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Dr. Dan’s College Corner 


Most of my columns have focused on the life ofstudents who live away, either in dorms or off-
campus. But what of the many thousands of 
students who commute to their campus, both fulland part-time? These students often continue to 
live in their family homes, frequently continuewith all kinds of family obligations and part-timejobs, and need a few strategies to make the most oftheir commuting college experience.

You look like your high school self, but you arechanging every day.

If you live at home and continue to be aroundfamily and friends, most people mightn’t noticeyour growth in intellectual power, focus andsocial development. But you know it’s happening,
and will want your perspectives and behaviors toreflect your journey to young adulthood.

Smarter isn’t smarty-pants, of course. So don’t 
be too quick to flaunt your new knowledges andperspectives, especially if they fly in the faceof your familial or cultural traditions. You areredefining your relationship with this family, andwith your old friends, too. Watch more, listen 
more, talk less. 

And in terms of those friends, don’t be surprisedif your interests have changed and high schoolbonds and times seem kind of dated to you, or atleast up for redefinition. If you have a significantother already, or if you strike up a college romance,
one thing you’ll need to figure out is how to get theprivacy you need to let that romance grow.

Stick around your campus as long as possibleevery day, and take advantage of its resources.

Invest in an insulated backpack and a goodthermos, put together food and snacks to savetime and money, and try to be on campus bothbefore and after classes. 

If you are a full-time commuter to local CSU, UCand most private colleges, inquire at the Office ofthe Dean about Day Student Lounges, where youcan crash and recharge yourself through the day.
Consider staying late at campus at least one nighta week, perhaps keying your decision to stay to anevent or club group you want to attend. If you areeligible, get a campus job--another excellent wayto bond with your school.

Go to Advisement Offices and visit yourProfessors during their Office Hours

If you are a commuter who plans on possibletransfer to another institution after two years,
accurate and wise advisement is crucial (doublethis advice if you’re at a Junior College and hope to 

take credits with youto a final two years ata UC or other 4-yearinstitution). And, ifyou’re planning on 
staying at this sameschool, you need 
to build a portfolio

of grownups, your“adult influencers” as we call them--to help youextract the best experience from the school andplan for life after graduating.

Cultivate an “influencer” or two by going to theoffice hours your professors post in their syllabi.
Almost nobody ever visits, I can tell you from myown years as a professor.

Come with questions about your class, adviceabout courses for future terms, about a possiblemajor in their discipline. Ask them if they ever takeon student workers to help with their scholarship,
term-time and during summers. 

Save Money. Lots.

You may be commuting because the live-awaycosts of residential college seem too staggering.
You may be commuting because you need amore reasonable price for general coursework toexplore and experiment with areas of study andcareers. You may be a first-gen student and theonly primary English-speaker in your household.
You’re the one who takes your Aunt for her Chemo,
you’re the one who goes to teacher conferences foryour kid sister, and you’re the one who also hasto do well in classes and plan your future. Protectthat future as jealously as you protect the healthand lives of your loved ones.

It’s hard being a commuter student, but easierif you find ways to spend more time on yourcampus, avail yourself of the enrichments andfacilities you’re paying for anyhow, and buildalliances with helpful grownups. And if you cansalt away some of those thousands of dollars you’llbe saving, you’ll have a small financial nest egg foryour subsequent years in college. 

Dr. Dan Golden was the founding director of LifePlanning at the Vistamar School in El Segundo.
He was a professor, program director and Deanfor Work & Service-Learning at Wheaton College(MA), and now consults with individuals, schoolsand educational districts on college access, postgraduate 
study and career planning issues. 

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