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Mountain Views-News Saturday, December 2, 2017 SOUTH PASADENA -SAN MARINO 4Mountain Views-News Saturday, December 2, 2017 SOUTH PASADENA -SAN MARINO 4
Rubbish Billing ChangesWill Result in Multiple Bills

 Customers will receive a 
bill from the city of South 
Pasadena for November 
and December. 

 Billing for rubbish 
(solid waste) services will 
transition from the City of 
South Pasadena to Athens 
Services as of January 

1. Athens currently bills 
service. The next quarterly 

commercial accounts for 

bill for rubbish service will 

rubbish services and will 

be sent in April for rubbish 

be streamlining the city’s 

services for the months of 

utility billing process by also 

April, May and June.

administering residential 

The City currently contracts 

billing. The transition will 

with Global Water for water, 

result in multiple bills to 

rubbish, and sewer billings. 

residential customers during 

Global Water will continue 

January and February of 

to bill residents for water and 


sewer on a bi-monthly basis. 

 Athens utilizes a different 

There will be no change to 

billing timeline that bills 

the billing cycles for water 

customers quarterly and in 

and sewer. 

advance of service. Further, 

In order to assist with the 

Athens uses the same billing 

transition in billing, both 

cycle for all customers. 

Global Water and Athens 

The City bills customers 

Services offer payment plans. 

bimonthly for two months 

Customers may contact both 

of prior service, and bills 

companies directly for more 

customers in eight different 

information on available 

cycles, rather than all at 



 Over the next several 

 The transition will result 

months, the City will 

in customers receiving 

make every effort to 

a bill from the City for 

ensure residents continue 

November and December 

to be informed about the 

rubbish services as part of 

transition and the changes 

their regular city billing 

that will be reflected on their 

period during the months of 

utility bills.

January and February 2018. 

 A list of Frequently Asked 

Customers will also receive a 

Questions regarding the 

bill from Athens in February 

transition can be found 

for rubbish services for 

on the City’s website. 

January, February and 

You may also contact the 

March of 2018. There will be 

City via email utilities@ 

no overlap of service periods or call 

and customers are not being 

the Finance Department 

double-billed for the same 

(626) 403-7250 
Mountain Views News 80 W Sierra Madre Blvd. No. 327 Sierra Madre, Ca. 91024 Office: 626.355.2737 Fax: 626.609.3285 Email: Website: 

Free Crowell Library Classwill Explore Healthcareand Biotechnology

 Hal Slavkin, Professor and 
Dean Emeritus from USC, 
returns to Crowell Library 
January 9th, with a new class 
about the recent advances 
in healthcare based on 
new understanding of the 
human genome. In six 
sessions, participants will 
explore healthcare and 
biotechnology, with a focus 
on the new personalized 
healthcare options. 

It was not that long ago health. 
when physicians, dentists, This course will demonstrate 
pharmacists, nurses how phenotype connects 
and other healthcare with genotype; the principles 
professionals had only a underlying the development 
few treatment options for and evolutionary process of 
patients with seemingly how an organism grows; and 
similar diagnosis for how novel and innovative 
illnesses or disorders. The gene editing techniques 
result was that some patients can address major human 
responded well to treatment diseases and disorders such 
while others did not. as birth defects, diabetes, 
Now healthcare providers cardiovascular diseases, 
consider factors such as pulmonary disorders, 
genotype (an inventory periodontal diseases, 
of all that person’s genes), cancers, mental diseases, 
phenotype (the sum of and neurodegenerative 
observable characteristics diseases and disorders. 
from hair color to Professor and Dean 
cardiac function) and the Emeritus at the Herman 
environment (epigenetics) Ostrow School of Dentistry, 
in which the individual University of Southern 
exists. Understanding California, Hal Slavkin 
the interaction of all these has served as Chair of 
factors in one person is Biochemistry, and as the 
being termed “precision Director for the National 
medicine” – a sophisticated Institute of Dental and 
assessment of each person’s Craniofacial Research at the 
genome, epigenome, National Institutes of Health 
phenotype, growth and in Bethesda. He lives in 
development history, Marina Del Rey.
environment, behaviors, Crowell Library is 
and susceptibility to certain at 1890 Huntington 
diseases and disorders, so Drive, San Marino, call 
that precise high definition (626) 300-0777 or visit: 
protocols can be tailored 
for individual personalized 

South Pas 

License Tax 

 In an effort to better assist our 
residents with the Business 
License Tax Amnesty Program, 
South Pasadena City Hall will 
be open for extended hours 
on Mondays from 7:30 am to 

