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Mountain Views-News Saturday, January 28, 2017 


Nikki Baby’s face will melt your heart. Although 
her breed is unknown, she appears to have the size 
of a Chihuahua, and the face of a French bulldog, 
and she may have some other DNA mixed in as 
well. She has a one of a kind look and is sure to 
get your attention. She is estimated to 
be just over one year old, and weighs 
about 9 pounds. 

 Miss Nikki Baby is a petite girl with a 
big personality. She’s a friendly dog who 
seems to enjoy the company of people. 
If she has the chance, she will jump into 
the nearest lap and ask for some petting, 
but she also has a lot of playful energy and 
doesn’t sit still for very long. If you pass 
by her kennel, she will jump up and down 
to be sure you notice her.

 Nikki likes to go on a walk, although 
she is not real experienced on the leash 
yet. She has a lot of curious energy, wanting to 
check out all the new sights and smells that she 
encounters. Nikki has been friendly with other 
dogs she has met at the shelter, and enjoys having 
a playmate to share the fun. 

 Miss Nikki Baby is only one year old and could 
benefit from some good basic training to learn to 
live up to her potential. She is looking for an active 
family who can give her the exercise and playtime 
she needs to burn off some of her energy, and the 
love she needs to feel safe and secure. 
She would do well in a home with 
another dog as a playmate. Come and 
meet her soon and see if her charm 
doesn’t win you over.

 Miss Nikki Baby’s adoption fee is $130 
and includes spay surgery, vaccinations, 
microchip and a free wellness exam 
at a participating veterinarian. Feel 
free to call us at (626) 286-1159 for 
more information on Miss Nikki Baby. 
ID#26455. She currently resides at the 
San Gabriel Valley Humane Society 
located at 851 E. Grand Avenue in San 
Gabriel which is located off San Gabriel Blvd, north 
of Mission and south of Las Tunas Drive. To arrange 
a ‘Meet and Greet’ with Miss Nikki Baby, please 
stop by any time from 10:30am to 4:30pm Tuesday 

Happy Tails

by Chris Leclerc


A friend recently gave me a copy of a cute quip 
on what cats must be thinking about the canine 
counterparts they often find themselves sharing 
their domestic space with.

 The whimsical tale is written in letter form, 
addressed to the concerned cat’s human. It struck 
me as so funny I decided to share it in this week’s 
column. I can always use a bit of comic relief 
myself, and I hope you will enjoy it too.

 Remember, it’s just for laughs folks, so please do 
not be offended on behalf of your precious pups. 
After all, your average canine is smart enough to 
know better than to let a cat get under their skin, 
and just jovial enough to maintain a good sense 
of humor regardless of what others may say.

 Try not to take life too seriously. Take a lesson 
from your dog who is clearly okay with laughing 
at himself! 

 Perhaps I’ll share a little something about what 
our doggies must think of their kitty counterparts 
in a future article, just to keep a fair balance. 
Meanwhile, please do take a moment to pause for 
a laugh.

Dear Human: A Letter From Your Cat

by Janet Eve Josselyn

Dear Human,

Apparently you need to be reminded of the rules 
of this house. My house. The house I let you and 
that filthy dog share with me. Rule number one 
is you need to do what I want you to do when I 
want you to do it and I want you to get rid of the 
dim-witted dog. Now. Please.

 Let me elaborate. He never cleans himself. Gross. 
He licks food off the floor. He also gets up on our bed 
as soon as you leave the house. Our bed. The one you 
and I sleep in. Despite the fact that he has his own 
smelly dog bed on the floor. So you 
see, he is mischievous and cannot be 

 You are partly to blame for this, 
however, as you have reinforced 
some of his bad behaviors. For 
example, when you throw your 
ball away and he goes and gets it 
and returns it to you, you act all 
happy and thankful and you tell 
him what a good boy he is.

 And then the two of you do it 
all over again while I watch in 
amazement at how neither of you 
ever learns from this experience. Like Sisyphus, 
you both are doomed to repeat the task over and 
over and over again. So sad, really.

 And what about the dog’s unbridled enthusiasm 
for every damned thing and person on the face 
of the earth? “Oh yippee! It’s the mailman!” “Oh, 
how glorious! It’s the repairman!” That dog’s 
clearly missing some kind of filter. But I do share 
his glee upon the arrival of the box delivery man 
because I end up with all of the boxes. I have no 
idea what he gets out of it.

 In the spirit of unbridled candor, I want to share 
with you that it should be unacceptable to you to 
be paraded by that dog around the neighborhood 
on the leash day after day. How humiliating 
it must be for you to be seen collecting dog 
excrement in blue baggies every time he poops? 
What exactly do you think the neighbors think of 
you when they see you doing that? You don’t need 
to live that way.

