
Breakfast.She served on five Senate committees: 
Committee on Budget, Committee on Armed 
Services, Committee on Environment and 
Public Works, Committee on Health, Education, 
Labor and Pensions (2001–09)[235] and Special 
Committee on Aging.She was also a member of 
the Commission on Security and Cooperation in 

 Following the September 11 attacks, Clinton 
sought to obtain funding for the recovery efforts 
in New York City and security improvements in 
her state. Working with Senator Charles Schumer, 
she was instrumental in securing $21 billion 
in funding for the World Trade Center site’s 
redevelopment.She subsequently took a leading 
role in investigating the health issues faced by 
9/11 first responders. Clinton voted for the USA 
Patriot Act in October 2001. In 2005, when the act 
was up for renewal, she expressed concerns with 
the USA Patriot Act Reauthorization Conference 
Report regarding civil liberties,before voting in 
favor of the USA PATRIOT Improvement and 
Reauthorization Act of 2005.

 Clinton strongly supported the 2001 U.S. 
military action in Afghanistan, saying it was a 
chance to combat terrorism while improving the 
lives of Afghan women who suffered under the 
Taliban government. 

 After the Iraq War began, Clinton made trips 
to Iraq and Afghanistan to visit American troops 
stationed there. Observing that war deployments 
were draining regular and reserve forces, she 
co-introduced legislation to increase the size 
of the regular U.S. Army by 80,000 soldiers to 
ease the strain. In late 2005, Clinton said that 
while immediate withdrawal from Iraq would 
be a mistake, Bush’s pledge to stay “until the job 
is done” was also misguided, as it gave Iraqis 
“an open-ended invitation not to take care of 
themselves”.Her stance caused frustration among 
those in the Democratic Party who favored quick 
withdrawal.Clinton supported retaining and 
improving health benefits for reservists and 
lobbied against the closure of several military 
bases, especially those in New York. .By 2014 
Clinton had fully reversed herself on the Iraq 
War Resolution, saying that she “got it wrong” 
and the vote in support had been a “mistake”.

 Clinton voted against President Bush’s two 
major tax cut packages, the Economic Growth 
and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 and 
the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation 
Act of 2003.In 2005, Clinton called for the 
Federal Trade Commission to investigate how 
hidden sex scenes showed up in the controversial 
video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 
Along with Senators Joe Lieberman and Evan 
Bayh, she introduced the Family Entertainment 
Protection Act, intended to protect children from 
inappropriate content found in video games. In 
2004 and 2006, Clinton voted against the Federal 
Marriage Amendment that sought to prohibit 
same-sex marriage.

 Clinton opposed the Iraq War troop surge of 
2007, for both military and domestic political 
reasons (by the following year, she was privately 
acknowledging that the surge had been 
successful) In March of that year, she voted 
in favor of a war-spending bill that required 
President Bush to begin withdrawing troops from 
Iraq by a deadline; it passed almost completely 
along party lines but was subsequently vetoed 
by Bush. In May, a compromise war funding 
bill that removed withdrawal deadlines but tied 
funding to progress benchmarks for the Iraqi 
government passed the Senate by a vote of 80–14 
and would be signed by Bush; Clinton was one of 
those who voted against it.Clinton responded to 
General David Petraeus’s September 2007 Report 
to Congress on the Situation in Iraq by saying, 
“I think that the reports that you provide to us 
really require a willing suspension of disbelief.”As 
the financial crisis of 2007–08 reached a peak 
with the liquidity crisis of September 2008, 
Clinton supported the proposed bailout of the 
U.S. financial system, voting in favor of the $700 
billion law that created the Troubled Asset Relief 
Program, saying that it represented the interests 
of the American people. It passed the Senate 
74–25.In 2007, Clinton and Virginia Senator Jim 
Webb called for an investigation into whether 
the body armor issued to soldiers in Iraq was 


By Sean Kayden



From Indian Lakes is the multi-
genre conception of California-
based multi-instrumentalist Joey Vannucchi. The moniker 
is derived from Indian Lakes, California, where Vannucchi 
started writing and recording songs at the age of 20. Over the 
course of three full-length albums, Vannucchi has steadily 
evolved both sonically and wisely. His proclivity for subdued 
guitars and wistful melodies stick in one’s mind like glue. 
Another remarkable fact about Vannucchi is that not only 
does he write all of music but also performs every instrument 
heard on his records. When on tour, he has close friends 
supporting him as a full fledge band. With the release of his 
forth album and second on Triple Crown Records, Everything 
Feels Better Now is comprised of profoundly layered guitars, 
emotionally driven monologues, and a moody resonance that 
will surely touch the listener in an insightful manner. This 
new outing is a fresh chapter for From Indian Lakes. Similarly, 
I believe he’s crossed over to the otherside of creativity and 
originality. There’s something starkly different here, but 
Vannucchi remains faithful to the appealing sound of his 
previous records. Hearing the record, Everything Feels Better 
Now comes off naturally intimate and intensely sprawling 
over the course of twelve ineffaceable tracks. 