7:00 pm beginning Monday to 
December 18. They said they are 
making every effort to return 
your calls and e-mails. If you have 
not received a response from City 
staff we have noted that we need 
to return your e-mail or call and 
they want to assure you that they 
will honor the Amnesty program. 
Business licenses will be valid 
one year from your purchase 
date. For questions or to submit 
your business license online 
please email: businesslicense@ 
All persons or companies 
conducting business within the 
City limits of South Pasadena are 
required to obtain a city business 
license. This includes but is not 
limited to retailers, wholesalers, 
manufacturers, service providers, 
professionals, non-profit 
organizations, independent 
contractors, home businesses 
and residential landlords renting 
three or more units. Please note: 
businesses based outside of the 
City of South Pasadena who are 
conducting business in the City 

(e.g. contractors, consultants, 
architects, designers, landscape 
maintenance companies, mobile 
food vendors) must also file an 
The City of South Pasadena 
welcomes you to our business 
community. We are glad that you 
have selected our city for your 
business and are here to assist 
you through the business license 
process. Below are the business 
license applications and some 
frequently asked questions. For 
more information, please contact 
the Finance Department at (626) 
403-7257 or (626) 403-7259. 

Exhibition Marking the500th Anniversary of theProtestant Reformation 

 The Huntington Library, 
Art Collections, and Botanical 
Gardens mark the 500th 
anniversary of the Protestant 
Reformation with an exhibition 
that explores the power of the 
written word as a mechanism for 
radical change. The exhibition 
draws almost exclusively from 
The Huntington’s collections 
and includes about 50 rare 
manuscripts, books, and prints 
made between the 1400s and 
1648 (the end of the Thirty 
Years War). “The Reformation: 
From the Word to the World” is 
on view in the West Hall of the 
Library through Feb. 26.

 On Oct. 31, 1517, German 
priest Martin Luther, who 
believed church doctrines word to effect radical change. 
created an ever-growing Scholars, clerics, statesmen, and 
gap between believers and lay believers disseminated texts 
God, is said to have posted a to articulate their faiths, ignite 
document of what today are reforms, and attack adversaries. 
called the “95 theses”—his European governments and 
specific disputes—to the door religious councils banned 
of a church in Wittenberg to books to minimize the spread 
contest recent practices of of works they deemed to be 
the Catholic Church. Luther dangerous, regain control, and 
was looking to stimulate combat people and ideas they 
thoughtful debate that would believed to be radical. Words, 
clear away corruption and texts, images, and prints 
pomp, and reform the Church. blurred the divisions between 
What followed was a flurry of thinkers, heroes, and martyrs, 
written arguments and ideas said Wilkie. “The Reformation 
put forward by scholars, clerics, did not just play out in pulpits 
statesmen, and lay believers and on battlefields—it lived on 
to fuel a movement called the the page.”
Reformation. Items on display include a 

 “This was an act of protest, 1514 papal indulgence (ayet it was also an act of faith,” remission of the punishment 
said Vanessa Wilkie, the of sin), an incunable (a book 
William A. Moffett Curator printed before 1501) annotated 
of Medieval Manuscripts by Martin Luther, early 16thand 
British History at The century prints by Albrecht 
Huntington, and the curator Dürer, the 1573 original 
of the exhibition. “Luther was manuscript proclamation 
closely tied into larger debates issued and signed by Queen 
taking place across Europe. Elizabeth I requiring the use of 
It’s important to note that he the Book of Common Prayer, 
was not the only cleric in the and a 15th-century manuscript 
early 16th century to publish of the Brut Chronicles in which 
theological justifications for a later reformer "erased" the 
his beliefs and actions. Luther’s word "Pope" from the text.
reformation was just one part While the exhibition addresses 
of the Reformation. And none the power of the written word 
of it would have been possible and the relationship between 
without manuscripts and it and radical change within a 
printed books.”specific historical moment and 

 The spark of the Reformation geographical region, the themes 
spread through reading, and larger questions posed in 
writing, and printing practices the exhibition resonate across 
of the period. Reformers time in different ways. 
and counter-reformers “Voices from the past survive 
would often reinterpret older primarily through texts and 
images and ideas to fit the images, but today we convey 
current moment. Differing our own messages in a variety 
ideas and theological beliefs, of ways: podcasts, social media, 
however, soon gave way to fashion, and even protest 
popular violence, warfare, and posters,” said Wilkie. “This 
ultimately colonial conquest. exhibition touches on how 
While “The Reformation: From we reinterpret and transform 
the Word to the World” focuses words and images from the past 
on Europe and addresses to engage in debates of our own 
important historical figures, time. In the end, it asks, ‘“What 
religious wars of the period, do you want to tell the world? 
the Catholic Church’s response How do you want to share your 
to the emergence of Protestant message?’” 
groups, and the political The Huntington Library is 
ideologies of countries with located 1151 Oxford Road San 
state religions, the main focus Marino. For more information 
is on the power of the written call 626.405.2100. 

Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528),
St. Jerome in His Study, 1514,