 Lastly, the smelly dog also seems completely 
devoid of the ability to amuse himself for any 
length of time, especially if there are no shoes or 
gloves around to chew. I, on the other hand, can 
amuse myself for days and days on end without 
really moving a muscle.

 You may think I am just staring out the 
window without a thought in my mind but I am 
actually reviewing scenarios for getting rid of the 
dog. Unfortunately, each one seems to require 
opposable thumbs so it’s a work in progress and I 
need your help.

 Clearly, we need to give him the heave-ho. The 
sooner, the better. What you say? Wanna scratch 
my head now? I will allow it. Just for a minute. 
Good talk. Give it some thought.

 Many thanks to my dear animal-loving friend, 
Nancy Lockwood for passing the laughs along. 
Love and let live!

Remember MAGGIE & CHAPLIN? They still have 
not been adopted, even though they are just loverkitties 
& snugglers! Age about 8 months, they are super 
sweet, soft, and cuddly, and fine with nice dogs and 
gentle children. Maggie is black & white, and Chaplin 
is gray & white. Chaplin was named for the vintage 
movie star, Charlie Chaplin, who sported a cute 
mustache. They are very bonded and will be adopted 
as a pair, which 
qualifies for our 
Twofur Discount. 
Two are the best 
company ever! 
Let’s get them a 
forever home by 
Valentine’s Day!

 Lifeline for 
Pets is a small no-
kill rescue. We 
show some cats most Sunday afternoons at Petsmart, 
3347 E. Foothill Blvd. in Pasadena, 12:30-3:30. 

Adoption fee is $100 for both, which includes 
spay, microchip, exam & vaccines on both. A great 
savings! Our cats are negative FELV/FIV unless 
otherwise indicated. 

 See more pictures, adoption info & application on 
our website, Sorry, we are not 
accepting cats at this time.




The benefits of 
meditation are 
immense and 
indisputable. It 
has many fruits 
many of which 
include emotional 
balance, improved physical health and a strong 
spiritual connection. There are studies out that connect 
meditation to positive changes in our brain function.

It’s never too late to start a meditation practice or 
begin again or re-up your current practice. Things 
get in the way and life happens. What’s important is 
that we go back to the practice. New or not new, don’t 
make it complicated. As Yogarupa Rod Stryker says, 10 
minutes a day is better than 1 hour once a week. It’s the 
consistency that’s going to pay off and help us in our 
daily life each day.

 Always make sure to find a comfortable seat for 
meditation. There’s nothing like having your leg fall 
asleep or having an uncomfortable hip bothering you 
while you’re trying to be still. The seated postion should 
allow the spine to be tall with the natural curve in the 
lower back. If seated on the floor is uncomfortable, sit 
in a chair or against a wall. Set aside enough time to sit 
for meditation and make sure you have a space where 
you won’t fear interruption or distraction. Meditation 
is usually best in the morning just after waking up. If 
you can avoid looking at your phone or other electronic 
device, please do. It’s best to have all of your focus and 
awareness moving toward an internal point of view. 
Once there, begin to breathe and relax the body. If 
you use a guided meditation to begin, that’s ok for a 
while. Eventually, you’ll want to move into just sitting 
while maintaining breath, internal awareness and 

 Happy Meditating! Again, don’t make it complex, 
even if your head is busy, you are still meditating. 
Learning to focus is part of the process. 

 Come see us at Yoga Madre! We are happy to help you 
get on the road to beauty and bliss through meditation. 

Namaste friends, 

Keely Totten


Lady (A5023790) is a gorgeous 4-year-old black-
and-tan female German Shepherd who came into 
the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center on January 
7th as a stray from La Puente. Weighing 58 lbs, this 
girl is well-mannered, devoted, and beautiful. Lady 
is good with other dogs and sits on command. She 
also knows how to give you her paw and she pays 
close attention to her handler, so she’s had some 
training. She does pull a little on leash, but German 
Shepherds are quick to learn and since she has 
already shown signs of training, with a little work 
you will be able to get her to walk nicely on leash. 
Lady has some fly strikes on her ears that indicate she 
was likely kept as an outdoor dog; she is eager to be 
a house pet in her new home. With her athleticism 
and intelligence, Lady is going to make any active 
individual or family that likes to take walks and 
hikes a perfect indoor pet and activity companion. 
To watch a video of Lady, visit the 
following link: 
For more information on this pet, please contact 
volunteer UHA adoption coordinator Katja at 951-
973-2757 or

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