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Mountain View News Saturday, April 15, 2017 



Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side 

by Deanne Davis

The Sierra Madre Senior 
Community Commission 
announced this week that Sierra 
Madre resident Jay Whitcraft 
has been chosen as the city's 
2017 Older American. His 
selection was based on his years 
of dedicated volunteerism not 
only to the City of Sierra Madre, 
but throughout LA County.

Jay has a true passion for 
volunteering and living life to 
the fullest. Chances are you 
have seen him around town 
working on his many projects. 
You might also see Jay in his 
cycling attire tooling through 
town. You may also have seen 
him at Beantown working 
on a Oral History Project, or 
at a Sierra Madre Historical 
Preservation Society meeting or 
at a Library Trustees meeting. 
Wherever you saw him you 
would soon realize that the title 
of Jay Whitcraft - Supernova 
Volunteer, bestowed upon him 
in the Mountain Views News 
Spotlight on Volunteers article 
in 2009, is an understatement. 

 Whitcraft could be called “the 
man for all seasons.” His giving 
in some form fills every day of 
his life and shines upon the 
world much like a very bright 

The 40-year resident came to live 
in Sierra Madre after taking a bus 
tour, led by Phyllis Chapman, 
covering Sierra Madre historical 
sights. He decided to move here, 
and have been enthusiastic 
residents since.

“On the bus tour I saw the 
Richardson House and Lizzie’s 
Trail Inn, and I decided I wanted 
to work there.” He was curator of 
the Museum for 5 years, a docent 
for 20 years and a Life Member 
r of the Sierra Madre Historical 
and Preservation Society.

 Seventeen years ago he 
became a trustee at the Sierra 
Madre Library and served for 9 
years, (2 as Chair). Jay’s dream 
when he was chairman of the 
Board of Trustees is to have a 
coffee cart in the library garden 
where people will discuss ideas 
gleaned from the books they’ve 
read. He calls it “a lifelong 
learning quest.” He also works 
the used book sales every two 

 Over 18 years ago Jay was one 
of the community leaders to 
investigate starting a community 
foundation, and they formed 
Sierra Madre Community 
Foundation under the umbrella 
of the California Community 
Foundation. Jay was the second 
chairman, following Eph 
Konigsberg’s first term.

 Born and raised in Wynnewood, 
Pa. he graduated with a Bachelor 
of Mechanial Engineering from 
the University of Pennsylvania. 
He served in the Army Air 
Corps during World War II and 
came to California 40 years ago 
to work for IBM.

 Jay joins an impressive list of 
previous recipients of this honor 
including: Dick Johnson, Joan 
Crow, Jerry & Nan Carlton, Pat 
Alcorn, Fran Garbaccio, Ken

Anhalt, Eph Konigsberg, Russ 
Anderson, George Throop, 
Loyal Camacho, John Grijalva, 
Joylouise Harte-Smith, James 
Heasley, Midge Morash, James 
Tyler, Isabella Paegal, Bonnie 
Garner, Rose Fafach, Ed 
Wellman, Celeste McCleary, 
Dorothy Tillquist, Doris 
Webster, Elsie Dammeyer, 
George Mauer, Karl Teigler, 
Laurie Cooper, Lucille Flanders 
& Ann Tyler.

 A reception honoring Jay will 
be held on The honoree will also 
be recognized at a city reception 
held in their honor on Friday, 
May 12th, 2017. 

For additonal information 
contact City Hall at 626-355-

S. Henderson/MVNews

Another word on the caterpillars, dear butterfly 
lovers: Friend, Yukiko Dreves, sent me a video 
she took up in Joshua Tree, weekend before last, 
of thousands and thousands of caterpillars on the 
roads, all heading in the same direction. It was quite 
something to see. We are going to have so many 
butterflies this year. Exciting to think about. Thanks, 

 Sierra Madre’s own Victor Espinoza is headed 
for the Kentucky Derby again! He rode Gormley 
to victory in the Santa Anita Derby last Saturday, 
ensuring a spot for them in the Derby May 6th, when 
Victor could possibly win his fourth Kentucky Derby 
and third in four years. Maybe even another Triple 

