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Timon is an awesome friendly 
1 year old orange tabby that is 
making himself comfortable in 
his temporary home in Meow 
Manor. His striking orange short 
hair coat is marked with leopard like 
spots and he looks out at the world 
through bronze eyes that seem wise 
for his young age. He was named 
after the meerkat character in Lion 
King, who had an adventurous 
spirit and protected the orphaned 
Simba. Timon is also a Greek name 
that means “he who respects”. 

 Our Meow Manor resident Timon 
doesn’t have to worry about surviving 
in a jungle, and is respectful of the 
companions he lives with. He has a calm, gentle 
nature and enjoys being petted. He also has a 
playful adventurous side chasing toys, feathers 
and laser dots. Timon came to the shelter with 
his brothers, Mufasa and Simba. Simba has been 
adopted, but Timon and Mufasa are still waiting 
for their forever homes. Timon 
gets along well with the other cats 
in Meow Manor so he will do fine 
in a new multi-cat household, 
with his brother or as a single 
companion. Please come in and 
meet this affectionate and calm 

 Timon’s adoption fee is $99 
and includes neuter surgery, 
vaccinations, microchip and a free 
wellness exam at a participating 
veterinarian. Feel free to call 
us at (626) 286-1159 for more 
information on Timon. ID#26916. 
He currently resides at the San 
Gabriel Valley Humane Society 
located at 851 E. Grand Avenue in San Gabriel 
which is located off San Gabriel Blvd, north of 
Mission and south of Las Tunas Drive. To arrange 
a ‘Meet and Greet’ with Timon, please stop by any 
time from 10:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday through 

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

I imagine January is likely to be the busiest time of year 
for membership gyms. It’s when most people are feeling 
the pains of all the fun and games they took part in 
during the holiday season. The larger-than-life meals, 
the champagne toasts, the between-meal snacks, the 
See’s candy and the sitting-around-time spent catching 
up with friends and family all take their toll on one’s 
otherwise health-conscious routine.

 Yes, I think we can all agree that the new year presents 
a challenge for the average holiday celebrator to get back 
on track with a regimen of exercising and eating right. 
My hat’s off to folks who are dedicated to staying healthy 
and feeling “good in their clothes” all year round. No 
doubt they are less challenged to get back on track with 
a program to work off any extra calories they may have 
picked up during the holidays.

 But if you’re like me, you may need a little boost getting 
started with a new year exercise routine. I do get a lot of 
walking in each day, but that’s not enough to keep up 
with the extra lovin that came from the oven over the 
past few months.

 What better way to accomplish this noble goal of 
getting back on track, than being part of the 2017 PETA 
Pack Team? By joining in on the race, you’ll not only 
bolster the health of your heart, you’ll also play a part 
in saving and protecting the lives of countless precious 

 This year PETA Pack will be running the Hollywood 
Half Marathon in Hollywood, CA on April 8, 2017 and 
they are inviting all animal lovers, such as yourselves, to 
join their team. The purpose of the run is to help raise 
the funds needed to achieve PETA’s goals for more ethical 
treatment of at-risk animals in 2017.

 Here’s how it works: First you’ll sign up to be a part 
of the PETA Pack Team, then you’ll register for the half-
marathon and train as little or as much as you want in 
the three months leading up to the race. By joining the 
PETA Pack, you’ll have access to 12 weeks of virtual 
coaching and weekly team e-mails. They’ll provide you 
with comprehensive training schedules for beginner, 
intermediate, and advanced runners.

 As a participant, you will also benefit from several 
other PETA Pack project-related offerings from Team 
headquarters. They will organize group runs and meet-
ups, mail you an official PETA Pack race tee-shirt and 
send out training tips, exercise ideas, healthy recipes and 

 Now you might be thinking that participating in the 
PETA Pack program is above or below your personal 
fitness level. Well, nothing could be further from the 
truth. Whether you are a seasoned runner or this is your 
first exercise in years, be assured that 
you will fit right in. There is a place for 
everyone in this race. Regardless of your 
fitness level, you will have the support of 
all the others who are running for the 

 If you choose to join the PETA Pack 
Team, you will pledge to do your best to 
raise a minimum of $500 in donations 
from friends, family members and 
colleagues to help PETA stop animal 
abuse and suffering. You’d be surprised 
how quickly you can reach a goal of 
$500 in donations. There are numerous 
animal lovers right here in Sierra Madre 
and the surrounding areas, so you 
wouldn’t have to travel far to find a healthy handful of 
folks willing to give, when you tell them about the cause 
you are running for.

