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Mountain View News Saturday, January 7, 2017 

Walking Sierra Madre…The Social Side 

by Deanne Davis

“My New Year’s resolution list usually starts with the 
desire to lose between ten and three thousand pounds.” 
Nia Vardalos

 Happy New Year, dear fellow Sierra Madre walkers! 
We’re still saying it to folks we pass on the early 
morning cold streets, happy to see Christmas trees 
waiting to be recycled. Speaking of Nia Vardalos in 
the quote up there – she’s the woman behind My 
Big Fat Greek Wedding which came out in 2002 and 
was a really fun movie. She made My Big Fat Greek 
Wedding 2 last year and we finally got around to it 
on Netflix over the holidays. If you haven’t seen it, 
it’s funny and you’ll enjoy it. Trust me. We also saw 
Passages with Jennifer Lawrence – the girl from 
Hunger Games, when daughter, Patti, son-in-law, 
Dave and their three splendid children, Nicole, Blake 
and Luke treated us on Christmas Day. Being the 
incurable romantic I am, I loved it. My movie/walking 
buddy, John, not so much...but he’s an engineer, folks, 
which explains a lot!

 We’ve been wined and dined and eaten enough 
cookies, cake, fudge, chocolate and various other 
Christmas goodies to make us want to leave the room 
if anyone else offers us dessert for months to come. Of 
course, by the time next week rolls around, I won’t feel 
that way, but we’ve got to get back on track as far as 
food is concerned. New Year’s Monday – parade and 
Rose Bowl Game Day (way to go, Trojans!) – was 
noteworthy for the amazing guacamole our grandson, 
Michael made. We’re ashamed to report we just stood 
there by the bowl, shamelessly devouring chip after 
chip drowning in guacamole. By the way, I never saw 
Egg Nog ice cream anywhere over the holidays. And I 
really like that, too. 

 Wasn’t the Rose Parade great this year? Best one 
ever, we think, and our float, The Cat’s Away, design 
for the second year in a row by Richard Burrow, 
was perfectly stunning. The animation was beyond 
amazing with mice balancing on a teaspoon and 
cups teetering back and forth. The genius behind 
our animation is Dick Sappington, so if you run into 
him, tell him he totally rocks. The Cat’s Away won the 
Mayor’s Trophy and was the best city entry, national 
or international. Just between us, it really was the 
best one in the parade! Our Princesses, Samantha 
Grijalva, Camille Buckles, Sarah Adams and Ashley 
Conlon were so sweet in their Alice in Wonderland 
outfits and, believe it or not, the Sierra Madre Rose 
Float Association is already gearing up for 2018 and 
if you’ve got an idea that’s so good you can’t wait to 
share it, don’t wait! Share it!

 Getting back to this brand New Year and a few 
resolutions, here’s what a really good writer/blogger 
friend of mine, Michelle Griep, suggested:

 “It’s a new year. Be awesome. Wear a helmet. Don’t 
forget to call your mom. 

Or your therapist. Whatever. Be real.”

 To that I would like to add: floss your teeth, write 
thank you letters for anything someone gives you, or 
for something nice someone does. Read your Bible. 
Yeah, I know, you’ve already read it, but it’s not The 
Girl On The Train, friends, it’s God’s letter to us, telling 
us He loves us. Look around you. Notice stuff. Like 
flowers and trees and butterflies and bees. And people. 
Buy a tomato plant at OSH or Home Depot and put it 
in a pot in a sunny spot and water it once in a while and 
you’ll be so excited when a tomato appears. Say nice 
things to people. Smile. Hug.

 Eat healthier. Walk more. Look at sunrises and 
sunsets and what other people are doing in their yard. 
Be silly once in a while. Find a cause to believe in. 
I believe in the Union Rescue Mission. I believe in 
Children International where I share in the support 
of the cutest little nine year old girl in the Philippines, 
Ezekiella Crishay Palma, who is in third grade and 
sends me letters telling me about her life. I believe in 
Food for the Poor where a huge sack of rice is only 
$12.00. I believe in St. Jude’s Children’s Research 
Hospital and I believe in Smile Train, where $250 can 
fix a horribly disfigured little child, born with a cleft 
palate, doomed to a life of pain and rejection. 

 Learn to do something new. Last year I learned 
about the joy of growing succulents. And how much 
fun it is to send board books to toddlers. My book club 
now embraces four little boys and my two Texas girls, 
who aren’t toddlers but love new books. 
will send your book anywhere in the world to a little 
person...or a not so little person. And read. Read a 
lot. Get involved with the Sierra Madre Library’s One 
Book-One City selection, The Rise of the Rocket Girls! 
Rejoice because you’re alive! And for the last time: 
Happy New Year!

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Sessions allow parents to spend time having fun 
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other parents, and interact with specialists on 
child development. 

 Always popular, the workshop series at the 
Library will take place on Wednesday evenings: 
January 11, 18, 25, February 1, and 8. from 6:00 
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