 We have a new business coming in where the 
children’s store used to be on Sierra Madre Blvd. right 
next to Happy’s Liquor! AND, magic is coming to 
Zugo’s the last Saturday of the month! More on that 

 Easter is tomorrow! A time of celebration that 
many folks think has a lot to do with bunnies; 
chocolate ones – yes, we all eat the ears first. There 
are exhaustive hunts in various parks for tie-dyed 
eggs and, if you’re lucky and get invited somewhere 
good for lunch, honey-baked ham. It might have 
something to do with new outfits, but extensive 
biblical research has not proven that, one way or the 
other. What Easter is really about is the fact that the 
stone was rolled away and there was an empty tomb. 
As the angel said, “He is not here, He is risen!” An 
amazing concept upon which many of us base our 
lives. It really is more exciting than chocolate bunnies 
and Easter eggs….unless, of course, they were dyed 
for you by your favorite four year old. 

Before Dawn….. Easter Sunday

The sky was gray, 

The world was hushed,

Before dawn… Sunday.

The women walked,

Toward a tomb,

Jars of spices in their hands,

To tend the One,

The One Who died,

Crucified that Friday.

The women walked,

Toward the tomb,

Mary Magdalene and another.

They walked, and worried, wondering

Who would roll away the stone.

The sky was gray, 

The world was hushed,

Before dawn, Sunday.

They stopped to rest,

Await the day,

Sad eyes filled with tears,

Sorrow for the One, Who died,

Crucified that Friday.

Another dawn, another day,

What did it matter, anyway?

The One who loved her as she was,

Who changed her life, was gone.

She raised her eyes to see the sky,

Streaks of pink and gold.

And then they saw,

The guards were gone,

The stone was rolled away!

The grief she’d felt since Friday,

Like the stone, was rolled away!

She grabbed that jar of spices,

And running like a child, 

Climbed the hill, 

To tend her Lord before dawn, Sunday. 

They looked inside that borrowed tomb,

Petrified with fright,

An angel sat there on the stone,

Clothed in brilliant white.

“I know the one you seek,” he said,

“Jesus, crucified.”

“He is not here, he’s risen!

He’s risen, as he said

He’s risen! He’s risen!

He’s risen, as he said!”

“Now go! And tell the others,

He’s risen, as he said!

Look not for the living,

Here among the dead!

He is not here, he’s risen!

He’s risen, as he said!”

And joy broke free...

Before dawn,

That first Easter Sunday. 


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Sierra Madre Senior Commissioners surprise Whitcraft with 
their announcement. Left to right: Sally Olson, Suzanne 
Decker, Jay Whitcraft, Jacquie Pergola and Nina Bartolai. 
Photo by MVNews


The Volunteer Sierra Madre 4th of July Committee is seeking nominations for the 2017 4th of July 
Parade Grand Marshal. The Parade will be held as always the morning of July 4th. 

 Parade Grand Marshal Nominees should embody the spirit of Sierra Madre, be an active volunteer in 
any of the local nonprofit organizations or in some way contributed to the betterment of Sierra Madre. 
Nominees may be an individual or volunteers or an organization. 

 Nominations must be submitted in writing by Thursday, April 27th and should be 
sent to the 4th of July Committee, PO Box 1073 Sierra Madre CA 91025 or emailed to Nominations should be no more than 1 page but at least a paragraph 
explaining why the honor should be given including contributions to the Sierra Madre community. 

 Previous Grand Marshals have included 2016 Pete Siberell and Hometown Hero Kris Lowe, 2015 
Clem and Nina Bartolai, 2014 Pat & DeAlcorn & Hometown Heroes Sierra Madre Search and Rescue, 
2013 VFW Post 3208 & Hometown Hero Mama Pete; 2012 Nel and Bob Soltz (Wistaria Vine owners); 
2011 Gayle Bluemel & Hometown Hero John Shear; 2010 Lew Wantanabe; 2009 Midge Morash; 2008 
Sierra Madre Fire Department; 2007 Ward Family (E. Waldo Ward & Sons); 2006 Judy Webb Martin 
& Toni Buckner & Hometown Hero Barbara Wamboldt; 2005 Police Chief Wayne Bailey; 2004 Doug 
Berkshire; 2003 John Grijalva; 2002 Bob Quamstrom; 2001 Ty Gaffney; 2000 Dr. Bill White; and 1999 
Jim & Barbara Heasley. 

