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Mountain View News Saturday, December 17, 2016 




By Joan Schmidt

 Arcadia High School has an exceptional band of 375 members 
under the direction of Kevin Sherill and Seth Murphy. It is truly one 
of the largest and most accomplished bands in the country, so this 
writer was very thrilled when the Media was invited to attend its 
rehearsal on Thursday, prior to the Parade. The rehearsal involved 
the Band marching on Campus Drive from the High School to El 
Monte Avenue. After the rehearsal, there was an opportunity to 
interview both directors and several band members.

 The 2017 Rose Parade marks the 16th time in the past 50 years 
that Arcadia High School Band will participate. It has marched in 
two Inaugural Parades-Dwight Eisenhower, 1957 and George W. 
Bush in 2005. The band also performed at the very first Super Bowl 
in 1967, in the 1981 World Series, Gator Bowl, Alamo Bowl, was 
featured in an NFL Super Bowl commercial last year, and has won 
countless field show competitions.

 When I arrived in the Parking Lot, I saw three small planes 
(Replicas of Air Force planes) that were going to be in the Parade. 
I was told that the Air Force Band was using the Performing Arts 
Center to practice. (The Performing Arts Center had been such a 
great addition!)

 After the first march across Campus Drive, the Band was 
stopped. Assistant Superintendant Jeff Wilson thanked band 
members for their hard work during the Winter Break-practicing 
many hours and the District is very proud of them. Superintendant 
Dr. Dave Vannasdall, explained to me that in addition to the two 
band directors, there were three or four assistants, section leaders 
and many wonderful volunteer parents that have made all of this 

 The Band was going to Disneyland; there is a band fest at PCC 
and viewing the floats! Hope they have a GREAT TIME and 

The Library Board of Trustees have appointed Darlene Bradley to the position 
of Library & Museum Services Director after a nationwide search. Ms. Bradley 
is currently an Assistant Library Director and will succeed Mary Beth Hayes 
who will retire on December 30. The appointment will be effective December 
31, 2016.

 “Making a person’s day a little brighter and making a difference in people’s 
everyday lives is one of the most rewarding parts of my job,” said Bradley. 
“Working with a supportive Library Board of Trustees, the Friends of the Arcadia 
Public Library, and talented staff, it will be an absolute honor to continue to serve 
the community as the new Director of Library and Museum Services.”

 Bradley’s 30 year career began as a Shelver and Circulation Clerk at the Arcadia 
Public Library while in high school and college. After earning her undergraduate 
degree in Business Administration from Cal Poly Pomona and Master’s degree 
in Library Science from San Jose State University, Bradley became a Children’s 
Librarian for the City of Pasadena in 1989 and was promoted to Research and 
Reference Librarian in 1992. In 2004, Bradley returned to Arcadia as a Principal 
Librarian for Children’s Services. Since 2007, she has held the position of Library 
Services Manager. 

 “Darlene has demonstrated a passion for not just for the Library and the 
Museum, but for the City of Arcadia itself,” said City Manager Dominic 
Lazzaretto. “The Library Board made an excellent decision. I look forward to 
helping Darlene achieve her vision as she guides the Department through its next 
exciting chapter.” Unlike other executive positions, according to the City Charter, 
the Library Board of Trustees is responsible for appointing the City’s Librarian. 

 Bradley is a 15-year native of Arcadia and enjoys spending time with family, 
friends, and the great outdoors. When asked about her new role, she said, “public 
libraries and museums provide an essential service not found elsewhere. They 
connect people to books and information, past and present, but they are also so 
much more. They are community places where people can learn, explore, create, 
connect, be inspired and pleasantly delighted.”




During the past few months, staff has had several 
discussions with the City of Bradbury regarding the 
development of a Community Services Officer (CSO) 
partnership program. Under the proposed program 
Bradbury has proposed sharing the costs of an in-
field Community Services Officer with our Police 
Department. Should this program be developed and 
implemented, an in-field CSO would certainly serve 
as an asset for our police officers here in Monrovia. 
The non-sworn in-field CSO is a position that can 
take over the investigation of crimes that have 
already occurred which have little or no workable 
leads, investigate non-injury traffic collisions, 
enforce parking restrictions, write crime reports, 
and handle other public safety related tasks for our 
sworn police officers. This position would take over 
these tasks that are currently being handled by our 
sworn Police Officers, thereby freeing our cops of 
administrative processes so that they can focus on 
higher priority items.

 We have discussed the possibility of sharing a 
CSO with Bradbury whereby we would equally 
split the costs associated with funding the position. 
As staff has assessed this possibility, we believe that 
having the in-field CSO position working at least 
20 hours / week in Monrovia would be beneficial 
to our overall public safety / law enforcement 
operation, and during the next few weeks, we 
plan on pursuing the discussion with Bradbury in 
greater detail. 


This past week, Mayor Adams, Police Chief Hunt, 
and I met with Julie Bank, the new President / 
CEO of the Pasadena Humane Society (PHS). Ms. 
Bank just started in her role as President / CEO 
of PHS a few months ago, and incidentally, she is 
also a new resident of Monrovia! Our discussion 
was intended to serve as a meet-and-greet, and we 
discussed a few ways that we could partner with 
the PHS as we move into 2017. 

 During our meeting, one of the programs we 
discussed was having a representative of the PHS 
attend a City Council meeting each month and 
introduce an adoptable pet! Preliminarily, we plan 
on rolling this program out beginning with at our 
January 17, 2017 City Council meeting, and once 
a month moving forward, the PHS will bring an 
adoptable animal every month to introduce to our 



Just a quick note to let everyone know that the City’s 
Canyon Park and our Hillside Wilderness Preserve 
will be operating under normal hours throughout 
the holiday season for our residents to use and enjoy! 
This means that all pedestrian gates will be open at 
6:00 a.m. each day, and will be closed at 9:00 p.m. 
every evening. Everyone here at the City hopes that 
you and your loved ones enjoy the holiday season, 
and if you have some time, feel free to take a hike in 
our beautiful hillsides here in Monrovia!

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