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Almond Joy is a very cute 
one-year old American 
Staffordshire mix girl with a 
face and a smile that can bring 
joy and happiness to anyone 
who meets her. She has a 
beautiful chocolate coat with 
white markings on her chest, 
face, and paws that go perfectly 
with her pink nose. Although 
not much is known about her 
past, it seems that she does 
very well with people and 

 Weighing about 53 pounds, 
sweet Almond Joy is a medium-
sized girl that is perfect for 
sitting on laps and be carried 
in arms. She is also a perfect 
jogging companion. She is 
quite the smart girl as she is quickly learning 
a couple of basic commands while at the 
shelter. She sits for treats and also takes treats 
gently. Almond Joy would love to experience 
what it is to have a family and 
home of her own so if you 
are looking to add a furry 
companion to your life please 
come meet sweet Almond Joy. 

 Almond Joy’s adoption 
fee is $145 and includes 
spay surgery, vaccinations, 
microchip and a free wellness 
exam at a participating 
veterinarian. Feel free to call 
us at (626) 286-1159 for more 
information on Almond Joy. 
ID#27169. She currently 
resides at the San Gabriel 
Valley Humane Society 
located at 851 E. Grand 
Avenue in San Gabriel which 
is located off San Gabriel Blvd, 
north of Mission and south of 
Las Tunas Drive. To arrange a ‘Meet and Greet’ 
with Almond Joy, please stop by any time from 
10:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday through Sunday. 

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc

It’s been so long, it’s almost like a new concept for us 
Southern Californians; figuring out what to do, to entertain 
and exercise our pets while it’s raining cats and dogs 
outside. Although it has been quite some time, we’ve had 
this “problem” before, and I think we can all agree, as far as 
the big picture is concerned, a rainy day is most certainly a 
“problem” we can live with!

 As a dog walker, I have come to terms with the prospect 
of walking in the rain every once in a while and I try to be 
prepared just in case. But while some dogs just love to go out 
and get wet and messy, many dogs do not. If you happen 
to have a dog who despises going out in the rain, like I do, 
you have to be a bit more creative about how you will spend 
those otherwise pent-up hours exercising and entertaining 
your four-pawed pal.

 This month’s newsletter from the Pasadena Humane 
Society includes a list of innovative tips on how to enjoy 
some out-of-the-house activities with our pups on a rainy 
day, so I thought I’d share them along with a couple of my 
own ideas, in this week‘s column. I hope some of these 
suggestions will come in handy.

 “Rainy Day Pet Tips” (Source: PHS Newsletter Jan 5, 

 Visit a pet-friendly business. Most pet stores allow dogs 
to wander the aisles with their owners, as do some local 

 Invest in interactive dog toys. Kibble dispensing toys and 
puzzle toys keep your dog’s mind active. You can pick up 
some at the PHS Shelter Shop.

 Practice training commands and tricks. Use a rainy day 
to brush up on your dog’s “sit”, “stay”, and “shake” commands 
or check out the PHS training classes.

 Invite a doggy friend over for a play date or drop your 
pup off at an indoor doggy daycare.

Safety First!

Be sure you have current identification on your pet. If your 
dog is outside and we experience a strong downpour or a 
thunderstorm, they may run to find safe cover. In the event 
that your pet does get lost, an embedded chip and/or current 
ID tags will be the best, if not the only ticket home.

 Keep pets indoors. If an animal is outdoors, you must 
provide shelter out of the rain. It’s the law!

 Remember, if you see an animal outside in the rain with 
no shelter or in need of any other type of basic care, please 
contact animal control at 626-792-7151. 

 If your pet has yet to be spayed or neutered, scheduling 
the procedure on a rainy day may just be the perfect way to 
show them you love them by getting this 
necessary and very important deed done. 
If you foresee a rainy day coming up, go 
ahead and book it! Your pet will thank 
you for taking this important measure 
toward a better way of life for them..

 One final suggestion on how to spend 
a rainy day with your dog; How about 
just biting the bullet, gearing yourself and 
your pup up, grabbing a ball, a Frisbee, or 
whatever other favored outdoor play toy 
you may have, and just doing it? I think we 
humans let ourselves wimp out too easily 
when it comes to exposing ourselves to 
the great outdoors. 

 If your dog is one that enjoys being out in the rain, 
you’re among the lucky ones who can walk/run/play on a 
rainy day, au naturel (not you, the dog!) thereby avoiding 
the cabin fever that inevitably occurs when sitting around 
the house too long. If you have a dog that doesn’t like 
the rain, there are jackets specifically designed to keep 
your beloved pet from getting wet during a rainy day 

 Canine coats vary in size and shape, and they also 
come in a wide range of colors, qualities and costs, so you 
will probably need to do a little focused shopping before 
you settle on which one to buy for your beloved babe. I 
personally prefer dog coats made of “slicker” nylon material 
on the outside and lined with warm fabric such as quilting 
on the inside. This type serves both purposes; keeping them 
dry and warm.