 Having registered to join the PETA Pack Team, you 
will next set up your own individual fundraising page. 
Then you’ll send your page link to everyone you know - 
friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc. They will be 
able to visit your page to donate online, their gifts will 
go straight to PETA, and their names will appear on 
your fundraising page. Donations can also be made by 
check or cash. Promptly sent to PETA the added funds 
and the donor’s name will appear on your fundraising 

 Another advantage to participating in this project 
is that you’ll have the option of organizing your own 
running team and hold a separate fun run in your local 
community. This way, you’ll help raise funds above 
and beyond those donated toward the Hollywood Half 
Marathon event. And it’s a great way to get to know other 
animal lovers in your neighborhood, whom you can 
encourage to become more proactive animal advocates 
simply by running a race to get in shape for the coming 

 For those of you who are not sure exactly what PETA 
is and why you’d want to raise money for it, here is a brief 
introduction: People for Ethical Treatment of Animals 
(PETA) is the largest animal rights organization in the 
world, with more than 5 million members and supporters 

 It focuses attention on the four areas in which the 
largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely 
for the longest periods of time. For example, animals 
in factory farms, in the fashion industry, in laboratories 
and in the entertainment industry. It also works to 
prevent other types of abuse including the cruel killing of 
beavers, birds, and other “pests” as well as the neglect of 
“backyard dogs”.

 PETA works through public education, cruelty 
investigations, research, animal-rescue efforts, 
legislation, special events (such as the annual PETA Pack 
project), celebrity involvement and protest campaigns. 
You can find out more about this organization and the 
PETA Pack Team on its website at

 I wish you all the best for the coming new year, 2017 
and I encourage you to get out there and run the good 
race for the ethical treatment of animals. You will not 
only benefit from the physical fitness aspect of this 
worthwhile event, you will also benefit from knowing 
you have done your part to make a difference for the 
greater good, specifically for those who can’t protect 
themselves…the precious animals. Love and let live!

Very handsome, all white, LELAND is age 2, looking 
for his forever home. He’s a bit skittish, but is making 
good progress. He likes playing with toys and the 
feather wand. He is comfortable with other cats and 
has a twin sister named Nigella, should you wish to 
adopt both, but it is not necessary. They may never 
be cuddly lap cats, but they may be content just to 
sit near you. However, we have seen great changes 
happen with patience, treats, soft voices, and gentle, 
loving hands. We 
are looking for 
a loving adopter 
who would 
continue Leland’s 
progress. Even 
skittish kitties 
deserve a forever, 
loving home. 

for Pets is a 
small no-kill rescue. We show some cats most 
Sunday afternoons at Petsmart, 3347 E. Foothill 
Blvd. in Pasadena, 12:30-3:30. 

 Adoption fee is $100, which includes spay, 
microchip, exam & vaccines. Our cats are healthy 
and negative FELV/FIV unless otherwise indicated. 

See more pictures, adoption info & application on 
our website, Sorry, we are 
not accepting cats at this time.

GOOD NEWS: Cassie, Venus and Saturn are 




The new year 
can be both 
exciting and 
It’s a clean slate 
--fresh with 
opportunities for change, enjoyment, and 
adventures. Yet, at the same time, the numerous 
possibilities can be overwhelming. The list is 
long: go on a diet, exercise everyday, have more 
fun, find a better job, reduce stress --which one to 
implement first?

 To create real, lasting changes that improve 
life on the long term, it’s best to incorporate them 
one-by-one. After assimilating new behaviors 
and healthy habits, it becomes who you are, not 
who you are trying to be. A healthy yoga practice 
has this same approach--little by little -- with 
consistent effort. Unless you were born as a sage, 
no one is just born a yogi. Each person, each 
teacher, has simply continued their yoga practice. 
With consistent effort and an open mind, each 
one has progressed and transformed in their 
own way, experiencing greater contentment in 

 If you’re considering beginning a regular yoga 
practice, pick a class and frequency that’s do-able. 
Pay attention to the pace and make sure it’s right 
for you. A good class can be beautiful and blissful. 
Avoid getting burnt out or not challenged enough. 
With other life changes - go about it at a consistent, 
slow, wonderful pace--make changes one-by-one. 
You’ll be surprised how changing one thing or one 
bad habit can change the course of your life. What 
if you went to bed earlier each night? What if you 
made a weekly yoga class consistently? What if 
you ate a healthy dinner each night?

Namaste friends, see you on the mat.

Keely Totten


Pearl (A5021580) is an exotic one-year-old brindle 
and white female Boxer puppy who came to the 
Baldwin Park Animal Care Center as a stray 
from the city of Baldwin Park on December 26, 
2016. Weighing 45 pounds, Pearl is a lady-like, 
smart, fun-loving pup! She knows how to sit on 
command and volunteers are sure she will be easy 
to train because of her attentive, people-pleasing 
attitude. She is good with other dogs, but she really 
shines with people. She absolutely adores human 
contact and giving kisses and hugs. Pearl needs 
an active owner to give her plenty of exercise and 
playtime. She will make an excellent addition 
to any individual or family. Meet Pearl today! 
To watch a video of Pearl, please visit the 
following link:

 For more information on Pearl, please contact 
volunteer UHA adoption coordinator Viri at 626-
318-2038 or


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