 This All-American friends and family event is made possible through the wonderful contribution of 
donors and sponsors. If you’d like to help please visit or follow us on 

An Easter Message 
From Bethany Christian 


(John 20:24-29)

This Sunday, we celebrate the 
resurrection of Jesus! Our 
hearts sing for joy! We rejoice 
because Jesus has defeated all 
the enemies threatening our 
peace: sickness, sin, doubt, 
failure-you name it. We 
celebrate because the grave is 
empty, our debt has been paid 
in full and our life stories have been rewritten!

 Jesus has a scandalous love affair with broken 
people and this Sunday, as we celebrate, we will 
see how one man’s life story was changed from 
doubt to shout! Thomas is known to most of 
us as doubting Thomas. He was that disciple of 
Jesus who when presented with the news of Jesus’ 
resurrection shot back: “Unless I see in his hands 
the marks of the nails and place my finger in the 
mark of the nails and place my hands into his side, 
I will never believe!” We like to pile on Thomas but 
he is much like us. We all have doubts; I certainly 
have had my share of doubts. But Jesus, in his love 
for us never let’s us escape-he goes after us like the 
hound of heaven! Eight days after, (John 20:24-
29) Thomas is finally with the other disciples, 
locked up behind closed doors. Jesus shows up 
before them and directly addressed Thomas. I love 
this about Jesus. He goes right to him: here it is 
Thomas, what you’ve asked for! “Reach here and 
touch the scares!” (V.26)

 Thomas looses it! “My Lord and my God!” He 
shouts, as he falls to his knees! Thomas had his 
doubts settled that day. He saw alive, a man whose 
lifeless body was taken down from a cross and 
buried just a few days earlier. His life story was 
changed. That’s what Jesus does; he changes us, 
transforms us and then releases us into abundant 
life! There is no question Jesus cannot answer. If 
you have questions bring them, Jesus takes it from 

Thomas shows us that doubt can serve to confirm 
our faith, if we go to Jesus with them. Remember 
that Jesus is God for Broken People. He sees past 
our brokenness to our need. Let’s trust him to 
meet our need this Easter!

 Will you join us this Sunday as we revel in a risen 
Lord, who knows us and loves us and keeps after 
us until we see like Thomas saw that Jesus never 
quits believing in us?

Pastor Briant Cuffy, Senior Pastor, Bethany 
Church of Sierra Madre 




City Manager Gabe Engeland

Interim Public Works Director Chris Cimino

and Water Superintendent Jose Reynoso 

Tuesday, April 18 , 2017 12:00 Noon 

The Lodge 33 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Sierra Madre

Lunch $10 Program Free

Call 626-355-3222 To Reserve Your Seat


During this time period, the Sierra Madre Police Department responded to approximately 294 day and night time 
calls for service. 

Monday, April 3 

At about 7:05 a.m., a report was filed stating that on April 1 between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 p.m., a rear window 
was smashed using a patio chair. There was no one home at the time with the exception of his dog. The resident 
stated that there was blood in the home, indicating to him, that the dog apparently attacked the suspect(s). At this 
time, nothing appears to be missing from the home. Case referred to Detectives. 

Tuesday, April 4 

A bicyclist collision injury occurred in the 600 block of W. Sierra Madre Bl. It was determined to be a solo collision. 
The bicyclist was transported to a local hospital for treatment of his injuries. 

Thursday, April 6 

A burglary in progress was reported in the 300 block of N. Sunnyside. The resident stated that a female was in her 
backyard at about 7: 37 p.m. and wanted to enter her house. Arriving officers stopped and questioned the suspect 
on Sunnyside. The suspect was later transported to a local hospital for a 72 hour evaluation. 

NOTE: For the second consecutive week, several citations were issued for unlicensed drivers and/or driving 
without a license, a few resulting in impounding of the driver’s vehicle. A reminder to be aware of the expiration 
date of your California driver’s license and vehicle registration tags. 


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