 Are you planning a day trip or a weekend get away to the 
mountains any time soon? For more extreme conditions 
such as snow or low, low temps, there are higher-tech, albeit 
perhaps more pricey products available on the market to 
protect your pet from the elements. If you are one who visits 
higher elevations frequently, the investment will definitely 
be worth it.

 The trick is (based on my experience) shopping it out. 
Durability is paramount. Do the footwork to find the right 
shape and size coat for your dog’s body. You will probably 
need to bring your dog with you to try on various coats until 
you find the perfect fit. That should help kill at least one 
rainy day that you may otherwise spend getting cabin fever 
in the house.

 Get up, and get out in the yard, or go to the dog park 
and play like it was just another sunny day in LA. Let 
yourself and your four-legged furry friend get totally wet 
and wild. You might be surprised at how good this will 
feel if you cut loose and go for it! Of course, you will want 
to be prepared for the after math of this rainy day activity 

 Be sure to have plenty of old towels on hand and ready for 
use when you return home. Now it’s time to get busy drying 
your best friend’s coat and fluffing up his/her bed. At this 
point, you will both be (hopefully) exhausted and ready for 
some down time in a warm cozy spot. Enjoy a little quiet 
time…listen to the rain hit the roof…zzzz.

 Don’t let a little rain get in the way of having an active day 
with your dog. Enjoy the liquid sunshine while it lasts, folks! 
It’s what we’ve all been praying for. Celebrate nature’s way of 
showing us she cares. And last, but most definitely not least, 
love and let live!

Meet CHERIE, your purr-rect furry Valentine—
and we do mean PURR-FECT! At age 3, Cherie 
is just the sweetest young cat ever. She likes to be 
held and petted. She gets along well with other 
kitties, and likes to play. She is very curious and 
alert. Cherie will fit in well with any home. Did 
we mention her beautiful and soft fur? A truly 
wonderful cat—
do not pass her 

 Cherie can be 
seen at Petsadena 
Animal Hospital, 
959 S. Raymond 
Ave., Pasadena. 
Drop by or give 
them a quick 
call for a Meet & 
Greet. Adoption 
fee is $100, which includes spay, microchip, exam 
& vaccines. Our cats are negative FELV/FIV unless 
otherwise indicated. 

 See more pictures, adoption info & application 
on our website, Sorry, we 
are not accepting cats at this time.

SPENCER have been adopted.




Noticing when 
you’re running 
on empty is a 
vital part of our 
personal practice. 
This becomes so 
clear when we are 
“running around like a chicken with your head cut 
off” or when “burning the candle at both ends”. We 
all know exactly how this feels. Further, we are too 
depleted to enjoy fun events or visits with people with 
love because we are worn out.

 Yoga is a practice in awareness. It begins with the 
breath and physical body. In a natural progression, we 
keep refining our levels of awareness through the subtle 
(energetic) body. It takes practice. Eventually, a fine-
tuned awareness develops and self care kicks in. We 
notice that energy is low BEFORE the crash and burn. 
By mindfully conserving energy and incorporating 
self care practices daily, running on empty is avoided. 
Rest is a cherished time and many cases, allows us to 
do more. 

 If you are low and depleted from stress or just 
everyday living, here are a few tips to help get you back 
on track:

1. Nutrition. Make a least two home cooked meals per 
day, made with love. Sit down to eat the meals using a 
real dish. You deserve this.

2. Yoga. Make time for your asana practice. It doesn’t 
have to be extremely rigorous, but make time. Make an 
effort to breathe and do the poses slowly. Don’t forget 
that wonderful group shakti (power) that a group class 
can provide.

3. Get out in nature. Notice the birds, the colors and 
the smells when you are there. Let it soak in. 

4. Rest. Try your very own Savasana at home with 
super even, equal wave breaths.

 Enjoy taking care of yourself, and seek out the 
people and activites that support your well being. See 
you in class. 

Namaste and Love, 

Keely Totten


Radcliffe (A5023372) is a dashing 1.-year-old 
fawn-and-white male Corgi and Chihuahua mix 
whose owner abandoned him—along with four 
relatives: Dopey [A5023368]; Zira [A5023369]; 
Sleepy [A5023371]; Tillie [A5023373]—at the 
Baldwin Park Animal Care Center on January 6th 
because, the owner said, he had too many dogs. 

Weighing 8 pounds, Radcliffe is still a baby in 
terms of training—that is, he’s a blank slate ready 
to be schooled in the puppy basics. He is currently 
kenneled with his brother, Sleepy, and he appears 
to be fine with other dogs. He also does okay on 
leash but prefers to be carried. He is shy; he is 
also loving, friendly, and trusting with humans; 
and he has the great ears, square jaw, and other 
characteristics of his good-looking family! We 
think Radcliffe will be perfect for an individual 
or family who wants a pint-sized indoor pet and companion who they can train and socialize to be a 
valued family member.

To watch a video of Radcliffe please visit the following link:

For more information on this pet, contact volunteer UHA adoption coordinator Meena 
at 706-504-1810 or Please CALL or EMAIL—do not text.

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