 The introduction to Everything Feels Better Now originates 
in the form of “Happy Machines. The song is refined, 
showcasing a whirlwind synth sounds playing constantly in 
the background of Vannucchi’s tender falsetto. The chorus 
also features the passionately delivered line, “Everything 
Feels Better Now,” which serves as the title of the record as 
you know. “The Monster” is the first single off the record 
and it’s a tremendous example of Vannucchi’s progress as 
an artist. The catchy chorus, highly propulsive nature of the 
track, and brooding lyrics accumulate into this perfect little 
package. With forbidding lyrics such as “I was a normal kid, 
no one could see/ I had a monster that was growing in me,” 
Vannucchi balances darkness with light as the developed 
sound overall is much more upbeat than the lyrics may 
suggest. The subsequent track, “Blank Tapes,” draws greatly 
from atmospheric sounds and reflective lyrics. Ultimately, the 
song is a twinkling jam with humming guitars escalating over 
rich progressing drums, and a scant bass. Vannucchi positions 
his voice in an ethereal shell that touches falsetto as the 
arrangement surges beneath him for a constantly enchanting 
dreamlike trip.

 “Hello” begins with a subtle guitar sound, soft but 
menacing synths and Vannucchi’s soothing vocals. One of 
the strongest tracks here, “Hello” is chill worthy. Before the 
halfway point, Vannucchi adds another dreamy layer to the 
track before going back to that light guitar strum/dark synth 
combination. In addition, Vannucchi’s vocals change ever so 
slightly numerous times, bringing a new element to the track 
as it progresses through the stages. “Feel Love” goes full force 
with beauteous guitars and a completely rich and vibrant 
tone. As far as being the most intricate song off the record, 
“American Dreams” takes that worthy spot. It’s a song that 
provides opulent sounds throughout the course of its duration. 
Gorgeously crafted, captivating from beginning to end, 
and greatly poignant, “American Dreams” is a masterpiece. 
With Vannucchi agonizingly reciting the line, “It’s starting 
to my hurt head, this American Dream again,” you can feel 
the pain for not only him, but maybe yourself too. “Nome” is 
another strong addition to the record. We have further moody 
propensities at work along with great profundity and echoes of 

 “Sunlight” shines in many ways regardless of its title. It 
starts off with a modern day indie rock guitar vibe before it 
breaks into something much grander. With a chorus such as 
“You’re standing in the sunlight, I want to be the dream that 
you see at night. You’re looking for me on the other side, I 
want to be the one who can save your life,” strikingly conveyed 
above the tantalizing guitar/synth composition, the listener 
will be significantly moved by such a powerful combination. 
“Come Back” moves slowly as it hits you directly in the core. 
It’s pondering piece of music that touches upon something 
from your past and the very thought of it returning to you. The 
closing minute or so of this one, where it’s purely instrumental, 
takes your peripatetic mind on a contemplative ride through 
the places and faces of your past. Everything Feels Better Now 
visits many places within the spectrum of the human spirit. 
Not only does Vannucchi take a deep, through look inside 
himself, but convinces the listener to do the same. The record 
is an examination of past, present, and future and can provide 
the inspiration for one to find strength while reflecting upon 
those three key elements of life. Looking beyond profounder 
inclinations that may or may not be your thing, Everything 
Feels Better Now is an exceptional record crossing the paths 
of multiple musical elements and offering introspective lyrics 
embracing light when dark is approaching at an alarming 

Grade: 8.8 out of 10

Key Tracks: “The Monster,” “Blank Tapes,” “Highlight,” 
“American Dreams”



 In conjunction with Sierra Madre’s 
Halloween festivities which occur 
on Monday the 31st, The Symbiotic 
Society will present “Return of the 
Tingler”. This free show is a parody 
of the 1959 hit film, “The Tingler” 
starring the legendary Vincent 
Price. Audience interaction will 
be featured, along with activities 
outside the Playhouse. Free shows 
will run every half hour from 
6:30 to 9:30 pm, HALLOWEEN 
NIGHT ONLY. Returning 
from last year will be the TIME 
MACHINE; plus a new attraction, 
RODDY ROBOT. These vintage 
attractions are part of our retreat 
to the 50-60’s. 

– “Return of the Tingler”, is loosely 
based on the film by William 
Castle who was famous for low 
budget B-Movie thrillers. Many 
films featured gimmicks to attract 
audiences. Our presentation 
will offer our own contrivance 
collection in his honor. 

a full size replica of the time 
machine featured in the 1960 
movie, The Time Machine. The 
movie is based on the famous H.G. 
Wells book of the same name, starring Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux. It differs from the original in having fun 
lights controllable by the rider. Those wishing to return to their younger years can ride the Time Machine before 
or after the shows. 

RODDY ROBOT – He invokes memories of the 50-60’s era anthropomorphic robots featured in many sci-fi 
B-movies. He joins the Time Machine as a great photo opportunity. A professional photographer will take photos 
free of charge.

ABOUT THE SYMBIOTIC SOCIETY – this deranged group of volunteer individuals, formerly known as the Zombie Players 
Association, creates an annual event at the Sierra Madre Playhouse during Halloween. Since the group is primarily senior in nature 
with signs of dementia, the presentations are nutty and over-the-top. The whole purpose is to provide free fun entertainment, 
primarily for kids and those wishing to be kids again. The Halloween activity is a drastic switch, maybe its cathartic in nature, from 
the Society’s primary goal of promoting the Human and Tingler alliance. To find out more visit Follow us 
on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @yourtingler. #TeamTingler

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